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by Teng, E and Serpa, R.O and Prins, M.L and Koch, P.F and Grovola, M.R and Harris, J.P and Cullen, D.K and Wolf, J.A and Bharadwaj, H and Choi, I and Bogdanova, Y and Shinn-Cunningham, B.G and Morganti, J.M and Jopson, T.D and Liu, S and Riparip, L.K and Guandique, C.K and Gupta, N and Rosi, S and Daiutolo, B.V and Tyburski, A.L and Elliott, M.B and Struzyna, L.A and Murphy, P.L and Cullen, D.K and Wallisch, J and Bell, M.J and Bayir, H and Aneja, R.K and Janesko-Feldman, K and Kochanek, P.M and Clark, R.S and Hetz, R.A and Jimenez, F and Chang, J.T and Moore, A.N and Kosmach, S.C and Day, M and Lee, D.A and Worth, L.L and Savitz, S.I and Dash, P and Cox, C.S and Andaluz, N and Shutter, L.A and Okonkwo, D.O and Pahl, C and Strong, A.J and Dreier, J.P and Hartings, J.A and Hartings, J.A and Tsoulfas, P and Furones-Alonso, O and Bramlett, H.M and Dietrich, W.D and Tazoe, T and Ma, X and Ma, X and Guandique, C.F and Guandique, C.F and Guandique, C.F and VanCitters, L and Huie, J.R and Huie, J.R and Bresnahan, J.C and Bresnahan, J.C and Bresnahan, J.C and Bresnahan, J.C and Bresnahan, J.C and Beattie, M.S and Beattie, M.S and Beattie, M.S and Beattie, M.S and Beattie, M.S and Tanaka, S and Ferguson, A.R and Ferguson, A.R and Ogata, T and Deiter, G.M and Stocker, S.D and Holmes, G.M and Stuck, E.D and Lee, K.H and Irvine, K.A and Grau, J.W and Ferguson, A.R and Ferguson, A.R and Ferguson, A.R and Stivers, N and Stirling, D.P and Walker, C.L and Lu, Q.B and Xu, X.M and Jaiswal, S and Wilson, C.M and Khayrullina, G and Selwyn, R.G and Byrnes, K.R and Whetstone, W and Saigal, R and ...
Journal of Neurotrauma, ISSN 0897-7151, 06/2014, Volume 31, Issue 12, pp. A-1 - A-126
Journal Article
by Glenzer, S.H and MacGowan, B.J and Meezan, N.B and Adams, P.A and Alfonso, J.B and Alger, E.T and Alherz, Z and Alvarez, L.F and Alvarez, S.S and Amick, P.V and Andersson, K.S and Andrews, S.D and Antonini, G.J and Arnold, P.A and Atkinson, D.P and Auyang, L and Azevedo, S.G and Balaoing, B.N.M and Baltz, J.A and Barbosa, F and Bardsley, G.W and Barker, D.A and Barnes, A.I and Baron, A and Beeler, R.G and Beeman, B.V and Belk, L.R and Bell, J.C and Bell, P.M and Berger, R.L and Bergonia, M.A and Bernardez, L.J and Berzins, L.V and Bettenhausen, R.C and Bezerides, L and Bhandarkar, S.D and Bishop, C.L and Bond, E.J and Bopp, D.R and Borgman, J.A and Bower, J.R and Bowers, G.A and Bowers, M.W and Boyle, D.T and Bradley, D.K and Bragg, J.L and Braucht, J and Brinkerhoff, D.L and Browning, D.F and Brunton, G.K and Burkhart, S.C and Burns, S.R and Burns, K.E and Burr, B and Burrows, L.M and Butlin, R.K and Cahayag, N.J and Callahan, D.A and Cardinale, P.S and Carey, R.W and Carlson, J.W and Casey, A.D and Castro, C and Celeste, J.R and Chakicherla, A.Y and Chambers, F.W and Chan, C and Chandrasekaran, H and Chang, C and Chapman, R.F and Charron, K and Chen, Y and Christensen, M.J and Churby, A.J and Clancy, T.J and Cline, B.D and Clowdus, L.C and Cocherell, D.G and Coffield, F.E and Cohen, S.J and Costa, R.L and Cox, J.R and Curnow, G.M and Dailey, M.J and Danforth, P.M and Darbee, R and Datte, P.S and Davis, J.A and Deis, G.A and Demaret, R.D and Dewald, E.L and Di Nicola, P and Di Nicola, J.M and Divol, L and Dixit, S and Dobson, D.B and Doppner, T and Driscoll, J.D and Dugorepec, J and Duncan, J.J and ...
