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astrophysics (181) 181
astronomy & astrophysics (175) 175
physics - solar and stellar astrophysics (138) 138
astrophysics - solar and stellar astrophysics (133) 133
biological and medical sciences (129) 129
solar and stellar astrophysics (129) 129
chemistry (119) 119
earth and planetary astrophysics (109) 109
female (104) 104
stars: oscillations (104) 104
exact sciences and technology (103) 103
galaxy astrophysics (88) 88
life sciences (87) 87
mice (87) 87
astronomy (85) 85
male (85) 85
fundamental and applied biological sciences. psychology (81) 81
biochemistry & molecular biology (77) 77
earth, ocean, space (72) 72
research (70) 70
cell biology (68) 68
analysis (66) 66
stars (66) 66
oscillations (65) 65
metallurgy (64) 64
red giant stars (64) 64
technology (64) 64
immunology (63) 63
stars: interiors (63) 63
[phys.astr]physics [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph] (58) 58
cosmology and extragalactic astrophysics (56) 56
adult (55) 55
asteroseismology (55) 55
chemical surface treatment (51) 51
coating by vacuum evaporation, by sputtering, by ion implantationor by chemical vapour deposition, in general (51) 51
coating by vacuum evaporation, by sputtering, by ionimplantation or by chemical vapour deposition, in general (51) 51
coating material with metallic material (51) 51
coating metallic material (51) 51
diffusion treatment of metallic material (51) 51
inhibiting corrosion of metallic material or incrustation ingeneral (51) 51
medical sciences (51) 51
surface treatment of metallic material by diffusion into thesurface, by chemical conversion or substitution (51) 51
ceramics (49) 49
sciences of the universe (49) 49
artificial stone (47) 47
cements (47) 47
compositions thereof, e.g. mortars, concrete or like buildingmaterials (47) 47
concrete (47) 47
lime, magnesia (47) 47
refractories (47) 47
slag (47) 47
treatment of natural stone (47) 47
[phys]physics [physics] (43) 43
adhesives (43) 43
materials science (43) 43
stars: evolution (43) 43
dyes (42) 42
miscellaneous applications of materials (42) 42
miscellaneous compositions (42) 42
natural resins (42) 42
paints (42) 42
polishes (42) 42
chemical paint or ink removers (41) 41
coating compositions, e.g. paints, varnishes orlacquers (41) 41
correcting fluids (41) 41
filling pastes (41) 41
inks (41) 41
pastes or solids for colouring or printing (41) 41
stars: fundamental parameters (41) 41
use of materials therefor (41) 41
woodstains (41) 41
cell line (39) 39
macrophages - immunology (39) 39
research article (39) 39
astrophysics, cosmology and astronomy (37) 37
gene expression (37) 37
cancer (36) 36
middle aged (36) 36
abridged index medicus (35) 35
oncology (35) 35
science & technology - other topics (35) 35
infectious diseases (33) 33
macrophages (33) 33
rats (33) 33
chemistry, physical (32) 32
genetics (32) 32
genetics & heredity (32) 32
photometry (32) 32
multidisciplinary sciences (31) 31
microbiology (30) 30
earth sciences (29) 29
pharmacology. drug treatments (29) 29
health aspects (28) 28
materials science, multidisciplinary (28) 28
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Library Location Library Location
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Language Language
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by Kinyoki, DK and Munro, SB and Schaeffer, LE and Bhattacharjee, NV and Cork, MA and Cormier, N and Weaver, ND and Hollerich, G and Johnson, KB and Krohn, KJ and Letourneau, ID and Marczak, LB and Mayala, BK and Mosser, JF and Murray, CJL and Pigott, DM and Ray, SE and Sbarra, AN and Schipp, MF and Wang, HD and Wiens, KE and Afshin, A and Sartorius, B and Hasankhani, M and Moradi, M and Abdelalim, A and Shehata, HS and Abdollahi, M and Abebo, TA and Abrigo, MRM and Abushouk, AI and Accrombessi, MMK and Adabi, M and Ilesanmi, OS and Adeoye, AM and Adetokunboh, OO and Sambala, EZ and Adham, D and Aduroja, PE and Dipeolu, IO and Ibitoye, SE and Oluwasanu, MM and Advani, SM and Afarideh, M and Heidari, B and Sayyah, M and Ahmadi, K and Ahmed, MB and Ahmed, R and Das Gupta, R and Baraki, AG and Mekonnen, FA and Tamirat, KS and Wolde, HF and Al-Aly, Z and Alamene, GM and Alanzi, TM and Rabanal, JEA and Cahuana-Hurtado, L and Montero-Zamora, PA and Alema, NM and Araya, EM and Kassaye, HG and Ali, BA and Mohammad, KA and Alijanzadeh, M and Kalhor, R and Alinia, C and Alipour, V and Arabloo, J and Rezapour, A and Alizade, H and Aljunid, SM and Almasi, A and Fattahi, N and Matin, BK and Karyani, AK and Rajati, F and Sadeghi, E and Safari, Y and Vasseghian, Y and Almasi-Hashiani, A and Moradzadeh, R and Al-Raddadi, RM and Altirkawi, K and Alvis-Guzman, N and Alvis-Zakzuk, NJ and Gedefaw, GA and Amegah, AK and Amini, S and Rarani, MA and Amiri, F and Anber, NH and Andrei, CL and Ansari, F and Anteneh, ZA and Bogale, KA and Antriyandarti, E and Anvari, D and Anwer, R and ...
