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2009, 2. Aufl., ISBN 184800351X, 966
This 2nd updated edition is an entry-level text covering all aspects of deployment, not just medical or health-related, for use by health professionals in a... 
Disaster medicine | Other branches of medicine | Handbooks, manuals, etc | Safety measures | Intensive / Critical Care Medicine | Emergency Medicine | Surgical Orthopedics | Nursing | Medicine & Public Health | Traumatic Surgery
by Sudlow, CLM and Murray, GD and Stephen, J and Werring, DJ and White, PM and Baigent, Colin and Sullivan, Frank and Carrie, Johanna and Rojas, Javier and Amoils, Shannon and Bamford, John and Lowe, Gordon and Dinsmore, Lynn and McGill, Connor and Buchanan, David and Hutchison, Aidan and Matthews, Christopher and Fraser, Ruth and Hansen, Christian and Parker, Richard and Macleod, MR and Palmer, Jeb and Sakka, Eleni and Adil-Smith, Jennifer and Bhatnagar, Priya and du Plessis, Johannes and Joshi, Yogish and O'Brien, Richard and Hunter, Neil and Parakramawansha, Ruwan and Blair, Gordon and MacRaild, Allan and Parry-Jones, Adrian and Johnes, Mary and Lee, Stephanie and Shaw, Kelly Marie and Perez, Jane and Marsden, Tracy and Hall, Andrea and Marshall, Sally and Jarapa, Rowilson and Wood, Edith and O'Loughlin, Victoria and Cohen, David and Davies, Silvie and Njoku, Kelechi and Niranchanan, Rangah and David, Anette and Oshodi, Anne and Owoyele, Emmanuelle and Ballantine, Robert and Chandrakumar, Aberami and Poku, Philip and Blank, Catrin and Ali, Ali and Kibutu, Faith and Balitska, Olesia and Stocks, Kathy and Howe, Jo and Kamara, Christine and Maatouk, Ahmad and Lindert, Ralf and Dakin, Katy and Salih, Isam and Kelly, Debs and Szabo, Susan and Bearne, Helen and Buxton, Jean and Fitzell, Pauline and Saulat, Afaq and Coward, Lucy and Kunhunny, Swapna and Tysoe, Sharon and Orath Prabakaran, Rajalakshmi and Kelavkar, Shyam and Rashmi, Sindhu and Ngo, David and Menon, Nisha and Esson, Derek and Brodie, Fiona and Anjum, Talat and Quinn, Leanne and Jones, Terry and Thompson-Jones, Helen and Chenna, Srikanth and Thomas, Sarah and Tucker, Susan and Slade, Peter and Gainard, Glyn and Muddegowda, Girish and Sanyal, Ranjan and Carpio, Racquel and Butler, Adrian and Alipio, Francis and Barry, Adrian and Maguire, Holly and Ferdinand, Phillip and Cvoro, Vera and Couser, Mandy and Pound, Susan and ... and RESTART Collaboration
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 06/2019, Volume 393, Issue 10191, pp. 2613 - 2623
Journal Article
BMJ : British Medical Journal, ISSN 0959-8138, 3/2014, Volume 348, Issue mar12 1, pp. g2016 - g2016
...Biography David Nott is a London surgeon inexorably drawn to the sound of gunfire. For two decades he has taken unpaid leave almost every year to provide help... 
BMJ CONFIDENTIAL | United Kingdom | History, 21st Century | Traumatology - history | Military Medicine - history | History, 20th Century
Journal Article
by Wasan, Harpreet S and Gibbs, Peter and Sharma, Navesh K and Taieb, Julien and Heinemann, Volker and Ricke, Jens and Peeters, Marc and Findlay, Michael and Weaver, Andrew and Mills, Jamie and Wilson, Charles and Adams, Richard and Francis, Anne and Moschandreas, Joanna and Virdee, Pradeep S and Dutton, Peter and Love, Sharon and Gebski, Val and Gray, Alastair and Adams, Richard and Bateman, Andrew and Blesing, Claire and Brown, Ewan and Chau, Ian and Cummins, Sebastian and Cunningham, David and Falk, Stephen and Hadaki, Maher and Hall, Marcia and Hickish, Tamas and Hornbuckle, Joanne and Lofts, Fiona and Lowndes, Sarah and Mayer, Astrid and Metcalfe, Matthew and Middleton, Gary and Mills, Jamie and Montazeri, Amir and Muirhead, Rebecca and Polychronis, Andreas and Purcell, Colin and Ross, Paul and Sharma, Ricky A and Sherwin, Liz and Smith, David and Soomal, Rubin and Swinson, Daniel and Walther, Axel and Wasan, Harpreet and Weaver, Andrew and Wilson, Charles and Wilson, Greg and Amin, Pradip and Angelelli, Bruna and Balosso, Jacques and Beny, Alex and Bloomgarden, Daniel and Boucher, Evelyn and Brown, Michael and Bruch, Harald-Robert and Bui, James and Burge, Matthew and Cardaci, Giuseppe and Carlisle, James and Chai, Seungjean and Chen, Yi-Jen and Chevallier, Patrick and Chuong, Michael and Clarke, Stephen and Coveler, Andrew and Craninx, Michael and Delanoit, Thierry and Deleporte, Amélie and Eliadis, Paul and Facchini, Francis and Ferguson, Thomas and Ferrante, Michel and Findlay, Michael and Frenette, Gary and Frick, Jacob and Ganju, Vinod and Garofalo, Michael and Geboes, Karen and Gehbauer, Gerald and George, Benjamin and Geva, Ravit and Gibbs, Peter and Gordon, Michael and Gregory, Kate and Gulec, Seza and Hannigan, James and van Hazel, Guy and Heching, Norman and Heinemann, Volker and Helmberger, Thomas and Hendlisz, Alain and Hendrickx, Koen and Holtzman, Matthew and Isaacs, Richard and Jackson, Christopher and ... and SIRFLOX trial investigators and FOXFIRE trial investigators and FOXFIRE-Global trial investigators and FOXFIRE Trial Investigators and FOXFIRE-Global Trial Investigators and SIRFLOX Trial Investigators
