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2007, Key issues in higher education, ISBN 0415426057, cm.
In this timely and innovative book scholars from Europe, the UK, North America and Australia, explore their own sense of identity, reflecting both on their... 
Social aspects | Education, Higher | Group identity | Education | Post-Compulsory Education | Educational Research | Higher Education | Sociology of Education | Continuing Professional Development | Identity (Psychology)
2005, 1. Aufl., Medical radiology. Diagnostic imaging, ISBN 9783540401483, x, 213
Multidetector-row CT has dramatically improved the results of computed tomography in all clinical applications, but its beneficial impact has been most... 
Angiography | Tomography, X-Ray Computed | methods | Other branches of medicine | Angiology | Medicine & Public Health | Diagnostic Radiology | Imaging / Radiology
Neuroradiology, ISSN 0028-3940, 10/2012, Volume 54, Issue 10, pp. 1145 - 1152
Journal Article
by Carlotta, Franchi and Raffaella, Rossio and Ilaria, Ardoino and Alessandro, Nobili and Mannuccio, Mannucci Pier and Mannucci, Pier Mannuccio and Nobili, Giulia and Nobili, Alessandro and Pietrangelo, Antonello and Perticone, Maria and Perticone, Francesco and Licata, Anna and Licata, Giuseppe and Violi, Francesco and Corazza, Gino Roberto and Corrao, Salvatore and Marengoni, Alessandra and Salerno, Francesco and Cesari, Matteo and Tettamanti, Mauro and Pasina, Luca and Franchi, Carlotta and Cortesi, Laura and Miglio, Gabriella and Ardoino, Ilaria and Novella, Alessio and Prisco, Domenico and Silvestri, Elena and Emmi, Giacomo and Bettiol, Alessandra and Caterina, Cenci and Biolo, Gianni and Zanetti, Michela and Guadagni, Martina and Zaccari, Michele and Chiuch, Massimiliano and Vanoli, Massimo and Grignani, Giulia and Pulixi, Edoardo Alessandro and Bernardi, Mauro and Bassi, Silvia Li and Santi, Luca and Zaccherini, Giacomo and Lupattelli, Graziana and Mannarino, Elmo and Bianconi, Vanessa and Paciullo, Francesco and Alcidi, Riccardo and Nuti, Ranuccio and Valenti, Roberto and Ruvio, Martina and Cappelli, Silvia and Palazzuoli, Alberto and Girelli, Domenico and Busti, Fabiana and Marchi, Giacomo and Barbagallo, Mario and Dominguez, Ligia and Cocita, Floriana and Beneduce, Vincenza and Plances, Lidia and Natoli, Giuseppe and Mularo, Salvatore and Raspanti, Massimo and Cavallaro, Federica and Zoli, Marco and Lazzari, Ilaria and Brunori, Mattia and Fabbri, Elisa and Magalotti, Donatella and Arnò, Raffaella and Pasini, Franco Laghi and Capecchi, Pier Leopoldo and Palasciano, Giuseppe and Modeo, Maria Ester and Gennaro, Alfio and Gennaro, Carla Di and Cappellini, Maria Domenica and Maira, Diletta and Di Stefano, Valeria and Fabio, Giovanna and Seghezzi, Sonia and Mancarella, Marta and De Amicis, Margherita Migone and De Luca, Giacomo and Scaramellini, Natalia and Rossi, Paolo Dionigi and Rossi, Ilaria and Damanti, Sarah and Clerici, Marta and Conti, Federica and Bonini, Giulia and Ottolini, Barbara Brignolo and Di Sabatino, Antonio and Miceli, Emanuela and Lenti, Marco Vincenzo and Pisati, Martina and Dominioni, Costanza Caccia and Murialdo, Giovanni and Marra, Alessio and ... and Med Interna and REPOSI Collaborators
European Journal of Internal Medicine, ISSN 0953-6205, 10/2019, Volume 68, pp. e7 - e11
Journal Article
