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by Kilpeläinen, Tuomas O and Bentley, Amy R and Noordam, Raymond and Sung, Yun Ju and Schwander, Karen and Winkler, Thomas W and Jakupović, Hermina and Chasman, Daniel I and Manning, Alisa and Ntalla, Ioanna and Aschard, Hugues and Brown, Michael R and de las Fuentes, Lisa and Franceschini, Nora and Guo, Xiuqing and Vojinovic, Dina and Aslibekyan, Stella and Feitosa, Mary F and Kho, Minjung and Musani, Solomon K and Richard, Melissa and Wang, Heming and Wang, Zhe and Bartz, Traci M and Bielak, Lawrence F and Campbell, Archie and Dorajoo, Rajkumar and Fisher, Virginia and Hartwig, Fernando P and Horimoto, Andrea R. V. R and Li, Changwei and Lohman, Kurt K and Marten, Jonathan and Sim, Xueling and Smith, Albert V and Tajuddin, Salman M and Alver, Maris and Amini, Marzyeh and Boissel, Mathilde and Chai, Jin Fang and Chen, Xu and Divers, Jasmin and Evangelou, Evangelos and Gao, Chuan and Graff, Mariaelisa and Harris, Sarah E and He, Meian and Hsu, Fang-Chi and Jackson, Anne U and Zhao, Jing Hua and Kraja, Aldi T and Kühnel, Brigitte and Laguzzi, Federica and Lyytikäinen, Leo-Pekka and Nolte, Ilja M and Rauramaa, Rainer and Riaz, Muhammad and Robino, Antonietta and Rueedi, Rico and Stringham, Heather M and Takeuchi, Fumihiko and van der Most, Peter J and Varga, Tibor V and Verweij, Niek and Ware, Erin B and Wen, Wanqing and Li, Xiaoyin and Yanek, Lisa R and Amin, Najaf and Arnett, Donna K and Boerwinkle, Eric and Brumat, Marco and Cade, Brian and Canouil, Mickaël and Chen, Yii-Der Ida and Concas, Maria Pina and Connell, John and de Mutsert, Renée and de Silva, H. Janaka and de Vries, Paul S and Demirkan, Ayşe and Ding, Jingzhong and Eaton, Charles B and Faul, Jessica D and Friedlander, Yechiel and Gabriel, Kelley P and Ghanbari, Mohsen and Giulianini, Franco and Gu, Chi Charles and Gu, Dongfeng and Harris, Tamara B and He, Jiang and Heikkinen, Sami and Heng, Chew-Kiat and Hunt, Steven C and Ikram, M. Arfan and Jonas, Jost B and Koh, Woon-Puay and Komulainen, Pirjo and Krieger, Jose E and ... and Lifelines Cohort Study and et al
Nature communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 2019, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 11
Journal Article
by Davey, Richard T and Fernández-Cruz, Eduardo and Markowitz, Norman and Pett, Sarah and Babiker, Abdel G and Wentworth, Deborah and Khurana, Surender and Engen, Nicole and Gordin, Fred and Jain, Mamta K and Kan, Virginia and Polizzotto, Mark N and Riska, Paul and Ruxrungtham, Kiat and Temesgen, Zelalem and Lundgren, Jens and Beigel, John H and Lane, H Clifford and Neaton, James D and Butts, Jessica and Denning, Eileen and DuChene, Alain and Krum, Eric and Harrison, Merrie and Meger, Sue and Peterson, Ross and Quan, Kien and Shaughnessy, Megan and Thompson, Greg and Vock, David and Metcalf, Julia and Dewar, Robin and Rehman, Tauseef and Natarajan, Ven and McConnell, Rose and Flowers, Emily and Smith, Kenny and Hoover, Marie and Coyle, Elizabeth M and Munroe, David and Aagaard, Bitten and Pearson, Mary and Cursley, Adam and Webb, Helen and Hudson, Fleur and Russell, Charlotte and Sy, Aminata and Purvis, Cara and Jackson, Brooke and Collaco-Moraes, Yolanda and Carey, Dianne and Robson, Rosemary and Sánchez, Adriana and Finley, Elizabeth and Conwell, Donna and Losso, Marcelo H and Gambardella, Luciana and Abela, Cecilia and Lopez, Paco and Alonso, Helena and Touloumi, Giota and Gioukari, Vicky and Anagnostou, Olga and Avihingsanon, Anchalee and Pussadee, Kanitta and Ubolyam, Sasiwimol and Omotosho, Bola and Solórzano, Clemencia and Petersen, Tianna and Vysyaraju, Kranthi and Rizza, Stacey A and Whitaker, Jennifer A and Nahra, Raquel and Baxter, John and Coburn, Patricia and Gardner, Edward M and Scott, James A and Faber, Leslie and Pastor, Erica and Makohon, Linda and MacArthur, Rodger A and Hillman, L Monique and Farrough, Marti J and Polenakovik, Hari M and Clark, Linda A and Colon, Roberto J and Kunisaki, Ken M and DeConcini, Miranda and Johnson, Susan A and Wolfe, Cameron R and Mkumba, Laura and Carbonneau, June Y and Morris, Alison and Fitzpatrick, Meghan E and Kessinger, Cathy J and Salata, Robert A and Arters, Karen A and Tasi, Catherine M and Panos, Ralph J and Lach, Laura A and ... and INSIGHT FLU-IVIG Study Group and INSIGHT FLU-IVIG Study Grp
The lancet respiratory medicine, ISSN 2213-2600, 2019, Volume 7, Issue 11, pp. 951 - 963
...) were admitted for hospital treatment with laboratory-confirmed influenza A or B infection and were randomly assigned (1:1... 
