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Journal Article
Vaccines, ISSN 2076-393X, 07/2019, Volume 7, Issue 3, p. 64
: Vaccination is commonly used to prevent and control influenza infection in humans. However, improvements in the ease of delivery and strength of... 
influenza | intranasal | flagellin | adjuvant | lipid | immunization
Journal Article
Viral Immunology, ISSN 0882-8245, 10/2012, Volume 25, Issue 5, pp. 423 - 432
Journal Article
The EMBO journal, ISSN 0261-4189, 01/2013, Volume 32, Issue 1, pp. 86 - 99
Journal Article
by Shimizu, H and Astapova, I and Ramadoss, P and Vella, K and Ye, F and Bilban, M and Cohen, R and Hollenberg, A.N and Werneck-de-Castro, J.S and Fonseca, T and Fonseca, T and Ignacio, D.L and Fernandes, G and Fernandes, G and Baldanza, M and Rangel, I.F and Balazs, G and Miranda, M.F and Andrade, C and Bianco, A and Bianco, A and Stan, M.N and Garrity, J.A and Thapa, P and Bradley, E.A and Bahn, R.S and Brose, M.S and Sherman, S.I and Schöffski, P and Elisei, R and Schlumberger, M and Wirth, L and Mangeshkar, M and Aftab, D.T and Clary, D.O and Cohen, E.E and Gruenwald, G and Traikovic-Arsic, M and Klutz, K and Gupta, A and Schwenk, N and Knoop, K and Braren, R and Settles, M and Senekowitsch-Schmidtke, R and Schwaiger, M and Wagner, E and Göke, B and Ogris, M and Siveke, J and Spitzweg, C and Wennerberg, E and Ekblad, L and Juhlin, C and Höög, A and Sviatoha, V and Zedenius, J and Zedenius, J and Larsson, C and Kaminskyy, V.O and Zhivotovsky, B and Wennerberg, J and Lundqvist, A and Boufraqech, M and Zhang, L and Jain, M and Patel, D and Ellis, R and Xiong, Y and He, M and He, M and Nilubol, N and Nilubol, N and Merino, M and Kebebew, E and Kebebew, E and Ma, R and Latif, R and Davies, T.F and Vella, K and Astapova, I and Ye, F and Hollenberg, A.N and Kim, D and Park, J and Cheng, S and Bliddal, S and Feldt-Rasmussen, U and Boas, M and Faber, J and Juul, A and Larsen, T and Friis-Hansen, L and Hilsted, L and Tabor, A and Hansen, D.P and Takeshima, K and Inaba, H and Furukawa, Y and Yamaoka, H and ...
Thyroid, ISSN 1050-7256, 10/2013, Volume 23, Issue S1, pp. A-1 - A-114
Journal Article
by Suarez, J and Wang, H and Scott, B.T and Suarez-Ramirez, J.A and Savino, G and Wu, G.T and Dillmann, W.H and Mammen, J and Ghazarian, S and Pulkstenis, E and Subramanian, M and Sulkowski, M and Rosen, A and Ladenson, P.W and Ho, A.L and Grewal, R and Leboeuf, R and Sherman, E and Fury, M and Pfister, D and Deandreis, D and Pentlow, K.S and Ricarte Filho, J.C and Tuttle, R and Larson, S and Fagin, J.A and Medici, M and Porcu, E and Pistis, G and Volpato, C and Meulenbelt, I and Trompet, S and Lahti, J and Brown, S and Walsh, J.P and Tanaka, T and Wolffenbuttel, B and Den Heijer, M and Minelli, C and Shuldiner, A.R and Beekman, M and Fox, C.S and Wilson, S.G and Cappola, A.R and Toniolo, D and Sanna, S and Peeters, R.P and Naitza, S and Xing, M and Alzahrani, A and Group, T and McCarty, S.K and Saji, M and Zhang, X and Jarjoura, D and Kirschner, L and Ringel, M.D and Gupta, N and Hodak, S.P and Dasyam, A.K and Lebeau, S.O and Coyne, C and Carty, S.E and Yip, L and McCoy, K.L and Stang, M.T and Armstrong, M and Nikiforova, M.N and Nikiforov, Y.E and Landek-Salgado, M.A and Ferlito, M and Ladenson, P.W and Caturegli, P and Simon, P.E and Chaung, K and Dutra, J and Abraham Nordling, M and Byström, K and Torring, O and Lantz, M and Berg, G and Calissendorf, J and Filipsson Nyström, H and Jansson, S and Jörneskog, G and Karlsson, F and Nyström, E and Ohrling, H and Öhrn, T and Hallengren, B and Wallin, G and Xu, H and Zhang, Y and Chiu, H.K and Ferraz, C and Rehfeld, C and Krogdahl, A and Precht Jensen, E and Bösenberg, E and Hegedüs, L and ...
