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Molecular Psychiatry, ISSN 1359-4184, 12/2013, Volume 18, Issue 12, pp. 1249 - 1264
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Lachniet, J and Afanasev, A and Arenhovel, H and Brooks, WK and Gilfoyle, GP and Higinbotham, D and Jeschonnek, S and Quinn, B and Vineyard, MF and Adams, G and Adhikari, KP and Amaryan, MJ and Anghinolfi, M and Asavapibhop, B and Asryan, G and Avakian, H and Bagdasaryan, H and Baillie, N and Ball, JP and Baltzell, NA and Barrow, S and Batourine, V and Battaglieri, M and Beard, K and Bedlinskiy, I and Bektasoglu, M and Bellis, M and Benmouna, N and Berman, BL and Biselli, AS and Bonner, BE and Bookwalter, C and Bouchigny, S and Boiarinov, S and Bradford, R and Branford, D and Briscoe, WJ and Bultmann, S and Burkert, VD and Calarco, JR and Careccia, SL and Carman, DS and Casey, L and Cheng, L and Cole, PL and Coleman, A and Collins, P and Cords, D and Corvisiero, P and Crabb, D and Crede, V and Cummings, JP and Dale, D and Daniel, A and Dashyan, N and De Masi, R and De Vita, R and De Sanctis, E and Degtyarenko, PV and Denizli, H and Dennis, L and Deur, A and Dhamija, S and Dharmawardane, KV and Dhuga, KS and Dickson, R and Djalali, C and Dodge, GE and Doughty, D and Dragovitsch, P and Dugger, M and Dytman, S and Dzyubak, OP and Egiyan, H and Egiyan, KS and El Fassi, L and Elouadrhiri, L and Empl, A and Eugenio, P and Fatemi, R and Fedotov, G and Fersch, R and Feuerbach, RJ and Forest, TA and Fradi, A and Gabrielyan, MY and Garcon, M and Gavalian, G and Gevorgyan, N and Giovanetti, KL and Girod, FX and Goetz, JT and Gohn, W and Golovatch, E and Gothe, RW and Graham, L and Griffioen, KA and Guidal, M and Guillo, M and Guler, N and ...
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, ISSN 0031-9007, 05/2009, Volume 102, Issue 19
The neutron elastic magnetic form factor was extracted from quasielastic electron scattering on deuterium over the range Q(2)=1.0-4.8 GeV2 with the CLAS... 
Journal Article
by Scholten, Olaf and van den Berg, Aiaan and Las Cumbres Observatory Grp and ATCA Australia Telescope and LIGO Sci Collaboration & Virgo and KU Collaboration and GROUND and RIMAS RATIR and AGILE Team and ASKAP Australian SKA Pathfinder and IPN Collaboration and LOFAR Collaboration and Salt Grp and VINROUGE Collaboration and Nordic Optical Telescope and MAXI Team and Fermi GBM and Fermi Large Area Telescope and J-GEM and IceCube Collaboration and BOOTES Collaboration and Pi Sky Collaboration and Pan-STARRS and LWA Long Wavelength Array and SKA South Africa MeerKAT and CALET Collaboration and AstroSat Cadmium Zinc Telluride and HAWC Collaboration and GROWTH JAGWAR CALTECH and ATLAS and ePESSTO and DFN Desert Fireball Network and Insight-Hxmt Collaboration and Texas Tech Univ and MASTER Collaboration and TZAC Consortium and Dark Energy Camera GW-EM and GRAWITA GRAvitational Wave and INTERGRAL and Toros Transient Robotic Observat and Chandra Team McGill Univ and H E S S Collaboration and Swift Collaboration and Pierre Auger Collaboration and OzGrav DWF Deeper Wider Faster and IKI-GW Follow-up Collaboration and Euro VLBI Team and High Time Resolution Universe and ANTARES Collaboration and DLT40 Collaboration and ALMA Collaboration and The 1M2H Team and MWA Murchison Widefield Array and The Insight-HXMT Collaboration and The MAXI Team and The Swift Collaboration and The Fermi Large Area Telescope Collaboration and GROND and TOROS: Transient Robotic Observatory of the South Collaboration and Texas Tech University and OzGrav, DWF (Deeper, Wider, Faster program), AST3, and CAASTRO Collaborations and MWA: Murchison Widefield Array and GROWTH, JAGWAR, Caltech-NRAO, TTU-NRAO, and NuSTAR Collaborations and INTEGRAL and RIMAS and RATIR and Pi of the Sky Collaboration and The Chandra Team at McGill University and LWA: Long Wavelength Array and The DLT40 Collaboration and DFN: Desert Fireball Network and LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration and ASKAP: Australian SKA Pathfinder and AstroSat Cadmium Zinc Telluride Imager Team and The BOOTES Collaboration and The Pierre Auger Collaboration and ATCA: Australia Telescope Compact Array and SALT Group and H.E.S.S. Collaboration and The Dark Energy Camera GW-EM Collaboration and the DES Collaboration and High Time Resolution Universe Survey and Las Cumbres Observatory Group and GRAWITA: GRAvitational Wave Inaf TeAm and The VINROUGE Collaboration and The CALET Collaboration and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States) and Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States) and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory-National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States) and Fysikum and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten and Institutionen för astronomi and Stockholms universitet and Oskar Klein-centrum för kosmopartikelfysik (OKC)
Astrophysical Journal Letters, ISSN 2041-8205, 10/2017, Volume 848, Issue 2, p. L12
Journal Article
Physical Review. D, Particles, Fields, Gravitation, and Cosmology, ISSN 1550-7998, 2015, Volume 91, Issue 9
Neutrinos in the cosmic ray flux with energies near 1 EeV and above are detectable with the Surface Detector array (SD) of the Pierre Auger Observatory. We... 
