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evolution (3) 3
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gene duplication (3) 3
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microbiology (3) 3
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species specificity (3) 3
analysis (2) 2
antibiotics (2) 2
article (2) 2
biotechnology & applied microbiology (2) 2
chemistry (2) 2
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genes (2) 2
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peptide synthetases (2) 2
peptides (2) 2
plasmid (2) 2
polyenes - metabolism (2) 2
polypeptide (2) 2
protein structure, tertiary (2) 2
rna - genetics (2) 2
sequence alignment (2) 2
sorangium-cellulosum so-ce90 (2) 2
stigmatella aurantiaca - enzymology (2) 2
stigmatella aurantiaca - genetics (2) 2
stigmatella aurantiaca - metabolism (2) 2
6s rna (1) 1
adenylation domains (1) 1
adhesion loci (1) 1
adolescent (1) 1
alleles (1) 1
allelic exclusion (1) 1
alpha-subunit (1) 1
anti-bacterial agents - biosynthesis (1) 1
antigens, neoplasm - genetics (1) 1
arms control (1) 1
artificial chromosome libraries (1) 1
aurantiaca sg a15 (1) 1
bacillus-subtilis (1) 1
bacteria (1) 1
bank (1) 1
basic biological sciences (1) 1
beer (1) 1
bes (1) 1
biochemistry (1) 1
biological transport (1) 1
biosynthesis (1) 1
biosynthetic gene cluster (1) 1
bis-thiazol (1) 1
blastn (1) 1
body height - genetics (1) 1
candidate region (1) 1
candidate structured rnas (1) 1
cell adhesion (1) 1
centromere - genetics (1) 1
child (1) 1
chromatography, high pressure liquid (1) 1
chromosomal band xq28 (1) 1
chromosome (1) 1
chromosomes (1) 1
chromosomes, artificial, bacterial - genetics (1) 1
chromosomes, human, x - genetics (1) 1
chromosomes, human, y - genetics (1) 1
class switch recombination (1) 1
cloning (1) 1
co2 fixation (1) 1
coding regions (1) 1
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Genome Announcements, ISSN 2169-8287, 2017, Volume 5, Issue 34
subsp. causes Johne's disease in ruminants and was also detected in nonruminant species, including human beings, and in milk products. We announce here the... 
Journal Article
by Ross, Mark T and Grafham, Darren V and Coffey, Alison J and Scherer, Steven and McLay, Kirsten and Muzny, Donna and Platzer, Matthias and Howell, Gareth R and Burrows, Christine and Bird, Christine P and Prankish, Adam and Lovell, Frances L and Howe, Kevin L and Ashurst, Jennifer L and Fulton, Robert S and Sudbrak, Ralf and Wen, Gaiping and Jones, Matthew C and Hurles, Matthew E and Andrews, T. Daniel and Scott, Carol E and Searle, Stephen and Ramser, Juliane and Whittaker, Adam and Deadman, Rebecca and Carter, Nigel P and Hunt, Sarah E and Chen, Rui and Cree, Andrew and Gunaratne, Preethi and Havlak, Paul and Hodgson, Anne and Metzker, Michael L and Richards, Stephen and Scott, Graham and Steffen, David and Sodergren, Erica and Wheeler, David A and Worley, Kim C and Alnscough, Rachael and Ambrose, Kerrie D and Ansari-Lari, M. Ali and Aradhya, Swaroop and Ashwell, Robert I. S and Babbage, Anne K and Bagguley, Claire L and Ballabio, Andrea and Banerjee, Ruby and Barker, Gary E and Barlow, Karen F and Barrett, Ian P and Bates, Karen N and Beare, David M and Beasley, Helen and Beasley, Oliver and Beck, Alfred and Bethel, Graeme and Blechschmidt, Karin and Brady, Nicola and Bray-Allen, Sarah and Bridgeman, Anne M and Brown, Andrew J and Brown, Mary J and Bonnin, David and Bruford, Elspeth A and Buhay, Christian and Burch, Paula and Burford, Deborah and Burgess, Joanne and Burrill, Wayne and Burton, John and Bye, Jackie M and Carder, Carol and Carrel, Laura and Chako, Joseph and Chapman, Joanne C and Chavez, Dean and Chen, Ellson and Chen, Guan and Chen, Yuan and Chen, Zhijian and Chinault, Craig and Ciccodicola, Alfredo and Clark, Sue Y and Clarke, Graham and Clee, Chris M and Clegg, Sheila and Clerc-Blankenburg, Kerstin and Clifford, Karen and Cobley, Vicky and Cole, Charlotte G and Conquer, Jen S and Corby, Nicole and Connor, Richard E and David, Robert and Davies, Joy and Davis, Clay and Davis, John and Delgado, Oliver and DeShazo, Denise and ...
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 03/2005, Volume 434, Issue 7031, pp. 325 - 337
Journal Article
by Lander, Eric S and Linton, Lauren M and Birren, Bruce and Nusbaum, Chad and Zody, Michael C and Baldwin, Jennifer and Devon, Keri and Dewar, Ken and Doyle, Michael and Fitzhugh, William and Funke, Roel and Gage, Diane and Harris, Katrina and Heaford, Andrew and Howland, John and Kann, Lisa and Lehoczky, Jessica and Levine, Rosie and McEwan, Paul and McKernan, Kevin and Meldrim, James and Mesirov, Jill P and Miranda, Cher and Morris, William and Naylor, Jerome and Raymond, Christina and Rosetti, Mark and Santos, Ralph and Sheridan, Andrew and Sougnez, Carrie and Stange-Thomann, Nicole and Stojanovic, Nikola and Subramanian, Aravind and Wyman, Dudley and Rogers, Jane and Sulston, John and Ainscough, Rachael and Beck, Stephan and Bentley, David and Burton, John and Clee, Christopher and Carter, Nigel and Coulson, Alan and Deadman, Rebecca and Deloukas, Panos and Dunham, Andrew and Dunham, Ian and Durbin, Richard and French, Lisa and Grafham, Darren and Gregory, Simon and Hubbard, Tim and Humphray, Sean and Hunt, Adrienne and Jones, Matthew and Lloyd, Christine and McMurray, Amanda and Matthews, Lucy and Mercer, Simon and Milne, Sarah and Mullikin, James C and Mungall, Andrew and Plumb, Robert and Ross, Mark and Shownkeen, Ratna and Sims, Sarah and Waterston, Robert H and Wilson, Richard K and Hillier, Ladeana W and McPherson, John D and Marra, Marco A and Mardis, Elaine R and Fulton, Lucinda A and Chinwalla, Asif T and Pepin, Kymberlie H and Gish, Warren R and Chissoe, Stephanie L and Wendl, Michael C and Delehaunty, Kim D and Miner, Tracie L and Delehaunty, Andrew and Kramer, Jason B and Cook, Lisa L and Fulton, Robert S and Johnson, Douglas L and Minx, Patrick J and Clifton, Sandra W and Hawkins, Trevor and Branscomb, Elbert and Predki, Paul and Richardson, Paul and Wenning, Sarah and Slezak, Tom and Doggett, Norman and Cheng, Jan-Fang and Olsen, Anne and Lucas, Susan and Elkin, Christopher and Uberbacher, Edward and Frazier, Marvin and ... and Int Human Genome Sequencing Conso and International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 02/2001, Volume 409, Issue 6822, pp. 860 - 921
Journal Article