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Physics Letters. Section B, ISSN 0370-2693, 12/2015, Volume 754, Issue C
Physics Letters B 754 (2016) 302-322 This Letter describes a model-agnostic search for pairs of jets (dijets) produced by resonant and non-resonant phenomena... 
Physics - High Energy Physics - Experiment | PHYSICS OF ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS
Journal Article
Journal of High Energy Physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 04/2017, Volume 8, Issue 26
JHEP08 (2017) 026 A measurement of the splitting scales occuring in the $k_\mathrm{t}$ jet-clustering algorithm is presented for final states containing a $Z$... 
Physics - High Energy Physics - Experiment | Physics | High Energy Physics - Experiment
Journal Article
by Aaboud, M and Aad, G and Abbott, B and Abdallah, J and Abdinov, O and Abeloos, B and Abidi, S. H and AbouZeid, O. S and Abraham, N. L and Abramowicz, H and Abreu, H and Abreu, R and Abulaiti, Y and Acharya, B. S and Adachi, S and Adamczyk, L and Adelman, J and Adersberger, M and Adye, T and Affolder, A. A and Agatonovic-Jovin, T and Agheorghiesei, C and Aguilar-Saavedra, J. A and Ahlen, S. P and Ahmadov, F and Aielli, G and Akatsuka, S and Akerstedt, H and Åkesson, T. P. A and Akimov, A. V and Alberghi, G. L and Albert, J and Verzini, M. J. Alconada and Aleksa, M and Aleksandrov, I. N and Alexa, C and Alexander, G and Alexopoulos, T and Alhroob, M and Ali, B and Aliev, M and Alimonti, G and Alison, J and Alkire, S. P and Allbrooke, B. M. M and Allen, B. W and Allport, P. P and Aloisio, A and Alonso, A and Alonso, F and Alpigiani, C and Alshehri, A. A and Alstaty, M and Gonzalez, B. Alvarez and Piqueras, D. Álvarez and Alviggi, M. G and Amadio, B. T and Coutinho, Y. Amaral and Amelung, C and Amidei, D and Santos, S. P. Amor Dos and Amorim, A and Amoroso, S and Amundsen, G and Anastopoulos, C and Ancu, L. S and Andari, N and Andeen, T and Anders, C. F and Anders, J. K and Anderson, K. J and Andreazza, A and Andrei, V and Angelidakis, S and Angelozzi, I and Angerami, A and Anghinolfi, F and Anisenkov, A. V and Anjos, N and Annovi, A and Antel, C and Antonelli, M and Antonov, A and Antrim, D. J and Anulli, F and Aoki, M and Bella, L. Aperio and Arabidze, G and Arai, Y and Araque, J. P and Ferraz, V. Araujo and Arce, A. T. H and Ardell, R. E and Arduh, F. A and Arguin, J. -F and Argyropoulos, S and Arik, M and Armbruster, A. J and Armitage, L. J and Arnaez, O and ... and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) and Institutionen för fysik och astronomi and Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet and Högenergifysik and Uppsala universitet and Fysiska sektionen
European Physical Journal. C, Particles and Fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 07/2017, Volume 77, Issue 7
This paper describes the implementation and performance of a particle flow algorithm applied to 20.2 fb–1 of ATLAS data from 8 TeV proton–proton collisions in... 
