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Endocrine practice : official journal of the American College of Endocrinology and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, ISSN 1530-891X, 10/2015, Volume 21, Issue 10, pp. 1152 - 1160
Journal Article
by Tominaga, Suketami and Fujiki, Hirota and Muto, Yasutoshi and Moriwaki, Hisataka and Nabeya, K and Okazaki, Yukinori and Takemoto, Tadayoshi and Tokunaga, Akira and Tanaka, Noritake and Kobayashi, Kenzo and Kitano, Atsuo and Kobayashi, Kenichi and Hattori, Nobu and Koyama, Kenji and Sato, Toshio and Tsuji, Yuji and Koga, Shunichi and Ibayashi, Hiroshi and Ohta, Yasuhiko and Fujiwara, Kenji and Unoura, Masashi and Soga, Kenji and Kamimura, Tomoteru and Ichida, Fumihiro and Suzuki, Kazuyuki and Sato, Shunichi and Tarao, Kazuo and Iwamura, Kenichiro and Hashimoto, Osamu and Yui, Saburo and Yamashita, Takafumi and Hashimoto, Hitoshi and Fujimoto, Yasuhisa and Yoshikawa, Kazuhiko and Todo, Taizo and Umeyama, Kaoru and Futagawa, Shunji and Sugiura, Mitsuo and Tsukada, Kazuhiro and Yoshida, Keisuke and Kaneko, Ichiro and Kawaguchi, Hidehiro and Hasegawa, Shigeru and Sasagawa, Mamoru and Muto, Terukazu and Onitsuka, Atsuyoshi and Goto, Akihiko and Inada, Kiyoshi and Harihara, Shigeyoshi and Yamamoto, Sukeo and Sato, Nobuhiro and Kamada, Takenobu and Fukui, Kenichi and Itoh, Hidetsugu and Fukui, Hiroshi and Tamura, Masahiro and Tsujii, Tadasu and Tajiri, T and Yano, M and Kim, T and Aoki, N and Tanaka, Y and Yamashita, K and Shirota, A and Hosoi, S and Honda, K and Kumazaki, T and Okada, Mitsuo and Yao, Tsuneyoshi and Fuchigami, Tadahiko and Iida, Mitsuo and Date, Hirokazu and Fukushima, Tsuneo and Tsuchiya, Shuji and Tanaka, Masahiro and Yoshida, Yukio and Sakai, Hideaki and Kimura, Ken and Saito, Ken and Nakajima, Hitoshi and Tajima, Tsuyoshi and Harima, Takashi and Kawashima, Masao and Hiwatashi, Nobuo and Watanabe, Hikaru and Matsueda, Kei and Umeda, Noritsugu and Shimojo, Emi and Sakagami, Ryuichi and Hayashi, Shigeki and Mori, Kazuhiro and Hoshino, Etsuo and Shoda, Ryosuke and Muraoka, Akira and Kurosawa, Susumu and Yamato, Shigeru and Kobayashi, Tadamasa and Maruyama, Toshiyuki and Oda, Toshitsugu and Takazoe, Masakazu and ...
Gastroenterologia Japonica, ISSN 0435-1339, 04/1985, Volume 20, Issue 2, pp. 153 - 188
Journal Article
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