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Abril, 12/2018, Volume 10, Issue 21, pp. 93 - 108
The article, of comparative nature, reflects on the notions of space and frontier, in the short stories “A outra margem”, by Luciano Serafim (2003), and “A... 
crítica cultural | Guimarães Rosa | Luciano Serafim
Journal Article
Abril – NEPA / UFF, ISSN 1984-2090, 12/2018, Volume 10, Issue 21, p. 93
O artigo, de natureza comparatista, propõe-se a refletir acerca das noções de espaço e fronteira, nos contos “A outra margem”, de Luciano Serafim (2003), e “A... 
Journal Article
by Santos, Paloma Marques and Bocchiglieri, Adriana and Chiarello, Adriano Garcia and Paglia, Adriano Pereira and Moreira, Adryelle and Souza, Agnis Cristiane and Abba, Agustin Manuel and Paviolo, Agustin and Gatica, Ailin and Medeiro, Akyllan Zoppi and Costa, Alan Nilo and Gallina, Alberto Gonzalez and Yanosky, Alberto A and Jesus, Alejandro and Bertassoni, Alessandra and Rocha, Alessandro and Bovo, Alex Augusto Abreu and Bager, Alex and Mol, Alexandra Cravino and Martensen, Alexandre Camargo and Faustino, Alexandre Casagrande and Lopes, Alexandre Martins Costa and Percequillo, Alexandre Reis and Vogliotti, Alexandre and Keuroghlian, Alexine and Colina, María Alicia and Devlin, Allison L and García‐Olaechea, Alvaro and Sánchez, Amadeo and Srbek‐Araujo, Ana Carolina and Ochoa, Ana Cecilia and Oliveira, Ana Cristina Mendes and Lacerda, Ana Cristyna Reis and Campelo, Ana Kellen Nogueira and Oliveira Paschoal, Ana Maria and Costa, Ana Raíssa Cunha and Meiga, Ana Yoko Ykeuti and Jesus, Anamélia Souza and Feijó, Anderson and Hirsch, André and Silva, André Luiz Ferreira and Botelho, André Luis Moura and Regolin, André Luis and Lanna, André Monnerat and Nunes, André Valle and Kindel, Andreas and Moraes, Andreia Magro and Gatti, Andressa and Noss, Andrew J and Nobre, Andrezza Bellotto and Montanarin, Anelise and Deffaci, Ângela Camila and Albuquerque, Anna Carolina Figueiredo and Oliveira, Anne Karoline and Mangione, Antonio Marcelo and Pontes, Antonio Rossano Mendes and Bertoldi, Ariane Teixeira and Calouro, Armando Muniz and Desbiez, Arnaud L. J and Fernandes, Arthur and Ferreguetti, Atilla Colombo and Silva, Maria Augusta Andrade and Zimbres, Barbara and Luciano, Beatriz Fernandes Lima and Thoisy, Benoit and Niebuhr, Bernardo Brandão S and Papi, Bernardo and Gómez‐Valencia, Bibiana and Santos, Bráulio A and Lima, Breno Campelo and Oliveira, Bruna Gomes and Santos, Bruna Silva and Campos, Bruno Augusto Torres Parahyba and Leles, Bruno and Albuquerque França, Bruno Rodrigo and Lim, Burton and Oliveira, Caetano Troncoso and Cantagallo, Camila and Lara, Camila Clozato and Lima, Camila Silveira and Gestich, Carla Cristina and Melo‐Soares, Carla Danielle and Peres, Carlos A and Kasper, Carlos Benhur and Candia‐Gallardo, Carlos and De Angelo, Carlos and Fragoso, Carlos Eduardo and Freitas, Carlos Henrique and Salvador, Carlos Henrique and Brocardo, Carlos R and Melo, Carolina Depolito and Leuchtenberger, Caroline and Braga, Caryne and Sánchez‐Lalinde, Catalina and Bueno, Cecília and Luna, Cecília Licarião and Rojano, Cesar and Hurtado, Cindy Meliza and Santos, Cinthya Chiva and Tellaeche, Cintia and ...
