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Journal of Crohn's and Colitis, ISSN 1873-9946, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 4, pp. 466 - 470
Inflammatory dermatoses in conjunction with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) comprise a diverse range of disorders. Some but not all of these respond to... 
Inflammatory bowel disease | Vitamin B 12 | TNFα | Hidradenitis suppurativa | Perianal disease | TNF alpha | CROHNS-DISEASE | EFFICACY | Vitamin B-12 | TRIAL | INDICATORS | COBALAMIN DEFICIENCY | FOLLICULITIS | INFLIXIMAB | GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY | ASSOCIATION | FOLATE
Journal Article
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 2013, Volume 496, Issue 7446, pp. 498 - 503
Journal Article
by Waterston, R and Lewis, J and Wang, Q and Layman, D and Wamsley, A and Phillimore, B. J and Ross, M. T and Ainscough, R and King, A and Smith, M. L and Ozersky, P and Wong, A. C. C and Willingham, D and Steward, C. A and Rogers, J and Griffiths, M. N and Graves, T and Bruder, C. E and Johnson, D and Davis, J and Kershaw, J and Blakey, S and Plumb, R. W and Lai, H and Dhami, P. D and Vaudin, M and Whiteley, M. N and Kedra, D and Beare, D. M and Minoshima, S and Burrill, W. D and Evans, K. L and Wohldmann, P and Fleming, K and Walker, C and Barlow, K and Bates, K. N and Wright, C. L and Rogers, L and McClay, J and Fang, F and Hua, A and Shaikh, T and Mitsuyama, S and Cox, A. V and Langford, C. F and Martyn, I. D and Burton, J and Lewis, S and Lloyd, D. M and Hubbard, T and Pearce, A. V and Dawson, E and Murray, J and Chissoe, S and Sulston, J. E and Dunham, I and McMurray, A. A and Fransson, I and Fey, J. M and Sloan, D and Hu, P and Tapia, I and Bagguley, C and Ray, L and Shintani, A and Conroy, D and Bailey, J and Bentley, D. R and Buck, D and Chen, F and Bourne, S and Do, T and Latreille, P and Budarf, M. L and Collier, R. E and Shizuya, H and Connor, R. E and Dumanski, J. P and Hall, C and Crabtree, J and Beck, S and Cordes, M and O'Brien, K. P and Aoki, N and Hinds, K and White, J and Jones, M. C and Wall, M and Clegg, S. M and Soderlund, C and Wilmer, T. E and Nelson, J and Hawkins, J and Pepin, K and Kurahashi, H and Kenton, S and Almeida, J. P and Morrow, B. E and Corby, N and ...
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 12/1999, Volume 402, Issue 6761, pp. 489 - 495
Journal Article
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental, 09/2016, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 203
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Sachidanandam, R and Sachidanandam, Ravi and Weissman, David and Weissman, D and Schmidt, S.C and Schmidt, Steven C and Kakol, J.M and Kakol, Jerzy M and Stein, L.D and Stein, Lincoln D and Marth, G and Marth, Gabor and Sherry, S and Sherry, Steve and Mullikin, J.C and Mullikin, James C and Mortimore, Beverley J and Mortimore, B.J and Willey, David L and Willey, D.L and Hunt, Sarah E and Hunt, S.E and Cole, Charlotte G and Cole, C.G and Coggill, P.C and Coggill, Penny C and Rice, C.M and Rice, Catherine M and Ning, Z and Ning, Zemin and Rogers, Jane and Rogers, J and Bentley, David R and Bentley, D.R and Kwok, Pui-Yan and Kwok, P.-Y and Mardis, E.R and Mardis, Elaine R and Yeh, Raymond T and Yeh, R.T and Schultz, Brian and Schultz, B and Cook, L and Cook, Lisa and Davenport, R and Davenport, Ruth and Dante, Michael and Dante, M and Fulton, Lucinda and Fulton, L and Hillier, Ladeana and Hillier, L and Waterston, Robert H and Waterston, R.H and McPherson, John D and McPherson, J.D and Gilman, Brian and Gilman, B and Schaffner, S and Schaffner, Stephen and Van Etten, William J and Van Etten, W.J and Reich, David and Reich, D and Higgins, J and Higgins, John and Daly, Mark J and Daly, M.J and Blumenstiel, Brendan and Blumenstiel, B and Baldwin, Jennifer and Baldwin, J and Stange-Thomann, Nicole and Stange-Thomann, N and Zody, M.C and Zody, Michael C and Linton, L and Linton, Lauren and Lander, E.S and Lander, Eric S and Altshuler, D and Altshuler, David and Int SNP Map Working Grp and International SNP Map Working Group and The International SNP Map Working Group
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 02/2001, Volume 409, Issue 6822, pp. 928 - 933
Journal Article
by Mihaylova, Borislave and Briggs, Andrew and Hlatky, Mark and Armitage, Jane and Parish, Sarah and Gray, Alastair and Collins, Rory and Collins, R and Meade, T and Sleight, P and Armitage, J and Parish, S and Peto, R and Youngman, L and Buxton, M and De Bono, D and George, C and Fuller, J and Keech, A and Mansfield, A and Pentecost, B and Simpson, D and Warlow, C and McNamara, J and O’Toole, L and Doll, R and Wilhelmsen, L and Fox, K.M and Hill, C and Sandercock, P and Benjamin, N and Webster, J and Jamieson, J and Donald, L and Blandford, R and Carrington, L and McMahon, H and Cheetham, D and Reckless, J and Brice, L and Carpenter, R and Christmas, J and Flower, C and Cooper, I and Frampton, S and Pickerell, E and Wells, J and Scott, M and Crowe, V and Shaw, A and Shannon, L and Jones, S and Faulkner, G and Lavery, A and O’Leary, H and Watson, R and Capewell, C and Hughes, S and Bain, S and Jones, A and Holmes, G and Jewkes, C and Bellamy, T and Harrison, P and Buller, N and Hooks, J and Jones, H and Smith, E and Vint, P and Crook, P and Williams, J and Bateson, M and Cawley, P and Gill, P and Hawkeswell, L and Simpson, K and Armitage, M and Cope, C and Tricksey, J and Wilson, M and Cottrell, S and Jones, C and Llewellyn, M and Smith, P and Woodsford, T and Vincent, R and Joyce, E and Skipper, N and Peters, P and Lemon, M and Stansbie, D and Hagos Kidan, A and Halestap, M and Gibbons, A and Meredith, J and Dawkins, C and Papouchado, M and Baker, L and Boulton, K and Dawe, C and ... and Heart Protection Study and Heart Protection Study Collaborative Group
Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, ISSN 1941-7713, 2009, Volume 2, Issue 2, pp. 65 - 72
Journal Article