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by Tunca, Mehmet and Ozdogan, Huri and Kasapcopur, Ozgur and Yalcinkaya, Fatos and Tutar, Ercan and Topaloglu, Rezan and Yilmaz, Engin and Arici, Mustafa and Bakkaloglu, Aysin and Besbas, Nesrin and Akpolat, Tekin and Dinc, Ayhan and Erken, Eren and Tirpan, Kazim and Ozer, Huseyin TE and Soyturk, Mujde and Senturk, Taskin and Balci, Banu and Ozguc, Meral and Dundar, Munis and Akar, Ece and Ozel, Duygu and Dundar, Munis and Gunesacar, Ramazan and Booth, David R and Hawkins, Philip N and Touitou, Isabelle and Aksentijevich, Ivona and Matzner, Yakov and Arslan, Serap and Balaban, Yasemin and Batman, Figen and Bayraktar, Yusuf and Apras, Sule and Calguneri, Meral and Duzova, Ali and Kav, Taylan and Ozaltin, Fatih and Simsek, Halis and Sivri, Bulent and Tatar, Gonca and Akkoc, Nurullah and Kavukcu, Salih and Soylu, Alper and Turkmen, Mehmet and Unsal, Erbil and Arisoy, Nil and Caliskan, Salim and Gogus, Feride and Masatlioglu, Seval and Sever, Lale and Akkok, Nermin and Cakar, Nilgun and Kara, Nazli and Kocak, Hulusi and Ozalp, Sila and Bilge, Ilmay and Sevinc, Emre and Gul, Ahmet and Kamali, Sevil and Sadikoglu, Banu and Selcukbiricik, Fatih and Sirin, Aydan and Sucu, Aysegul and Bek, Kenan and Bulbul, Mehmet and Delibas, Ali and Demircin, Gulay and Erdogan, Ozlem and Oner, Ayse and Mesiha, Ekim and Ozkaya, Nuray and Tekin, Mustafa and Demirkaya, Erkan and Erdem, Hakan and Gok, Faysal and Pay, Salih and Islek, Ismail and Kabasakal, Yasemin and Keser, Gokhan and Ozmen, Mustafa and Akoglu, Emel and Atagunduz, Pamir and Direskeneli, Haner and Temel, Musa and Tuglular, Serhan and Buyan, Necla and Bakkaloglu, Sevcan and Derici, Ulver and Goker, Berna and Kalman, Suleyman and Ozkaya, Ozan and Dusunsel, Ruhan and Gunduz, Zubeyde and Poyrazoglu, M. Hakan and Korkmaz, Cengiz and Baskin, Esra and Koseoglu, Hamide Kart and Saatci, Umit and Yucel, Eftal and ... and Turkish FMF Study Grp and Turkish FMF Study Group
Medicine, ISSN 0025-7974, 01/2005, Volume 84, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 11
Journal Article
Dalton Transactions, ISSN 1477-9226, 07/2012, Volume 41, Issue 25, pp. 7559 - 7572
The phthalodinitrile derivative (3) was prepared by the reaction of 4,4'-(octahydro-4,7-methano-5H-inden-5- ylidene)bisphenol (1) and 4-nitrophthalonitrile (2)... 
Journal Article
by Baselga-Moreno, Víctor and Trushakova, Svetlana and McNeil, Shelly and Sominina, Anna and Nunes, Marta C and Draganescu, Anca and Unal, Serhat and Koul, Parvaiz and Kyncl, Jan and Zhang, Tao and Kuatbayeva, Ainagul and Ben-Salah, Afif and Burtseva, Elena and Puig-Barberà, Joan and Díez-Domingo, Javier and Escribano-López, B and Esteban, S. García and Guglieri-López, B and Martín-Navarro, M and Mira-Iglesias, A and Sánchez-Catalán, M.J and López-Labrador, X and Adriana-Magos, E and Carballido-Fernández, M and Maseres, J. Mollar and Roldán-Aguado, M and Fernández-Dopazo, J and Tortajada-Girbés, M and Llorente-Nieto, P and Schwarz-Chavarri, G and Garina, E and Kisteneva, L and Kolobukhina, L and Krasnoslobotsev, K and Kruzhkova, I and Merkulova, L and Mukasheva, E and Ambrose, A and Andrew, M and Elsherif, M and MacKinnon-Cameron, D and Nichols-Evans, M and Ye, P and Afanasieva, O and Afanasieva, A and Demina, S and Dondurei, E and Eropkin, M and Fadeev, A and Generalova, L and Go, A and Golovacheva, E and Gonchar, V and Komissarov, A and Konovalova, N and Kuvarzina, S and Levanyuk, T and Lobova, T and Osidak, L and Pisareva, M and Rozhkova, E and Sintsova, K and Sirotkina, Z and Smorodintseva, E and Stolyarov, K and Sukhovetskaya, V and Tamila, M and Voloshuk, L and Yanina, M and Zarishnyuk, P and Madhi, S.A and Aramǎ, V and Florea, D and Luminos, M and Otelea, D and Sandulescu, O and Vlaicu, O and Pitigoi, D and Aykac, K and Bosi, T. Bagcl and Bilgin, E and Durusu, M and Kara, A and Ozisik, L and Basaranoglu, S. Tanir and Demirdag, T. Bedir and Tunccan, O. Guzel and Ozgen, O and Tezer, H and Gulhan, B and Ozkaya-Parlakay, A and Ozsoy, M and Tulek, N and Ciblak, M. Akcay and Fraga, A. Galindo and Almeida, M. L. Guerrero and Ruiz-Palacios, G.M and De Colsa Ranero, A and Domínguez-Viveros, W. Dolores and Jiménez-Escobar, I and ... and GIHSN and Global Influenza Hospital Surveillance Network (GIHSN) and for the Global Influenza Hospital Surveillance Network (GIHSN)
BMC Public Health, ISSN 1471-2458, 05/2019, Volume 19, Issue 1, pp. 487 - 487
Journal Article
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, ISSN 0092-0703, 9/2016, Volume 44, Issue 5, pp. 586 - 607
Journal Article
International Archives of Allergy and Immunology, ISSN 1018-2438, 05/2018, Volume 176, Issue 1, pp. 33 - 38
Journal Article
Information and Software Technology, ISSN 0950-5849, 03/2018, Volume 95, pp. 15 - 33
Software architectures can be modeled using semantically informal (i.e., ambiguous) or formal (i.e., mathematically precise) software modeling notations. In... 
