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Journal of the American Chemical Society, ISSN 0002-7863, 05/2014, Volume 136, Issue 18, pp. 6733 - 6743
Journal Article
Geology, ISSN 0091-7613, 10/2012, Volume 40, Issue 10, pp. 915 - 918
Journal Article
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, ISSN 1932-7447, 07/2013, Volume 117, Issue 28, pp. 14485 - 14492
...) formed ohmic, low resistance contacts to H-terminated and CH3-terminated p-type Si(111) surfaces. In contrast, PEDOT formed high barrier height... 
Journal Article
Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, ISSN 1050-2947, 06/2014, Volume 89, Issue 6
Journal Article
by Nene, V and Wortman, J. R and Lawson, D and Haas, B and Kodira, C and Tu, Z and Loftus, B and Xi, Z and Megy, K and Grabherr, M and Ren, Q and Zdobnov, E. M and Lobo, N. F and Campbell, K. S and Brown, S. E and Bonaldo, M. F and Zhu, J and Sinkins, S. P and Hogenkamp, D. G and Amedeo, P and Arensburger, P and Atkinson, P. W and Bidwell, S and Biedler, J and Birney, E and Bruggner, R. V and Costas, J and Coy, M. R and Crabtree, J and Crawford, M and deBruyn, B and DeCaprio, D and Eiglmeier, K and Eisenstadt, E and El-Dorry, H and Gelbart, W. M and Gomes, S. L and Hammond, M and Hannick, L. I and Hogan, J. R and Holmes, M. H and Jaffe, D and Johnston, J. S and Kennedy, R. C and Koo, H and Kravitz, S and Kriventseva, E. V and Kulp, D and LaButti, K and Lee, E and Li, S and Lovin, D. D and Mao, C and Mauceli, E and Menck, C. F. M and Miller, J. R and Montgomery, P and Mori, A and Nascimento, A. L and Naveira, H. F and Nusbaum, C and O'Leary, S and Orvis, J and Pertea, M and Quesneville, H and Reidenbach, K. R and Rogers, Y.-H and Roth, C. W and Schneider, J. R and Schatz, M and Shumway, M and Stanke, M and Stinson, E. O and Tubio, J. M. C and VanZee, J. P and Verjovski-Almeida, S and Werner, D and White, O and Wyder, S and Zeng, Q and Zhao, Q and Zhao, Y and Hill, C. A and Raikhel, A. S and Soares, M. B and Knudson, D. L and Lee, N. H and Galagan, J and Salzberg, S. L and Paulsen, I. T and Dimopoulos, G and Collins, F. H and Birren, B and Fraser-Liggett, C. M and Severson, D. W
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 1095-9203, 2007, Volume 316, Issue 5832, pp. 1718 - 1723
We present a draft sequence of the genome of Aedes aegypti, the primary vector for yellow fever and dengue fever, which at ∼1376 million base pairs is about 5... 
Transposons | Genetic vectors | Introns | Genes | DNA | Genomes | Insect vectors | Chromosomes | Insect genetics | Mosquitos | Research Article | ORGANIZATION | EVOLUTION | YELLOW-FEVER MOSQUITO | DROSOPHILA-MELANOGASTER | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | SUPERFAMILY | INSECTS | ANOPHELES-GAMBIAE | RECEPTORS | EXPRESSION | TRANSPOSONS | Anopheles - metabolism | Multigene Family | Species Specificity | Anopheles - genetics | Humans | Synteny | Molecular Sequence Data | Male | Drosophila melanogaster - genetics | Insect Vectors - metabolism | Yellow Fever - transmission | Aedes - metabolism | Sex Determination Processes | Membrane Transport Proteins - genetics | Base Sequence | Female | Transcription, Genetic | Genome, Insect | Genes, Insect | Yellow Fever - prevention & control | Insect Proteins - genetics | Arboviruses | Protein Structure, Tertiary - genetics | Sex Characteristics | Aedes - genetics | Sequence Analysis, DNA | DNA Transposable Elements | Dengue - prevention & control | Animals | Insect Vectors - genetics | Dengue - transmission | Physiological aspects | Aedes albopictus | Genetic aspects | Health aspects | Aedes | Comparative studies | Viruses | Disease transmission | Insects | Epidemiology | Genomics | Life Sciences | Anopheles gambiae | Protein Structure, Tertiary | Insect Vectors | Dengue | Biochemistry, Molecular Biology | Sex Determination (Genetics) | Membrane Transport Proteins | Yellow Fever | Drosophila melanogaster | Insect Proteins
Journal Article
...), was set using the molecule thorium monoxide (ThO) in the $J=1$ rotational level of its $H ^3\Delta_1$ electronic state [Science $\bf 343$, 269 (2014)]. This state... 
