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Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 05/2018, Volume 360, Issue 6390, pp. 788 - 791
In an era of massive biodiversity loss, the greatest conservation success story has been the growth of protected land globally. Protected areas are the primary... 
BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION | AREAS | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | Conservation of Natural Resources | Human Activities | Biodiversity | Humans | Protected areas | Influence on nature | Forecasts and trends | Human beings | Social aspects | Wildlife conservation | Landscape | Wildcats | Pressure | Biological diversity
Journal Article
SCIENCE, ISSN 0036-8075, 08/2018, Volume 361, Issue 6402, pp. 562 - 563
Journal Article
Biological Conservation, ISSN 0006-3207, 11/2019, Volume 239, p. 108176
The effect of armed conflict on deforestation in biodiverse regions across Earth remains poorly understood. Its association with factors like illegal crop... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Abazov, V.M and Abbott, B and Abolins, M and Acharya, B.S and Adams, D.L and Adams, M and Adams, T and Agelou, M and Agram, J.-L and Ahmed, S.N and Ahn, S.H and Ahsan, M and Alexeev, G.D and Alkhazov, G and Alton, A and Alverson, G and Alves, G.A and Anastasoaie, M and Andeen, T and Anderson, J.T and Anderson, S and Andrieu, B and Angstadt, R and Anosov, V and Arnoud, Y and Arov, M and Askew, A and Åsman, B and Assis Jesus, A.C.S and Atramentov, O and Autermann, C and Avila, C and Babukhadia, L and Bacon, T.C and Badaud, F and Baden, A and Baffioni, S and Bagby, L and Baldin, B and Balm, P.W and Banerjee, P and Banerjee, S and Barberis, E and Bardon, O and Barg, W and Bargassa, P and Baringer, P and Barnes, C and Barreto, J and Bartlett, J.F and Bassler, U and Bhattacharjee, M and Baturitsky, M.A and Bauer, D and Bean, A and Baumbaugh, B and Beauceron, S and Begalli, M and Beaudette, F and Begel, M and Bellavance, A and Beri, S.B and Bernardi, G and Bernhard, R and Bertram, I and Besançon, M and Besson, A and Beuselinck, R and Beutel, D and Bezzubov, V.A and Bhat, P.C and Bhatnagar, V and Binder, M and Biscarat, C and Bishoff, A and Black, K.M and Blackler, I and Blazey, G and Blekman, F and Blessing, S and Bloch, D and Blumenschein, U and Bockenthien, E and Bodyagin, V and Boehnlein, A and Boeriu, O and Bolton, T.A and Bonamy, P and Bonifas, D and Borcherding, F and Borissov, G and Bos, K and Bose, T and Boswell, C and Bowden, M and Brandt, A and Briskin, G and Brock, R and Brooijmans, G and Bross, A and ... and DO Collaboration
Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A, ISSN 0168-9002, 2006, Volume 565, Issue 2, pp. 463 - 537
The DØ experiment enjoyed a very successful data-collection run at the Fermilab Tevatron collider between 1992 and 1996. Since then, the detector has been... 
Journal Article
The Auk, ISSN 0004-8038, 1/2015, Volume 132, Issue 1, pp. 132 - 139
The Black Tinamou ( ) is a rare species with 2 recognized subspecies distributed locally. This is one of the most poorly known tinamous; few sound recordings... 
Latin American literature | SYSTEMATICS AND NOMENCLATURE | Animal communication | Databases | Ornithology | Signal bandwidth | Libraries | Climate models | Animal vocalization | Species | Bird songs | South America | Species limit | Tinamidae | Vocalizations | Tinamus osgoodi | vocalizations | ORNITHOLOGY | ANDES | species limit
Journal Article
The Auk, ISSN 0004-8038, 2015, Volume 132, Issue 3, pp. 533 - 539
ABSTRACT The Black Tinamou (Tinamus osgoodi) is a rare and endangered bird with two geographically disjunct subspecies. Very little pertinent information... 
