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by Hromada, Steven J and Perry, William M and Perry, Layla and Gienger, C.M and Argo, Joshua K and Argo, Christopher E and Fisher, Brant E and Engbrecht, Nathan J and Watermolen, Dreux J and Johnson, Elizabeth M and Burris, John C and Crump, Paul S and Lambert, Billy and Franks, Jim and Selman, Will and Thompson, Michelle E and Salicetti, Pedro Ezeta and Nelson, Enrique Salicetti and Andis, A.Z and Badje, Andrew F and Dyke, Abram I and MaClaren, Andrew R and Hudnall, Aaron and Forstner, Michael R. J and Borzée, Amaël and Seliger, Bernhard and Lodato, Michael J and Gordon, Noah M and Mirtl, Jason J and Hazen, Melanie and Floyd Scott, A and Lutz, Corin and Floyd, Thomas M and Kinney-Terrell, Vanessa C and Reed McClure, R and Falick, Stephen H and Barton, Lee J and Riesenberg, Andrew M and Geluso, Keith and Glorioso, Brad M and Macedo, Kelsey and Maldonado, Brittany R and Hillard, Cory J and Morenc, Ian N and Grimes, Evan S and Bae, Yoon Hyuk and Barron, Joseph C and Gotte, Steve W and Collette, Bruce B and McDiarmid, Roy W and Mulcahy, Daniel G and Davis, Drew R and Berry, Gabrielle A and Pearson, Luke S and Bellnap, Gracie and Haden, Langston and Rimmer, Sarah and Forrester, Ashley J and Harner, Mary J and Kruse, Carter and Bohannon, Austin M. A and Brown, Grover and Iverson, John B and Lemos-Espinal, Julio and Smith, Geoffrey R and Paden, Lance and Bauer, Richard G and Ondich, Breanna L and Norton, Terry M and Alterman, Alexandra and Steen, David A and Pellecchia, Christopher M and Lindeman, Peter V and Woods, Jon and Stuart, James N and Hayes, Charles L and Sandler, George and Frishkoff, Luke O and Luke Mahler, D and Marte, Cristian and Barbato, Janie and Thawley, Christopher J and Hofmann, Erich P and Jones, Christopher R and Hall, Jeffrey G and Mahrdt, Clark R and Ervin, Edward L and Nafis, Gary and Dumas, Ryan and White, Rowdy A and Gulsby, Miranda L and McElroy, Thomas and Milto, Konstantin D and Melnikov, Daniel A and Nazarov, Roman A and Saber, Samy A and Nagy, Abdullah and Cabrera-Hernández, Victor H and Aguilar-Morales, Cecilia and Van Devender, Thomas R and ...
Herpetological Review, ISSN 0018-084X, 01/2018, Volume 49, Issue 4, pp. 705 - 720
Journal Article
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