Physics - Atomic Physics
Journal Article
by Meade, T and Collins, R and Armitage, J and Parish, S and Barton, J and Bray, C and Wincott, E and Bowman, L and Clarke, R and Graham, I and Simpson, D and Warlow, C and Tobert, J and Musliner, T and Doll, R and Fox, K.M and Hill, C and Sandercock, P and Peto, R and Webster, J and Jamieson, J and Nixon, A and Lackie, S and Thompson, J and Brown, M and Blackwood, S and Morgan, M and Rhoden, W and Saeed, B and Houghton, M and Nicholson, A and Simpson, C and Hoburn, B and Cooper, I and Gallivan, A and Pickerell, E and Hancock, J and Watkinson, J and Burbridge, W and Kitchen, M and O'Leary, H and Verow, C and Meynell, L and Rollinson, L and Bain, S and Jones, A and Jewkes, C and Russon, C and Bateson, M and Gill, P and Stansbie, D and Bayly, G and Andrews, G and Halestrap, M and Meredith, J and Best, R and Appleyard, D and Wareing, H and Holmes, K and Holt, J and Kenyon, M and White, C and Khalifa, M and Newton, D and Wass, A and Watkinson, R and Creamer, J and Bethell, A and Butler, C and Washington, M and Weston, E and Machin, J and Cleaver, K and Wray, R and Sinclair, J and Van Aalst, A and Been, M and Mattu, R and Burke, A and Gill, L and Walton, E and Cowley, M and Robson, H and Graham, A and Rose, G and Kerr, M and Mallinson, J and Peascod, B and Scott, A and Donnelly, R and Gibson, T and Hannah, J and Henshaw, L and Margetts, M and Pearson, N and Frost, S and Murray, S and Marshall, A and Went, J and Simmonds, J and ... and unav and The SEARCH Collaborative Group and SEARCH Collaborative Grp and SEARCH Collaborative Group and Sahlgrenska akademin and Institutionen för medicin, avdelningen för akut och kardiovaskulär medicin and Institute of Medicine, Department of Emergeny and Cardiovascular Medicine and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Sahlgrenska Academy
The New England journal of medicine, ISSN 1533-4406, 2008, Volume 359, Issue 8, pp. 789 - 799
A genomewide screen of patients with myopathy who were taking high-dose simvastatin (80 mg per day) showed a strong association between myopathy and variants... 
MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | POLYMORPHISMS | EFFICACY | SAFETY | TRANSPORTING POLYPEPTIDE 1B1 | SIMVASTATIN | CYP3A4 | ASSOCIATION | ATORVASTATIN | Simvastatin - therapeutic use | Simvastatin - adverse effects | Humans | Middle Aged | Diabetes Mellitus - drug therapy | Genotype | Male | Risk | Genetic Markers | Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA Reductase Inhibitors - pharmacokinetics | Organic Anion Transporters - genetics | Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA Reductase Inhibitors - adverse effects | Myocardial Infarction - drug therapy | Arterial Occlusive Diseases - drug therapy | Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA Reductase Inhibitors - therapeutic use | Female | Aged | Myocardial Infarction - prevention & control | Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide | Chromosomes, Human, Pair 12 | Muscular Diseases - chemically induced | Muscular Diseases - genetics | Solute Carrier Organic Anion Transporter Family Member 1b1 | Complications and side effects | Analysis | Muscle diseases | Genetic aspects | Dosage and administration | Single nucleotide polymorphisms | Risk factors | Statins | Drug therapy | Kinases | Drug dosages | Cholesterol | Index Medicus | Abridged Index Medicus | MEDICIN OCH HÄLSOVETENSKAP | Single Nucleotide | genetics | Arterial Occlusive Diseases | pharmacokinetics | Muscular Diseases | Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA Reductase Inhibitors | Chromosomes | MEDICAL AND HEALTH SCIENCES | Human | drug therapy | chemically induced | Simvastatin | prevention & control | Diabetes Mellitus | Myocardial Infarction | Pair 12 | Organic Anion Transporters | adverse effects | therapeutic use | Polymorphism