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Journal Article
by Miller-Petrie, MK and Lindstedt, PA and Baumann, MM and Abbastabar, H and Abd-Allah, F and Abdelalim, A and Abegaz, KH and Abejie, AN and Abrigo, MRM and Abualhasan, A and Accrombessi, MMK and Adamu, AA and Adebayo, OM and Adedeji, IA and Adedoyin, RA and Adekanmbi, V and Adhikari, TB and Afarideh, M and Agudelo-Botero, M and Ahmadi, K and Ahmed, AE and Akalu, TY and Akanda, AS and Alahdab, F and Al-Aly, Z and Alam, S and Alam, N and Alamene, GM and Alanzi, TM and Albujeer, A and Alcalde-Rabanal, JE and Alebel, A and Ali, M and Alijanzadeh, M and Alipour, V and Aljunid, SM and Al-Mekhlafi, HM and Alvis-Guzman, N and Amini, S and Amit, AML and Andrei, CL and Ansariadi, A and Arabloo, J and Aref, HMA and Aremu, O and Armoon, B and Arora, A and Aryal, KK and Arzani, A and Asadi-Aliabadi, M and Asmelash, D and Atalay, HT and Athari, SM and Athari, SS and Atre, SR and Ausloos, M and Awasthi, S and Awoke, N and Quintanilla, BPA and Ayano, G and Ayanore, MA and Aynalem, YA and Azari, S and Azman, AS and Babaee, E and Balakrishnan, S and Banach, M and Banoub, JAM and Barac, A and Barboza, MA and Basu, S and Bayati, M and Bedi, N and Behzadifar, M and Ramirez, DFB and Bennett, DA and Berbada, DA and Bernstein, RS and Bhat, AG and Bhattacharyya, K and Bhaumik, S and Bhutta, ZA and Bijani, A and Bikbov, B and Bin Sayeed, MS and Biswas, RK and Bohlouli, S and Boufous, S and Briko, AN and Briko, NI and Britton, GB and Brown, A and Nagaraja, SB and Rincon, JCC and Cano, J and Car, J and Cardenas, R and Carvalho, F and Castaneda-Orjuela, CA and Castro, F and ...
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Journal Article
by Aravkin, AY and Zheng, P and Abbas, KM and Abbasi-Kangevari, M and Abdollahi, M and Abdollahpour, I and Abegaz, KH and Aboyans, V and Abushouk, AI and Adabi, M and Adekanmbi, V and Adeoye, AM and Adham, D and Advani, SM and Agarwal, G and Ahmad, T and Ahmed, MB and Akalu, TY and Akunna, CJ and Alahdab, F and Alam, K and Alam, S and Alanezi, FM and Ali, S and Alicandro, G and Alizade, H and Aljunid, SM and Al-Mekhlafi, HM and Altirkawi, KA and Amini-Rarani, M and Ancuceanu, R and Anderlini, D and Ansari, F and Antonazzo, IC and Antonio, CAT and Antony, CM and Antriyandarti, E and Anvari, D and Ariani, F and Armoon, B and Asadi-Aliabadi, M and Asadi-Pooya, AA and Assmus, M and Atafar, Z and Atnafu, DD and Atout, MMW and Ausloos, F and Ausloos, M and Ayano, G and Ayanore, MA and Azarian, G and Badawi, A and Bakkannavar, SM and Ball, K and Balzi, D and Banerjee, SK and Barrero, LH and Barthelemy, CM and Basu, S and Bayati, M and Bedi, N and Beghi, E and Bejot, Y and Bennitt, FB and Bensenor, IM and Berman, AE and Bhagavathula, AS and Bhala, N and Bhattacharyya, K and Bin Sayeed, MS and Biondi, A and Bitew, H and Bohluli, M and Boon-Dooley, AS and Borges, G and Borzi, AM and Borzouei, S and Brenner, H and Bumgarner, BR and Burnett, RT and Nagaraja, SB and Butt, ZA and Cahill, LE and Camera, LLAA and Castaneda-Orjuela, CA and Castro, F and Causey, K and Cederroth, CR and Cercy, KM and Cerin, E and Charlson, FJ and Cherbuin, N and Chimed-Ochir, O and Cho, DY and Chung, SC and Cicuttini, FM and Classen, TKD and Cousin, E and Cowden, RG and Cruz, JA and ...
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 1474-547X, 2020, Volume 396, Issue 10258, p. 1223
Journal Article