Thyroid, ISSN 1050-7256, 10/2011, Volume 21, Issue S1, pp. A-111 - A-120
Journal Article
by Schmidt, Manfred and Verhoeyen, Els and Gobbo, Emilie and Divers, Dominique and Oudrhiri, Noufissa and Griscelli, Frank and Bennaceur-Griscelli, Annelise and Klatzmann, David and Anguela, Xavier M and Sharma, Rajiv and Sharma, Rajiv and Li, Hojun and Li, Hojun and Haurigot, Virginia and Haurigot, Virginia and Haurigot, Virginia and Bhagwat, Anand and Bhagwat, Anand and Davidson, Robert and Davidson, Robert and Zhou, Shangzhen and Zhou, Shangzhen and Zhou, Shangzhen and Doyon, Yannick and Gregory, Philip D and Gregory, Philip D and Gregory, Philip D and Holmes, Michael C and Holmes, Michael C and Holmes, Michael C and High, Katherine A and Carbonaro, Denise and Shaw, Kit and Jin, Xiangyang and Geiger, Sabine and Mishra, Suparna and Cooper, Aaron and DeOliveira, Satiro and Sokolic, Rob and Candotti, Fabio and Carmo, Marlene and Arumugam, Paritha and Alonso-Ferrero, Maria and Schambach, Axel and Schambach, Axel and Baum, Christopher and Baum, Christopher and Baum, Christopher and Risma, Kimberly and Malik, Punam and Jordan, Michael and Rivat, Christine and Booth, Claire and Thrasher, Adrian and Whilding, Lynsey and Archibald, Kyra and Oberg, Daniel and Golan, Talia and Hubert, Ayala and Shemi, Amotz and Khvalevsky, Elina Zorde and Gabai-Malka, Racheli and Focht, Gili and Brunschwig, Zivia and Raskin, Stephen and Goldberg, Nahum and Ben-David, Eli and Peretz, Tamar and Eliakim, Rami and Dankur, Alan and Galun and Rachmur, Itzik and Domb, Avi and Kopelman, Yael and Hantz, Yael and Lahav, Mor and Arbel-Alon, Sagit and Dickson, George and Barkats, Martine and Daboussi, Fayza and Silva, Georges and Cedrone, Frederic and Epinat, Jean Charles and Juillerat, Alexandre and Valton, Julien and Montini, Eugenio and Biffi, Alessandra and Biffi, Alessandra and Calabria, Andrea and Calabria, Andrea and Biasco, Luca and Biasco, Luca and Cesani, Martina and Cesani, Martina and Benedicenti, Fabrizio and Benedicenti, Fabrizio and Plati, Tiziana and Leo, Simone and Zanetti, Gianluigi and Aiuti, Alessandro and ...
Human Gene Therapy, ISSN 1043-0342, 10/2012, Volume 23, Issue 10, pp. A1 - A173
Journal Article
by Wahlberg, Anna-Maria and Alenström, Magdalena and Udin, Stina and Johansson, Tore and Lundgren, Anna and Romany Johansson, Birgitta and Ekström, Carin and Eriksson, Nils and Andersson, Lisbeth and Eklund, Hanna and Robertsson, Lotta and Bjerhag, Gunilla and Gustavsson, Ann-Charlotte and Israelsson, Madelene and Karlsson, Sofia and Westerlund, Maria and Ek, Yvonne and Stenbäck, Birgitta and Andersson, Barbro and Andersson, Elisabeth and Leppämäki, Kristina and Ramirez, Anette and Wallin, Victoria and Lundberg, Alexandra and Sahlin, Benny and Mälberg, Hasse and Liljeroos, Maria and Gustafsson, Caroline and Nyström, Kerstin and Siklo, Susanne and Zelleroth, Eva and Hjortevang, Finn and Mohammed, Kamaran and Hellblad, Agneta and Schön, Iwona and Carlsson, Kristina and Ole´rs, Marita and Ågren, Pär Lennart and Sjögren, Iwar and Zedigh, Crister and Eriksson, Kristina and Sundkvist, Kristina and Thorsell, Anna-Karin and Kuoljok, Ann-Kristin and Liinanki, Linda and Liljergren, Mona and Turtola, Sara and Nylander, Britt-Marie and Nordvall, Lena and Nilsson, Malin and Blomqvist, Annelie and Sjöberg, Håkan and Nylander, Jenny and Berglund, Linda and Mossberg, Linda and Svennberg, Lars and Haugen, Espen and Hellsten, Lars and Johansson, Staffan and Johansson, Birgitta and Larsson, Pethra and Kellerth, Susanne and Bergström, Monika and Gustafsson, Carola and Nährström, Cecilia and Evenås, Eva and Sundin, Hanna and Lönn, Helena and Svensson, Johan and Kihlgren, Moa and Larsson, Per and Palosaari, Pirjo and Johansson, Susann and Cedermark magnusson, Malin and Ravn-Fischer, Annica and Wittfeldt, Ann and Perers, Elisabeth and Hellberg, Nina and Holmberg, Mikael and Andersson, Bert and Jangsten, Berit and Selimovic, Nedim and Enström, Anna and Dellgren, Göran and Scherstén, Henrik and Biveby-Nilsson, Anna and Lundberg, Johan and Omerovic, Elmir and Petursson, Petur and Albertsson, Per and Ankarstrand, Carina and Flinck, Agneta and Larsson, Titti and Samuelsson, Maria and Bergman, Peter and Nyström, Lotten and Bågenholm, Magnus and Linnér, Anneli and Hornestam, Björn and Sjöland, Helén and ...
Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal, ISSN 1401-7431, 08/2014, Volume 48, Issue S63, pp. 2 - 133
Journal Article
by Melander, A and Olsson, J and Lindberg, G and Salzman, A and Howard, T and Stang, P and Lydick, E and Emslie-Smith, A and Boyle, D I. R and Evans, J M. M and Macdonald, T M and Bain, J and Sullivan, F and Juhl, C and Pørksen, N and Sturis, J and Hollingdal, M and Pincus, S and Veldhuis, J and Dejgaard, A and Schmitz, O and Kristensen, J S and Frandsen, K B and Bayer, Th and Müller, P and Dunning, B E and Paladini, S and Gutierrez, C and Deacon, R and Valentin, M and Grunberger, G and Weston, W M and Patwardhan, R and Rappaport, E B and Sargeant, L A and Wareham, N J and Khaw, K T and Zethelius, Björn and Lithell, Hans and Hales, C Nicholas and Berne, Christian and Lakka, H.-M and Oksanen, L and Tuomainen, T.-P and Kontula, K and Salonen, J T and Dekker, J M and de Boks, P and de Vegt, F and Stehouwer, C D. A and Nijpels, G and Bouter, L M and Heine, R J and Bruno, G and Cavallo-Perin, P and Bargero, G and D’Errico, N and Borra, M and Macchia, G and Pagano, G and Newton, R W and Ruta, D A and New, J P and Wallace, C and Roxburgh, M A and Young, R J and Vaughan, N J. A and Elliott, P and Brennan, G and Devers, M and MacAlpine, R and Steinke, D and Lawson, D H and Decallonne, B and Casteels, K and Gysemans, C and Bouillon, R and Mathieu, C and Linn, Thomas and Strate, Christine and Schneider, Kerstin and Funda, D P and Jirsa Jr, M and Kozáková, H and Kaas, A and Kofronová, O and Tlaskalová-Hogenová, H and Buschard, K and Wanka, H and Hartmann, A and Kuttler, B and Rasmussen, S B and Sørensen, T S and Markholst, H and Petersen, J S and Karounos, D and Dyrberg, T and Mabley, J G and Haskó, G and Szabó, C and ... and IMDIAB Study Group and Osaka IDDM Study Group and European Group for the Study of Insulin Resistance (EGIR) and Screen-Pol Study Group and Northern Diabetic Pregnancy Survey and Brazilian Gestational Diabetes Study Group and UK Prospective Diabetes Study Group and Hungarian HbA1c Screening Study Group and Croatian Study Group for Diabetic Amyotrophy and EURODIAB IDDM Study Group and Neuropathy Study Group of the Italian Society of the Study of Diabetes and Pittsburgh Epidemiology of Diabetes Complications (EDC) Study and HOE 901/3003 study group and German Working Group on Quality Control and Turkish Diabetes Epidemiology Group and Mauritian NCD group and D.I.O.R. study group and Lithuanian Collaborative Group for the Epidemiology of Diabetes and DARTS/MEMO Collaboration and Cerivastatin/Bezafibrate Latin America Study Group and Pramlintide Type 1 Study Group and Non-Invasive Task Force and Childhood Diabetes in Finland Study Group and German Pediat. Working Group and EURODIAB Complications Study Group and Hvidøre Study group on Childhood Diabetes and EURODIAB Prospective Complications Study (PCS) Group and WHO/IDF Patient Empowerment Workshop and AD Morris for the DARTS/MEMO Collaboration and Pramlintide Type 2 Study Group and Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study Group and Service of internal medecine - diabetologia - vascular diseases and UKPDS Group and IGT Research Group and DAIS Project Group and KANWU study group and Cerivastatin Combination Therapy Study Group and GENEDIAB Study Group and TARDIS Steering Committee and UK centres and Rosiglitazone Study Group and GEDEC study group and HIDM investigators and US Study Group of Insulin Glargine in Type 2 DM and European Insulin Aspart Study Group and The TARDIS Steering Committee and UK centres and The Turkish Diabetes Epidemiology Group and The EURODIAB Prospective Complications Study (PCS) Group and The Pittsburgh Epidemiology of Diabetes Complications (EDC) Study and The Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study Group
Diabetologia, ISSN 0012-186X, 8/1999, Volume 42, Issue S1, pp. A1 - A330
Journal Article