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liver diseases (22) 22
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antiviral agents - therapeutic use (21) 21
care and treatment (21) 21
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retrospective studies (18) 18
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antiviral agents (15) 15
hcv (15) 15
drug therapy, combination (14) 14
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time factors (14) 14
carcinoma, hepatocellular - mortality (13) 13
chronic hepatitis-c (13) 13
disease (13) 13
genotype (13) 13
hepatitis c - complications (13) 13
hepatitis c, chronic - drug therapy (13) 13
hepatoma (13) 13
italy - epidemiology (13) 13
management (13) 13
prevalence (13) 13
survival (13) 13
diagnosis (12) 12
infections (12) 12
liver neoplasms - mortality (12) 12
liver neoplasms - pathology (12) 12
therapy (12) 12
virus-infection (12) 12
carcinoma, hepatocellular - pathology (11) 11
fibrosis (11) 11
hepatitis c - drug therapy (11) 11
recurrence (11) 11
research (11) 11
adolescent (10) 10
animals (10) 10
carcinoma, hepatocellular - therapy (10) 10
hepacivirus - genetics (10) 10
hepatitis-c virus (10) 10
impact (10) 10
infectious diseases (10) 10
multivariate analysis (10) 10
survival analysis (10) 10
direct-acting antivirals (9) 9
efficacy (9) 9
gastroenterology (9) 9
hepatocellular-carcinoma (9) 9
interferon-alpha - therapeutic use (9) 9
liver - pathology (9) 9
liver neoplasms - therapy (9) 9
neoplasm staging (9) 9
prospective studies (9) 9
ribavirin - therapeutic use (9) 9
transplantation (9) 9
viruses (9) 9
young adult (9) 9
alanine transaminase - blood (8) 8
association (8) 8
chronic hepatitis (8) 8
databases, factual (8) 8
epidemiology (8) 8
hepatology (8) 8
liver cirrhosis - drug therapy (8) 8
medical research (8) 8
medicine & public health (8) 8
predictive value of tests (8) 8
sustained virological response (8) 8
antiviral therapy (7) 7
c virus-infection (7) 7
carcinoma, hepatocellular - blood (7) 7
cohort studies (7) 7
diet (7) 7
follow-up studies (7) 7
hcv infection (7) 7
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by Farinati, Fabio and Vitale, Alessandro and Spolverato, Gaya and Pawlik, Timothy M and Huo, Teh-La and Lee, Yun-Hsuan and Frigo, Anna Chiara and Giacomin, Anna and Giannini, Edoardo G and Ciccarese, Francesca and Piscaglia, Fabio and Rapaccini, Gian Lodovico and Di Marco, Mariella and Caturelli, Eugenio and Zoli, Marco and Borzio, Franco and Cabibbo, Giuseppe and Felder, Martina and Sacco, Rodolfo and Morisco, Filomena and Biasini, Elisabetta and Foschi, Francesco Giuseppe and Gasbarrini, Antonio and Svegliati Baroni, Gianluca and Virdone, Roberto and Masotto, Alberto and Trevisani, Franco and Cillo, Umberto and Biselli, Maurizio and Bolondi, Luigi and Bucci, Laura and Cucchetti, Alessandro and Garuti, Francesca and Gramenzi, Annagiulia and Lenzi, Barbara and Magalotti, Donatella and Pecorelli, Anna and Serra, Carla and Venerandi, Laura and Gazzola, Alessia and Murer, Francesca and Pozzan, Caterina and Vanin, Veronica and Del Poggio, Paolo and Olmi, Stefano and Balsamo, Claudia and Vavassori, Elena and Benvegnù, Luisa and Capelli, Alberta and Golfieri, Rita and Mosconi, Cristina and Renzulli, Matteo and Bosco, Giulia and Roselli, Paola and Dell'Isola, Serena and Ialungo, Anna Maria and Rastrelli, Elena and Moscatelli, Alessandro and Pellegatta, Gaia and Picciotto, Antonino and Savarino, Vincenzo and Barcellona, Maria Rosa and Cammà, Calogero and Costantino, Andrea and Affronti, Andrea and Mega, Andrea and Rinninella, Emanuele and Mismas, Valeria and Dall'Aglio, Anna Chiara and Feletti, Valentina and Lanzi, Arianna and Mirici Cappa, Federica and Neri, Elga and Stefanini, Giuseppe Francesco and Tamberi, Stefano and Missale, Gabriele and Porro, Emanuela and Guarino, Maria and Schiadà, Laura and Cuttone, Filiana and Chiaramonte, Maria and Marchetti, Fabiana and Valerio, Matteo and ITALICA Study Grp and ITA.LI.CA study group
PLoS Medicine, ISSN 1549-1277, 04/2016, Volume 13, Issue 4, pp. e1002006 - e1002006
Journal Article
Journal Article
The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice, ISSN 2213-2198, 09/2019, Volume 7, Issue 7, pp. 2507 - 2508
Liver involvement correlated with a higher frequency of thrombocytopenia, splenomegaly, and deranged liver biochemistry and was associated with a poor... 
