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by Nanka, O and Krejci, E and Pesevski, Z and Sedmera, D and Smart, N and Rossdeutsch, A and Dube, K. N and Riegler, J and Price, A. N and Taylor, A and Muthurangu, V and Turner, M and Lythgoe, M. F and Riley, P. R and Kryvorot, S and Vladimirskaya, T and Shved, I and Schwarzl, M and Seiler, S and Huber, S and Steendijk, P and Maechler, H and Truschnig-Wilders, M and Pieske, B and Post, H and Caprio, C and Baldini, A and Chiavacci, E and Dolfi, L and Verduci, L and Meghini, F and Cremisi, F and Pitto, L and Kuan, T.-C and Chen, M.-C and Yang, T.-H and Wu, W.-T and Lin, C. S and Rai, H and Kumar, S and Sharma, A. K and Mastana, S and Kapoor, A and Pandey, C. M and Agrawal, S and Sinha, N and Orlowska-Baranowska, E. H and Placha, G and Gora, J and Baranowski, R and Abramczuk, E and Hryniewiecki, T and Gaciong, Z and Verschuren, J. J. W and Wessels, J. A. M and Trompet, S and Stott, D. J and Sattar, N and Buckley, B and Guchelaar, H. J and Jukema, J. W and Gharanei, M and Hussain, A and Mee, C. J and Maddock, H. L and Wijnen, W. J and Van Den Oever, S and Van Der Made, I and Hiller, M and Tijsen, A. J and Pinto, Y. M and Creemers, E. E and Nikulina, S. U. Y and Chernova, A and Petry, A and Rzymski, T and Kracun, D and Riess, F and Pike, L and Harris, A. L and Gorlach, A and Katare, R and Oikawa, A and Riu, F and Beltrami, A. P and Cesseli, D and Emanueli, C and Madeddu, P and Zaglia, T and Milan, G and Franzoso, M and Pesce, P and Sarais, C and Sandri, M and Mongillo, M and Butler, T. J and Seymour, A.-M. L and Ashford, D and Jaffre, F and Bussen, M and ...
Cardiovascular Research, ISSN 0008-6363, 03/2012, Volume 93, Issue suppl 1, pp. S92 - S127
Journal Article
by Barthelemy, O and Silvain, J and Brieger, D and Bellemain-Appaix, A and Cayla, G and Beygui, F and Lancar, R and Collet, J. P and Mercadier, A and Montalescot, G and Cha, K. S and Nam, Y. H and Kim, J. H and Park, S. Y and Park, T. H and Kim, M. H and Kim, Y. D and Lee, H. C and Ahn, M. S and Hong, T. J and Blanco, R and Blanco, F and Szarfer, J and Garcia Escudero, A and Gigena, G and Gagliardi, J and Rodriguez, A and Sarmiento, R and Affatatto, S and Riccitelli, M and Petris, A and Datcu, M. D and Pop, C and Radoi, M and Arsenescu-Georgescu, C and Petrescu, I and Petrescu, L and Serban, L and Nechita, E and Tatu-Chitoiu, G and Dorobantu, M and Benedek, I and Craiu, E and Sinescu, C and Ionescu, D. D and Ginghina, C and Minescu, B and Izzo, A and Mantovani, P and Tomasi, L and Dall'oglio, L and Bonatti, S and Rosiello, R and Romano, M and Agostini, F and Zanini, R and Zhao, Z. Y and Wu, Y. J and Li, J. J and Yany, Y. J and Qian, H. Y and Tang, Y. D and Timoteo, A. T and Toste, A and Lousinha, A and Ramos, R and Oliveira, J. A and Ferreira, M. L and Ferreira, R. C and Cabades, C and Diez Gil, J. L and Aguar, P and Sanmiguel, D and Lopez-March, A and Marmol, R and Guerra, L and Girbes, V and Ferrando, J and Rincon De Arellano, A and Patricio, L and Blondal, M and Ainla, T and Marandi, T and Eha, J and Oliveira, M. M and Silva, M. N and Cunha, P. S and Feliciano, J and Silva, S and Kanovsky, J and Kala, P and Parenica, J and Poloczek, M and Prymusova, K and Kubkova, L and Spinar, J and Olinic, D and Homorodean, C and Ober, M and Olinic, M and ...
