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by Anttila, Verneri and Bulik-Sullivan, Brendan and Finucane, Hilary K and Walters, Raymond K and Bras, Jose and Duncan, Laramie and Escott-Price, Valentina and Falcone, Guido J and Gormley, Padhraig and Malik, Rainer and Patsopoulos, Nikolaos A and Ripke, Stephan and Wei, Zhi and Yu, Dongmei and Lee, Phil H and Turley, Patrick and Grenier-Boley, Benjamin and Chouraki, Vincent and Kamatani, Yoichiro and Berr, Claudine and Letenneur, Luc and Hannequin, Didier and Amouyel, Philippe and Boland, Anne and Deleuze, Jean-François and Duron, Emmanuelle and Vardarajan, Badri N and Reitz, Christiane and Goate, Alison M and Huentelman, Matthew J and Ilyas Kamboh, M and Larson, Eric B and Rogaeva, Ekaterina and George-Hyslop, Peter St and Hakonarson, Hakon and Kukull, Walter A and Farrer, Lindsay A and Barnes, Lisa L and Beach, Thomas G and Yesim Demirci, F and Head, Elizabeth and Hulette, Christine M and Jicha, Gregory A and Kauwe, John S.K and Kaye, Jeffrey A and Leverenz, James B and Levey, Allan I and Lieberman, Andrew P and Pankratz, Vernon S and Poon, Wayne W and Quinn, Joseph F and Saykin, Andrew J and Schneider, Lon S and Smith, Amanda G and Sonnen, Joshua A and Stern, Robert A and Van Deerlin, Vivianna M and Van Eldik, Linda J and Harold, Denise and Russo, Giancarlo and Rubinsztein, David C and Bayer, Anthony and Tsolaki, Magda and Proitsi, Petra and Fox, Nick C and Hampel, Harald and Owen, Michael J and Mead, Simon and Passmore, Peter and Morgan, Kevin and Nöthen, Markus M and Rossor, Martin and Lupton, Michelle K and Hoffmann, Per and Kornhuber, Johannes and Lawlor, Brian and McQuillin, Andrew and Al-Chalabi, Ammar and Bis, Joshua C and Ruiz, Agustin and Boada, Mercè and Seshadri, Sudha and Beiser, Alexa and Rice, Kenneth and Van Der Lee, Sven J and De Jager, Philip L and Geschwind, Daniel H and Riemenschneider, Matthias and Riedel-Heller, Steffi and Rotter, Jerome I and Ransmayr, Gerhard and Hyman, Bradley T and Cruchaga, Carlos and Alegret, Montserrat and Winsvold, Bendik and Palta, Priit and Farh, Kai-How and Cuenca-Leon, Ester and Furlotte, Nicholas and Kurth, Tobias and ... and Brainstorm Consortium and The Brainstorm Consortium
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 06/2018, Volume 360, Issue 6395, pp. 1313 - 1313
Disorders of the brain can exhibit considerable epidemiological comorbidity and often share symptoms, provoking debate about their etiologic overlap. We... 
