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chemical aspects of bandages, dressings, absorbent pads, orsurgical articles (12) 12
compositions thereof (12) 12
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filters implantable into blood vessels (12) 12
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by Bougouin, Wulfran and Marijon, Eloi and Planquette, Benjamin and Karam, Nicole and Dumas, Florence and Celermajer, David and Jost, Daniel and Lamhaut, Lionel and Beganton, Frankie and Cariou, Alain and Meyer, Guy and Jouven, Xavier and Bureau, Côme and Charpentier, Julien and Salem, Omar Ben Hadj and Guillemet, Lucie and Arnaout, Michel and Ferre, Alexis and Geri, Guillaume and Mongardon, Nicolas and Pène, Frédéric and Chiche, Jean-Daniel and Mira, Jean-Paul and Labro, Guylaine and Belon, François and Luu, Vinh-Phuc and Chenet, Julien and Besch, Guillaume and Puyraveau, Marc and Piton, Gaël and Capellier, Gilles and Martin, Maëlle and Lascarrou, Jean-Baptiste and Le Thuaut, Aurélie and Lacherade, Jean-Claude and Martin-Lefèvre, Laurent and Fiancette, Maud and Vinatier, Isabelle and Lebert, Christine and Bachoumas, Konstantinos and Yehia, Aihem and Henry-Laguarrigue, Matthieu and Colin, Gwenhaël and Reignier, Jean and Privat, Elodie and Escutnaire, Joséphine and Dumont, Cyrielle and Baert, Valentine and Vilhelm, Christian and Hubert, Hervé and Robert-Edan, Vincent and Lakhal, Karim and Quartin, Andrew and Hobbs, Brian and Cely, Cynthia and Bell, Cynthia and Pham, Tai and Schein, Roland and Geng, Yimin and Ng, Chaan and Ehrmann, Stephan and Gandonnière, Charlotte Salmon and Boisramé-Helms, Julie and Le Tilly, Olivier and De Bretagne, Isabelle Benz and Mercier, Emmanuelle and Mankikian, Julie and Bretagnol, Anne and Meziani, Ferhat and Halimi, Jean Michel and Le Guellec, Chantal Barin and Gaudry, Stéphane and Hajage, David and Tubach, Florence and Pons, Bertrand and Boulet, Eric and Boyer, Alexandre and Chevrel, Guillaume and Lerolle, Nicolas and Carpentier, Dorothée and de Prost, Nicolas and Lautrette, Alexandre and Mayaux, Julien and Nseir, Saad and Ricard, Jean-Damien and Dreyfuss, Didier and Robert, René and Garzotto, Franscesco and Kipnis, Eric and Tetta, Ciro and Ronco, Claudio and Schnell, David and Aurelie, Bourmaud and Reynaud, Marie and Clec’h, Christophe and Benyamina, Mourad and Vincent, François and Mariat, Christophe and Bornstain, Caroline and Rouleau, Stephane and ... and ENCEPHALITICA Study Group and GFRUP RMEF and for the EurêClark Study Group and REVA ECMOnet and REA-RAISIN Study Group and Sudden Death Expertise Center and for the HYPER2S Investigators and REVA Research Network and for the Purpura Fulminans Study Group and DO-RE-MI-FA Group and AKIKI Study Group and Groupe Communication et Simulation en Pédiatrie
Annals of Intensive Care, ISSN 2110-5820, 1/2017, Volume 7, Issue S1, pp. 1 - 104
Journal Article
by Hannedouche, Thierry and Roth, Hubert and Krummel, Thierry and London, Gérard M and Jean, Guillaume and Bouchet, Jean-Louis and Drüeke, Tilman B and Fouque, Denis and Attroun, Lahcene and Azar, Raymond and Bories, Pierre and Caillette-Beaudouin, Agnès and Canaud, Bernard and Choukroun, Gabriel and Esnault, Vincent and Hammadi, Mohamed and Hannedouche, Thierry and Henri, Patrick and Honoré, Philippe and Issad, Belkacem and Joly, Dominique and Laruelle, Eric and Le Mao, Gildas and Marchais, Sylvain and Vendrely, Benoît and Zaoui, Philippe and Aazib, Larbi and Abbassi, Abdelhamid and Abdullah, Elias and Abou-Bekr, Habib and Achard-Hottelart, Carine and Achin, Geneviève and Ahriz-Saksi, Salima and Albadawy, Mahen and Albert, Catherine and Albitar, Samir and Alenabi, Farideh and Allouache, Mahmoud and Amaouche, Amar and Amara, Brahim and Ammor, Mounia and Ang, Kim Seng and Assogba, Ubald and Azzouz, Lynda and Badid, Chérif and Baleynaud, Juliette and Bargas, Evelyne and Baron, Emmanuel and Basse, François and Batho, Jean-Marie and Bauwens, Marc and Bazin, Dorothée and Aicha, Abdelmajid Ben and Benarbia, Seddik and Bencheikh, Larbi and Bendini, Jean-Christophe and Benyakoub, Djeleddine and Bergua, Dominique and Bessin, Catherine and Billaux, Luc and Billion, Stéphane and Bittar, Haïat and Bocquet, Jean-Paul and Bonarek, Hervé and Bonniol, Claude and Borde, Jean-Sébastien and Boubenider, Samir and Boudet, Rémi and Boudi, Waël and Boudier, Loreley and Bouguern, Djema and Boukelmoune, M and Boukhalfa, Fatha Zohra and Boulanger, Henri and Bouvier, Philippe and Bouzernidj, Mouloud and Bounab, Mohamed Brahim and Brasseur, José and Braun, Laura and Briet, Marie and Bui-Quang, Doan and Canet, Sebastien and Canivet, Eric and Cardozo, Jorge and Cardozo, Carlos and Chaghouri, Baher and Chawki, Mokhtar and Chazot, Charles and Choulet, Philippe and Clavel, Pierre and Coindre, Jean-Philippe and Coldefy, Olivier and Colomina, M.A and Combarnous, François and Dabot, Christian and Dahmane, Djamal and Dahmani, Ahmed and Daubresse, Daniel and De Fremont, Jean-François and De Precigout, Valérie and ... and French Observatory and French Observ
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Journal Article
Journal Article