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Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine, ISSN 1935-973X, 6/2016, Volume 9, Issue 2, pp. 232 - 239
...ELBOW SOFT TISSUE SURGERY (L OH, SECTION EDITOR) Osteochondritis dissecans of the elbow Ryan W. Churchill 1 & Julianne Munoz 2 & Christopher S. Ahmad 2... 
Rehabilitation Medicine | Microfracture | Osteochondritis dissecans | Osteochondral autograft transplantation system | Capitellum | Elbow arthroscopy | Overhead athletes | Surgical Orthopedics | Medicine & Public Health | Sports Medicine | Orthopedics | Surgery | Minimally Invasive Surgery | Osteochondrosis
Journal Article
by Guilbert, Theresa W and Bacharier, Leonard B and Mauger, David T and Phipatanakul, Wanda and Szefler, Stanley J and Boehmer, Susan and Beigelman, Avraham and Fitzpatrick, Anne M and Jackson, Daniel J and Baxi, Sachin N and Benson, Mindy and Burnham, Carey-Ann D and Cabana, Michael D and Castro, Mario and Chmiel, James F and Covar, Ronina and Daines, Michael and Gaffin, Jonathan M and Gentile, Deborah A and Holguin, Fernando and Israel, Elliot and Kelly, H. William and Lazarus, Stephen C and Lemanske, Robert F and Ly, Ngoc and Meade, Kelley and Morgan, Wayne and Moy, James and Olin, J. Tod and Peters, Stephen P and Pongracic, Jacqueline A and Raissy, Hengameh H and Ross, Kristie and Sheehan, William J and Sorkness, Christine and Teague, W. Gerald and Thyne, Shannon and Martinez, Fernando D and Bartnikas, Lisa and Bouzaher, Alisha and Burke, Christopher and Cavanaugh, Matthew and Chen, Julia and Cunningham, Elizabeth and Cunningham, Amparito and Friedlander, James and Hindi, Enal and Kantor, David and Permaul, Perdita and Rao, Devako and Rossi, Melinda and Schierembergg, Doris and Schneider, Kynda and Troung, Jennifer and Umetsu, Dale and Zhou, Joseph and Chmielewski, Jill and Fishbein, Anna and Flexas, Iliana and Fuleihan, Ramsay and Kumar, Rajesh and Lane, James and Makhija, Melanie and Martos, Louis and Parker, Brandon and Prince, Benjamin and Qamar, Nashmia and Riordan, Mary and Robinson, Rachel and Samady, Waheeda and Szychlinski, Christine and Tsang, Daniel and Codispoti, Christopher and Fu, Juan and Li, Grace and Munoz-Mendoza, Diana and Thompson, Benjamin and Gleason, Melanie and Graves, Sakari and Malka, Jonathan and Phillips, Melanie and Spears, Gayle and Sundstrom, D and White, Michael and Batson, Christina and Davies, Lea and Kelly, Franceska and Morales, Esmeralda and Redway, Abby and Spicher, Mary and Kaminski, Lauren and Knutson, Megan R and Miller, Kelly and Promer, Jennifer and Turcsanyi, Sheila and Watson, Tanya and Aujla, Shean and Broyles, John and Chong, Hey and Dubin, Patricia and ... and National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's AsthmaNet and Natl Heart Lung Blood Inst
The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, ISSN 0091-6749, 05/2019, Volume 143, Issue 5, pp. 1934 - 1937.e4
Journal Article
Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics and Trauma, ISSN 0976-5662, 2018, Volume 10, Issue 2, pp. 395 - 400
Abstract Background With evolving reimbursement patterns and an emphasis on value-based care, patient satisfaction is increasingly becoming a more important... 
Orthopedics | Quality improvement | Patient satisfaction | Outpatient setting | Orthopedic clinic | Sports medicine | Evaluation | Clinics | Health surveys | Quality management | General Orthopaedics
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of Orthopaedics, ISSN 0972-978X, 2018, Volume 15, Issue 4, pp. 1017 - 1021
Abstract Introduction High altitudes lead to physiological changes that may predispose to venous thromboembolisms (VTE) including deep vein thrombosis (DVT)... 