Ecology, ISSN 0012-9658, 07/2019, Volume 100, Issue 7, pp. e02663 - n/a
Journal Article
by Rosa, RG and Falavigna, M and da Silva, DB and Sganzerla, D and Santos, MMS and Kochhann, R and de Moura, RM and Eugenio, CS and Haack, TDR and Barbosa, MG and Robinson, CC and Schneider, D and de Oliveira, DM and Jeffman, RW and Cavalcanti, AB and Machado, FR and Azevedo, LCP and Salluh, JIF and Pellegrini, JAS and Moraes, RB and Foernges, RB and Torelly, AP and Ayres, LD and Duarte, PAD and Lovato, WJ and Sampaio, PHS and de Oliveira, LC and Paranhos, JLD and Dantas, AD and de Brito, PIPGG and Paulo, EAP and Gallindo, MAC and Pilau, J and Valentim, HM and Teles, JMM and Nobre, V and Birriel, DC and Castro, LCE and Specht, AM and Medeiros, GS and Tonietto, TF and Mesquita, EC and da Silva, NB and Korte, JE and Hammes, LS and Giannini, A and Bozza, FA and Teixeira, C and Siqueira, IDF and de Albuquerque, GMA and Monteiro, EL and Volpati, NV and Leao, TMZ and Leite, LRA and Estevam, JD and Moreira, FAD and Torres, MCD and Costa, LS and da Silva, CC and Oliveira, KE and Resutto, AD and da Cruz, FMN and Martins, AMD and Melo, OW and Ferreira, PHP and de Oliveira, DC and Freitas, KS and Oliveira, ED and de Melo, JVM and Serra, MGD and Casaes, DF and Silva, ACA and Santana, RMR and Dantas, MAD and Amaral, A and Martins, AD and Menezes, AP and Padua, LSCC and Castilho, MAM and Silva, JR and Braz, CKA and de Carvalho, LM and Oliveira, JD and Pereira, CDMHM and de Souza, R and Paiva, ACD and Ataide, TBLS and Meireles, AD and Santos, LJD and Coelho, VCL and Wierman, IGD and Ferreira, MJS and Costa, ADC and de Lima, RP and da Silva, IM and do Nascimento, IM and Pereira, AMM and Valentim, RLD and Oliveira, KMDS and Serrano, MDL and ... and Brazilian Res Intensive Care and ICU Visits Study Grp Investigators and ICU Visits Study Group Investigators and the Brazilian Research in Intensive Care Network (BRICNet) and for the ICU Visits Study Group Investigators and the Brazilian Research in Intensive Care Network (BRICNet)
JAMA-JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, ISSN 0098-7484, 07/2019, Volume 322, Issue 3, pp. 216 - 228
Journal Article
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, ISSN 0944-1344, 1/2019, Volume 26, Issue 2, pp. 1892 - 1901
Journal Article
Critical Care, ISSN 1364-8535, 04/2013, Volume 17, Issue 2, pp. R63 - R63
Journal Article
PLOS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 11/2019, Volume 14, Issue 11, p. e0224920
Genomic selection (GS) has been used to optimize genetic gains when phenotypic selection is considered costly and difficult to measure. The objective of this... 
Genetic aspects | Single nucleotide polymorphisms | Analysis | Methods | Evaluation | Discriminant analysis | Identification methods | Breeding | Crops | Consistency | Dry matter | Population structure | Genomes | Single-nucleotide polymorphism | Nucleotides | Quantitative genetics | Genetic effects | Accuracy | Efficiency | Agricultural production | Predictions | Population | Crop diseases | Yield | Cassava | Polymorphism
Journal Article
by Vinereanu, Dragos and Lopes, Renato D and Bahit, M Cecilia and Xavier, Denis and Jiang, Jie and Al-Khalidi, Hussein R and He, Wensheng and Xian, Ying and Ciobanu, Andrea O and Kamath, Deepak Y and Fox, Kathleen A and Rao, Meena P and Pokorney, Sean D and Berwanger, Otavio and Tajer, Carlos and de Barros e Silva, Pedro G M and Roettig, Mayme L and Huo, Yong and Granger, Christopher B and Carbajales, Justo and Gómez, Javier Neri Ceferino and Principato, Mario Bruno and Von Wulffen, María Alejandra and Acunzo, Jorge Galperín Rafael Salvador and Bonato, Ricardo Renato and Ciampi, Natalia and Marani, Alberto Babil and Panigadi, Cristian Gustavo and Pastura, Silvia Gabriela and Onetto, Leonardo Martín and Moya, Cecilia Rafaela and Budassi, Nadia and Valle, Marisol and Camerini, Daniel and Monjes, Enrique and Zabala, Federico and Ricart, Juan Pablo and Medesani, Luis and Campos, Eduardo Noe Ortuño and Ferroni, Fabián and Torres, Mariana Foa and Fassi, Daniel Omar and Bosio, Fernando Javier Díaz and Baztarrica, Gabriel Edgardo Pérez and Infantas, Teresa Zúñiga and Perlo, Daniela and García, Celso Fernando and Durán, Rubén García and Durán, Luisina García and Pettinari, Cecilia Alejandra and Vico, Marisa Liliana and Lanchiotti, Paulina Virginia and Gómez, Mariela Soledad and Poy, Carlos Alberto and Grazziani, Franco Sebastián and Laspina, Marcela Julieta and Poy, María Laura and Bahit, María Cecilia and Tajer, Carlos and García, Marilia and Lopes, Renato D and de Barros e Silva, Pedro Gabriel Melo and Berwanger, Otavio and Egydio, Flávia and Restelli, Elissa and Kawakami, Anelise and Soares, Tamara Colaiácovo and Valois, Mayara Vioto and Duarte, Tauane Bello and Barbosa, Lilian Mazza and de Paola, Angelo Amato Vicenzo and Pimenta, Thiago Librelon and Jeronimo, Gabriela Dal Moro and da Costa, Bruna S. Fernandes and Coutinho, Enia Lucia and Guerrero, Andressa Zulmira A and Maia, Lilia Nigro and Nakazone, Marcelo Arruda and Lemos, Maria Angelica Teixeira and Costa, Osana Maria Coelho and Demore, Ana Paula and Brito, Roberta Parra and Melo, Camila Dal Bon and Góes, Nadielly Codonho and Lorenço, Osvaldo and Gonçalves, Luiz Otavio Maia and Nishiama, Kátia and de Lima, Tiago Aparecido Maschio and Backes, Luciano Marcelo and de Lima Deucher, Keyla Liliana Alves and Rodrigues, Milena Pozzatto and Baldissera, Dunnia Monisa and Reolão, José Basileu Caos and dos Santos, Tais Alves and Freisleben, Fernanda Michel Birck and da Silveira Kaross, Níncia Lucca and Montovani, Jéssika Tzervieczenski and Cantarelli, Maiara and Lucion, Aline and do Amarante, Luciano and ... and IMPACT-AF investigators and IMPACT-AF Investigators
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 10/2017, Volume 390, Issue 10104, pp. 1737 - 1746