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islam (4) 4
social sciences (4) 4
sociology (4) 4
gender (3) 3
hydrogen peroxide (3) 3
malondialdehyde (3) 3
plant sciences (3) 3
proline (3) 3
salinity (3) 3
salinity effects (3) 3
wheat (3) 3
age (2) 2
agriculture (2) 2
al-huda (2) 2
analysis (2) 2
betaine (2) 2
chlorophyll (2) 2
education (2) 2
environmental sciences (2) 2
environmental sciences & ecology (2) 2
glycine (2) 2
glycine betaine (2) 2
hepatitis (2) 2
humans (2) 2
organization (2) 2
patients (2) 2
quality of life (2) 2
religious authority (2) 2
social movements (2) 2
sodium (2) 2
technology (2) 2
womens studies (2) 2
abiotic stress (1) 1
acquired toxoplasmosis (1) 1
acute pancreatitis (1) 1
advertising agencies (1) 1
age factors (1) 1
aged (1) 1
aged, 80 and over (1) 1
agribusiness (1) 1
agricultural production (1) 1
agriculture, multidisciplinary (1) 1
agronomy (1) 1
annealing (1) 1
anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (1) 1
antihyperglycemic (1) 1
antineoplastic agents - administration & dosage (1) 1
aortopathy (1) 1
apache-ii (1) 1
azachalcones (1) 1
bank deposits (1) 1
bank’ (1) 1
bank’s credit (1) 1
bicuspid aorta (1) 1
bicuspid aortic valve (1) 1
biochemical evaluation (1) 1
biochemical test (1) 1
biomarkers, tumor - blood (1) 1
breast cancer screening (1) 1
breast neoplasms - blood (1) 1
breast neoplasms - metabolism (1) 1
bureaucracy (1) 1
c reactive protein (1) 1
c22 (1) 1
c32 (1) 1
calcium (1) 1
calcium ions (1) 1
cancer therapies (1) 1
capsicum (1) 1
carfilzomib (1) 1
cash crops (1) 1
chemotherapy (1) 1
chickpea (1) 1
chloride ions (1) 1
choroidal neovascular membrane (1) 1
cognitions, emotions, and identities (1) 1
cointegration (1) 1
colleges & universities (1) 1
comorbidities (1) 1
comorbidity (1) 1
congenital diseases (1) 1
creativity (1) 1
ct severity index (1) 1
cultivation (1) 1
demonstrations & protests (1) 1
denosumab (1) 1
developing countries--ldcs (1) 1
dielectric properties (1) 1
dielectrics (1) 1
discipline (1) 1
dose modifications (1) 1
dose reduction (1) 1
dressing percentage (1) 1
drought (1) 1
drug therapy (1) 1
economic growth (1) 1
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South Asia multidisciplinary academic journal, ISSN 1960-6060, 12/2010, Volume 4, Issue 4
Journal Article
South Asia multidisciplinary academic journal, 12/2010, Volume 4
Journal Article
Pakistan oral & dental journal, ISSN 1012-8700, 12/2020, Volume 40, Issue 4, p. 255
Journal Article
Journal of clinical oncology, ISSN 0732-183X, 05/2018, Volume 36, Issue 15_suppl, pp. 7050 - 7050
Journal Article
Pakistan journal of women's studies, ISSN 1024-1256, 12/2015, Volume 22, Issue 2, p. 43
Journal Article
Pakistan journal of botany, ISSN 0556-3321, 06/2007, Volume 39, Issue 3, pp. 887 - 896
Journal Article
by Salman Mehmood and Syed Muhammad Farid Hasan and Chinara Maratovna Razzakova and Liliya Eugenevna Ziganshina and Azjargal Ganbat and Tsetsegmaa Sanjjav and Bruce Sunderland and Gantuya Dorj and Gereltuya Dorj and Satibi Satibi and M. Rifqi Rokhman and Hardika Aditama and Ika Kartini and Rini Ambarsari and Fajar Pramesti and Peng Yeow Loh and Siew Siang Chua and Mahmathi Karuppannan and Rohit Kumar Verma and Thomas Paraidathathu and Nur Akmar Taha and Wei Wen Chong and M. Rozaini Rosli and Chin Fen Neoh and Mahmathi Karuppannan and W. Nazariah W. Hassan and Mahani Mahmud and Afifah Rahimi and David Bin-Chia Wu and Ren Ee Teh and Adliah Mhd Ali and Mohammed Mustapha and Hadzliana Zainal and Balamurugan Tangiisuran and Sabariah Noor Harun and Irene Looi and Norsima Nazifah Sidek and Khairul Azmi Ibrahim and Loo Keat Wei and Lee Keng Yee and Zariah Abdul Aziz and Khalid A. Al-Sunaidar and Noorizan Abd Aziz and Yahaya Hassan and Mohamed Abdul Hameed and Nur Fatihah Binti Shaari and Mahmathi Karuppannan and Hasnah Ismail and Yuet Yen Wong and Chin Fen Neoh and Rifqa Danisha Nadhrah Ramlan and Wan Asma Najiha A. Raman and Syazani Salman Radzaini and Norazila Abdul Ghani and Qi Ying Lean and Chin Fen Neoh and Yuet Yen Wong and A. Md Shariff and M. Karuppannan and S. Gnanasan and A. Aziz N and Muhammad Helmi Zaini and Mohd Shahezwan Abd Wahab and Dulmaa Lkhagvasuren and Enkhjargal Dorjbal and Qurratul-ain Leghari and Muhammad Shahzad Aslam and Neelum Malick and Sadia Kashif and Sharmeen Bawani and Nur Sufiza Bt Ahmad and Ernieda Hatah and Mohd Makmor-Bakry and Raveena Amee Nagaria and Syed Shahzad Hasan and Zaheer Ud-Din Babar and Erwin Martinez Faller and Jesa Madelo and Edward Agravante Tolentino and Zakiah Mohd Noordin and Mahmathi Karuppannan and Neoh Chin Fen and Nor Haizan Ibrahim Ghazali and F. El-Dahiyat and M. Rashrash and S. Abuhamdah and R. Abu Farha and Amjad Khan and Amer Hayat Khan and Syed Azhar Syed Sulaiman and Azreen Syazril Adnan and Saima Mushtaq and Maisarah Mohamad Fadzil and Muhammad Hadif Syahmi Mohd Akmal and Yuet Yen Wong and Chin Fen Neoh and Qi Ying Lean and Christina Malini and Noor Azizah Binti Abdul Wahab and Ahmad Fuad Shamsuddin and ...