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 02/2011, Volume 106, Issue 8, p. 085004
We demonstrate the hohlraum radiation temperature and symmetry required for ignition-scale inertial confinement fusion capsule implosions. Cryogenic gas-filled... 
Journal Article
Trends in Food Science & Technology, ISSN 0924-2244, 10/2016, Volume 56, pp. 13 - 20
Quality of pre-processed food grains is a critical aspect and a major decider of market acceptability, storage stability, processing quality, and overall... 
Journal Article
Journal of Food Engineering, ISSN 0260-8774, 01/2020, Volume 265, p. 109691
3D printing of foods is an emerging technique for customized fabrication of food matrices. Importantly, a well optimized formulation can be an excellent... 
Journal Article
International Journal of Food Science & Technology, ISSN 0950-5423, 01/2020
Journal Article
International Journal of Food Science & Technology, ISSN 0950-5423, 10/2019
Journal Article
Journal of Food Engineering, ISSN 0260-8774, 04/2018, Volume 222, pp. 267 - 275
Novel drying techniques emerging as outcome of laboratory-based research may yet prove to have a positive impact on the food industry in terms of scalability,... 
Product quality | Energy consumption | Rapid drying | Refractance window | Novel drying | SYSTEM | ENGINEERING, CHEMICAL | QUALITY | TECHNOLOGIES | DEHYDRATION | RETENTION | FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY | Case studies | Energy efficiency | Functional foods | Analysis | Cosmetics industry
Journal Article
by Edwards, M.J and Patel, P.K and Lindl, J.D and Atherton, L.J and Glenzer, S.H and Haan, S.W and Kilkenny, J.D and Landen, O.L and Moses, E.I and Nikroo, A and Petrasso, R and Sangster, T.C and Springer, P.T and Batha, S and Benedetti, R and Bernstein, L and Betti, R and Bleuel, D.L and Boehly, T.R and Bradley, D.K and Caggiano, J.A and Callahan, D.A and Celliers, P.M and Cerjan, C.J and Chen, K.C and Clark, D.S and Collins, G.W and Dewald, E.L and Divol, L and Dixit, S and Doeppner, T and Edgell, D.H and Fair, J.E and Farrell, M and Fortner, R.J and Frenje, J and Gatu Johnson, M.G and Giraldez, E and Glebov, V. Yu and Grim, G and Hammel, B.A and Hamza, A.V and Harding, D.R and Hatchett, S.P and Hein, N and Herrmann, H.W and Hicks, D and Hinkel, D.E and Hoppe, M and Hsing, W.W and Izumi, N and Jacoby, B and Jones, O.S and Kalantar, D and Kauffman, R and Kline, J.L and Knauer, J.P and Koch, J.A and Kozioziemski, B.J and Kyrala, G and Lafortune, K.N and Pape, S. Le and Leeper, R.J and Lerche, R and Ma, T and Macgowan, B.J and Mackinnon, A.J and Macphee, A and Mapoles, E.R and Marinak, M.M and Mauldin, M and McKenty, P.W and Meezan, M and Michel, P.A and Milovich, J and Moody, J.D and Moran, M and Munro, D.H and Olson, C.L and Opachich, K and Pak, A.E and Parham, T and Park, H.-S and Ralph, J.E and Regan, S.P and Remington, B and Rinderknecht, H and Robey, H.F and Rosen, M and Ross, S and Salmonson, J.D and Sater, J and Schneider, D.H and Séguin, F.H and Sepke, S.M and Shaughnessy, D.A and Smalyuk, V.A and Spears, B.K and Stoeckl, C and Stoeffl, W and ... and Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)
Physics of Plasmas, ISSN 1070-664X, 07/2013, Volume 20, Issue 7, p. 70501
The National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory includes a precision laser system now capable of delivering 1.8 MJ at 500 TW of... 