PHYSICS OF ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS | Fysik | Subatomär fysik | Physical Sciences | Subatomic Physics | Naturvetenskap | Natural Sciences
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 12/2015, Volume 373, Issue 27, pp. 2599 - 2607
Journal Article
by Chatrchyan, S and Khachatryan, V and Sirunyan, A.M and Tumasyan, A and Adam, N and Adam, W and Aguilo, E and Bergauer, T and Dragicevic, M and Erö, J and Fabjan, C and Friedl, M and Frühwirth, R and Ghete, V.M and Hammer, J and Hoch, M and Hörmann, N and Hrubec, J and Jeitler, M and Kiesenhofer, W and Knünz, V and Krammer, M and Krätschmer, I and Liko, D and Majerotto, W and Mikulec, I and Pernicka, M and Rahbaran, B and Rohringer, H and Rohringer, C and Schöfbeck, R and Strauss, J and Szoncsó, F and Taurok, A and Waltenberger, W and Walzel, G and Widl, E and Wulz, C.-E and Chekhovsky, V and Emeliantchik, I and Litomin, A and Makarenko, V and Mossolov, V and Shumeiko, N and Solin, A and Stefanovitch, R and Suarez Gonzalez, J and Fedorov, A and Korzhik, M and Missevitch, O and Zuyeuski, R and Bansal, M and Bansal, S and Beaumont, W and Cornelis, T and De Wolf, E.A and Druzhkin, D and Janssen, X and Luyckx, S and Mucibello, L and Ochesanu, S and Roland, B and Roland, C and Roland, G and Rougny, R and Selvaggi, G and Selvaggi, M and Staykova, Z and Van Haevermaet, H and Van Mechelen, P and Van Remortel, N and Van Spilbeeck, A and Blekman, F and Blyweert, S and DʼHondt, J and Devroede, O and Gonzalez Suarez, R and Goorens, R and Kalogeropoulos, A and Maes, M and Olbrechts, A and Tavernier, S and Van Doninck, W and Van Lancker, L and Van Mulders, P and Van Onsem, G.P and Villella, I and Clerbaux, B and De Lentdecker, G and Dero, V and Dewulf, J.P and Gay, A.P.R and Hreus, T and Léonard, A and Marage, P.E and Mohammadi, A and Reis, T and Rugovac, S and Thomas, S and Thomas, M and ... and CMS Collaboration and Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States) and Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States) and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 09/2012, Volume 716, Issue 1, pp. 30 - 61
Journal Article
Journal Article
European Physical Journal C, ISSN 1434-6044, 2012, Volume 72, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 61
Journal Article
Journal Article
Accounts of Chemical Research, ISSN 0001-4842, 09/2013, Volume 46, Issue 9, pp. 1942 - 1951
Journal Article
by Aad, G and Abbott, B and Abdallah, J and Abdelalim, A.A and Abdesselam, A and Abdinov, O and Abi, B and Abolins, M and Abramowicz, H and Abreu, H and Acerbi, E and Acharya, B.S and Adams, D.L and Addy, T.N and Adelman, J and Aderholz, M and Adomeit, S and Adragna, P and Adye, T and Aefsky, S and Aguilar-Saavedra, J.A and Aharrouche, M and Ahlen, S.P and Ahles, F and Ahmad, A and Ahsan, M and Aielli, G and Akdogan, T and Åkesson, T.P.A and Akimoto, G and Akimov, A.V and Alam, M.S and Alam, M.A and Albrand, S and Aleksa, M and Aleksandrov, I.N and Aleppo, M and Alessandria, F and Alexa, C and Alexander, G and Alexandre, G and Alexopoulos, T and Alhroob, M and Aliev, M and Alimonti, G and Alison, J and Aliyev, M and Allport, P.P and Allwood-Spiers, S.E and Almond, J and Aloisio, A and Alon, R and Alonso, A and Alviggi, M.G and Amako, K and Amaral, P and Amelung, C and Ammosov, V.V and Amorim, A and Amorós, G and Amram, N and Anastopoulos, C and Andeen, T and Anders, C.F and Anderson, K.J and Andreazza, A and Andrei, V and Andrieux, M.-L and Anduaga, X.S and Angerami, A and Anghinolfi, F and Anjos, N and Annovi, A and Antonaki, A and Antonelli, S and Antonelli, M and Antos, J and Anulli, F and Aoun, S and Aperio Bella, L and Apolle, R and Arabidze, G and Aracena, I and Arai, Y and Arce, A.T.H and Archambault, J.P and Arfaoui, S and Arguin, J.-F and Arik, M and Arik, E and Armbruster, A.J and Arnaez, O and Arnault, C and Artamonov, A and Artoni, G and Arutinov, D and Asai, S and Asfandiyarov, R and Ask, S and Åsman, B and ...
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 07/2011, Volume 701, Issue 2, pp. 186 - 203
A search for squarks and gluinos in final states containing jets, missing transverse momentum and no electrons or muons is presented. The data were recorded by... 
ATLAS | Supersymmetry | Squark | Gluino | LHC | Search | Particle accelerators | Collisions (Nuclear physics) | Analysis | Detectors
Journal Article