Journal Article
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2007, Volume 450, Issue 7171, pp. 887 - 892
Journal Article
by Asselbergs, Folkert W and Guo, Yiran and van Iperen, Erik P.A and Sivapalaratnam, Suthesh and Tragante, Vinicius and Lanktree, Matthew B and Lange, Leslie A and Almoguera, Berta and Appelman, Yolande E and Barnard, John and Baumert, Jens and Beitelshees, Amber L and Bhangale, Tushar R and Chen, Yii-Der Ida and Gaunt, Tom R and Gong, Yan and Hopewell, Jemma C and Johnson, Toby and Kleber, Marcus E and Langaee, Taimour Y and Li, Mingyao and Li, Yun R and Liu, Kiang and McDonough, Caitrin W and Meijs, Matthijs F.L and Middelberg, Rita P.S and Musunuru, Kiran and Nelson, Christopher P and O’Connell, Jeffery R and Padmanabhan, Sandosh and Pankow, James S and Pankratz, Nathan and Rafelt, Suzanne and Rajagopalan, Ramakrishnan and Romaine, Simon P.R and Schork, Nicholas J and Shaffer, Jonathan and Shen, Haiqing and Smith, Erin N and Tischfield, Sam E and van der Most, Peter J and van Vliet-Ostaptchouk, Jana V and Verweij, Niek and Volcik, Kelly A and Zhang, Li and Bailey, Kent R and Bailey, Kristian M and Bauer, Florianne and Boer, Jolanda M.A and Braund, Peter S and Burt, Amber and Burton, Paul R and Buxbaum, Sarah G and Chen, Wei and Cooper-DeHoff, Rhonda M and Cupples, L. Adrienne and deJong, Jonas S and Delles, Christian and Duggan, David and Fornage, Myriam and Furlong, Clement E and Glazer, Nicole and Gums, John G and Hastie, Claire and Holmes, Michael V and Illig, Thomas and Kirkland, Susan A and Kivimaki, Mika and Klein, Ronald and Klein, Barbara E and Kooperberg, Charles and Kottke-Marchant, Kandice and Kumari, Meena and LaCroix, Andrea Z and Mallela, Laya and Murugesan, Gurunathan and Ordovas, Jose and Ouwehand, Willem H and Post, Wendy S and Saxena, Richa and Scharnagl, Hubert and Schreiner, Pamela J and Shah, Tina and Shields, Denis C and Shimbo, Daichi and Srinivasan, Sathanur R and Stolk, Ronald P and Swerdlow, Daniel I and Taylor, Herman A and Topol, Eric J and Toskala, Elina and van Pelt, Joost L and van Setten, Jessica and Yusuf, Salim and Whittaker, John C and Zwinderman, A.H and Anand, Sonia S and Balmforth, Anthony J and Berenson, Gerald S and Bezzina, Connie R and ... and LifeLines Cohort Study
American journal of human genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 2012, Volume 91, Issue 5, pp. 823 - 838
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Prins, B.P and Abbasi, A and Wong, A and Vaez, Ahmad and Nolte, Ilja and Franceschini, Nora and Stuart, P.E and Guterriez Achury, J and Mistry, V and Bradfield, Jonathan and Valdes, Ana Maria and Bras, Jose and Shatunov, Aleksey and Lu, Chao and Han, B and Raychaudhuri, Soumya and Bevan, Steve and Mayes, M.D and Tsoi, L.C and Evangelou, Evangelos and Nair, Rajan P and Grant, Struan and Polychronakos, Constantin and Radstake, Timothy and Heel, David and Dunstan, M.L and Wood, Nicholas and Al-Chalabi, Ammar and Dehghan, Abbas and Hakonarson, Hakon and Markus, H.S and Elder, James and Knight, J and Arking, Dan and Spector, Timothy and Koeleman, Bobby and Duijn, Cornelia and Martín, Javier and Morris, Anew and Weersma, Rinse K and Wijmenga, Cisca and Munroe, Patricia and Perry, John and Pouget, J.G and Jamshidi, Yalda and