The Lancet Oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 09/2017, Volume 18, Issue 9, pp. 1159 - 1171
Journal Article
by Dennis, Martin S and Murray, Gordon D and Innes, Karen and Drever, Jonathan and Dinsmore, Lynn and Williams, Carol and White, Philip M and Sudlow, Cathie L.M and Sprigg, Nikola and Sudlow, Cathie and Whiteley, William and Lerpiniere, Christine and Perry, Jack and Parakramawansha, Ruwan and Hunter, Neil and Paulton, Ruth and Burgess, Seona and Mead, Gillian and Taylor, Pat and MacLeod, Mary-Joan and Clarke, Rebecca and Crouch, Nichola and Jagpal, Baljit and Furnace, Jacqueline and Irvine, Janice and Gow, Heather and Ross, Sarah and Davies, Ruth and Jose, Deepa and Dodd, Angela and Weir, Pauline and Sangster, Graeme and Downham, Susan and Nicholas, Paul and Zahoor, Tajammal and Johnson, Sharon and Maguire, Stuart and Quinn, Outi and Hooley, Michaela and Nair, Anand and Alam, Mohammad Irfan and Greig, Jill and Robinson, Matthew and Ball, Margaret and Gascoyne, Rachel and Raghunathan, Senthil and Law, Zhe and Appleton, Jason and Matias, Oliver and Jackson, Benjamin and Keshvara, Rekha and Whittamore, Katherine and Sheikh, Saima and Buck, Amanda and Havard, Diane and Hedstrom, Amanda and Shelton, Faye and Webster, Timothy and Haider, Syed and Nallasivan, Arumugam and Perkins, Charlotte and Mohd Nor, Azlisham and Eglinton, Charlotte and Weinling, Marie and Baker, John and Hyams, Benjamin and Kini, Manohar and Chadha, Dinesh and Walstow, Deborah and Proeschel, Harald and Jones, Stephanie and Byrne, Anthony and McGhee, Caroline and O'Connell, Susan and Brown, Pauline and Davis, Fiona and Collins, Kayleigh and Ward, Deborah and Turfrey, Jennifer and Marks, Katherine and Kullane, Sagal and Yip, Brigitte and MacInnes, Brian and Macliver, Linda and Esson, Derek and Yadava, Rajendra and Stafford, Samantha and Reddan, Julie and Sangombe, Mirriam and Jenkins, Colin and Price, Fiona and Mercer, Lily and Vasileiadis, Evangelos and Mason, Cathy and Holden, Melinda and Broughton, David and Chapman, Kath and Sigsworth, Andrew and Tryambake, Dinesh and Young, Andrew and ... and RESTART Collaborators and RESTART collaborators and the RESTART collaborators
Trials, ISSN 1745-6215, 03/2018, Volume 19, Issue 1, pp. 162 - 11
Journal Article
ANZ Journal of Surgery, ISSN 1445-1433, 01/2019, Volume 89, Issue 1-2, pp. 135 - 135
Journal Article
Molecular Cell, ISSN 1097-2765, 03/2015, Volume 57, Issue 5, pp. 936 - 947
Journal Article
Vascular Health and Risk Management, ISSN 1176-6344, 2009, Volume 5, pp. 833 - 841
... for practitioners Mo Al-Qaisi1 David M Nott1 David H King2 Sam Kaddoura1 1imperial College, London, UK; 2Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, essex, UK Correspondence: Mo Al-Qaisi... 
Ankle | Index | Brachial | ABPI | Update | Pressure | index | update | pressure | ankle | brachial
Journal Article
by Nott, D
BMJ-BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL, ISSN 1756-1833, 03/2014, Volume 348
Journal Article
Arthritis & Rheumatology, ISSN 2326-5191, 10/2015, Volume 67, Issue 10, pp. 2569 - 2580
Journal Article
2013, 1. Aufl., ISBN 9781447144229, 387
Whether switching on the TV, picking up a newspaper or simply logging on to the internet, one is constantly faced with images of natural disasters, conflict... 
Surgery | Disaster medicine | Emergency medicine | Tropical medicine | Wounds and injuries | Public health
Water Resources Research, ISSN 0043-1397, 12/2012, Volume 48, Issue 12, p. n/a
There has been a recent debate in the hydrological community about the relative merits of the informal generalized likelihood uncertainty estimation (GLUE)... 
approximate Bayesian computation | generalized likelihood uncertainty estimation | importance sampling | MONTE-CARLO | CALIBRATION | ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES | MODELS | INPUT UNCERTAINTY | WATER RESOURCES | LIMNOLOGY | Hydrology | Bayesian analysis
Journal Article