Informal/formal semantics | ADLs | UML | Formal specification languages | Software architectures | A survey | LANGUAGE | COMPUTER SCIENCE, SOFTWARE ENGINEERING | DESIGN | COMPUTER SCIENCE, INFORMATION SYSTEMS | CLASSIFICATION | STATE
Journal Article
AFRICAN JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, ISSN 1684-5315, 03/2009, Volume 8, Issue 6, pp. 1082 - 1089
Harvesting and transportation of woods from forest are extremely difficult, expensive and time-consuming operations. In the most regions of Turkey, the... 
roundwood logging on snow | BIOTECHNOLOGY & APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY | nordmann fir | oriental beech | oriental spruce | skyline | IMPACTS | Artvin
Journal Article
by Guo, Shengwen and Lai, Chunren and Wu, Congling and Cen, Guiyin and Hariharan, A and Vijayakumari, Anupa A and Aarabi, Mohammad Hadi and Aballi, John and Nour, Abd Elazeim Abd Alla Mohamed and Abdelaziz, Mohammed and Abdolalizadeh, AmirHussein and Abdollahi, Mahsa and Abdul Aziz, Siti Aishah and Salam, Amritha Abdul and Abdulaziz, Nidhal and Abdulkadir, Ahmed and Abdullah, Sachal and Abdullah, Osama and Abrigo, Jill and Adachi, Noriaki and Adamson, Christopher and Adduru, Viraj and Adel, Tameem and Aderghal, Karim and Ades-Aron, Benjamin and Adeyosoye, Michael and Adlard, Paul and Srinivasa, Ag and Aganj, Iman and Agarwal, Ayush and Agarwal, Anupam and Agarwal, Anchit and Aguero, Cinthya and Aguiar, Pablo and Ahdidan, Jamila and Ahmad, Fayyaz and Ahmad, Rziwan and Ahmadi, Hessam and Ahmed, Nisar and Sid, Farid Ahmed and Ai, Edward and Ai, Qing and Aicha, Benyahia and Aitharaju, Sai and Aiyer, Aditya and Akkus, Zeynettin and Akodad, Sanae and Akramifard, Hamid and Aksman, Leon and Aktas, Said and Al-Janabi, Omar and Al-Nuaimi, Ali and AlAila, BahaaEddin and Alakwaa, Fadhl and Alam, Saruar and Alam, Fakhre and Alam Zaidi, Syed Farhan and Alan, Wiener and Alansari, Mukhtar and Alareqi, Ebrahim and Alberdi, Ane and Albsoul, Mohammad and Alderson, Thomas and Aleem, Hassan and Alex, Aishwarya and Alexander, Jacob and Alexopoulos, Panagiotis and Alfoldi, Jessica and Ali, Ayesha and Ali, Imdad and Alimoradian, Shirin and Aljabar, Paul and Aljabbouli, Hasan and Aljovic, Almir and Allen, Genevera and Alliende, Luz Maria and Almaguel, Frankis and Almgren, Hannes and Montes, Carmen Alonso and Alowaisheq, Tasneem and Alryalat, Saif Aldeen and Alsado, Majd and Alsaedi, Abdalrahman and Alshehri, Haifa and Altaf, Tooba and Altendahl, Marie and Altmann, Ane and Alvand, Ashkan and Filho, Manoel Alves and Alzubi, Raid and Amaral, Robert and Ambatipudi, Mythri and Amernath, Remya and Amlien, Inge and Amoroso, Nicola and Amri, Hakima and Anastasiou, Athanasios and Anbarasi, Jani and Anbarjafari, Gholamreza and Anderson, Wes and ... and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging and Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative and The Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
Frontiers in aging neuroscience, ISSN 1663-4365, 2017, Volume 9, Issue MAY, pp. 146 - 146
Journal Article