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by Jaillette, Emmanuelle and Girault, Christophe and Brunin, Guillaume and Zerimech, Farid and Chiche, Arnaud and Broucqsault-Dedrie, Céline and Fayolle, Cyril and Minacori, Franck and Alves, Isabelle and Barrailler, Stephanie and Robriquet, Laurent and Delaporte, Emmanuel and Thellier, Damien and Delcourte, Claire and Duhamel, Alain and Nseir, Saad and Valette, Xavier and Desmeulles, Isabelle and Savary, Benoit and Masson, Romain and Seguin, Amélie and Daubin, Cédric and Sauneuf, Bertrand and Verrier, Pierre and Pottier, Véronique and Orabona, Marie and Samba, Désiré and Viquesnel, Gérald and Lermuzeaux, Mathilde and Hazera, Pascal and Hanouz, Jean-Luc and Parienti, Jean-Jacques and Du Cheyron, Damien and Demoule, Alexandre and Clavel, Marc and Rolland-Debord, Camille and Perbet, Sébastien and Terzi, Nicolas and Kouatchet, Achille and Wallet, Florent and Roze, Hadrien and Vargas, Frédéric and Guérin, Claude and Dellamonica, Jean and Jaber, Samir and Similowski, Thomas and Quenot, Jean-Pierre and Binquet, Christine and Vinsonneau, Christophe and Barbar, Saber-Davide and Vinault, Sandrine and Deckert, Valérie and Lemaire, Stephanie and Hssain, Ali Ait and Bruyère, Rémi and Souweine, Bertrand and Lagrost, Laurent and Adrie, Christophe and Jung, Boris and Daurat, Aurelien and De Jong, Audrey and Chanques, Gérald and Mahul, Martin and Monnin, Marion and Molinari, Nicolas and Lheureux, Olivier and Trepo, Eric and Hites, Maya and Cotton, Frederic and Wolff, Fleur and Surin, Rudy and Créteur, Jacques and Vincent, Jean-Louis and Gustot, Thierry and Jacobs, Frederique and Taccone, Fabio Silvio and Neuville, Mathilde and Timsit, Jean-François and El-Helali, Najoua and Le Monnier, Alban and Magalhaes, Eric and Radjou, Aguila and Smonig, Roland and Soubirou, Jean-François and Voiriot, Guillaume and Sonneville, Romain and Bouadma, Lila and Mourvillier, Bruno and Gélisse, Elodie and Brasseur, Alexandre and Roisin, Sandrine and De Backer, Daniel and Van Ruychevelt, Valerie and Carlier, Eric and Piagnerelli, Michael and Vanhaeverbeek, Michel and Danguy, Christine and Biston, Patrick and Au, Siu-Ming and Begot, Emmanuelle and ... and Qualité et Sécurité des Soins - CBPR-CFAR and Brain Liver Pitié-Salpêtrière Study Group (BLIPS), Paris, France and Working Group on Mechanical Ventilation and Outcomerea Study Group and COCOONs Study Group and Groupe ALIVE and For the GrrrOH: Groupe de recherche en réanimation respiratoire en Onco-Hématologie (Group for Research in Respiratory Intensive Care Onco-Hematology and EPURE Study Group and For the OUTCOMEREA Study Group and For the BIBLIOFLASH Study Group and Groupe de Recherche en Réanimation Respiratoire et Onco-Hematologique (GRRROH) and RETROMARS Study Group and BoReal study group and ABDOMIX Group and Groupe de travail sur la ventilation and Groupe de Recherche en Reanimation Respiratoire du patient d’Onc-hématologie and Groupe RMM and Université Paris 6 —Pierre et Marie Curie and Institut National pour la Santé et la Recherche Médicale, UMRS1158, Paris and Groupe de Recherche en Réanimation Respiratoire en Onco-Hématologie and ABLE French Investigators and ENCEPHALITICA Study Group and Septiflux trial Group and CRICS Network and OutcomeRéa and Committee of young intensivists of the French Society for Intensive Care Medicine (FICS) and NutriSIP and CNER DESC réanimation grand ouest and Phase Angle Project Investigators
Annals of Intensive Care, ISSN 2110-5820, 6/2016, Volume 6, Issue S1, pp. 1 - 236
PHYSICIANS ABSTRACTSO1 Impact of tracheal cuff shape on microaspiration of gastric contents in intubated critically ill patients: a multicenter randomized... 
