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by Watts, Alaric Alexander, 1797-1864 and Howitt, Mary 1799-1888 (Mary Botham) and Griffin, Gerald, 1803-1840 and Westall, Richard, 1765-1836 and De Vere, Aubrey, Sir, 1788-1846 and L. E. L. 1802-1838. (Letitia Elizabeth Landon) and Lawrence, Thomas, Sir, 1769-1830 and Dale, Thomas, 1797-1870 and St. John, James Augustus, 1795-1875 and Chorley, Henry Fothergill, 1808-1872 and Stoddart, Thomas Tod, 1810-1880 and Pickersgill, Henry William, 1782-1875 and Danforth, Moseley Isaac, 1800-1862, engraver and Watt, James Henry, 1799-1867, engraver and Watt, William Henry, 1804-1845, engraver and Portbury, E. J., approximately 1795-1885 engraver and Goodyear, Joseph, 1797-1839, engraver and Wallis, Robert, 1794-1878 engraver and Cook, Henry, fl. 1813-1847, engraver and Outrim, John, b. 1810, engraver and Stephenson, James, 1808-1886, engraver and Staines, Robert, 1805-1849, engraver and Sangster, Samuel, 1804-1872, engraver and Periam, G. A., fl. 1835-1852, engraver and Robinson, H., engraver and Simmons, William Henry, 1811-1882, engraver and Hill, W., fl. 1833-1850, engraver and Lightfoot, Peter, 1805-1885, engraver and Stocks, Lumb, 1812-1892, engraver and Salmon, S., fl. 1834, engraver and Thomas, John, engraver, fl. 1830-1835 and Engleheart, Timothy Stansfield, 1803-1879, engraver and Hart, Robert, fl. 1833-1869, engraver and Chalon, Alfred Edward, 1780-1860 ill and Howard, Henry, 1769-1847 ill and Stothard, Thomas, 1755-1834 ill and Roberts, David, 1796-1864 ill and Newton, Gilbert Stuart, 1794-1835, ill and Wright, John William, 1802-1848 ill and Westall, Richard, 1765-1836 ill and Collins, William, 1788-1847, ill and Hollins, John, 1798-1855, ill and Lawrence, Thomas, Sir, 1769-1830, ill and Middleton, J. G. 1803 or 1804- ill. (James Godsell) and Barret, George, approximately 1767-1842 ill and Stone, Frank, 1800-1859, ill and Bonington, Richard Parkes, 1801-1828 ill and Rippingille, Edward Villiers, 1798?-1859, ill and Danby, Francis, 1793-1861, ill and Lewis, George Robert, 1782-1871, ill and Pickersgill, Henry William, 1782-1875, ill
The literary souvenir, and cabinet of modern art, 1835
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