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by Abdollahi, S and Acero, F and Ackermann, M and Ajello, M and Atwood, W. B and Axelsson, M and Baldini, L and Ballet, J and Barbiellini, G and Bastieri, D and Becerra Gonzalez, J and Bellazzini, R and Berretta, A and Bissaldi, E and Blandford, R. D and Bloom, E. D and Bonino, R and Bottacini, E and Brandt, T. J and Bregeon, J and Bruel, P and Buehler, R and Burnett, T. H and Buson, S and Cameron, R. A and Caputo, R and Caraveo, P. A and Casandjian, J. M and Castro, D and Cavazzuti, E and Charles, E and Chaty, S and Chen, S and Cheung, C. C and Chiaro, G and Ciprini, S and Cohen-Tanugi, J and Cominsky, L. R and Coronado-Blázquez, J and Costantin, D and Cuoco, A and Cutini, S and D'Ammando, F and DeKlotz, M and Torre Luque, P. de la and de Palma, F and Desai, A and Digel, S. W and Lalla, N. Di and Mauro, M. Di and Venere, L. Di and Domínguez, A and Dumora, D and Dirirsa, F. Fana and Fegan, S. J and Ferrara, E. C and Franckowiak, A and Fukazawa, Y and Funk, S and Fusco, P and Gargano, F and Gasparrini, D and Giglietto, N and Giommi, P and Giordano, F and Giroletti, M and Glanzman, T and Green, D and Grenier, I. A and Griffin, S and Grondin, M.-H and Grove, J. E and Guiriec, S and Harding, A. K and Hayashi, K and Hays, E and Hewitt, J. W and Horan, D and Jóhannesson, G and Johnson, T. J and Kamae, T and Kerr, M and Kocevski, D and Kovac'evic', M and Kuss, M and Landriu, D and Larsson, S and Latronico, L and Lemoine-Goumard, M and Li, J and Liodakis, I and Longo, F and Loparco, F and Lott, B and Lovellette, M. N and Lubrano, P and Madejski, G. M and Maldera, S and Malyshev, D and Manfreda, A and ... and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States)
The Astrophysical journal. Supplement series, ISSN 0067-0049, 03/2020, Volume 247, Issue 1, p. 33
Journal Article
by J. Aleksić and S. Ansoldi and L. A. Antonelli and P. Antoranz and A. Babic and P. Bangale and J. A. Barrio and J. Becerra González and W. Bednarek and E. Bernardini and B. Biasuzzi and A. Biland and O. Blanch and S. Bonnefoy and G. Bonnoli and F. Borracci and T. Bretz and E. Carmona and A. Carosi and P. Colin and E. Colombo and J. L. Contreras and J. Cortina and S. Covino and P. Da Vela and F. Dazzi and A. De Angelis and G. De Caneva and B. De Lotto and E. de Oña Wilhelmi and C. Delgado Mendez and D. Dominis Prester and D. Dorner and M. Doro and S. Einecke and D. Eisenacher and D. Elsaesser and M. V. Fonseca and L. Font and K. Frantzen and C. Fruck and D. Galindo and R. J. García López and M. Garczarczyk and D. Garrido Terrats and M. Gaug and N. Godinović and A. González Muñoz and S. R. Gozzini and D. Hadasch and Y. Hanabata and M. Hayashida and J. Herrera and D. Hildebrand and J. Hose and D. Hrupec and W. Idec and V. Kadenius and H. Kellermann and K. Kodani and Y. Konno and J. Krause and H. Kubo and J. Kushida and A. La Barbera and D. Lelas and N. Lewandowska and E. Lindfors and S. Lombardi and F. Longo and M. López and R. López-Coto and A. López-Oramas and E. Lorenz and I. Lozano and M. Makariev and K. Mallot and G. Maneva and N. Mankuzhiyil and K. Mannheim and L. Maraschi and B. Marcote and M. Mariotti and M. Martínez and D. Mazin and U. Menzel and J. M. Miranda and R. Mirzoyan and A. Moralejo and P. Munar-Adrover and D. Nakajima and A. Niedzwiecki and K. Nilsson and K. Nishijima and K. Noda and R. Orito and A. Overkemping and S. Paiano and M. Palatiello and D. Paneque and ...
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 11/2014, Volume 346, Issue 6213, pp. 1080 - 1084
Journal Article
by Scholten, Olaf and van den Berg, Aiaan and Las Cumbres Observatory Grp and ATCA Australia Telescope and LIGO Sci Collaboration & Virgo and KU Collaboration and GROUND and RIMAS RATIR and AGILE Team and ASKAP Australian SKA Pathfinder and IPN Collaboration and LOFAR Collaboration and Salt Grp and VINROUGE Collaboration and Nordic Optical Telescope and MAXI Team and Fermi GBM and Fermi Large Area Telescope and J-GEM and IceCube Collaboration and BOOTES Collaboration and Pi Sky Collaboration and Pan-STARRS and LWA Long Wavelength Array and SKA South Africa MeerKAT and CALET Collaboration and AstroSat Cadmium Zinc Telluride and HAWC Collaboration and GROWTH JAGWAR CALTECH and ATLAS and ePESSTO and DFN Desert Fireball Network and Insight-Hxmt Collaboration and Texas Tech Univ and MASTER Collaboration and TZAC Consortium and Dark Energy Camera GW-EM and GRAWITA GRAvitational Wave and INTERGRAL and Toros Transient Robotic Observat and Chandra Team McGill Univ and H E S S Collaboration and Swift Collaboration and Pierre Auger Collaboration and OzGrav DWF Deeper Wider Faster and IKI-GW Follow-up Collaboration and Euro VLBI Team and High Time Resolution Universe and ANTARES Collaboration and DLT40 Collaboration and ALMA Collaboration and The 1M2H Team and MWA Murchison Widefield Array and The Insight-HXMT Collaboration and The MAXI Team and The Swift Collaboration and The Fermi Large Area Telescope Collaboration and GROND and TOROS: Transient Robotic Observatory of the South Collaboration and Texas Tech University and OzGrav, DWF (Deeper, Wider, Faster program), AST3, and CAASTRO Collaborations and MWA: Murchison Widefield Array and GROWTH, JAGWAR, Caltech-NRAO, TTU-NRAO, and NuSTAR Collaborations and INTEGRAL and RIMAS and RATIR and Pi of the Sky Collaboration and The Chandra Team at McGill University and LWA: Long Wavelength Array and The DLT40 Collaboration and DFN: Desert Fireball Network and LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration and ASKAP: Australian SKA Pathfinder and AstroSat Cadmium Zinc Telluride Imager Team and The BOOTES Collaboration and The Pierre Auger Collaboration and ATCA: Australia Telescope Compact Array and SALT Group and H.E.S.S. Collaboration and The Dark Energy Camera GW-EM Collaboration and the DES Collaboration and High Time Resolution Universe Survey and Las Cumbres Observatory Group and GRAWITA: GRAvitational Wave Inaf TeAm and The VINROUGE Collaboration and The CALET Collaboration and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States) and Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States) and Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States) and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
Astrophysical journal. Letters, ISSN 2041-8205, 10/2017, Volume 848, Issue 2, p. L12
Journal Article