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2018, ISBN 9789813225855, xii, 157 pages
by Mawji, Edward and Schlitzer, Reiner and Dodas, Elena Masferrer and Abadie, Cyril and Abouchami, Wafa and Anderson, Robert F and Baars, Oliver and Bakker, Karel and Baskaran, Mark and Bates, Nicholas R and Bluhm, Katrin and Bowie, Andrew and Bown, Johann and Boye, Marie and Boyle, Edward A and Branellec, Pierre and Bruland, Kenneth W and Brzezinski, Mark A and Bucciarelli, Eva and Buesseler, Ken and Butler, Edward and Cai, Pinghe and Cardinal, Damien and Casciotti, Karen and Chaves, Joaquin and Cheng, Hai and Chever, Fanny and Church, Thomas M and Colman, Albert S and Conway, Tim M and Croot, Peter L and Cutter, Gregory A and de Baar, Hein J.W and de Souza, Gregory F and Dehairs, Frank and Deng, Feifei and Dieu, Huong Thi and Dulaquais, Gabriel and Echegoyen-Sanz, Yolanda and Lawrence Edwards, R and Fahrbach, Eberhard and Fitzsimmons, Jessica and Fleisher, Martin and Frank, Martin and Friedrich, Jana and Fripiat, François and Galer, Stephen J.G and Gamo, Toshitaka and Solsona, Ester Garcia and Gerringa, Loes J.A and Godoy, José Marcus and Gonzalez, Santiago and Grossteffan, Emilie and Hatta, Mariko and Hayes, Christopher T and Heller, Maija Iris and Henderson, Gideon and Huang, Kuo-Fang and Jeandel, Catherine and Jenkins, William J and John, Seth and Kenna, Timothy C and Klunder, Maarten and Kretschmer, Sven and Kumamoto, Yuichiro and Laan, Patrick and Labatut, Marie and Lacan, Francois and Lam, Phoebe J and Lannuzel, Delphine and le Moigne, Frederique and Lechtenfeld, Oliver J and Lohan, Maeve C and Lu, Yanbin and Masqué, Pere and McClain, Charles R and Measures, Christopher and Middag, Rob and Moffett, James and Navidad, Alicia and Nishioka, Jun and Noble, Abigail and Obata, Hajime and Ohnemus, Daniel C and Owens, Stephanie and Planchon, Frédéric and Pradoux, Catherine and Puigcorbé, Viena and Quay, Paul and Radic, Amandine and Rehkämper, Mark and Remenyi, Tomas and Rijkenberg, Micha J.A and Rintoul, Stephen and Robinson, Laura F and Roeske, Tobias and Rosenberg, Mark and van der Loeff, Michiel Rutgers and Ryabenko, Evgenia and Saito, Mak A and ... and The GEOTRACES Group and Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States). Advanced Photon Source (APS)
Marine chemistry, ISSN 0304-4203, 12/2015, Volume 177, Issue Part 1, pp. 1 - 8
The GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2014 (IDP2014) is the first publicly available data product of the international GEOTRACES programme, and contains data... 
Trace elements | Isotopes | GEOTRACES | Electronic atlas | CHEMISTRY, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | OCEANOGRAPHY | Tracers (Biology) | Spreadsheets | Animated | Electronics | Flags | Assessments | Tracers | Three dimensional | Digital data | Sciences of the Universe | Ocean, Atmosphere | Biodiversity and Ecology | Physics | Geophysics | Environmental Sciences
Journal Article
The New England journal of medicine, ISSN 1533-4406, 2004, Volume 351, Issue 20, pp. 2058 - 2068
Journal Article
Immunity (Cambridge, Mass.), ISSN 1074-7613, 2014, Volume 40, Issue 6, pp. 989 - 1001
Journal Article
by Schlitzer, Reiner and Anderson, Robert F and Dodas, Elena Masferrer and Lohan, Maeve and Geibert, Walter and Tagliabue, Alessandro and Bowie, Andrew and Jeandel, Catherine and Maldonado, Maria T and Landing, William M and Cockwell, Donna and Abadie, Cyril and Abouchami, Wafa and Achterberg, Eric P and Agather, Alison and Aguliar-Islas, Ana and van Aken, Hendrik M and Andersen, Morten and Archer, Corey and Auro, Maureen and de Baar, Hein J and Baars, Oliver and Baker, Alex R and Bakker, Karel and Basak, Chandranath and Baskaran, Mark and Bates, Nicholas R and