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Lancet Oncology, The, ISSN 1470-2045, 2016, Volume 17, Issue 8, pp. 1094 - 1104
Journal Article
Chest, ISSN 0012-3692, 2016, Volume 151, Issue 5, pp. 1099 - 1105
Background Pleural effusion secondary to a nonmalignant cause can represent significant morbidity and mortality. Nonmalignant pleural effusion (NMPE) is... 
Pulmonary/Respiratory | pleural effusion | benign pleural effusion | nonmalignant pleural effusion | pleural aspiration
Journal Article
Lancet, The, ISSN 0140-6736, 2015, Volume 385, Issue 9975, pp. 1305 - 1314
Journal Article
BMC Cancer, ISSN 1471-2407, 02/2018, Volume 18, Issue 1, pp. 199 - 7
Background: Radiological monitoring of malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) using modified RECIST criteria is limited by low sensitivity and inter-observer... 
Biomarkers | Mesothelin | Mesothelioma | Monitoring | MARKERS | MALIGNANT PLEURAL MESOTHELIOMA | OPEN-LABEL | MEGAKARYOCYTE POTENTIATING FACTOR | CANCER | SOLUBLE MESOTHELIN | CHEMOTHERAPY | TRIAL | OSTEOPONTIN | CISPLATIN | ONCOLOGY | CT imaging | Care and treatment | Usage | Chemotherapy | Development and progression | Research | Biological markers | Cancer
Journal Article
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, The, ISSN 0091-6749, 2013, Volume 134, Issue 1, pp. 33 - 39
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by Glasbey, James C and Harries, Rhiannon L and Beamish, Andrew J and Gokani, Vimal J and Mohan, Helen and Williams, Sarah A and Williams, Adam P and Fleming, Simon and Chai, Aaron and Singh, Abhinav and Stoneham, Adam C.S and Lunt, Adam J and Rehman, Saad and Rehman, Adeeb H and Dhahri, Adeel A and Yvon, Adrien R.A and Dutta, Agneish and Abou-Foul, Ahmad K and Abdelrahman, Ahmed and Daoub, Ahmed and Sanalla, Ahmed and de Gea Rico, Aitor and Konarski, Alastair and Ward, Alex E and Wilkin, Alex J and Winter, Alexandra K and Arnaout, Ali and Bakhsh, Ali and Esfandiari, Alireza and Hardy, Alistair W and Khan, Ayushah and Khan, Amad N and Thacoor, Amitabh and Gavrila, Ana D and Nedea, Anca-Mihaela and Fontalis, Andreas and Hall, Andrew J and Williamson, Andrew J and Kosti, Angeliki and Harlinska, Anna and Adimonye, Anthony and Egglestone, Anthony and Thaventhiran, Anthony J and Myatt, Antonia and Vusirikala, Anuhya and Rawashdeh, M and Rawashdeh, Arab S and Paramasivan, Arjun C and Cotton, Arthur E and Scrimshire, Ashley B and Ramesh, Ashwanth C and Krishnamoorthy, Ashwin K and Ahmed, Jacob J and Ahmed, Asif and Abdul-Hamid, Ayeshah and Oremule, Babatunde and Ho, Weiguang and Ho, Beatrice and Barkham, Ben and Collard, Ben and Edgar, Ben F and Drake, Benjamin and John, Bethan E and Gordon, Robin and Gordon, Catherine R and Rossborough, Catherine and Park, Chang Y and Seretis, Charalampos and Johnson, Charles H.N and Gill, Charn and Serino, Chiara and Ogbuokiri, Chinomso I and Swords, Chloe and Kang, Chong Y and McKinnon, Chris and Brown, Christopher E and Brown, Oliver D and Manning, Christopher J and Marusza, Christopher J and Jones, Christopher P and Forde, Cillian T and Wilson, Claire L and Koh, Claudia and Horgan, Conal and Lin, Daniel J and Ashmore, Daniel L and Ness, Daniel and Akhtar, Daniel O and Doherty, Daniel T and Scholfield, Daniel W and Ensor, David C and Bratt, David G and Spence, David J.R and Thomson, David R and Ferguson, David W and Apparau, Denish and Navaratnam, Devaraj M and Mai, Dinh and Rutherford, Fiona M and Rutherford, Duncan G and ... and Project Steering Grp and ASiT BOTA Lost Tribe Study Grp and Writing Grp and Writing group and Project steering group and ASiT/BOTA Lost Tribe Study Group
International Journal of Surgery, ISSN 1743-9191, 04/2018, Volume 52, pp. 376 - 382
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by Snider, Douglas D and Finucane, Brendan T and Clarke, Donna and Loiselle, J and Doak, G and Anderson, B and Wood, Dan and Shysh, Sandy and Perrault, Michel-Antoine and Chouinard, Philippe and Fugère, François and Girard, François and Ruel, Monique and Hall, Wendy C. E and Hrazdil, Jiri and Jolly, Donald T and Galbraith, John C and Greacen, Maria C and Clanachan, Alexander S and Wijeysundera, Duminda N and Beattie, W Scott and Beattie, W Scott and Chochinov, Michelle and Halpern, Stephen and McKeen, Dolores M and Nunn, Robert T and Barrett, Brendan S and Finley, G Allen and Buffett-Jerrott, Susan and Stewart, Sherry and Millington, Donna and Karkouti, Keyvan and Rampersaud, Yoga R and McCluskey, Stuart A and Evans, Lucia and Ghannam, Mohammed M and Mahomed, Nizar N and Singh, Sudha and Morley-Forster, Patricia and Shamsah, Mohammed and Thomson, Ian R and Brown, Aaron D and Freedman, Jeffrey I and Hudson, Robert J and Hong, Murray and Hall, Sean and Milne, Brian and Milne, Brian and Milne, Brian and Wang, Louie and Loomis, Chris and Gilron, Ian and Tod, Debbie and Bell, Allan and Orr, Elizabeth and Dobson, Gary and Karamanoglu, Mustafa and Tyberg, John V and Chung, Frances and Imarengiaye, Charles and Rocchi, Angela and Forte, Lindy and Van Den Kerkhof, Elizabeth G and Goldstein, David H and Rimmer, Mike and Lee, Hoi Kwan and Charest, Isabelle and Martin, René and Plante, François and Shaikh, Shaheen and Yung, Damian and Bernstein, Mark and Imasogie, Ngozi and Wong, David and Luk, Ken and Yogendran, Suntheralingam and Prabhu, Atul and Hendy, Ayman and McGuire, Glenn and Wong, Jean and Daley, M Denise and Norman, Peter H and Srejic, Una and Dougherty, Thomas and Hogervorst, Sarah and Hemmerling, Thomas M and Schmidt, Joachim and Beaulieu, Pierre and Jacobi, Klaus E and Lennox, Pamela H and Lennox, Pamela H and Mayson, Kelly V and Arai, Toshimi and Saito, Kaori and Yamashita, Masao and Gauthier, Alain and Boudreault, Daniel and Girard, Dominique C and Wang, Louie T. S and Sikich, Nancy and ...
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Journal Article
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Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia, ISSN 0832-610X, 5/1997, Volume 44, Issue S5, pp. A3 - A73
Journal Article
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