European Heart Journal Supplements, ISSN 1520-765X, 10/2010, Volume 12, Issue Suppl F, pp. F1 - F124
Journal Article
by Bentley, David R and Balasubramanian, Shankar and Swerdlow, Harold P and Smith, Geoffrey P and Milton, John and Brown, Clive G and Hall, Kevin P and Evers, Dirk J and Barnes, Colin L and Bignell, Helen R and Boutell, Jonathan M and Bryant, Jason and Carter, Richard J and Keira Cheetham, R and Cox, Anthony J and Ellis, Darren J and Flatbush, Michael R and Gormley, Niall A and Humphray, Sean J and Irving, Leslie J and Karbelashvili, Mirian S and Kirk, Scott M and Li, Heng and Liu, Xiaohai and Maisinger, Klaus S and Murray, Lisa J and Obradovic, Bojan and Ost, Tobias and Parkinson, Michael L and Pratt, Mark R and Rasolonjatovo, Isabelle M. J and Reed, Mark T and Rigatti, Roberto and Rodighiero, Chiara and Ross, Mark T and Sabot, Andrea and Sankar, Subramanian V and Scally, Aylwyn and Schroth, Gary P and Smith, Mark E and Smith, Vincent P and Spiridou, Anastassia and Torrance, Peta E and Tzonev, Svilen S and Vermaas, Eric H and Walter, Klaudia and Wu, Xiaolin and Zhang, Lu and Alam, Mohammed D and Anastasi, Carole and Aniebo, Ify C and Bailey, David M. D and Bancarz, Iain R and Banerjee, Saibal and Barbour, Selena G and Baybayan, Primo A and Benoit, Vincent A and Benson, Kevin F and Bevis, Claire and Black, Phillip J and Boodhun, Asha and Brennan, Joe S and Bridgham, John A and Brown, Rob C and Brown, Andrew A and Buermann, Dale H and Bundu, Abass A and Burrows, James C and Carter, Nigel P and Castillo, Nestor and Catenazzi, Maria Chiara E and Chang, Simon and Neil Cooley, R and Crake, Natasha R and Dada, Olubunmi O and Diakoumakos, Konstantinos D and Dominguez-Fernandez, Belen and Earnshaw, David J and Egbujor, Ugonna C and Elmore, David W and Etchin, Sergey S and Ewan, Mark R and Fedurco, Milan and Fraser, Louise J and Fuentes Fajardo, Karin V and Scott Furey, W and George, David and Gietzen, Kimberley J and Goddard, Colin P and Golda, George S and Granieri, Philip A and Green, David E and Gustafson, David L and Hansen, Nancy F and Harnish, Kevin and Haudenschild, Christian D and Heyer, Narinder I and Hims, Matthew M and Ho, Johnny T and Horgan, Adrian M and ...
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 11/2008, Volume 456, Issue 7218, pp. 53 - 59
Journal Article
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, ISSN 0022-3727, 05/2015, Volume 48, Issue 20, pp. 205201 - 11
A spectroscopic method for the measurement of macroscopic electric field strength in discharges, based on Stark shifts of several helium emission lines with... 
discharge | electric field | helium | spectroscopy | PHYSICS, APPLIED | GLOW-DISCHARGE | HYDROGEN | CATHODE FALL REGION | PROFILE | PLASMA | FLUORESCENCE | QUANTUM-MECHANICS | DIAGNOSTICS | Functions (mathematics) | Fittings | Mathematical analysis | Electric discharges | Low pressure | Polynomials | Helium | Electric fields | Physics | Astrophysics
Journal Article
Journal of Applied Physics, ISSN 0021-8979, 03/2017, Volume 121, Issue 12, p. 123304
The results of the electric field measurements in the capillary of the helium plasma jet are presented in this article. Distributions of the electric field for... 
Physics and Astronomy(all) | STREAMER | CATHODE FALL REGION | PHYSICS, APPLIED | AIR | MEDICINE | GLOW-DISCHARGE | Usage | Plasma jets | Atmospheric pressure | Ionization | Influence | Research | Helium | Electric properties | Plasma Physics | Physics
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, ISSN 0022-3727, 03/2017, Volume 50, Issue 15, p. 155205
The formation of hydroxyl radical and long-living chemical species (H2O2, O-3, NO3- and NO2-) generated in the liquid phase of a water falling film dielectric... 
Journal Article