by Cazzato, Roberto Luigi and Cazzato, Roberto Luigi and Arrigoni, Francesco and Arrigoni, Francesco and Boatta, Emanuele and Boatta, Emanuele and Bruno, Federico and Bruno, Federico and Chiang, Jean Betsy and Chiang, Jean Betsy and Garnon, Julien and Garnon, Julien and Zugaro, Luigi and Zugaro, Luigi and Giordano, Aldo Victor and Giordano, Aldo Victor and Carducci, Sergio and Carducci, Sergio and Varrassi, Marco and Varrassi, Marco and Beomonte Zobel, Bruno and Beomonte Zobel, Bruno and Bazzocchi, Alberto and Bazzocchi, Alberto and Aliprandi, Alberto and Aliprandi, Alberto and Basile, Antonio and Basile, Antonio and Marcia, Stefano and Marcia, Stefano and Masala, Salvatore and Masala, Salvatore and Grasso, Rosario Francesco and Grasso, Rosario Francesco and Squarza, Silvia and Squarza, Silvia and Floridi, Chiara and Floridi, Chiara and Ierardi, Anna Maria and Ierardi, Anna Maria and Burdi, Nicola and Burdi, Nicola and Cioni, Roberto and Cioni, Roberto and Napoli, Alessandro and Napoli, Alessandro and Niola, Raffaella and Niola, Raffaella and Rossi, Giuseppe and Rossi, Giuseppe and Rossi, Umberto Geremia and Rossi, Umberto Geremia and Venturini, Massimo and Venturini, Massimo and De Cobelli, Francesco and De Cobelli, Francesco and Carotti, Marina and Carotti, Marina and Gravina, Giovanni Luca and Gravina, Giovanni Luca and Di Staso, Mario and Di Staso, Mario and Zoccali, Carmine and Zoccali, Carmine and Biagini, Roberto and Biagini, Roberto and Tonini, Giuseppe and Tonini, Giuseppe and Santini, Daniele and Santini, Daniele and Carrafiello, Gianpaolo and Carrafiello, Gianpaolo and Cariati, Maurizio and Cariati, Maurizio and Silvestri, Enzo and Silvestri, Enzo and Sconfienza, Luca Maria and Sconfienza, Luca Maria and Giovagnoni, Andrea and Giovagnoni, Andrea and Masciocchi, Carlo and Masciocchi, Carlo and Gangi, Afshin and Gangi, Afshin and Barile, Antonio and Barile, Antonio
La radiologia medica, ISSN 0033-8362, 1/2019, Volume 124, Issue 1, pp. 34 - 49
Journal Article
Construction and Building Materials, ISSN 0950-0618, 11/2016, Volume 127, p. 993
Journal Article
by Gerstein, Hertzel C and Colhoun, Helen M and Dagenais, Gilles and Dagenais, Gilles R and Diaz, Rafael and Diaz, Sarahy and Lakshmanan, Mark and Pais, Prem and Probstfield, Jeffrey and Riesmeyer, Jeffrey S and Riddle, Matthew C and Rydén, Lars and Xavier, Denis and Atisso, Charles Messan and Dyal, Leanne and Hall, Stephanie and Hall, Charles and Rao-Melacini, Purnima and Wong, Gloria and Avezum, Alvaro and Basile, Jan and Chung, Ming-Min and Chung, Namsik and Chung, Jin-Wook and Conget, Ignacio and Cushman, William C and Franek, Edward and Hancu, Nicolae and Hanefeld, Christoph and Hanefeld, Markolf and Holt, Shaun and Jansky, Petr and Keltai, Matyas and Keltai, Katalin and Lanas, Fernando and Leiter, Lawrence A and Lopez-Jaramillo, Patricio and Cardona Munoz, Ernesto German and Pirags, Valdis and Pogosova, Nana and Raubenheimer, Peter J and Shaw, Jonathan E and Sheu, Wayne H-H and Temelkova-Kurktschiev, Theodora and Abella, Mercedes and Alebuena, Andrea and Almagro, Sandra and Amoroso, Eduardo and Anadon, Paula and Andreu, Elizabeth and Aristimuño, Guillermo and Arzadun, Maria and Barbieri, Maria and Barcudi, Raul and Bartolacci, Ines and Bolobanich, Gabriel and Bordonava, Anselmo and Bustamante Labarta, Miguel and Bustos, Betina and Caccavo, Alberto and Camino, Alejandra and Cantero, Maria and Carignano, Maria and Cartasegna, Luis and Cipullo, Marcela and Commendatore, Víctor and Conosciuto, Victoria and Costamagna, Osvaldo and Crespo, Claudia and Cuello, Jose and Cuneo, Carlos and Cusimano, Sandra and Dean, Sofia and Dituro, Claudio and Dominguez, Andrea and Farah, Miguel and Fernandez, Alberto and Fernandez, Florencia and Ferrari, Adriana and Flammia, Patricia and Fuentealba, Jose and Gallardo, Karina Beatriz and Garcia, Mar and Garcia, Celso and Garcia, Maria and Garcia Duran, Ruben and Garrido, Marcelo and Gavicola, Rodolfo and Gerbaudo, Claudio and Gilli, Graciela and Giotto, Ana Paula and Godoy Bolzán, Pedro and Gomez Vilamajo, Oscar and Guerlloy, Fernando and Guridi, Cristian and Gutierrez Garrido, Narcisa and Hasbani, Eduardo and Hermida, Sonia and Hominal, Miguel and Hrabar, Adrian and ... and REWIND Investigators
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 07/2019, Volume 394, Issue 10193, pp. 121 - 130
Journal Article