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electric solid state devices not otherwise provided for (86) 86
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humans (77) 77
optical elements, systems, or apparatus (73) 73
electric communication technique (69) 69
hygiene (69) 69
medical or veterinary science (69) 69
electric digital data processing (68) 68
general tagging of cross-sectional technologies spanning over several sections of the ipc (68) 68
general tagging of new technological developments (68) 68
technical subjects covered by former uspc cross-reference art collections [xracs] and digests (68) 68
vehicles in general (64) 64
use of inorganic or non-macromolecular organic substances ascompounding ingredients (58) 58
index medicus (56) 56
technologies or applications for mitigation or adaptation againstclimate change (55) 55
compositions of macromolecular compounds (54) 54
engineering elements and units (51) 51
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general measures for producing and maintaining effectivefunctioning of machines or installations (51) 51
thermal insulation in general (51) 51
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testing (42) 42
climate change mitigation technologies related totransportation (41) 41
middle aged (40) 40
pictorial communication, e.g. television (39) 39
animals (38) 38
conveying (38) 38
handling thin or filamentary material (38) 38
packing (38) 38
storing (38) 38
aged (37) 37
macromolecular compounds obtained by reactions only involvingcarbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds (36) 36
after-treatment not covered by subclasses c08b, c08c, c08f,c08g (35) 35
general processes of compounding (35) 35
working-up (35) 35
identification (33) 33
non-portable lighting devices (33) 33
systems thereof (33) 33
vehicle lighting devices specially adapted for vehicleexteriors (33) 33
image data processing or generation, in general (32) 32
functional features or details of lighting devices or systemsthereof (31) 31
structural combinations of lighting devices with otherarticles, not otherwise provided for (31) 31
chemical surface treatment (28) 28
coating by vacuum evaporation, by sputtering, by ion implantationor by chemical vapour deposition, in general (28) 28
coating by vacuum evaporation, by sputtering, by ionimplantation or by chemical vapour deposition, in general (28) 28
coating material with metallic material (28) 28
coating metallic material (28) 28
diffusion treatment of metallic material (28) 28
inhibiting corrosion of metallic material or incrustation ingeneral (28) 28
layered products (28) 28
layered products, i.e. products built-up of strata of flat ornon-flat, e.g. cellular or honeycomb, form (28) 28
surface treatment of metallic material by diffusion into thesurface, by chemical conversion or substitution (28) 28
adult (27) 27
bandages, dressings or absorbent pads (27) 27
devices providing patency to, or preventing collapsing of,tubular structures of the body, e.g. stents (27) 27
filters implantable into blood vessels (27) 27
first-aid kits (27) 27
fomentation (27) 27
orthopaedic, nursing or contraceptive devices (27) 27
prostheses (27) 27
treatment or protection of eyes or ears (27) 27
diagnosis (26) 26
advertising (25) 25
combined heating and refrigeration systems (25) 25
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liquefaction solidification of gases (25) 25
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by Yamagami, Keitaro and Kurogi, Ryota and Kurogi, Ai and Nishimura, Hiroyuki and Nishimura, Shinjitsu and Nishimura, Yasuaki and Nishimura, Kunihiro and Nishimura, Ataru and Onozuka, Daisuke and Ren, Nice and Kada, Akiko and Arimura, Koichi and Ido, Keisuke and Mizoguchi, Masahiro and Sakamoto, Seisaburo and Sakamoto, Tetsuya and Kayama, Takamasa and Suzuki, Nozomi and Suzuki, Michiyasu and Suzuki, Sachio and Suzuki, Hidenori and Suzuki, Ichiro and Suzuki, Susumu and Arai, Yoshinori and Arai, Hajime and Arai, Motohiro and Hagihara, Akihito and Iihara, Koji and Takigami, Masayoshi and Kamiyama, Kenji and Houkin, Kiyohiro and Nishi, Shougo and Yoshimoto, Tetsuyuki and Yoshimoto, Junpei and Kaneko, Sadao and Oka, Hirofumi and Oka, Koji and Ooyama, Hiroshi and Kamada, Kyousuke and Makino, Kenichi and Tokumitsu, Naoki and Sako, Kazuhiro and Izumi, Naoto and Nitta, Hisashi and Nitta, Kazumi and Ootaki, Masahumi and Isobe, Masanori and Nishiya, Mikio and Yamazaki, Takaaki and Mabuchi, Syouji and Mabuchi, Eiichiro and Ogasawara, Kuniaki and Kubo, Naohiko and Shimizu, Yukihiko and Saito, Hitoshi and Saito, Keiichi and Yamanome, Tatumi and Yoshino, Kimihiro and Yoshino, Atsuo and Fujitsuka, Mitsuyuki and Takami, Masaaki and Ohtaka, Hirotoshi and Hirano, Teruyuki and Shiokawa, Yosiaki and Okada, Takaharu and Kohno, Michihiro and Haraoka, Jou and Kawamura, Noriyoshi and Kawamura, Tadao and Isoshima, Akira and Yasue, Masaharu and Takayoshi Kobayashi, Mitsuhiko Hokari and Kawai, Kensuke and Maehara, Taketoshi and Noguchi, Makoto and Hoshino, Haruhiko and Hiyama, Hirofumi and Yoshida, Kensaku and Yoshida, Kazunari and Utsugi, Osamu and Takeda, Yasuaki and Takeda, Yuu and Tamaki, Kouichi and Karasudani, Hirohide and Urabe, Takao and Kobayashi, Nozomu and Kobayashi, Shiro and Nakamura, Yusaku and Nakamura, Kazuhito and Nakamura, Michio and Nakamura, Yoshinari and Koguchi, Yorio and Ono, Junichi and Suda, Sumio and Hadeishi, Hiromu and Fukutake, Toshio and Wakui, Kenji and Tanno, Hirokazu and Ishige, Naoki and Ohasi, Takashi and ... and J-ASPECT Study Collaborators
World Neurosurgery, ISSN 1878-8750, 10/2019, Volume 130, pp. e26 - e46
The epidemiology of patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) has changed dramatically over recent decades as a result of rapid advances in aging societies.... 