ANOREXIA-NERVOSA | POPULATION-BASED TWIN | DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER | LONG-TERM SURVIVAL | ALZHEIMERS-DISEASE | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | GENETIC CORRELATIONS | BODY-MASS INDEX | MAJOR DEPRESSIVE DISORDER | BIPOLAR DISORDER | GENOME-WIDE ASSOCIATION | Genetic Variation | Mental Disorders - genetics | Genome-Wide Association Study | Phenotype | Brain Diseases - classification | Quantitative Trait, Heritable | Brain Diseases - diagnosis | Humans | Mental Disorders - classification | Risk Factors | Brain Diseases - genetics | Mental Disorders - diagnosis | Anorexia | Disorders | Cognitive ability | Bipolar disorder | Posttraumatic stress disorder | Mental depression | Epidemiology | Risk factors | Consortia | Proteins | Ischemia | Etiology | Classification | Gilles de la Tourette syndrome | Alzheimer's disease | Neurological disorders | Neurodegenerative diseases | Comorbidity | Behavior disorders | Anorexia nervosa | Risk analysis | Patients | Neurological diseases | Correlation analysis | Heritability | Attention deficit disorder | Headache | Mental disorders | Medical services | Schizophrenia | Risk sharing | Genomes | Heterogeneity | Biological effects | Risk assessment | Stroke | Phenotypes | Migraine | Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder | Eating disorders | Personality | Genetic diversity | Statistics | Activity patterns | Crohn's Disease | Population (statistical) | Scaffolding | Diagnostic systems | Alzheimers disease | Life Sciences | Human health and pathology | Mental Disorders | Neurons and Cognition | Brain Diseases | Genetics
Journal Article
Free Radical Biology and Medicine, ISSN 0891-5849, 07/2017, Volume 108, pp. S97 - S97
Journal Article
by Akkoyun, S and Algora, A and Alikhani, B and Ameil, F and de Angelis, G and Arnold, L and Astier, A and Ataç, A and Aubert, Y and Aufranc, C and Austin, A and Aydin, S and Azaiez, F and Badoer, S and Balabanski, D.L and Barrientos, D and Baulieu, G and Baumann, R and Bazzacco, D and Beck, T and Beck, F.A and Bednarczyk, P and Bellato, M and Bentley, M.A and Benzoni, G and Berthier, R and Berti, L and Beunard, R and Lo Bianco, G and Birkenbach, B and Bizzeti, P.G and Bizzeti-Sona, A.M and Le Blanc, F and Blasco, J.M and Blasi, N and Bloor, D and Boiano, C and Borsato, M and Bortolato, D and Boston, A.J and Boston, H.C and Bourgault, P and Boutachkov, P and Bouty, A and Bracco, A and Brambilla, S and Brawn, I.P and Brondi, A and Broussard, S and Bruyneel, B and Bucurescu, D and Burrows, I and Bürger, A and Cabaret, S and Cahan, B and Calore, E and Camera, F and Capsoni, A and Carrió, F and Casati, G and Castoldi, M and Cederwall, B and Cercus, J.-L and Chambert, V and El Chambit, M and Chapman, R and Charles, L and Chavas, J and Clément, E and Cocconi, P and Coelli, S and Coleman-Smith, P.J and Colombo, A and Colosimo, S and Commeaux, C and Conventi, D and Cooper, R.J and Corsi, A and Cortesi, A and Costa, L and Crespi, F.C.L and Cresswell, J.R and Cullen, D.M and Curien, D and Czermak, A and Delbourg, D and Depalo, R and Descombes, T and Désesquelles, P and Detistov, P and Diarra, C and Didierjean, F and Dimmock, M.R and Doan, Q.T and Domingo-Pardo, C and Doncel, M and Dorangeville, F and Dosme, N and Drouen, Y and Duchêne, G and ... and AGATA Adv GAmma Tracking Array and Skolan för teknikvetenskap (SCI) and KTH and Fysik and Kärnfysik
Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A, ISSN 0168-9002, 03/2012, Volume 668, pp. 26 - 58
Journal Article
