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Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, ISSN 0194-5998, 2013, Volume 149, Issue 3, pp. S1 - S27
Journal Article
Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery, ISSN 0194-5998, 11/2013, Volume 149, Issue 5, pp. 656 - 663
The American Academy of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery Foundation (AAO-HNSF) has published a supplement to this issue featuring the new Clinical Practice... 
Journal Article
Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery, ISSN 0194-5998, 11/2013, Volume 149, Issue 3_suppl, pp. S1 - S27
Objective Bell’s palsy, named after the Scottish anatomist, Sir Charles Bell, is the most common acute mono-neuropathy, or disorder affecting a single nerve,... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
Internet Journal of Academic Physician Assistants, ISSN 1092-4078, 2009, Volume 7, Issue 2
Journal Article
2008, ISBN 9781416044857
Book Chapter
2008, ISBN 9781416044857
Book Chapter
by Abdou, Nabih I and Ahmad, Nazia and Aliniazee, Muddassir and Alvi, Sarah and Amatniek, Joan and Anderson, David E and Aranoff, Gaya S and Bachmann, Gloria and Balaram, Sandhya K and Barbieri, Elizabeth and Bartlik, Barbara D and Bassuk, Shari S and Bateman, David and Bauman, Kristy A and Bell, Jennifer J and Bilello, Kathryn and Blasberg, Justin D and Blumenthal, Roger S and Bockow, Tamara and Boyle, Karen Elizabeth and Burnett, Arthur L and Burrows, Lara J and Byne, William and Chapman, Kenneth R and Chesney, Margaret A and Chew, Debra and Chung, Pak H and Chung, Doreen E and Chung, Wendy K and Clark, Christine A and Cutolo, Maurizio and Davidson, Nancy E and Deveci, Serkan and Dobs, Adrian and Doty, Nora J and Dubeau, Catherine E and El-maouche, Diala and Feisullin, Karen and Frey, Lauren and Garvin, James H and Gaynor, Katya and Gearhart, Susan L and Ghanem, Khalil G and Glassberg, Marilyn K and Golden, Sherita Hill and Goldstein, Marc and Goldstein, Andrew T and Gottesman, Rebecca F and Gur, Raquel E and Gur, Ruben C and Han, Meilan K and Harris, Mary L and Hauser, W. Allen and Hillis, Argye E and Hodder, Sally L and Holley, Aaron and Jacobs, Diane and Jan De Beur, Suzanne M and Johnson, Paula A and Kashyap, Sonya and Kaufman, David M and Kim, Howard H and Kim, Matthew and Kobzik, Lester and Kolzet, Julie A and Koteish, Ayman and Krok, Karen and Lahita, Robert G and Lanatra, Nicole and Laskin, Carl A and Lazarus, George M and Lee, Linda A and Legato, Marianne J and Leghe, Jaswinder K and Lewin, Sharon and Lim, Robert H and Manson, Joann E and Mccarthy, Margaret and Mehrani, Taraneh and Metzl, Jordan D and Moores, Lisa and Moseley, Kendall F and Mulhall, John P and Mullin, Gerald and Munsell, Melissa and Murin, Susan and Nagy, Christian D and Omene, Coral and Parkman, Henry P and Parveen, Tahmina and Petri, Michelle and Pickett-Blakely, Octavia and Polsky, Bruce and Powell, Charles A and Rendel, Michael and Rider, Virginia and Romanzi, Lauri J and Rompalo, Anne M and Rosen, Tove S and Sanfey, Hilary and ...
2010, ISBN 0123742714
Book Chapter
by Abercrombie, Diane Dixon and Allison, Linda G and Asprey, David P and Auth, Patrick C and Ballweg, Ruth and Barr, Diana P and Blessing, J. Dennis and Boeve, Wallace D and Brenneman, Anthony and Brown, Darwin and Buck, David R and Buck, Geraldine A and Byers, Tom and Cary, James L and Cary, R. Monty and Chavez, R. Scott and Chitwood, John L and Crouse, Dan and Dale, Linda M and Davis, Ann and Eisenhauer, Walter A and Evans, Timothy C and Gara, Nicole and Gianola, F. J. (Gino) and Glicken, Anita Duhl and Goldgar, Constance and Grant, J. Kirkland and Hammond, Jim and Harbert, Kenneth R and Hass, Virginia McCoy and Haverkamp, Ky and Herman, Lawrence and Jones-Hester, L. Jill and Hooker, Roderick S and Johnson, Steven and Jones, P. Eugene and Jones, Bryanne L and Kemle, Kathy A and King, Timothy J and Kohlhepp, William C and Kucera, Kristine J and Kuhns, David H and Lee, Barbara Coombs and Lombardo, Paul and Lurie, H. James and MaHaffy, H. William and Meltzer, Steven and Milton, Mindy G and Morton-Rias, Dawn and Munsell, Debra S and Pedersen, Donald M and Periyakoil, Vyjeyanthi S and Peterson, Martha and Powe, Michael L and Powell, Sharon R and Rackover, Michael A and Rahr, Richard R and Ramos, Maryann and Robinson, Paul S and Simon, Albert and Smith, Anna Mae and Southwick, Lisa K and Statler, P. Michel and Stolberg, Sherry and Stoll, Henry W and Straker, Howard O and Stump, Ernst L and Sullivan, Edward M and Vacala, Mary and Vetrosky, Daniel and Watson, Durward A and WhiteHorse, Emily and Wick, Keren H and Wolpert, Chantelle M and Yeo, Gwen
2008, ISBN 9781416044857
Book Chapter
United States, Federal Railroad Administration, Office of Research and Development, (Report) FRA/ORD, 05/1981
Journal Article
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