Journal Article
by Furia, G. U and Kostelijk, E. H and Vergouw, C. G and Lee, S and Kang, H and Lim, C and Yang, K and Park, Y and Shin, M and Beyhan, Z and Fisch, J. D and Sher, G and Keskintepe, L and Anthony, J. T and Graham, J. R and Tucker, M. J and Lattes, S and Lammers, J and Mansour, W and Barriere, P and El Danasouri, I and Gagsteiger, F and Rinaldi, L and Selman, H and Antonova, I and Milachich, T and Shterev, A and Barcroft, J and Thong, J and Abdel Reda, H and Khalaf, Y and El Touky, T and Cabry, R and Brzakowski, R and Lourdel, E and Brasseur, F and Copin, H and Merviel, P and Yamada, M and Takanashi, K and Hamatani, T and Akutsu, H and Fukunaga, T and Inoue, O and Ogawa, S and Okumura, N and Chikazawa, N and Kuji, N and Umezawa, A and Tomita, M and Yoshimura, Y and Van der Jeught, M and Ghimire, S and O'Leary, T and Lierman, S and Deforce, D and Chuva de Sousa Lopes, S and De Sutter, P and Herrero, J and Tejera, A and De los Santos, M. J and Castello, D and Romero, J. L and Meseguer, M and Leperlier, F and Mirallie, S and Schats, R and Al-Nofal, M and Lens, J. W and Hompes, P. G and Lambalk, C. B and Hreinsson, J and Wanggren, K and Lundqvist, M and Eftekhari-Yazdi, P and Dalman, A and Ebrahimi, B and Daneshzadeh, M. T and Rajabpour Niknam, M and Choi, E. G and Rho, Y. H and Oh, D. S and Park, L. S and Lee, C. S and Kong, I. K and Lee, S. C and Liebenthron, J and Koster, M and Toth, B and Reinsberg, J and van der Ven, H and Strowitzki, T and Watanabe, S and Wada, T and Kamihata, M and Kuwahata, A and Ochi, M and Horiuchi, T and Fatemeh, H and Fazel, M and ...
Human Reproduction, ISSN 0268-1161, 07/2012, Volume 27, Issue suppl_2, pp. ii162 - ii205
Journal Article
by van Erp, Theo G.M and Walton, Esther and Hibar, Derrek P and Schmaal, Lianne and Jiang, Wenhao and Glahn, David C and Pearlson, Godfrey D and Yao, Nailin and Fukunaga, Masaki and Hashimoto, Ryota and Okada, Naohiro and Yamamori, Hidenaga and Bustillo, Juan R and Clark, Vincent P and Agartz, Ingrid and Mueller, Bryon A and Cahn, Wiepke and de Zwarte, Sonja M.C and Hulshoff Pol, Hilleke E and Kahn, René S and Ophoff, Roel A and van Haren, Neeltje E.M and Andreassen, Ole A and Dale, Anders M and Doan, Nhat Trung and Gurholt, Tiril P and Hartberg, Cecilie B and Haukvik, Unn K and Jørgensen, Kjetil N and Lagerberg, Trine V and Melle, Ingrid and Westlye, Lars T and Gruber, Oliver and Kraemer, Bernd and Richter, Anja and Zilles, David and Calhoun, Vince D and Crespo-Facorro, Benedicto and Roiz-Santiañez, Roberto and Tordesillas-Gutiérrez, Diana and Loughland, Carmel and Carr, Vaughan J and Catts, Stanley and Cropley, Vanessa L and Fullerton, Janice M and Green, Melissa J and Henskens, Frans A and Jablensky, Assen and Lenroot, Rhoshel K and Mowry, Bryan J and Michie, Patricia T and Pantelis, Christos and Quidé, Yann and Schall, Ulrich and Scott, Rodney J and Cairns, Murray J and Seal, Marc and Tooney, Paul A and Rasser, Paul E and Cooper, Gavin and Shannon Weickert, Cynthia and Weickert, Thomas W and Morris, Derek W and Hong, Elliot and Kochunov, Peter and Beard, Lauren M and Gur, Raquel E and Gur, Ruben C and Satterthwaite, Theodore D and Wolf, Daniel H and Belger, Aysenil and Brown, Gregory G and Ford, Judith M and Macciardi, Fabio and Mathalon, Daniel H and O’Leary, Daniel S and Potkin, Steven G and Preda, Adrian and Voyvodic, James and Lim, Kelvin O and McEwen, Sarah and Yang, Fude and Tan, Yunlong and Tan, Shuping and Wang, Zhiren and Fan, Fengmei and Chen, Jingxu and Xiang, Hong and Tang, Shiyou and Guo, Hua and Wan, Ping and Wei, Dong and Bockholt, Henry J and Ehrlich, Stefan and Wolthusen, Rick P.F and King, Margaret D and Shoemaker, Jody M and Sponheim, Scott R and De Haan, Lieuwe and Koenders, Laura and ... and Karolinska Schizophrenia Project