by Stewart, S. E and Yu, D and Scharf, J. M and Neale, B. M and Fagerness, J. A and Mathews, C. A and Arnold, P. D and Evans, P. D and Gamazon, E. R and Osiecki, L and McGrath, L and Haddad, S and Crane, J and Hezel, D and Illman, C and Mayerfeld, C and Konkashbaev, A and Liu, C and Pluzhnikov, A and Tikhomirov, A and Edlund, C. K and Rauch, S. L and Moessner, R and Falkai, P and Maier, W and Ruhrmann, S and Grabe, H.-J and Lennertz, L and Wagner, M and Bellodi, L and Cavallini, M. C and Richter, M. A and Cook, E. H and Kennedy, J. L and Rosenberg, D and Stein, D. J and Hemmings, S. M. J and Lochner, C and Azzam, A and Chavira, D. A and Fournier, E and Garrido, H and Sheppard, B and Umaña, P and Murphy, D. L and Wendland, J. R and Veenstra-Vanderweele, J and Denys, D and Blom, R and Deforce, D and van Nieuwerburgh, F and Westenberg, H. G. M and Walitza, S and Egberts, K and Renner, T and Miguel, E. C and Cappi, C and Hounie, A. G and Conceição do Rosário, M and Sampaio, A. S and Vallada, H and Nicolini, H and Lanzagorta, N and Camarena, B and Delorme, R and Leboyer, M and Pato, C. N and Pato, M. T and Voyiaziakis, E and Heutink, P and Cath, D. C and Posthuma, D and Smit, J. H and Samuels, J and Bienvenu, O. J and Cullen, B and Fyer, A. J and Grados, M. A and Greenberg, B. D and McCracken, J. T and Riddle, M. A and Wang, Y and Coric, V and Leckman, J. F and Bloch, M and Pittenger, C and Eapen, V and Black, D. W and Ophoff, R. A and Strengman, E and Cusi, D and Turiel, M and Frau, F and Macciardi, F and Gibbs, J. R and Cookson, M. R and Singleton, A and Arepalli, S and Dillman, A and Ferrucci, L and ... and North Amer Brain Expression Consor and UK Brain Expression Database and North American Brain Expression Consortium
Molecular psychiatry, ISSN 1359-4184, 2013, Volume 18, Issue 7, pp. 788 - 798
Journal Article
by Fox, BA and Schendel, D.J and Butterfield, L.H and Aamdal, S and Allison, J.P and Ascierto, P.A and Atkins, M.B and Bartunkova, J and Bergmann, L and Berinstein, N and Bonorino, C.C and Borden, E and Bramson, J.L and Britten, C.M and Cao, X and Carson, W.E and Chang, A.E and Characiejus, D and Choudhury, A.R and Coukos, G and Gruijl, de, T.D and Dillman, R.O and Dolstra, H and noff, G and Durrant, L.G and Finke, J.H and Galon, J and Gollob, J.A and Gouttefangeas, C and Grizzi, F and Guida, M and Hakansson, L and Hege, K and Herberman, R.B and Hodi, F.S and Hoos, A and Huber, C and Hwu, P and Imai, K and Jaffee, E.M and Janetzki, S and June, C.H and Kalinski, P and Kaufmann, H.L and Kawakami, K and Kawakami, Y and Keilholtz, U and Khleif, S.N and Kiessling, R and Kotlan, B and Kroemer, G and Lapointe, R and Levitsky, H.I and Lotze, M.T and Maio, M. Di and Marschner, J.P and Mastrangelo, M.J and Masucci, G and Melero, I and Nelief, C and Murphy, W.J and Nelson, B and Nicolini, A and Nishimura, M.I and Odunsi, K and Ohashi, P.S and O'Donnell-Tormey, J and Old, L.J and Ottensmeier, C and Papamichail, M and Parmiani, G and Pawelec, G and Proietti, E and Qin, S and Rees, R and Ribas, A and Ridolfi, R and Ritter, G and Rivoltini, L and Romero, P.J and Salem, M.L and Scheper, R.J and Seliger, B and Sharma, P and Shiku, H and Singh-Jasuja, H and Song, W and Straten, P.T and Tahara, H and Tian, Z and Burg, van der, S.H and Hoegen, von, P and Wang, E and Welters, M.J and Winter, H and Withington, T and Wolchok, J.D and Xiao, W and Zitvogel, L and Zwierzina, H and ...
Journal of Translational Medicine, ISSN 1479-5876, 2011, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 214 - 214
Journal Article
Translational Psychiatry, ISSN 2158-3188, 2017, Volume 7, Issue 1, pp. e993 - e993
Journal Article
European Neuropsychopharmacology, ISSN 0924-977X, 2014, Volume 24, pp. S403 - S404
Journal Article
Digestive and Liver Disease, ISSN 1590-8658, 2012, Volume 44, pp. S212 - S213
Journal Article