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Journal of Nanoparticle Research, ISSN 1388-0764, 05/2016, Volume 18, Issue 5, p. 1
  Polymeric micelles (Lactosome) in the size of 20-30 nm were labeled with radionuclides of 111In (111In-DOTA-Lactosome) for SPECT imaging and 90Y... 
Journal Article
1999, ISBN 0140280464, 366, 16
by Ogihara, Toshio and Saruta, Takao and Rakugi, Hiromi and Saito, Ikuo and Shimamoto, Kazuaki and Matsuoka, Hiroaki and Shimada, Kazuyuki and Ito, Sadayoshi and Horiuchi, Masatsugu and Imaizumi, Tsutomu and Takishita, Shuichi and Higaki, Jitsuo and Katayama, Shigehiro and Kimura, Genjiroh and Umemura, Satoshi and Ura, Nobuyuki and Hayashi, Koichi and Odawara, Masato and Tanahashi, Norio and Ishimitsu, Toshihiko and Kashihara, Naoki and Morita, Satoshi and Teramukai, Satoshi and Anno, T and Aoyama, S and Arima, N and Bando, Y and Dohi, Y and Fujioka, H and Fukuda, M and Fukuda, S and Fukuta, M and Futamura, Y and Hirakawa, Y and Imaeda, K and Imai, H and Imamura, A and Ito, M and Ito, O and Ito, T and Iwa, T and Izumi, J and Kaga, Y and Kanematsu, K and Kato, Y and Kawata, Y and Kitamura, T and Kobayashi, K and Koyasu, M and Kuwabara, S and Kuzuya, M and Maekawa, M and Mihara, H and Mitsuguchi, F and Murohara, T and Narita, T and Negi, K and Numaguchi, Y and Ohya, T and Okayama, N and Okuma, K and Ozaki, N and Ozeki, N and Sato, K and Sawada, T and Seino, Y and Suezawa, M and Suzuki, T and Suzuki, Y and Takahashi, N and Takahashi, R and Tanaka, N and Wakida, Y and Watanuki, H and Watarai, M and Yamada, K and Yamashita, S and Yoshikane, M and Goto, M and Ishida, Y and Kimura, H and Takahashi, K and Yashima, N and Abe, Y and Fujiwara, S and Higashino, H and Kaizuka, M and Minami, O and Ogiu, Y and Osanai, T and Sasaki, T and Sato, A and Sugimoto, K and Takahashi, H and Tanabe, K and Azuma, D and Ibuki, C and Inoya, H and Iyo, T and Kusaka, M and ...
Journal of Hypertension, ISSN 0263-6352, 10/2014, Volume 32, Issue 10, pp. 2054 - 2063
Journal Article
by Okada, Hirokazu and Yasuda, Yoshinari and Kashihara, Naoki and Asahi, Koichi and Ito, Takafumi and Kaname, Shinya and Kanda, Eiichiro and Kanno, Yoshihiko and Shikata, Kenichi and Shibagaki, Yugo and Tsuchiya, Ken and Tsuruya, Kazuhiko and Nagata, Daisuke and Narita, Ichiei and Nangaku, Masaomi and Hattori, Motoshi and Hamano, Takayuki and Fujimoto, Shouichi and Moriyama, Toshiki and Yamagata, Kunihiro and Yamamoto, Ryohei and Wakasugi, Minako and Ashida, Akira and Usui, Joichi and Kawamura, Kazuko and Kitamura, Kenichiro and Konta, Tsuneo and Suzuki, Yusuke and Tsuruoka, Shuichi and Nishio, Saori and Hamano, Takayuki and Fujii, Naohiko and Fujii, Hideki and Wada, Takehiko and Yokoyama, Hitoshi and Aoki, Katsunori and Akiyama, Daiichiro and Araki, Shin-ichi and Arima, Hisatomi and Ishikawa, Eiji and Ishikura, Kenji and Ishizuka, Kiyonobu and Ishimoto, Takuji and Ishimoto, Yu and Iseki, Kunitoshi and Itabashi, Mitsuyo and Ichioka, Satoko and Ichikawa, Kazunobu and Ichikawa, Daisuke and Inoue, Shuji and Imai, Toshimi and Imamura, Hideaki and Iwata, Yasunori and Iwazu, Yoshitaka and Usui, Toshiaki and Uchida, Keiko and Egawa, Masahiro and Ohara, Shinichiro and Omori, Norio and Okada, Rieko and Okuda, Yusuke and Ozeki, Takaya and Obata, Yoko and Kai, Hirayasu and Kato, Noritoshi and Kanasaki, Keizo and Kaneko, Yoshikatsu and Kabasawa, Hideyuki and