Bauch, Dorothea and van Beek, Pieter and Behrens, Melanie K and Black, Erin and Bluhm, Katrin and Bopp, Laurent and Bouman, Heather and Bowman, Katlin and Bown, Johann and Boyd, Philip and Boye, Marie and Boyle, Edward A and Branellec, Pierre and Bridgestock, Luke and Brissebrat, Guillaume and Browning, Thomas and Bruland, Kenneth W and Brumsack, Hans-Jürgen and Brzezinski, Mark and Buck, Clifton S and Buck, Kristen N and Buesseler, Ken and Bull, Abby and Butler, Edward and Cai, Pinghe and Mor, Patricia Cámara and Cardinal, Damien and Carlson, Craig and Carrasco, Gonzalo and Casacuberta, Núria and Casciotti, Karen L and Castrillejo, Maxi and Chamizo, Elena and Chance, Rosie and Charette, Matthew A and Chaves, Joaquin E and Cheng, Hai and Chever, Fanny and Christl, Marcus and Church, Thomas M and Closset, Ivia and Colman, Albert and Conway, Tim M and Cossa, Daniel and Croot, Peter and Cullen, Jay T and Cutter, Gregory A and Daniels, Chris and Dehairs, Frank and Deng, Feifei and Dieu, Huong Thi and Duggan, Brian and Dulaquais, Gabriel and Dumousseaud, Cynthia and Echegoyen-Sanz, Yolanda and Edwards, R. Lawrence and Ellwood, Michael and Fahrbach, Eberhard and Fitzsimmons, Jessica N and Russell Flegal, A and Fleisher, Martin Q and van de Flierdt, Tina and Frank, Martin and Friedrich, Jana and Fripiat, Francois and Fröllje, Henning and Galer, Stephen J.G and Gamo, Toshitaka and Ganeshram, Raja S and Garcia-Orellana, Jordi and Garcia-Solsona, Ester and Gault-Ringold, Melanie and George, Ejin and ...
Chemical geology, ISSN 0009-2541, 08/2018, Volume 493, pp. 210 - 223
The GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2017 (IDP2017) is the second publicly available data product of the international GEOTRACES programme, and contains... 
Trace elements | Isotopes | IDP2017 | GEOTRACES | Electronic atlas | MODELS | To be checked by Faculty | GEOCHEMISTRY & GEOPHYSICS | Data processing | Isòtops | Processament de dades | Oceans | Sciences of the Universe | Ocean, Atmosphere | Biodiversity and Ecology | Environmental Sciences
Journal Article
by Gräslund, Susanne and Nordlund, Pär and Weigelt, Johan and Hallberg, B. Martin and Bray, James and Gileadi, Opher and Knapp, Stefan and Oppermann, Udo and Arrowsmith, Cheryl and Hui, Raymond and Ming, Jinrong and dhe-Paganon, Sirano and Park, Hee-Won and Savchenko, Alexei and Yee, Adelinda and Edwards, Aled and Vincentelli, Renaud and Cambillau, Christian and Kim, Rosalind and Kim, Sung-Hou and Rao, Zihe and Shi, Yunyu and Terwilliger, Thomas C and Kim, Chang-Yub and Hung, Li-Wei and Waldo, Geoffrey S and Peleg, Yoav and Albeck, Shira and Unger, Tamar and Dym, Orly and Prilusky, Jaime and Sussman, Joel L and Stevens, Ray C and Lesley, Scott A and Wilson, Ian A and Joachimiak, Andrzej and Collart, Frank and Dementieva, Irina and Donnelly, Mark I and Eschenfeldt, William H and Kim, Youngchang and Stols, Lucy and Wu, Ruying and Zhou, Min and Burley, Stephen K and Emtage, J. Spencer and Sauder, J. Michael and Thompson, Devon and Bain, Kevin and Luz, John and Gheyi, Tarun and Zhang, Fred and Atwell, Shane and Almo, Steven C and Bonanno, Jeffrey B and Fiser, Andras and Swaminathan, Sivasubramanian and Studier, F. William and Chance, Mark R and Sali, Andrej and Acton, Thomas B and Xiao, Rong and Zhao, Li and Ma, Li Chung and Hunt, John F and Tong, Liang and Cunningham, Kellie and Inouye, Masayori and Anderson, Stephen and Janjua, Heleema and Shastry, Ritu and Ho, Chi Kent and Wang, Dongyan and Wang, Huang and Jiang, Mei and Montelione, Gaetano T and Stuart, David I and Owens, Raymond J and Daenke, Susan and Schütz, Anja and Heinemann, Udo and Yokoyama, Shigeyuki and Büssow, Konrad and Gunsalus, Kristin C and Joint Center for Structural Genomics and