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by Mirijello, Antonio and Viazzi, Francesca and Fioretto, Paola and Giorda, Carlo Bruno and Ceriello, Antonio and Russo, Giuspina T and Guida, Pietro and Pontremoli, Roberto and De Cosmo, Salvatore and Cimino, Antonino and Fava, Danila and Meloncelli, Illidio and Nicolucci, Antonio and Pellegrini, Fabio and Rossi, Maria Chiara and Turco, Salvatore and Vespasiani, Giacomo and Graziano, G and Lucisano, G and Memmo, R and Pellicciotta, E and Paciotti, V and Pupillo, M and Armentano, G and Giovannini, C and Armentano, V and Laudato, M and Acquati, S and Ciardullo, A.V and Laffi, G and Felace, G and Taboga, C and Tortul, C and Santantonio, G and Suraci, C and Ghisoni, G and Raffa, M and Genovese, S and Lovagnini-Scher, C.A and Rampini, P and Rocca, A and Ruggeri, P and Tortato, E and Cotti, L and Cristofaro, M.R and Tagliaferri, M and Comoglio, M and Fornengo, R and Gentile, F.M and Gigante, Antonio and Mastinu, F and Di Benedetto, A and Pata, P and Arcangeli, A and Orsini, P and Acler, P and De Blasi, G and Cicioni, G and Pocciati, S and Marangoni, A and Nogara, A and Lanero, M and Bertero, M.G and Damassino, R and Bergonzini, C and Schumtz, L and Seksich, L and Pipitone, A and Boaretto, M and Manfroi, I and Parmesan, L and Conte, B and Soccol, F and Pagano, A and Papini, E and Rinaldi, R and Petrucci, L and Graziano, F and Chianelli, M and Silvagni, S and Rosco, M and Ansaldi, E and Malvicino, F and Battezzati, M and Maresca, P and Palenzona, C and Boemi, M and Rabini, R.A and Brandoni, G and Lanari, L and Gatti, C and Testa, I and Cherubini, V and Doveri, G and Pecorelli, L and Ciccarelli, A and Gallardini, M.B and Courthoud, R and Sara Bredy, S and Ricciardi, G.P and ...
BMC Nephrology, 12/2018, Volume 19, Issue 1
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Bruttomesso, D and Laviola, L and Lepore, G and Bonfanti, R and Bozzetto, L and Corsi, A and Di Blasi, V and Girelli, A and Grassi, G and Iafusco, D and Rabbone, I and Schiaffini, R and Montani, V and Colleluori, P and Paciotti, V and Alfidi, P and Grosso, J and Tumini, S and Cipriano, P and Vitacolonna, E and Di Vieste, G and Minnucci, A and Antenucci, D and La Penna, G and Taraborrelli, M and Macerala, B and Citro, G and De Morelli, G and Gnasso, A and Irace, C and Citriniti, F and Lazzaro, N and Bruzzese, M and Mammì, F and De Berardinis, F and Santoro, E and Corigliano, G and Corigliano, M and Parillo, M and Schettino, M and Fresa, R and Annuzzi, G and Bassi, V and Santinelli, C and Buono, P and Mozzillo, E and Russo, V and De Feo, E and Esposito, K and Petrizzo, M and Foglia, A and Gatti, A and Gentile, S and Guarino, G and Zanfardino, A and Lambiase, C and Vitale, A and Zucchini, S and Maltoni, G and Forlani, G and Moscatiello, S and Suprani, T and Bensa, M and Tomasi, F and Monesi, M and Nizzoli, M and Acquati, S and Chierici, G and Milli, B and Iughetti, L and Predieri, B and Cavani, R and Romano, S and Manicardi, V and Michelini, M and Cimicchi, M.C and Ugolotti, D and Zavaroni, I and Dei Cas, A and Dall’Aglio, E and Papi, M and Tardio, S.M and Calderini, M.C and Riboni, S and D’Amato, L and Zavaroni, D and Gastaldi, L and Cirillo, A and Di Bartolo, P and Pellicano, F and Di Seclì, C and Manicardi, V and Amarri, S and Lasagni, A and Marsciani, A and Pedini, A and Pagliani, U and Rossi, C and Tortul, C and Brunato, B and ...
Giornale Italiano di Diabetologia e Metabolismo, ISSN 1593-6104, 06/2015, Volume 35, Issue 2, pp. 121 - 129
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 10/2016, Volume 11, Issue 10, p. e0157915
Aims To present the longitudinal data of the SUBITO-DE study, a prospective survey involving male patients with new or recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes... 
MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | DOUBLE-BLIND | SILDENAFIL CITRATE VIAGRA(R) | LATE-ONSET HYPOGONADISM | OLDER MEN | QUALITY-OF-LIFE | PREVALENCE | TESTOSTERONE SUPPLEMENTATION | CARDIOVASCULAR RISK | REPORTED ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION | PARTNERS | Hypoglycemic Agents - therapeutic use | Severity of Illness Index | Life Style | Prevalence | Prospective Studies | Cross-Sectional Studies | Follow-Up Studies | Humans | Middle Aged | Depressive Disorder - diagnosis | Erectile Dysfunction - diagnosis | Male | Erectile Dysfunction - epidemiology | Erectile Dysfunction - etiology | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 - diagnosis | Depressive Disorder - complications | Erectile Dysfunction - drug therapy | Interviews as Topic | Aged | Phosphodiesterase 5 Inhibitors - therapeutic use | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 - drug therapy | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 - complications | Surveys | Type 2 diabetes | Medical research | Impotence | Medicine, Experimental | Development and progression | Comparative analysis | Diabetes therapy | Drugs | Diabetes mellitus | Sexual behavior | Cardiovascular disease | Systematic review | Erectile dysfunction | Mental depression | Metabolism | Medical diagnosis | Patients | Meta-analysis | Mens health | Testosterone | Weight control | Androgens | Consent | Men | Diabetes | Diabetes mellitus (non-insulin dependent) | Phosphodiesterase
Journal Article
Current Opinion in Urology, ISSN 0963-0643, 05/2019, Volume 29, Issue 3, pp. 272 - 278
PURPOSE OF REVIEWThe relationship between gender and kidney cancer incidence/outcomes has been largely evaluated and may significantly impact the management of... 
kidney cancer | renal cell carcinoma | MASSES | METAANALYSIS | gender | outcomes | PREDICTORS | sex | PARTIAL NEPHRECTOMY | UROLOGY & NEPHROLOGY | COMPLICATIONS | risk factor | Carcinoma, Renal cell | Research | Risk assessment | Analysis | Risk factors
Journal Article
British Medical Bulletin, ISSN 0007-1420, 12/2014, Volume 112, Issue 1, pp. 83 - 95
There is an increasing interest in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection as a treatment for chronic plantar fasciopathy (PF). We wished to evaluate the evidence... 
fasciitis | systematic review | platelet-rich plasma | plantar fasciopathy | PRP | MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | MANAGEMENT | THERAPY | EFFICACY | CORTICOSTEROID INJECTION | CARE | Evidence-Based Medicine - methods | Injections | Humans | Platelet-Rich Plasma | Treatment Outcome | Chronic Disease | Fasciitis, Plantar - therapy
Journal Article
by Rhodes, Christopher J and Batai, Ken and Bleda, Marta and Haimel, Matthias and Southgate, Laura and Germain, Marine and Pauciulo, Michael W and Hadinnapola, Charaka and Aman, Jurjan and Girerd, Barbara and Arora, Amit and Knight, Jo and Hanscombe, Ken B and Karnes, Jason H and Kaakinen, Marika and Gall, Henning and Ulrich, Anna and Harbaum, Lars and Cebola, Inês and Ferrer, Jorge and Lutz, Katie and Swietlik, Emilia M and Ahmad, Ferhaan and Amouyel, Philippe and Archer, Stephen L and Argula, Rahul and Austin, Eric D and Badesch, David and Bakshi, Sahil and Barnett, Christopher and Benza, Raymond and Bhatt, Nitin and Bogaard, Harm J and Burger, Charles D and Chakinala, Murali and Church, Colin and Coghlan, John G and Condliffe, Robin and Corris, Paul A and Danesino, Cesare and Debette, Stéphanie and Elliott, C Gregory and Elwing, Jean and Eyries, Melanie and Fortin, Terry and Franke, Andre and Frantz, Robert P and Frost, Adaani and Garcia, Joe G N and Ghio, Stefano and Ghofrani, Hossein-Ardeschir and Gibbs, J Simon R and Harley, John and He, Hua and Hill, Nicholas S and Hirsch, Russel and Houweling, Arjan C and Howard, Luke S and Ivy, Dunbar and Kiely, David G and Klinger, James and Kovacs, Gabor and Lahm, Tim and Laudes, Matthias and Machado, Rajiv D and MacKenzie Ross, Robert V and Marsolo, Keith and Martin, Lisa J and Moledina, Shahin and Montani, David and Nathan, Steven D and Newnham, Michael and Olschewski, Horst and Olschewski, Andrea and Oudiz, Ronald J and Ouwehand, Willem H and Peacock, Andrew J and Pepke-Zaba, Joanna and Rehman, Zia and Robbins, Ivan and Roden, Dan M and Rosenzweig, Erika B and Saydain, Ghulam and Scelsi, Laura and Schilz, Robert and Seeger, Werner and Shaffer, Christian M and Simms, Robert W and Simon, Marc and Sitbon, Olivier and Suntharalingam, Jay and Tang, Haiyang and Tchourbanov, Alexander Y and Thenappan, Thenappan and Torres, Fernando and Toshner, Mark R and Treacy, Carmen M and Vonk Noordegraaf, Anton and Waisfisz, Quinten and Walsworth, Anna K and ... and US PAH Biobank Consortium and UK PAH Cohort Study Consortium and UK NIHR Bioresource Rare Dis Conso and UK NIHR BioResource Rare Diseases Consortium
The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, ISSN 2213-2600, 03/2019, Volume 7, Issue 3, pp. 227 - 238
Rare genetic variants cause pulmonary arterial hypertension, but the contribution of common genetic variation to disease risk and natural history is poorly... 
Journal Article
Planta Medica, ISSN 0032-0943, 12/2016, Volume 82, Issue S 01, pp. S1 - S381
Conference Proceeding