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1683, In questa seconda impressione corretto, & aggiuntovi alcune ariete non più stampate &c., 67
1978, Italian opera, 1640-1770, ISBN 0824026128, Volume 13
Music Score
1961, Music Online: Classical Scores Library, Volume I, 1 online resource (1 score (189 pages))
Music Score
by Apolloni, Giovanni Filippo and Lunden-Welden, Staffan and Donizetti, Gaetano and Ohrn, Per-Erik and Abbatini, Antonio Maria and Ansaldi, Girardo and Linde, Ebbe and Scarlatti, Alessandro and Perrucci, Andrea and Glaser, Werner Wolf and McQueen, Ian and Pallavicino, Carlo and Rossini, Gioachino and Rospigliosi, Giulio and Leo, Leonardo and Pepoli, Alessandro and Anseaume, Louis and Tate, Nahum and Unander-Scharin, Carl and Wassrin, Lars and Bretzner, Christoph Friedrich and Anelli, Angelo and Zander, Johan David and Thommessen, Olav Anton and Giardini, Giovanni Barrista and Maldere, Pierre van and Keiser, Reinhard and Carlbring, Magnus and Duni, Egidio and Hedberg, Franz and Schonberg, Stig Gustav and Jonsson, Reine and Reichardt, Johann Friedrich and Forssell, Jonas and Marazzoli, Marco and Melani, Jacopo and Haydn, Franz Joseph and Acciaiuoli, Filippo and Salvi, Antonio and Orlandini, Giuseppe Maria and Vecchi, Orazio and Shadwell, Thomas and Hallstrom, Ivar and Marsollier, Benedict Joseph and Sbarra, Francesco and Envallsson, Carl and Rangstrom, Ture and Paolella, Francesco Antonio and Mazzocchi, Virgilio and Eyser, Eberhard and Thybo, Leif and Gaveaux, Pierre and Piccioli, Francesco Mario and Davenant, William and Villifranchi, Giovanni Cosimo and Ward, Paula af Malmborg and Noris, Matteo and Melani, Alessandro and Lorenzi, Giovanni Battista and Nilsson, Magnus and Silvani, Francesco and Ramnefalk, Marie-Louise and Kalbeck, Max and Mililotti, Giuseppe and Metastasio, Pietro and Eiriksdottir, Karolina and Paer, Ferdinando and Lindquist, Hakan and Lande, Margot and Purcell, Henry and Provenzale, Francesco and Mossenmark, Staffan and Blixen, Karen and Bergkwist, Iwar and Stradella, Alessandro and Dittersdorf, Carl Ditters von and Goldoni, Carlo and Cimarosa, Domenico and Foppa, Giuseppe Maria and Tottola, Andrea Leone and Andersson, Tommie and Fuchs, Johann Nepomuk and Telemann, Georg Michael and Gotter, Friedrich Wilhelm and Dryden, John and Jommelli, Niccolo and Schutt, Bertil and Tricarico, Giuseppe and Muller, Johann Samuel and Benda, Georg
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