Hypertension | Thrombocytopenia | Splenectomy | Cirrhosis | Splenomegaly | Ultrasonic imaging | Liver diseases | Common variable immunodeficiency | Laboratories | Fibrosis | Population studies | Ultrasound | Index Medicus
Journal Article
Infection, ISSN 0300-8126, 10/2018, Volume 46, Issue 5, pp. 607 - 615
Journal Article
by Caraceni, Paolo and Riggio, Oliviero and Angeli, Paolo and Alessandria, Carlo and Neri, Sergio and Neri, Elga and Foschi, Francesco G and Levantesi, Fabio and Airoldi, Aldo and Boccia, Sergio and Svegliati-Baroni, Gianluca and Fagiuoli, Stefano and Romanelli, Roberto G and Cozzolongo, Raffaele and Di Marco, Vito and Sangiovanni, Vincenzo and Morisco, Filomena and Toniutto, Pierluigi and Tortora, Annalisa and De Marco, Rosanna and Angelico, Mario and Cacciola, Irene and Elia, Chiara and Elia, Gianfranco and Federico, Alessandro and Massironi, Sara and Guarisco, Riccardo and Galioto, Alessandra and Ballardini, Giorgio and Rendina, Maria and Nardelli, Silvia and Piano, Salvatore and Prestianni, Loredana and Cappa, Federica Mirici and Cesarini, Lucia and Simone, Loredana and Pasquale, Chiara and Cavallin, Marta and Andrealli, Alida and Fidone, Federica and Ruggeri, Matteo and Roncadori, Andrea and Baldassarre, Maurizio and Tufoni, Manuel and Zaccherini, Giacomo and Bernardi, Mauro and Domenicali, Marco and Giannone, Ferdinando A and Merli, Manuela and Gioia, Stefania and Fasolato, Silvano and Sticca, Antonietta and Campion, Daniela and Risso, Alessandro and Saracco, Giorgio M and Maiorca, Daniela and Rizzotto, Agostino and Lanzi, Arianna and Visani, Anna and Mastroianni, Antonio and Alberti, Alberto B and Mazzarelli, Chiara and Vangeli, Marcello and Marzioni, Marco and Capretti, Francesca and Kostandini, Alba and Magini, Giulia and Colpani, Maria and Laffi, Giacomo and Gabbani, Tommaso and Marsico, Maria and Zappimbulso, Marianna and Petruzzi, Josè and Calvaruso, Vincenza and Parrella, Giovanni and Caporaso, Nicola and Auriemma, Francesco and Guarino, Maria and Pugliese, Fabio and Gasbarrini, Antonio and Leo, Pietro and De Leonardis, Francesco and Pecchioli, Alessandra and Rossi, Piera and Raimondo, Giovanni and Negri, Elisa and Dallio, Marcello and Loguercio, Carmelina and Conte, Dario and Celli, Natascia and Bringiotti, Roberto and Castellaneta, Nicola M and Salerno, Francesco and ANSWER Study Investigators
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 06/2018, Volume 391, Issue 10138, pp. 2417 - 2429
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Journal Article
Hepatology, ISSN 0270-9139, 05/2018, Volume 67, Issue 5, pp. 1784 - 1796
Journal Article
Digestive diseases and sciences, ISSN 0163-2116, 04/2019, pp. 1 - 7
The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship between the liver stiffness measurement and the risk of developing hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in HCV... 
Studies | Hypertension | Liver cancer | Hepatitis | Ultrasonic imaging | Liver diseases | Surveillance | Viruses | Infections | Patients
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Cabibbo, Giuseppe and Petta, Salvatore and Barbàra, Marco and Missale, Gabriele and Virdone, Roberto and Caturelli, Eugenio and Piscaglia, Fabio and Morisco, Filomena and Colecchia, Antonio and Farinati, Fabio and Giannini, Edoardo and Trevisani, Franco and Craxì, Antonio and Colombo, Massimo and Cammà, Calogero and Bucci, Laura and Zoli, Marco and Garuti, Francesca and Lenzi, Barbara and Biselli, Maurizio and Caraceni, Paolo and Cucchetti, Alessandro and Gramenzi, Annagiulia and Granito, Alessandro and Magalotti, Donatella and Serra, Carla and Negrini, Giulia and Napoli, Lucia and Salvatore, Veronica and Benevento, Francesca and Benvegnù, Luisa and Gazzola, Alessia and Murer, Francesca and Pozzan, Caterina and Vanin, Veronica and Moscatelli, Alessandro and Pellegatta, Gaia and Picciotto, Antonino and Savarino, Vincenzo and Ciccarese, Francesca and Poggio, Paolo and Olmi, Stefano and Matthaeis, Nicoletta and Balsamo, Mariella Di Marco Claudia and Vavassori, Elena and Roselli, Paola and Dell’Isola, Serena and Ialungo, Anna Maria and Rastrelli, Elena and Attardo, Simona and Rossi, Margherita and Costantino, Andrea and Affronti, Andrea and Affronti, Marco and Mascari, Marta and Felder, Martina and Mega, Andrea and Gasbarrini, Antonio and Pompili, Maurizio and Rinninella, Emanuele and Sacco, Rodolfo and Mismas, Valeria and Foschi, Francesco Giuseppe and Dall’Aglio, Anna Chiara and Feletti, Valentina and Lanzi, Arianna and Cappa, Federica Mirici and Neri, Elga and Stefanini, Giuseppe Francesco and Tamberi, Stefano and Olivani, Andrea and Biasini, Elisabetta and Nardone, Gerardo and Guarino, Maria and Svegliati‐Baroni, Gialuca and Ortolani, Alessio and Masotto, Alberto and Marchetti, Fabiana and Valerio, Matteo and Marra, Fabio and Aburas, Sami and Inghilesi, Andrea L and Cappelli, Alberta and Golfieri, Rita and Mosconi, Cristina and Renzulli, Matteo and Coccoli, Piero and Zamparelli, Marco Sanduzzi and ITA LI CA Study Grp and ITA.LI.CA study group and the ITA.LI.CA study group
Liver International, ISSN 1478-3223, 08/2017, Volume 37, Issue 8, pp. 1157 - 1166
Journal Article