Aging | Hospital mortality | Prognosis | Traumatic brain injury | Subdural hematoma | SURGERY | CARE | CLINICAL NEUROLOGY | IMPACT | CLINICAL-VARIABLES | HOSPITAL VOLUME | GENDER | COMA
Journal Article
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 03/2016, Volume 48, Issue 4, pp. 427 - 437
Journal Article
by Amemiya, Chris T and Alfoldi, Jessica and Lee, Alison P and Fan, Shaohua and Philippe, Hervé and MacCallum, Iain and Braasch, Ingo and Manousaki, Tereza and Schneider, Igor and Rohner, Nicolas and Organ, Chris and Chalopin, Domitille and Smith, Jeramiah J and Robinson, Mark and Dorrington, Rosemary A and Gerdol, Marco and Aken, Bronwen and Biscotti, Maria Assunta and Barucca, Marco and Baurain, Denis and Berlin, Aaron M and Blatch, Gregory L and Buonocore, Francesco and Burmester, Thorsten and Campbell, Michael S and Canapa, Adriana and Cannon, John P and Christoffels, Alan and De Moro, Gianluca and Edkins, Adrienne L and Fan, Lin and Fausto, Anna Maria and Feiner, Nathalie and Forconi, Mariko and Gamieldien, Junaid and Gnerre, Sante and Gnirke, Andreas and Goldstone, Jared V and Haerty, Wilfried and Hahn, Mark E and Hesse, Uljana and Hoffmann, Steve and Johnson, Jeremy and Karchner, Sibel I and Kuraku, Shigehiro and Lara, Marcia and Levin, Joshua Z and Litman, Gary W and Mauceli, Evan and Miyake, Tsutomu and Mueller, M. Gail and Nelson, David R and Nitsche, Anne and Olmo, Ettore and Ota, Tatsuya and Pallavicini, Alberto and Panji, Sumir and Picone, Barbara and Ponting, Chris P and Prohaska, Sonja J and Przybylski, Dariusz and Saha, Nil Ratan and Ravi, Vydianathan and Ribeiro, Filipe J and Sauka-Spengler, Tatjana and Scapigliati, Giuseppe and Searle, Stephen M. J and Sharpe, Ted and Simakov, Oleg and Stadler, Peter F and Stegeman, John J and Sumiyama, Kenta and Tabbaa, Diana and Tafer, Hakim and Turner-Maier, Jason and Van Heusden, Peter and White, Simon and Williams, Louise and Yandell, Mark and Brinkmann, Henner and Volff, Jean-Nicolas and Tabin, Clifford J and Shubin, Neil and Schartl, Manfred and Jaffe, David B and Postlethwait, John H and Venkatesh, Byrappa and Di Palma, Federica and Lander, Eric S and Meyer, Axel and Lindblad-Toh, Kerstin and Medicinska fakulteten and Science for Life Laboratory, SciLifeLab and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet and Institutionen för medicinsk biokemi och mikrobiologi and Uppsala universitet
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 04/2013, Volume 496, Issue 7445, pp. 311 - 316
Journal Article
Genes & Genetic Systems, ISSN 1341-7568, 2015, Volume 90, Issue 6, pp. 395 - 395
Journal Article
Diabetologia, ISSN 0012-186X, 5/2014, Volume 57, Issue 5, pp. 878 - 890
Journal Article
Chemical Communications, ISSN 1359-7345, 01/2011, Volume 47, Issue 37, pp. 10329 - 10331
In order to obtain cell microarrays formed with human promyelocytic leukemia cells (HL-60), biotinylation of methacryloyl-functionalized HL-60 cells was... 
Human | Glycols | Leukemias | Viability
Journal Article
Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry, ISSN 0916-8451, 2017, Volume 81, Issue 2, pp. 316 - 322
Journal Article
World Neurosurgery, ISSN 1878-8750, 04/2018, Volume 112, pp. e165 - e171
We investigated cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) dynamics at the craniocervical junction (CCJ) using Time-SLIP magnetic resonance imaging to demonstrate the... 
Time-spatial labeling inversion pulse magnetic resonance imaging | Duraplasty | Cerebrospinal fluid | Chiari malformation type I | Craniocervical decompression
Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, ISSN 0018-9464, 07/2016, Volume 52, Issue 7, pp. 1 - 4
Journal Article
Genes & Genetic Systems, ISSN 1341-7568, 2013, Volume 88, Issue 6, pp. 381 - 381
Journal Article
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, ISSN 0021-4922, 08/2018, Volume 57, Issue 8, p. 8
Journal Article