Kawaguchi, Takehiko and Kawasaki, Yukihiko and Kawashima, Keisuke and Kawano, Haruna and Kikuchi, Kan and Kihara, Masao and Kimura, Yoshiki and Kurita, Noriaki and Koike, Kentaro and Koizumi, Masahiro and Kojima, Chiari and Goto, Shunsuke and Konomoto, Takao and Kohagura, Kentaro and Komatsu, Hiroyuki and Komaba, Hirotaka and Saito, Chie and Sakai, Yukinao and Sakaguchi, Yusuke and Satonaka, Hiroshi and Jimi, Kanako and Shimizu, Akihiro and Shimizu, Sayaka and Shirai, Sayuri and Shinzawa, Maki and Sugiyama, Kazuhiro and Suzuki, Tomo and Suzuki, Hitoshi and Suyama, Kazuhide and Segawa, Hiroyoshi and Takahashi, Kazuya and Tanaka, Kenichi and ... and Japanese Soc Nephrology and Japanese Society of Nephrology
Clinical and Experimental Nephrology, ISSN 1342-1751, 01/2019, Volume 23, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 15
Author Affiliation: 
UROLOGY & NEPHROLOGY | Kidney diseases | Guideline
Journal Article
Cell, ISSN 0092-8674, 09/2018, Volume 175, Issue 1, pp. 266 - 276.e13
Journal Article
by Chen, F and Hochleitner, G and Groll, J and Dalton, P and Hrynevich, A and Brook, G and Groll, J and Dalton, P and Di Luca, A and Gunnewiek, M. Klein and Longoni, A and Benetti, E and Mota, C and Vancso, J and van Blitterswijk, C and Sutoko, S. L and Horimoto, Y and Anzai, M and Niino, T and Sakai, Y and Cassano, J. M and Kennedy, J. G and Ross, K. A and Fraser, E. J and Goodale, M. B and Fortier, L. A and Kumar, P and Kumar, P and Kumar, P and Satyam, A and Satyam, A and Satyam, A and Pandit, A and Pandit, A and Pandit, A and Pandit, A and Zeugolis, D and Zeugolis, D and Zeugolis, D and Creane, M and Howard, L and O'Brien, T and Niada, S and Franchi, S and Ferreira, L. M and Amodeo, G and Milani, A and Sacerdote, P. G and Tremblay, C and Laterreur, V and Galbraith, T and Germain, L and Auger, F. A and Ruel, J and Morticelli, L and Morticelli, L and Sarikouch, S and Tudorache, I and Cebotari, S and Haverich, A and Korossis, S and Smits, A. I and Talacua, H and Muylaert, D. E and Janssen, H. M and Bosman, A and Verhaar, M. C and Dankers, P. Y and Driessen, A and Kluin, J and Baaijens, F. P and Struß, M and Schiffer, F and Heidelberg, F and Munakata, H and Huynh, K and Stoldt, V. R and Lichtenberg, A and Akhyari, P and Reimer, J and Reimer, J and Schmidt, J and Lahti, M and Berry, J and Bianco, R and Tranquillo, R and Tranquillo, R and Gerner, C and Kreil, D and Rosser, J and Gabner, S and Egerbacher, M and Jenner, F and Tuan, R. S and Telling, N. D and Henstock, J. R and El Haj, A. J and De Nijs, N and Rojas-Pena, M and Stevens, H and ...
Tissue Engineering Part A, ISSN 1937-3341, 09/2015, Volume 21, Issue S1, pp. S-1 - S-413
Journal Article
1981, ISBN 9783764330538, Volume 14., xii, 459
Journal Article
Neuropeptides, ISSN 0143-4179, 10/2013, Volume 47, Issue 5, p. 329
Peptide YY (PYY) is a peptide hormone secreted from L cells in the intestine in response to food intake that regulates appetite and gastrointestinal function.... 
Neuropeptide Y | Chorionic gonadotropin | RNA | Streptozocin | Genetic transcription | Diabetes | Cholecystokinin
Journal Article
NEUROPEPTIDES, ISSN 0143-4179, 10/2013, Volume 47, Issue 5, pp. 329 - 332
Peptide YY (PYY) is a peptide hormone secreted from L cells in the intestine in response to food intake that regulates appetite and gastrointestinal function.... 
Journal Article
Journal Article