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Misperceptions about the world's grassy biomes contribute to their alarming rates of loss due to conversion for agriculture and tree plantations, as well as to... 
Forum | afforestation | old-growth grasslands | REDD | carbon sequestration | climate change | SAVANNA | CARBON | ORIGINS | FIRE | BIOLOGY | GRASSLANDS | MAP | WATER | Grasslands | Forest reproduction | Biological diversity conservation | Protection and preservation | Environmental aspects | Ecosystem services | Methods | Biodiversity and Ecology | Environmental Sciences
Journal Article
by Neuhaus, Valentin and Bot, Arjan G. J and Guitton, Thierry G and Ring, David C and Abdel-Ghany, Mahmoud I and Abrams, Jeffrey and Abzug, Joshua M and Adolfsson, Lars E and Balfour, George W and Bamberger, H. Brent and Barquet, Antonio and Baskies, Michael and Batson, W. Arnold and Baxamusa, Taizoon and Bayne, Grant J and Begue, Thierry and Behrman, Michael and Beingessner, Daphne and Biert, Jan and Bishop, Julius and Alves, Mateus Borges Oliveira and Boyer, Martin and Brilej, go and Brink, Peter R. G and Brunton, Lance M and Buckley, Richard and Cagnone, Juan Carlos and Calfee, Ryan P and Campinhos, Luiz Augusto B and Cassidy, Charles and Catalano, Louis and Chivers, Karel and Choudhari, Pradeep and Cimerman, Matej and Conflitti, Joseph M and Costanzo, Ralph M and Crist, Brett D and Cross, Brian J and Dantuluri, Phani and Darowish, Michael and de Bedout, Ramon and DeCoster, Thomas and Dennison, David G and DeNoble, Peter H and DeSilva, Gregory and Dienstknecht, Thomas and Duncan, Scott F and Duralde, Xavier A and Durchholz, Holger and Egol, Kenneth and Ekholm, Carl and Elias, Nelson and Erickson, John M and Esparza, J. Daniel Espinosa and Fernandes, C. H and Fischer, Thomas J and Fischmeister, Martin and Forigua Jaime, E and Getz, Charles L and GIlbert, Richard S and Giordano, Vincenzo and Glaser, David L and Gosens, Taco and Grafe, Michael W and Filho, Jose Eduardo Grandi Ribeiro and Gray, Robert R. L and Gulotta, Lawrence V and Gummerson, Nigel William and Hammerberg, Eric Mark and Harvey, Edward and Haverlag, R and Henry, Patrick D. G and Hobby, Jonathan L and Hofmeister, Eric P and Hughes, Thomas and Itamura, John and Jebson, Peter and Jenkinson, Richard and Jeray, Kyle and Jones, Christopher M and Jones, Jedediah and Jubel, Axel and Kaar, Scott G and Kabir, K and Kaplan, F. Thomas D and Kennedy, Stephen A and Kessler, Michael W and Kimball, Hervey L and Kloen, Peter and Klostermann, Cyrus and Kohut, Georges and Kraan, G. A and Kristan, Anze and Loebenberg, Mark I and Malone, Kevin J and Marsh, L and Martineau, Paul A and McAuliffe, John and McGraw, Iain and Mehta, Samir and ... and Science of Variation Group
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