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cardiac & cardiovascular systems (43) 43
humans (43) 43
male (29) 29
aged (27) 27
female (27) 27
index medicus (25) 25
middle aged (19) 19
engineering, biomedical (12) 12
aged, 80 and over (11) 11
adult (10) 10
electrocardiography (10) 10
treatment outcome (10) 10
cardiac pacing, artificial - methods (9) 9
pacemaker, artificial (8) 8
atrial fibrillation (7) 7
cardiac pacing, artificial (7) 7
cardiovascular (7) 7
arrhythmia (6) 6
cardiac arrhythmia (6) 6
catheter ablation (6) 6
algorithms (5) 5
arrhythmias (5) 5
blood pressure (5) 5
cardiac pacing (5) 5
heart conduction system - physiopathology (5) 5
japan (5) 5
mutation (5) 5
pacemaker (5) 5
pacing lead (5) 5
retrospective studies (5) 5
risk factors (5) 5
trial (5) 5
adolescent (4) 4
association (4) 4
cardiomyopathy (4) 4
diseases of the circulatory system (4) 4
echocardiography (4) 4
fibrillation (4) 4
heart failure (4) 4
heart rate (4) 4
heart-failure (4) 4
prevention (4) 4
sensitivity (4) 4
sick sinus syndrome - physiopathology (4) 4
stroke volume (4) 4
tachycardia (4) 4
ventricular tachycardia (4) 4
young adult (4) 4
angiography (3) 3
atrial flutter (3) 3
atrial tachycardia (3) 3
atrioventricular block (3) 3
atrioventricular block - therapy (3) 3
autonomic nervous function (3) 3
baroreceptor-cardiac reflex (3) 3
baroreceptor‐cardiac reflex (3) 3
baroreflex (3) 3
cardiology (3) 3
catheter ablation - methods (3) 3
cavotricuspid isthmus (3) 3
defibrillators, implantable (3) 3
electrophysiologic techniques, cardiac (3) 3
equipment design (3) 3
gene (3) 3
heart atria - physiopathology (3) 3
heart-rate-variability (3) 3
heterogeneous neointima (3) 3
impact (3) 3
implantable cardioverter defibrillator (3) 3
implantation (3) 3
in-stent restenosis (3) 3
medical equipment (3) 3
mitral valve (3) 3
mortality (3) 3
multivariate analysis (3) 3
myocardial-infarction (3) 3
physiological apparatus (3) 3
positive remodeling (3) 3
prognosis (3) 3
prospective studies (3) 3
risk (3) 3
scn5a (3) 3
sick sinus syndrome - diagnosis (3) 3
sick sinus syndrome - therapy (3) 3
sinus node dysfunction (3) 3
stroke volume reflex (3) 3
tachycardia, ventricular - diagnosis (3) 3
tachycardia, ventricular - surgery (3) 3
therapy (3) 3
thrombus (3) 3
time factors (3) 3
ablation (2) 2
accessory pathway ablation (2) 2
accessory pathway surgery (2) 2
action potentials (2) 2
active fixation lead (2) 2
adenosine triphosphate (2) 2
age (2) 2
age of onset (2) 2
air bubble interference (2) 2
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by Kwong, W and Neilson, A. L and Hamilton, R. M and Chiu, C. C and Stephenson, E. A and Gross, G. J and Soucie, L and Kirsh, J. A and xian-hui, Z and Bao-peng, T and Jin-xin, L and Yu, Z and Yan-yi, Z and Jiang-hua, Z and Hirahara, T and Sugawara, Y and Suga, C and Ako, J and Momomura, S and Ardashev, A. V and Zhelyakov, E. G and Konev, A. V and Rybachenko, M. S and Belenkov, Y. N and Bai, R and Di Biase, L and Santangeli, P and Saenz, L. C and Verma, A and Sanchez, J and Tondo, C and Natale, A and Safari, F and Hajizadeh, S and Mani, A and Khoshbaten, A and Foadoddini, M and Forush, S. S and Bayat, G and Kim, S.-H and Chong, D and Ching, C. K and Liew, R and Galalardin and Khin, M. W and Teo, W. S and Tan, B. Y and Sakamoto, T and Al Mehairi, M and Al Ghamdi, S. A and Dagriri, K and Al Fagih, A and Selvaraj, R and Ezhumalai, B and Satheesh, S and Ajit, A and Gobu, P and Balachander, J and Liu, X.-q and Zhou, X and Yang, G and Zhong, G.-z and Shi, L and Tian, Y and Li, Y.-b and Wang, A.-h and Yang, X.-c and Takenaka, S and Ozaki, H and Nakamura, M and Otsuka, M and Tsurumi, Y and Nolker, G and Gutleben, K. J and Ritscher, G and Sinha, A. M and Muntean, B and Heintze, J and Vogt, J and Brachmann, J and Horstkotte, D and Katsuyuki, T and McGrew, F and Johnson, E and Coppess, M and Fan, I and Li, S and Zhiyu, L and Zengzhang, L and Xianbin, L and Yuehui, Y and Min, L and Shu-long, Z and Dong, C and Zhi-tao, Z and Xian-jing, W and Ying-xue, D and Shu-Long, Z and Zhi-Tao, Z and Xian-Jing, W and ...
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Journal Article
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•There is no consensus on dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) regimen in hemodialysis (HD) patients.•We compared bleeding and events in HD vs. non-HD with DAPT... 
Journal Article
Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging, ISSN 1941-9651, 10/2016, Volume 9, Issue 10
Journal Article
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Journal Article
Journal Article
Circulation Journal, ISSN 1346-9843, 2018, Volume 82, Issue 11, pp. 2707 - 2714
Background:Mutation in the lamin A/C gene (LMNA) is associated with several cardiac phenotypes, such as cardiac conduction disorders (CCD), atrial arrhythmia... 
Journal Article
CIRCULATION JOURNAL, ISSN 1346-9843, 10/2019, Volume 83, Issue 10, pp. 2017 - 2017
Background: The KYU-RABLE study, a prospective, multicenter, single-arm interventional study, evaluated the efficacy and safety of uninterrupted oral edoxaban... 
CARDIAC & CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEMS | DABIGATRAN | Edoxaban | Atrial fibrillation | Catheter ablation | Thromboembolism | Anticoagulant therapy
Journal Article
Circulation Journal, ISSN 1346-9843, 2014, Volume 78, Issue 12, pp. 2862 - 2866
Background: Active fixation pacing leads with silicon cylinder tips have been used for their safety and flexibility. Measurement of baseline sensing/pacing... 
Pacing lead | Insulation | Air bubble interference | Impedance | Active fixation lead | ATRIAL LEAD | CARDIAC & CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEMS | IMPLANTATION | PERFORATION
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology, ISSN 1045-3873, 11/2014, Volume 25, Issue 11, pp. 1224 - 1231
Atrial Pacing Site and AV Conduction Background Unnecessary ventricular pacing in sinus node disease (SND) must be avoided. To test the hypothesis that in SND,... 
atrioventricular conduction | sinus node disease | atrioventricular pacing | low atrial septum | right atrial appendage