Tinamidae | vocal activity | conservation | density | circadian pattern | National parks | Density estimation | Ornithology | Censuses | Alto | Birds | Ecology | Breeding seasons | SPACING PATTERNS AND HABITAT USE | Animal vocalization | Population density | Circadian pattern | Vocal activity | Density | Conservation | SEASONAL-VARIATION | ORNITHOLOGY
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Abazov, V.M and Abbott, B and Abolins, M and Acharya, B.S and Adams, M and Adams, T and Aguilo, E and Ahsan, M and Alexeev, G.D and Alkhazov, G and Alton, A and Alverson, G and Alves, G.A and Ancu, L.S and Anzelc, M.S and Aoki, M and Arnoud, Y and Arov, M and Arthaud, M and Askew, A and Åsman, B and Atramentov, O and Avila, C and BackusMayes, J and Badaud, F and Bagby, L and Baldin, B and Bandurin, D.V and Banerjee, S and Barberis, E and Barfuss, A.-F and Bargassa, P and Baringer, P and Barreto, J and Bartlett, J.F and Bassler, U and Bauer, D and Beale, S and Bean, A and Begalli, M and Begel, M and Belanger-Champagne, C and Bellantoni, L and Bellavance, A and Benitez, J.A and Beri, S.B and Bernardi, G and Bernhard, R and Bertram, I and Besançon, M and Beuselinck, R and Bezzubov, V.A and Bhat, P.C and Bhatnagar, V and Blazey, G and Blessing, S and Bloom, K and Boehnlein, A and Boline, D and Bolton, T.A and Boos, E.E and Borissov, G and Bose, T and Brandt, A and Brock, R and Brooijmans, G and Bross, A and Brown, D and Bu, X.B and Buchholz, D and Buehler, M and Buescher, V and Bunichev, V and Burdin, S and Burnett, T.H and Buszello, C.P and Calfayan, P and Calpas, B and Calvet, S and Cammin, J and Carrasco-Lizarraga, M.A and Carrera, E and Carvalho, W and Casey, B.C.K and Castilla-Valdez, H and Chakrabarti, S and Chakraborty, D and Chan, K.M and Chandra, A and Cheu, E and Cho, D.K and Cho, S.W and Choi, S and Choudhary, B and Christoudias, T and Cihangir, S and Claes, D and Clutter, J and Cooke, M and Cooper, W.E and ... and DØ Collaboration and DO Collaboration
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 12/2009, Volume 682, Issue 3, pp. 278 - 286
Journal Article
by Damone, L and Barbagallo, M and Mastromarco, M and Mengoni, A and Cosentino, L and Maugeri, E and Heinitz, S and Schumann, D and Dressler, R and Käppeler, F and Colonna, N and Finocchiaro, P and Andrzejewski, J and Perkowski, J and Gawlik, A and Aberle, O and Altstadt, S and Ayranov, M and Audouin, L and Bacak, M and Balibrea-Correa, J and Ballof, J and Bécares, V and Bečvář, F and Beinrucker, C and Bellia, G and Bernardes, A.P and Berthoumieux, E and Billowes, J and Borge, M.J.G and Bosnar, D and Brown, A and Brugger, M and Busso, M and Caamaño, M and Calviño, F and Calviani, M and Cano-Ott, D and Cardella, R and Casanovas, A and Castelluccio, D.M and Catherall, R and Cerutti, F and Chen, Y.H and Chiaveri, E and Correia, J.G.M and Cortés, G and Cortés-Giraldo, M.A and Cristallo, S and Diakaki, M and Dietz, M and Domingo-Pardo, C and Dorsival, A and Dupont, E and Duran, I and Fernandez-Dominguez, B and Ferrari, A and Ferreira, P and Furman, W and Ganesan, S and García-Rios, A and Gilardoni, S and Glodariu, T and Göbel, K and Gonçalves, I.F and González-Romero, E and Goodacre, T.D and Griesmayer, E and Guerrero, C and Gunsing, F and Harada, H and Heftrich, T and Heyse, J and Jenkins, D.G and Jericha, E and Johnston, K and Kadi, Y and Kalamara, A and Katabuchi, T and Kavrigin, P and Kimura, A and Kivel, N and Köster, U and Kokkoris, M and Krtička, M and Kurtulgil, D and Leal-Cidoncha, E and Lederer-Woods, C and Leeb, H and Lerendegui-Marco, J and Lo Meo, S and Lonsdale, S.J and Losito, R and Macina, D and Marganiec, J and Marsh, B and Martínez, T and Masi, A and Massimi, C and Mastinu, P and ... and N TOF Collaboration
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 07/2018, Volume 121, Issue 4
We report on the measurement of the Be-7(n,p)Li-7 cross section from thermal to approximately 325 keV neutron energy, performed in the high-flux experimental... 
Journal Article
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 2008, Volume 101, Issue 24
From an analysis of the flavor-tagged decay B-s(0)-> J/psi phi we obtain the width difference between the B-s(0) light and heavy mass eigenstates, Delta... 
Journal Article
Global Change Biology, ISSN 1354-1013, 01/2020, Volume 26, Issue 1, pp. 119 - 188
Journal Article