Journal Article
by Meddi, F and Menchaca-Rocha, A and Meninno, E and Mercado Pérez, J and Meres, M and Miake, Y and Mikhaylov, K and Milano, L and Milosevic, J and Mischke, A.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/325781435 and Mishra, A. N and Mis̈kowiec, D and Mitu, C. M and Mlynarz, J and Mohanty, B and Molnar, L and Montano Zetina, L and Montes, E and Morando, M and Moreira De Godoy, D. A and Moretto, S and Morreale, A and Morsch, A and Muccifora, V and Mudnic, E and Muhuri, S and Mukherjee, M and Müller, H and Munhoz, M. G and Murray, S and Musa, L and Musinsky, J and Nandi, B. K and Nania, R and Nappi, E and Nattrass, C and Nayak, T. K and Nazarenko, S and Nedosekin, A and Nicassio, M and Niculescu, M and Nielsen, B. S and Nikolaev, S and Nikulin, S and Nikulin, V and Nilsen, B. S and Noferini, F and Nomokonov, P and Nooren, G.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/07051349X and Nyanin, A and Nystrand, J and Oeschler, H and Oh, S and Oh, S. K and Okatan, A and Olah, L and Oleniacz, J and Oliveira Da Silva, A. C.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/323375618 and Onderwaater, J and Oppedisano, C and Ortiz Velasquez, A and Oskarsson, A and Twinowski, J and Oyama, K and Sahoo, P and Pachmayer, Y and Pachr, M and Pagano, P and Paić, G and Painke, F and Pajares, C and Pal, S. K and Palmeri, A and Pant, D and Papikyan, V and Pappalardo, G. S and Pareek, P and Park, W. J and Parmar, S and Passfeld, A and Patalakha, D. I and Paticchio, V and Paul, B and Pawlak, T and Peitzmann, T.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/304833959 and Pereira Da Costa, H and Pereira De Oliveira Filho, E and Peresunko, D and Pérez Lara, C. E and Pesci, A and Pestov, Y and Petráček, V and Petran, M and Petris, M and Petrovici, M and Petta, C and Piano, S and Pikna, M and Pillot, P and Pinazza, O and ... and ALICE Collaboration and The ALICE Collaboration and Lund University and Partikelfysik and Lunds universitet and Particle Physics
International Journal of Modern Physics A, ISSN 0217-751X, 01/2014, Volume 29, Issue 24, p. 1430044
Journal Article
by Fiorentini, G.A and Schmitz, D.W and Rodrigues, P.A and Aliaga, L and Altinok, O and Baldin, B and Baumbaugh, A and Bodek, A and Boehnlein, D and Boyd, S and Bradford, R and Brooks, W.K and Budd, H and Butkevich, A and Martinez Caicedo, D.A and Castromonte, C.M and Christy, M.E and Chung, H and Chvojka, J and Clark, M and Da Motta, H and Damiani, D.S and Danko, I and Datta, M and Day, M and Demaat, R and Devan, J and Draeger, E and Dytman, S.A and Díaz, G.A and Eberly, B and Edmondson, D.A and Felix, J and Fields, L and Fitzpatrick, T and Gago, A.M and Gallagher, H and George, C.A and Gielata, J.A and Gingu, C and Gobbi, B and Gran, R and Grossman, N and Hanson, J and Harris, D.A and Heaton, J and Higuera, A and Howley, I.J and Hurtado, K and Jerkins, M and Kafka, T and Kaisen, J and Kanter, M.O and Keppel, C.E and Kilmer, J and Kordosky, M and Krajeski, A.H and Kulagin, S.A and Le, T and Lee, H and Leister, A.G and Locke, G and Maggi, G and Maher, E and Manly, S and Mann, W.A and Marshall, C.M and McFarland, K.S and McGivern, C.L and McGowan, A.M and Mislivec, A and Morfín, J.G and Mousseau, J and Naples, D and Nelson, J.K and Niculescu, G and Niculescu, I and Ochoa, N and O'Connor, C.D and Olsen, J and Osmanov, B and Osta, J and Palomino, J.L and Paolone, V and Park, J and Patrick, C.E and Perdue, G.N and Peña, C and Rakotondravohitra, L and Ransome, R.D and Ray, H and Ren, L and Rude, C and Sassin, K.E and Schellman, H and Schneider, R.M and Schulte, E.C and Simon, C and Snider, F.D and Snyder, M.C and ... and MINERvA Collaboration
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 07/2013, Volume 111, Issue 2, p. 022502
We report a study of ν(μ) charged-current quasielastic events in the segmented scintillator inner tracker of the MINERvA experiment running in the NuMI... 
Journal Article