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by Szakmany, T and Pugh, R and Kopczynska, M and Lundin, R. M and Sharif, B and Morgan, P and Ellis, G and Abreu, J and Kulikouskaya, S and Bashir, K and Galloway, L and Al‐Hassan, H and Grother, T and McNulty, P and Seal, S. T and Cains, A and Vreugdenhil, M and Abdimalik, M and Dennehey, N and Evans, G and Whitaker, J and Beasant, E and Hall, C and Lazarou, M and Vanderpump, C. V and Harding, K and Duffy, L and Guerrier Sadler, A and Keeling, R and Banks, C and Ng, S. W. Y and Heng, S. Y and Thomas, D and Puw, E. W and Otahal, I and Battle, C and Minik, O and Lyons, R. A and Hall, J. E and Walters, E and Durie, C and Sinnerton, H and Tanner, B and Cunningham‐Walker, B and Spooner, C and Kiran, A and Nadeem, N and Unadkat, V and Poacher, A and Ganesananthan, S and Hui, J. N. C and Sparey, E and Li, D. C and Smith, J and Corrin, I and Kurani, A and Waring, H and Khan, A and Smith, C and Doyle, N and Baker, E and Shipley, A and Amjad, M. Y and Cynan, M and Azis, N. N and Hay, I and Russell, C and Davies, J and Parsonson, R and Joseph‐Gubral, J and Arunthavarajah, A and Nicholas, J and Harris, A and Hale, J and Atkinson, H and Webster, J and Burnett, T and Gowar, J. R and DeFriend, S and Lawson, D and Maden, C and Jones, H and Preston, H and Maliki, N. A. B and Zimmerman, M and Webber, J and Jones, L and Phillips, R and McCarthy, L and Wirt, L and Hubbard, E and Evans, E and Davis, L. J and Atkins, B and Davies, L. W and Sanders‐Crook, L and Vadivale, N and Lee, C and Dhadda, A and Cleaver, S and ... and Welsh Digital Data Collection and Welsh Digital Data Collection Platform collaborators and the Welsh Digital Data Collection Platform collaborators
Anaesthesia, ISSN 0003-2409, 02/2018, Volume 73, Issue 2, pp. 195 - 204
Journal Article
by Szakmany, Tamas and Lundin, Robert M and Sharif, Ben and Ellis, Gemma and Morgan, Paul and Kopczynska, Maja and Dhadda, Amrit and Mann, Charlotte and Donoghue, Danielle and Rollason, Sarah and Brownlow, Emma and Hill, Francesca and Carr, Grace and Turley, Hannah and Hassall, James and Lloyd, James and Davies, Llywela and Atkinson, Michael and Jones, Molly and Jones, Nerys and Martin, Rhodri and Ibrahim, Yousef and Hall, Judith E and Sadler, Abigail Guerrier and Tullett, Abigail and Gaba, Adnan and Tsui, Adrian and Baksyte, Akvile and Brown, Alexander and Coxon, Alexandra Harriet and Leech, Alexandra and Cains, Alice Charlotte and Jaskowska, Alice and Cooper, Allessia and Davies, Amelia and Thachettu, Anandluke and Sharma, Angelica and Ahmed, Aniqa and Benny, Ankita and Gibbons, Avril and Hadid, Aysha and Davies, Bailey Jessica and Goût, Beatrice and Schroeder, Ben and Bryl, Benjamin and Giles, Benjamin and Richards, Beshlie J and Phillips, Bethan and Atkins, Billie and Teisar, Carla and Knight, Caroline Rosa Alexandra and Jones, Carys Mair and Browne, Catherine and Lewis, Catrin Manon and Spiers, Catriona Helen and Perkins, Celine and Banks, Charldré and Hall, Charles Alexander and Kendall, Charlotte Emma and Girling, Charlotte and Hunt, Charlotte and Steventon, Charlotte and Okorocha, Chiemezie and Vanderpump, Chloe Victoria and Marsh, Christopher and Towriss, Christopher and Eng, Cindy Sing Yee and Oliver, Clare and Thomas, Daniah and Hall, Eleanor and Rowlands, Elen and Thomas, Elen and Puw, Elen Wyn and