Architecture et Fonction des Macromolécules Biologiques and Israel Structural Proteomics Center and New York Structural GenomiX Research Center for Structural Genomics and Integrated Center for Structure and Function Innovation and Midwest Center for Structural Genomics and Structural Genomics Consortium and Berkeley Structural Genomics Center and RIKEN Structural Genomics/Proteomics Initiative and Oxford Protein Production Facility and Protein Sample Production Facility, Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine and SPINE2-Complexes and China Structural Genomics Consortium and Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium and Max Delbruck Ctr Mol Med and SPINE2 Complexes and Joint Ctr Struct Genomics and Prot Sample Prod Facility and NE Struct Genomics Consortium and Architecture Fonction Macromol and China Struct Genomics Consortium and RIKEN Struct Genomics Proteomics and New York Struct GenomiX Res Ctr and Berkeley Struct Genomics Ctr and Midwest Ctr Struct Genomics and Struct Genomics Consortium and Oxford Prot Prod Facility and Integrated Ctr Struct Function and Israel Struct Proteomics Ctr
Nature methods, ISSN 1548-7105, 2008, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp. 135 - 146
Journal Article
The Best short plays, ISSN 0067-6284, 1937
2015, ISBN 1137482672, 289
Owens provides a historical analysis of the ideological movements and reform efforts leading to the Common Core State Standards, beginning with conservative... 
Education-History | Education | School improvement programs | Education and state
by Kennedy, Cassie C and Novotny, Paul J and LeBrasseur, Nathan K and Wise, Robert A and Sciurba, Frank C and Benzo, Roberto P and Fishman, A.P and Bozzarello, B.A and Al-Amin, A and Katz, M and Wheeler, C and Baker, E and Barnard, P and Carter, J and Chatziioannou, S and Conejo-Gonzales, K and Haddad, J and Hicks, D and Kleiman, N and Milburn-Barnes, M and Nguyen, C and Reardon, M and Reeves-Viets, J and Sax, S and Sharafkhaneh, A and Young, C and Espada, R and Butanda, R and Dubose, K and Ellisor, M and Fox, P and Hale, K and Hood, E and Jahn, A and Jhingran, S and King, K and Miller, C and Nizami, I and Officer, T and Ricketts, J and Rodarte, J and Teague, R and Williams, K and Reilly, J and Sugarbaker, D and Fanning, C and Body, S and Duffy, S and Formanek, V and Fuhlbrigge, A and Hartigan, P and Hooper, S and Hunsaker, A and Jacobson, F and Moy, M and Peterson, S and Russell, R and Saunders, D and Swanson, S and McKenna, R and Mohsenifar, Z and Geaga, C and Biring, M and Clark, S and Frantz, R and Julien, P and Lewis, M and Minkoff-Rau, J and Yegyan, V and Joyner, M and De-Camp, M and Stoller, J and Meli, Y and Apostolakis, J and Atwell, D and Chapman, J and DeVilliers, P and Dweik, R and Kraenzler, E and Lann, R and Kurokawa, N and Marlow, S and McCarthy, K and McCreight, P and Mehta, A and Meziane, M and Minai, O and O'Donovan, P and Steiger, M and White, K and Maurer, J and Hearn, C and Lubell, S and Schilz, R and Durr, T and Ginsburg, M and Thomashow, B and Jellen, P and Austin, J and Bartels, M and ... and NETT Res Grp
Annals of the American Thoracic Society, ISSN 2325-6621, 02/2019, Volume 16, Issue 2, pp. 217 - 224
Journal Article
1996, Selected topics in superconductivity, ISBN 030645453X, 216
In The New Superconductors, Frank J. Owens and Charles P. Poole, Jr., offer a descriptive, non-mathematical presentation of the latest superconductors and their properties for the non-specialist... 
Superconductors | Superconductivity | Solid State Physics | Condensed Matter Physics | Crystallography and Scattering Methods | Spectroscopy and Microscopy | Characterization and Evaluation of Materials | Crystallography | Surfaces (Physics)