Snieder, Harold and Alizadeh, Behrooz and Inflammation Working Grp CHARGE Co and Autism Spectrum Disorder Working G and PAGE Consortium and Int Consortium Blood Pressure and Int Parkinson Dis Genomics Consort and Schizophrenia Working Grp Psychiat and DIAGRAM Consortium and CARDIoGRAMplusC4d Consortium and Int Stroke Genetics Consortium and Treat OA Consortium and ALS Consortium and CKDGen Consortium and Systemic Sclerosis Consortium and GERAD1 Consortium and International Consortium for Blood Pressure and International Stroke Genetics Consortium and Treat OA consortium and ALS consortium and CKDGen consortium and Schizophrenia Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium and Systemic Sclerosis consortium and Inflammation Working Group of the CHARGE Consortium and International Parkinson’s Disease Genomics Consortium and CARDIoGRAMplusC4D Consortium and Autism Spectrum Disorder Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium
PLoS medicine, ISSN 1549-1277, 06/2016, Volume 13, Issue 6, p. e1001976
Journal Article
by Scott, Robert A and Lagou, Vasiliki and Welch, Ryan P and Wheeler, Eleanor and Montasser, May E and Luan, Jian'an and Mägi, Reedik and Strawbridge, Rona J and Rehnberg, Emil and Gustafsson, Stefan and Kanoni, Stavroula and Rasmussen-Torvik, Laura J and Yengo, Loïc and Lecoeur, Cecile and Shungin, Dmitry and Sanna, Serena and Sidore, Carlo and Johnson, Paul C D and Jukema, J Wouter and Johnson, Toby and Mahajan, Anubha and Verweij, Niek and Thorleifsson, Gudmar and Hottenga, Jouke-Jan and Shah, Sonia and Smith, Albert V and Sennblad, Bengt and Gieger, Christian and Salo, Perttu and Perola, Markus and Timpson, Nicholas J and Evans, David M and Pourcain, Beate St and Wu, Ying and Andrews, Jeanette S and Hui, Jennie and Bielak, Lawrence F and Zhao, Wei and Horikoshi, Momoko and Navarro, Pau and Isaacs, Aaron and O'Connell, Jeffrey R and Stirrups, Kathleen and Vitart, Veronique and Hayward, Caroline and Esko, Tõnu and Mihailov, Evelin and Fraser, Ross M and Fall, Tove and Voight, Benjamin F and Raychaudhuri, Soumya and Chen, Han and Lindgren, Cecilia M and Morris, Andrew P and Rayner, Nigel W and Robertson, Neil and Rybin, Denis and Liu, Ching-Ti and Beckmann, Jacques S and Willems, Sara M and Chines, Peter S and Jackson, Anne U and Kang, Hyun Min and Stringham, Heather M and Song, Kijoung and Tanaka, Toshiko and Peden, John F and Goel, Anuj and Hicks, Andrew A and An, Ping and Müller-Nurasyid, Martina and Franco-Cereceda, Anders and Folkersen, Lasse and Marullo, Letizia and Jansen, Hanneke and Oldehinkel, Albertine J and Bruinenberg, Marcel and Pankow, James S and North, Kari E and Forouhi, Nita G and Loos, Ruth J F and Edkins, Sarah and Varga, Tibor V and Hallmans, Göran and Oksa, Heikki and Antonella, Mulas and Nagaraja, Ramaiah and Trompet, Stella and Ford, Ian and Bakker, Stephan J L and Kong, Augustine and Kumari, Meena and Gigante, Bruna and Herder, Christian and Munroe, Patricia B and Caulfield, Mark and Antti, Jula and Mangino, Massimo and Small, Kerrin and Miljkovic, Iva and ... and DIAbetes Genetics Replication and Meta-analysis (DIAGRAM) Consortium and DIAbet Genetics Replication
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 2012, Volume 44, Issue 9, pp. 991 - 1005
Journal Article