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NATURE, ISSN 0028-0836, 11/2007, Volume 450, Issue 7170, pp. 637 - 640
Venus has no seasons, slow rotation and a very massive atmosphere, which is mainly carbon dioxide with clouds primarily of sulphuric acid droplets. Infrared... 
CLOUD STRUCTURE | NIGHT-SIDE | SPECTRA | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | ATMOSPHERE | PIONEER ORBITER | Gases | Astrophysics | Astronomical research | Venus | Atmosphere | Planetology | Earth Sciences | Sciences of the Universe
Journal Article
by Drossart, P and Piccioni, G and Gérard, J.C and Lopez-Valverde, M.A and Sanchez-Lavega, A and Zasova, L and Hueso, R and Taylor, F.W and Bézard, B and Adriani, A and Angrilli, F and Arnold, G and Baines, K.H and Bellucci, G and Benkhoff, J and Bibring, J.P and Blanco, A and Blecka, M.I and Carlson, R.W and Coradini, A and Di Lellis, A and Encrenaz, T and Erard, S and Fonti, S and Formisano, V and Fouchet, T and Garcia, R and Haus, R and Helbert, J and Ignatiev, N.I and Irwin, P and Langevin, Y and Lebonnois, S and Luz, D and Marinangeli, L and Orofino, V and Rodin, A.V and Roos-Serote, M.C and Saggin, B and Stam, D.M and Titov, D and Visconti, G and Zambelli, M and Tsang, C and Ammannito, Eleonora and Barbis, Alessandra and Berlin, Rainer and Bettanini, Carlo and Boccaccini, Angelo and Bonnello, Guillaume and Bouyé, Marc and Capaccioni, Fabrizio and Cardesin, Alejandro and Carraro, Francesco and Cherubini, Giovanni and Cosi, Massimo and Dami, Michele and De Nino, Maurizio and Del Vento, Davide and Di Giampietro, Marco and Donati, Alessandro and Dupuis, Olivier and Espinasse, Sylvie and Fabbri, Anna and Fave, Agnès and Ficai Veltroni, Iacopo and Filacchione, Gianrico and Garceran, Katia and Ghomchi, Yamina and Giustizi, Maurizio and Gondet, Brigitte and Hello, Yann and Henry, Florence and Hofer, Stefan and Huntzinger, Gerard and Kachlicki, Juergen and Knoll, René and Kouach, Driss and Mazzoni, Alessandro and Melchiorri, Riccardo and Mondello, Giuseppe and Monti, Francesco and Neumann, Christian and Nuccilli, Fabrizio and Parisot, Jérôme and Pasqui, Claudio and Perferi, Stefano and Peter, Gisbert and Piacentino, Alain and Pompei, Carlo and Réess, Jean-Michel and Rivet, Jean-Pierre and Romano, Antonio and Russ, Natalie and Santoni, Massimo and Scarpelli, Adelmo and Sémery, Alain and Soufflot, Alain and Stefanovitch, Douchane and Suetta, Enrico and ... and VIRTIS-Venus Express Tech Te and VIRTIS-Venus Express Technical Team and the VIRTIS-Venus Express Technical Team
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 11/2007, Volume 450, Issue 7170, pp. 641 - 645
The upper atmosphere of a planet is a transition region in which energy is transferred between the deeper atmosphere and outer space. Molecular emissions from... 
INFRARED EMISSIONS | AIRGLOW | MARS | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | Gases | Astrophysics | Astronomical research | Venus | Atmosphere | Planetology | Earth Sciences | Sciences of the Universe
Journal Article
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