Intensive / Critical Care Medicine | Emergency Medicine | Anesthesiology | Medicine & Public Health
Journal Article
Intensive Care Medicine, ISSN 0342-4642, 3/2018, Volume 44, Issue 3, pp. 300 - 310
Journal Article
Intensive Care Medicine, ISSN 0342-4642, 7/2015, Volume 41, Issue 7, pp. 1181 - 1196
Journal Article
by Zaidan, Mohamad and Terrier, Benjamin and Pozdzik, Agnieszka and Frouget, Thierry and Rioux-Leclercq, Nathalie and Combe, Christian and Lepreux, Sébastien and Hummel, Aurélie and Noël, Laure-Hélène and Marie, Isabelle and Legallicier, Bruno and François, Arnaud and Huart, Antoine and Launay, David and Kaplanski, Gilles and Bridoux, Frank and Vanhille, Philippe and Makdassi, Raifah and Augusto, Jean-François and Rouvier, Philippe and Karras, Alexandre and Jouanneau, Chantal and Verpont, Marie-Christine and Callard, Patrice and Carrat, Fabrice and Hermine, Olivier and Léger, Jean-Marc and Mariette, Xavier and Senet, Patricia and Saadoun, David and Ronco, Pierre and Brochériou, Isabelle and Cacoub, Patrice and Plaisier, Emmanuelle and Aaron, Laurent and Abad, Sébastien and Bakir, Redouane and Belenotti, Pauline and Benarous, Lucas and Beneton, Nathalie and Blaison, Gilles and Blanchard-Delaunay, Claire and Bonnet, Fabrice and Cathébras, Pascal and Carrat, Fabrice and Chiche, Laurent and Chosidow, Olivier and Combe, Bernard and Cordonnier, Carole and Costedoat-Chalumeau, Nathalie and Cougoul, Pierre and Cribier, Bernard and Croue, Anne and Daniel, Laurent and Defuentes, Gilles and Desvaux, Dominique and Dijoud, Frédérique and Diot, Elisabeth and Doucet, Laurent and Duong Van Huyen, Jean-Paul and Durieu, Isabelle and Evon, Philippe and Felix, Sophie and Ferlicot, Sophie and Fraisse, Thibault and Francès, Camille and Francois, Hélène and Geffray, Loik and Gil, Helder and Goujon, Jean Michel and Guillaudeau, Angélique and Gutnecht, Jean and Hachulla, Eric and Hinschberger, Olivier and Hot, Arnaud and Jourde, Noémie and Kahn, Jean-Emmanuel and Kemmeny, Jean Louis and Lacraz, Adeline and Lambotte, Olivier and Larroche, Claire and Lazaro, Estibaliz and Le Guenno, Guillaume and Leblond, Véronique and Limal, Nicolas and Liozon, Eric and Lok, Catherine and Loustaud-Ratti, Véronique and Ly, Kim and Machet, Marie-Christine and Maillard, Hervé and Martin, Antoine and Matignon, Marie and Meyer, Olivier and Michel, Catherine and Modesto-Segonds, Anne and Modiano, Philippe and Nochy, Dominique and Noel, David and Nove-Josserand, Raphaele and ... and CryoVas Study Grp and CryoVas study group and the CryoVas study group
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, ISSN 1046-6673, 2016, Volume 27, Issue 4, pp. 1213 - 1224
Journal Article
by François, Bruno and Mercier, Emmanuelle and Gonzalez, Céline and Asehnoune, Karim and Nseir, Saad and Fiancette, Maud and Desachy, Arnaud and Plantefève, Gaëtan and Meziani, Ferhat and de Lame, Paul-André and Laterre, Pierre-François and Clavel, Marc and Vignon, Philippe and Pichon, Nicolas and Daix, Thomas and Fedou, Anne-Laure and Barraud, Olivier and Nouaille, Michelle and Bourzeix, Paul and Laleu, Séverine and Dequin, Pierre-François and Guillon, Antoine and Ehrmann, Stephan and Garot, Denis and Legras, Annick and Siméon Vieules, Véronique and Mabillat, Christine and Aubrey, Aurélie and Roquilly, Antoine and Cinotti, Raphaël and Mahé, Pierre-Joachim and Demeure, Dominique and Soria, Albane and Flattrès, Delphine and Colin, Gwenhaël and Yehia, Aihem and Lacherade, Jean-Claude and Vinatier, Isabelle and Lebert, Christine and Alcourt, Yolaine and Maguigneau, Natacha and Zinzoni, Vanessa and Fally, Marie-Anne and Robin, Laurence and Pajot, Olivier and Boitrou, Emmanuelle and Favory, Raphaël and Poissy, Julien and Rouze, Anahita and Delcourte, Claire and Rabouel, Yannick and Helms, Julie and Clere-Jehl, Raphaël and Monnier, Alexandra and Merdji, Hamid and Chenaf, Samir and Allam, Hayet and Franja, Vincenta and Wittebole, Xavier and Hantson, Philippe and Colienne, Christine and Gérard, Ludovic and Montiel, Virginie and Castanares Zapatero, Diego and Renard, Suzanne and Dujardin, Marie France and Berghe, Caroline and Gielens, Leslie and MASTER1 Study Grp and MASTER 1 study group and for the MASTER 1 study group
Intensive Care Medicine, ISSN 0342-4642, 11/2018, Volume 44, Issue 11, pp. 1787 - 1796
Journal Article
Intensive Care Medicine, ISSN 0342-4642, 11/2019
Journal Article
Intensive Care Medicine, ISSN 0342-4642, 2015, Volume 41, Issue 7, p. 1181–1196
Emerging resistance to antibiotics shows no signs of decline. At the same time, few new antibacterials are being discovered. There is a worldwide recognition... 
Life Sciences | Human health and pathology | Pharmacology | Infectious diseases | Pharmaceutical sciences
Journal Article
Monthly Weather Review, ISSN 0027-0644, 12/2010, Volume 138, Issue 12, pp. 4509 - 4522
Three-dimensional variational data assimilation (3D-Var) with the first guess at appropriate time (FGAT) appears to be an attractive compromise between... 
Variational analysis | Ozone | Transport | Dvection | Data assimilation | SYSTEM | IMPACT | DIGITAL-FILTER | 4D-VAR | VARIATIONAL DATA ASSIMILATION | IMPLEMENTATION | CHEMISTRY | 4DVAR | METEOROLOGY & ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES | METEOROLOGICAL SERVICE | Studies | Propagation | Methods | Meteorology | Assimilation | Windows (intervals) | Computation | Atmospherics | Three dimensional
Journal Article