Biological psychiatry (1969), ISSN 0006-3223, 2018, Volume 84, Issue 9, pp. 644 - 654
Journal Article
by Campbell, Bruce C V and Dippel, Diederik W J and Bracard, Serge and de la Ossa, Natalia Pérez and Kelly, Michael and Bourcier, Romain and Roos, Yvo B W E M and Devlin, Thomas G and Berkhemer, Olvert A and Pereira, Vitor Mendes and Epstein, Jonathan and Davis, Stephen M and Jansen, Olav and Urra, Xabier and Guillemin, Francis and Muir, Keith W and Saver, Jeffrey L and Jovin, Tudor G and Beumer, Debbie and Schonewille, Wouter J and Nederkoorn, Paul J and van Walderveen, Marianne AA and Lycklama à Nijeholt, Geert J and Boiten, Jelis and de Bruijn, Sebastiaan F and van Dijk, Lukas C and Kappelle, Jaap and Lo, Rob H and Dallinga, René J and Vroomen, Patrick C and Eshghi, Omid and Schreuder, Tobien H.C.M.L and Gerrits, Dick G and van den Berg-Vos, Renske M and Marquering, Henk A and van den Berg, René and Liebig, Thomas and Andersson, Tommy and Mattle, Heinrich and Ghannouti, Naziha and Pellikaan, Wilma and Geerling, Annet and de Ridder, Ans and de Meris, Joke and Ros, Adriaan and Schipperen, Stefanie and Borst, Jordi and Jansen, Ivo and Kappelhof, Manon and Goyal, M and Eesa, M and Ryckborst, KJ and Randhawa, PA and Minhas, P and Shuaib, A and Frei, DF and Sapkota, B and Thornton, J and Tampieri, D and Wong, JH and Mitha, AP and Lacusta, S and Morrish, WF and Coutts, SB and Derdeyn, C and Martin, R and Willinsky, RA and Aram, H and Stys, PK and Trivedi, A and Blayney, S and Choi, P and Alseraya, A and Ashforth, RA and McNally, D and Saqqur, M and Manosalva, A and Gioia, L and Hasan, S and Mohammad, A and Hyland, D and Lee, S and O'Connor, M and Donegan, C and O'Driscoll, A and Martin, M and McCabe, D and Mulroy, M and Lynch, O and O'Donnell, M and Galvin, T and McElwaine, P and Mulpeter, K and Reardon, M and Fallon, C and Gallagher, S and Odier, C and Daneault, N and Decesare, S and Adams, A and ... and HERMES collaborators and HERMES Collaborators
Lancet neurology, ISSN 1474-4422, 2018, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp. 47 - 53
Journal Article
by Menon, Bijoy K and Dávalos, Antoni and Majoie, Charles B L M and Lingsma, Hester and Wong, John H and Yavagal, Dileep and Ferre, Jean Christophe and Lenthall, Robert and Molina, Carlos and Dowlatshahi, Dar and Oppenheim, Catherine and van Oostenbrugge, Robert J and Cobo, Erik and Kleinig, Timothy J and Demchuk, Andrew M and Boers, Anna M M and Muir, Keith W and Jovin, Tudor and Fransen, Puck SS and Beumer, Debbie and Lingsma, Hester F and van Walderveen, Marianne AA and Staals, Julie and de Bruijn, Sebastiaan F and van Dijk, Lukas C and Kappelle, Jaap and de Vries, Joost and van den Berg, Jan S.P and Vroomen, Patrick C and Eshghi, Omid and Heijboer, Roel J.J and Tielbeek, Alexander V and van den Berg-Vos, Renske M and Karas, Giorgos B and Marquering, Henk A and Sprengers, Marieke E.S and Jenniskens, Sjoerd F.M and Beenen, Ludo F.M and Majoie, Charles B.L.M and Brown, Martin M and Mattle, Heinrich and Puppels, Corina and de Ridder, Ans and Janssen, Kirsten and Heshmatollah, Alis and Schipperen, Stefanie and Vinken, Stefan and van Boxtel, Tiemen and Koets, Jeroen and Borst, Jordi and Jansen, Ivo and Barros, Renan Sales and Demchuk, AM and Andersen, L and Sajobi, T and Roy, D and Frei, DF and Sapkota, B and Rempel, JL and Thornton, J and Williams, D and Tampieri, D and Dowlatshahi, D and Wong, JH and Salluzzi, M and Drupals, E and Armitage, K and Barber, PA and Smith, EE and Morrish, WF and Yu, Y and Weill, A and Kenney, C and Aram, H and Stys, PK and Watson, TW and Klein, G and Imoukhuede, O and