Orthopedics | Pulmonary embolism | Deep vein thrombosis | altitude | Elevation | Total shoulder arthroplasty
Journal Article
by Morris, Claudia R and Mauger, David T and Suh, Jung H and Phipatanakul, Wanda and Sheehan, William J and Moy, James N and Paul, Ian M and Szefler, Stanley J and Jackson, Daniel J and Fitzpatrick, Anne M and Gentile, Deborah and Butler, Erica and Maiolo, Jennifer and Misplay, Sara and Skoner, David and Smith, Glennys and Pongracic, Jacqueline and Robison, Rachel and Flexas, Iliana and Kumar, Rajesh and Makhija, Melanie and Qamar, Nashmia and Szychlinski, Christine and Martinez, Fernando and Morgan, Wayne and Daines, Cori and Daines, Michael and Bloss, Valerie and Brown, Mark and Chee, Katherine and David, Sarah and Ehrman, Clara S and Ezmigna, Dima and Goodwin, Jamie and Grad, Roni and Hiranratta, Anunya and Lopez, Silvia and Paco, Andrea and Priefert, Janette and Provencio, Natalie S and Ryan, Elizabeth and Varela, Monica and Vasquez, Monica and Weese, Rosemary and Wences, Jesus and Benson, Mindy and Morris, Claudia and Suh, Jung and Marbin, Jyothi and Decker, Jason and Harrison, Keonna and Long, Dayna and Meade, Kelley and Mok, Robert and Nelson-Purdy, Cindy and Ren, Dennis and Stessel, Hollie and Phipatanakul, Wanda and Sheehan, William and Gaffin, Jonathan and Baxi, Sachin and Bartnikas, Lisa and Bouzaher, Alisha and Burke, Christopher and Cavanaugh, Matthew and Chen, Julia and Cunningham, Elizabeth and Cunningham, Amparito and Friedlander, James and Hindi, Enal and Kantor, David and Kopel, Lianne and Permaul, Perdita and Rao, Deviko and Rossi, Melinda and Schierembergg, Doris and Schneider, Lynda and Troung, Jennifer and Umetsu, Dale and Zhou, Joseph and Israel, Elliot and Szefler, Stanley and Holguin, Fernando and Aujla, Shean and Broyles, John and Chong, Hey and Dubin, Patricia and Finder, Jonathan and Green, Todd and Holt, Lori and Kufen, Adam and Kurland, Geoffrey and Lanzo, Rose and Nash, David and Parente, Julianne and Smith, Catherine and Spahr, Jonathan and Weiner, Daniel and Fitzpatrick, Anne and Beaty, Timothy and ... and National Institutes of Health/National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute AsthmaNet and AsthmaNet and Natl Heart Lung Blood Inst and Natl Inst Hlth
The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, ISSN 0091-6749, 07/2018, Volume 142, Issue 1, pp. 308 - 311.e9
Because this study evaluated young children with mild persistent asthma only, associations in older children or in children with more severe asthma remain... 
ALLERGY | MOUSE MODEL | LUNGS | RECEPTOR | INNATE LYMPHOID-CELLS | SKIN | IMMUNOLOGY | PSORIASIS | PLASTICITY | CHILDREN | Enzymes | Arginine | Analgesics | Acetaminophen | Nitric oxide | Biomarkers | Smooth muscle | Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs | Bioavailability | Polyamines | Asthma | Glutathione | Ornithine | Asthma in children | Asthma exacerbations
Journal Article
by Bean, Jacob L and Stevenson, Kevin B and Batalha, Natalie M and Berta-Thompson, Zachory and Kreidberg, Laura and Crouzet, Nicolas and Benneke, Björn and Line, Michael R and Sing, David K and Wakeford, Hannah R and Knutson, Heather A and Kempton, Eliza M.-R and Désert, Jean-Michel and Crossfield, Ian and Batalha, Natasha E and Wit, Julien de and Parmentier, Vivien and Harrington, Joseph and Moses, Julianne I and Lopez-Morales, Mercedes and Alam, Munazza K and Blecic, Jasmina and Bruno, Giovanni and Carter, Aarynn L and Chapman, John W and Decin, Leen and Dragomir, Diana and Evans, Thomas M and Fortney, Jonathan J and Fraine, Jonathan D and Gao, Peter and Muñoz, Antonio García and Gibson, Neale P and Goyal, Jayesh M and Heng, Kevin and Hu, Renyu and Kendrew, Sarah and Kilpatrick, Brian M and Krick, Jessica and Lagage, Pierre-Olivier and Lendl, Monika and Louden, Tom and Madhusudhan, Nikku and Mandell, Avi M and Mansfield, Megan and May, Erin M and Morello, Giuseppe and Morley, Caroline V and Nikolov, Nikolay and Redfield, Seth and Roberts, Jessica E and Schlawin, Everett and Spake, Jessica J and Todorov, Kamen O and Tsiaras, Angelos and Venot, Olivia and Waalkes, William C and Wheatley, Peter J and Zellem, Robert T and Angerhausen, Daniel and Barrado, David and Carone, Ludmila and Casewell, Sarah L and Cubillos, Patricio E and Damiano, Mario and Val-Borro, Miguel de and Drummond, Benjamin and Edwards, Billy and Endl, Michael and Espinoza, Nestor and France, Kevin and Gizis, John E and Greene, Thomas P and Henning, Thomas K and Hong, Yucian and Ingalls, James G and Iro, Nicolas and Irwin, Patrick G. J and Kataria, Tiffany and Lahuis, Fred and Leconte, Jérémy and Lillo-Box, Jorge and Lines, Stefan and Lothringer, Joshua D and Mancini, Luigi and Marchis, Franck and Mayne, Nathan and Palle, Enric and Rauscher, Emily and Roudier, Gaël and Shkolnik, Evgenya L and Southworth, John and Swain, Mark R and Taylor, Jake and Teske, Johanna and Tinetti, Giovanna and Tremblin, Pascal and Tucker, Gregory S and Boekel, Roy van and Waldmann, Ingo P and ...
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, ISSN 1538-3873, 2018, Volume 130, Issue 993, p. 114402
Journal Article
RADIOGRAPHICS, ISSN 0271-5333, 03/2020, Volume 40, Issue 2, pp. 454 - 467
Massive irreparable rotator cuff tears can be a challenging problem for arthroscopists in the perioperative setting because the typical treatment, reverse... 
Journal Article
Newspaper Article