Cosgrove, Elin and Morgan, Elin and Powell, Elin and Davis, Elinor and Parks, Elisabeth and Beasant, Elizabeth and Burke, Elizabeth and Rual, Elizabeth Nalder and Birkin, Emily and Pulman, Emma Jade and Bond, Faye and Teasdale, Frances M and Hinds, Francesca and Smith, Fredrick John Ennis and Evans, Georgina and Phillips, Georgina and McKay, Grace and Cranch, Hannah and James, Hannah E and Williams, Hannah and Shucksmith, Harriet E and Whewell, Harriet and Cleaver, Hayley and McRobbie, Heather Diane and Jones, Jac Arwyn Rhys and Topham, Jack and Rees, Jaime Keenan and ... and Welsh Digital Data Collection Plat and Welsh Digital Data Collection Platform Collaborators and On behalf of Welsh Digital Data Collection Platform Collaborators
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 12/2016, Volume 11, Issue 12, pp. e0167230 - e0167230
Journal Article
Frontiers in Microbiology, ISSN 1664-302X, 08/2016, Volume 7, pp. 1271 - 1271
Journal Article
by Kopczynska, Maja and Sharif, Ben and Cleaver, Sian and Spencer, Naomi and Kurani, Amit and Lee, Camilla and Davis, Jessica and Durie, Carys and Joseph-Gubral, Jude and Sharma, Angelica and Allen, Lucy and Atkins, Billie and Gordon, Alex and Jones, Llewelyn and Noble, Amy and Bradley, Matthew and Atkinson, Henry and Inns, Joy and Penney, Harriet and Gilbert, Carys and Walford, Rebecca and Pike, Louise and Edwards, Ross and Howcroft, Robyn and Preston, Hazel and Gee, Jennifer and Doyle, Nicholas and Maden, Charlotte and Smith, Claire and Nik Azis, Nik Syakirah and Vadivale, Navrhinaa and Szakmany, Tamas and Pugh, Richard and Battle, Ceri and Lyons, Ronan and Morgan, Paul and Hobrok, Maria and Otahal, Igor and Havalda, Peter and Hamlyn, Vincent and Macchiavello, Luis and Jones, Rhidian and Minik, Orsolya and Morgan, Paul and Ellis, Gemma and Brown, Ceri and Littler, Chris and Campbell, Andy and George, David and Subbe, Chris and Hall, Judith E and Szoke, Szilvia and Self, Richard and Gunter, Una and Lundin, Robert M and Alsaeed, Meshari and Williams, Hannah and Ayob, Arfa and Farzana, Nor and Parida, Sweta and Lawson, David and Mazur, Michal and D'Souza, Lezia and Ponting, Bethan and Lau, Terrance and Kerrigan, Ruairidh and Morgan, Lucy and Vindla, Roshan and Zeicu, Claudia and James, Becky and Ariff, Amirah Amin and Azzlan, Wan Binti Wan and Collins, Charlotte and Wickens, Elizabeth and Norbee, Alisa and Zulkefli, Aliya and Haddock, Thomas and Thomas, Megan and Lee, Matthew and Dandawate, Akshita and Shayan-Arani, Holleh and Taylor, Ellie and Kyriakides, Oliver and Price, Rachel and Mackey, Ffion Haf and Haines, Emily and Chun, Samuel and Roberts, Chantal and Waller, Alessia and Heekin, Laura and Wang, Kathy and Church, Rhianna and Patel, Shrina and Broderick, Marianne and Whillis, Hannah and Hathaway, Daniel Craig and Yildirim, Emel and Atkins, Caitlin and Mounce, Adam George and Ramjeeawon, Anoopama and ... and Welsh Digital Data Collection Platform Collaborators
BMC Research Notes, ISSN 1756-0500, 10/2018, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp. 720 - 720
Journal Article
Bolest, ISSN 1212-0634, 2005, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp. 31 - 36
Journal Article
Anesteziologie a Intenzivni Medicina, ISSN 1214-2158, 2005, Volume 16, Issue 2, pp. 87 - 92
Journal Article
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