Journal of pharmaceutical policy and practice, 01/2020, Volume 13, Issue S1, pp. 1 - 19
Journal Article
7/2018, Encyclopedia of Indian Religions, ISBN 9789402412666
Book Chapter
by Mehmood, Salman and Hasan, Syed Muhammad Farid and Razzakova, Chinara Maratovna and Ziganshina, Liliya Eugenevna and Ganbat, Azjargal and Sanjjav, Tsetsegmaa and Sunderland, Bruce and Dorj, Gantuya and Dorj, Gereltuya and Satibi, Satibi and Rokhman, M. Rifqi and Aditama, Hardika and Kartini, Ika and Ambarsari, Rini and Pramesti, Fajar and Loh, Peng Yeow and Chua, Siew Siang and Karuppannan, Mahmathi and Verma, Rohit Kumar and Paraidathathu, Thomas and Taha, Nur Akmar and Chong, Wei Wen and Rosli, M. Rozaini and Neoh, Chin Fen and Hassan, W. Nazariah W and Mahmud, Mahani and Rahimi, Afifah and Wu, David Bin-Chia and Teh, Ren Ee and Ali, Adliah Mhd and Mustapha, Mohammed and Zainal, Hadzliana and Tangiisuran, Balamurugan and Harun, Sabariah Noor and Looi, Irene and Sidek, Norsima Nazifah and Ibrahim, Khairul Azmi and Wei, Loo Keat and Yee, Lee Keng and Aziz, Zariah Abdul and Al-Sunaidar, Khalid A and Aziz, Noorizan Abd and Hassan, Yahaya and Hameed, Mohamed Abdul and Shaari, Nur Fatihah Binti and Ismail, Hasnah and Wong, Yuet Yen and Ramlan, Rifqa Danisha Nadhrah and Raman, Wan Asma Najiha A and Radzaini, Syazani Salman and Ghani, Norazila Abdul and Lean, Qi Ying and Md Shariff, A and Karuppannan, M and Gnanasan, S and Aziz N, A and Zaini, Muhammad Helmi and Wahab, Mohd Shahezwan Abd and Lkhagvasuren, Dulmaa and Dorjbal, Enkhjargal and Leghari, Qurratul-ain and Aslam, Muhammad Shahzad and Malick, Neelum and Kashif, Sadia and Bawani, Sharmeen and Ahmad, Nur Sufiza Bt and Hatah, Ernieda and Makmor-Bakry, Mohd and Nagaria, Raveena Amee and Hasan, Syed Shahzad and Babar, Zaheer Ud-Din and Faller, Erwin Martinez and Madelo, Jesa and Tolentino, Edward Agravante and Noordin, Zakiah Mohd and Fen, Neoh Chin and Ghazali, Nor Haizan Ibrahim and El-Dahiyat, F and Rashrash, M and Abuhamdah, S and Abu Farha, R and Khan, Amjad and Khan, Amer Hayat and Sulaiman, Syed Azhar Syed and Adnan, Azreen Syazril and Mushtaq, Saima and Fadzil, Maisarah Mohamad and Akmal, Muhammad Hadif Syahmi Mohd and Malini, Christina and Wahab, Noor Azizah Binti Abdul and Shamsuddin, Ahmad Fuad and Dali, Ahmad Fauzi and Patah, Norfarahin Abd and Ibrahim, Noorizam and Cheah, Min H and Gan, Eon T and Azman, Nur J and Kori, Najma and Periyasamy, Petrick and Abdul-Aziz, Siti-Azdiah and ...
Journal of pharmaceutical policy and practice, ISSN 2052-3211, 01/2020, Volume 13, Issue S1
Journal Article
Medical Forum Monthly, ISSN 1029-385X, 10/2018, Volume 29, Issue 10, pp. 93 - 96
Journal Article
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