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 02/2017, Volume 376, Issue 7, pp. 617 - 628
Journal Article
Food Chemistry, ISSN 0308-8146, 10/2019, Volume 295, pp. 180 - 188
•Surface active nature of coffee oil has been evaluated with the help of surface tension analysis.•1H NMR spectra of coffee oil showed the presence of n-hexane... 
Coffee foam | Surfactant | Microbubble stability | Surface active agent | Coffee oil | HLB | Surface active agents | Coffee | Analysis | Caffeine
Journal Article
by Lindl, J.D and Landen, O.L and Edwards, J and Moses, E.I and Adams, J and Amendt, P.A and Antipa, N and Arnold, P.A and Atherton, L.J and Azevedo, S and Barker, D and Barrios, M.A and Bass, I and Baxamusa, S.H and Beeler, R and Beeman, B.V and Bell, P.M and Benedetti, L.R and Bernstein, L and Berzak Hopkins, L and Bhandarkar, S.D and Biesiada, T and Bionta, R.M and Bleuel, D.L and Bond, E.J and Borden, M and Bowers, M.W and Bradley, D.K and Browning, D and Brunton, G.K and Bude, J and Burkhart, S.C and Burr, R.F and Butlin, B and Caggiano, J.A and Callahan, D.A and Carpenter, A.C and Carr, C.W and Casey, D.T and Castro, C and Celeste, J and Celliers, P.M and Cerjan, C.J and Chang, J and Chiarappa-Zucca, M and Choate, C and Clancy, T.J and Clark, D.S and Cohen, S.J and Collins, G.W and Conder, A and Cox, J.R and Datte, P.S and Deis, G.A and Dewald, E.L and Di Nicola, P and Di Nicola, J.M and Divol, L and Dixit, S.N and Döppner, T and Draggoo, V and Drury, O and Dylla-Spears, R and Dzenitis, E.G and Dzenitis, J.M and Eckart, M.J and Eder, D.C and Eggert, J.H and Ehrlich, R.B and Erbert, G.V and Fair, J and Farley, D.R and Fedorov, M and Felker, B and Finucane, R and Fisher, A and Fittinghoff, D.N and Folta, J and Fortner, R.J and Frazier, T and Frieders, G and Frieders, S and Friedrich, S and Fry, J and Gaylord, J and Glenn, S.M and Glenzer, S.H and Golick, B and Gururangan, G and Guss, G and Haan, S.W and Haid, B.J and Hammel, B and Hamza, A.V and Hartouni, E.P and Hatarik, R and Hatch, B.W and Hatchett, S.P and Hawley, R and Haynam, C and ...
Physics of Plasmas, ISSN 1070-664X, 12/2014, Volume 21, Issue 12, p. 129902
Journal Article
International journal of biological macromolecules, ISSN 0141-8130, 11/2019
Owing to chitosan's incredible biocompatibility and biodegradability, bioactive molecules loaded delivery systems based on this polymer have been widely... 
Journal Article
Icarus, ISSN 0019-1035, 08/2019, Volume 328, pp. 176 - 193
We present an analysis of Voyager-1-IRIS and Cassini-CIRS spectra of Jupiter's high latitudes acquired during the spacecrafts' respective flybys in November... 
Jupiter, magnetosphere | Atmospheres, chemistry | Aurorae | Jupiter, atmosphere | Infrared observations
Journal Article