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Nutrition Today, ISSN 0029-666X, 03/2017, Volume 52, Issue 2 Suppl, pp. S69 - S75
The oral condition is often overlooked and underappreciated as a crucial health risk factor, despite the fact that oral problems can have far-reaching effects... 
Prevention | Dental caries | Toddlers | Health aspects
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Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, ISSN 2330-1635, 2018, Volume 69, Issue 10, pp. 1234 - 1245
A comprehensive record of research data provenance is essential for the successful curation, management, and reuse of data over time. However, creating such... 
COMPUTER SCIENCE, INFORMATION SYSTEMS | BOUNDARY OBJECTS | SCIENTIFIC-DATA | INFORMATION SCIENCE & LIBRARY SCIENCE | National parks | Consortia | Domains | Fieldwork | Geobiology | Ontology | Collaboration | Metadata | Systems analysis | Research | Internet | Information professionals
Journal Article
International Journal of Cancer, ISSN 0020-7136, 11/2014, Volume 135, Issue 10, pp. 2437 - 2443
Journal Article
Moose Jaw times herald, ISSN 0841-6729, 12/2016
... and I understand that it provided enough substantial revenue for them to get them through some tough times," Jackson said shortly after his Huron Carole performance at Grant... 
Musicians & conductors | Food programs | Singers | Musical performances
Newspaper Article
Journal Article
by Mullen, Michael and Jin, Xu Yu and Child, Anne and Stuart, A Graham and Dodd, Matthew and Aragon-Martin, José Antonio and Gaze, David and Kiotsekoglou, Anatoli and Yuan, Li and Hu, Jiangting and Foley, Claire and Van Dyck, Laura and Knight, Rosemary and Clayton, Tim and Swan, Lorna and Thomson, John D R and Erdem, Guliz and Crossman, David and Flather, Marcus and Dean, John and Was, Bartosz and Gow, Heather and Murray, Jane and D'Allessandro, Mariella and Christie, Michael and Cooper, Patricia and Booth, Philip and Burns, Sharon and Paterson, Yvonne and Chikermane, Ashish and Assing, Anthony and Cotter, Catherine and Atkins, Gillian and Williamson, Helen and Barclay, Justin and Jennison, Alan and Henderson, Alex and McSkeane, Anna and Fairlamb, Helen and Kelly, Julie and Kelsall, Nicola and Prentice, Scott and O'Sullivan, John and Head-Baister, Alison and Phillipson, Angela and Johnson, Anna and Crossland, D and Oliver, Jack and Davison, Jade and Wake, Jill and Quinn, Louise and Foreman, Maureen and Wealleans, Vera and Walker, Niki and Duncan, Alexis and Tibbs, Evelyn and Kelly, Ruth and Khambadkone, Sachin and Zotti, Bridget and Brady, Cassie and Cervi, Elena and Field, Ella and Szepezvary, Eszter and Mantey, Florence and Riley, Gillian and Titmus, Heather and Bo, Ilaria and Kaski, Juan Pablo and Green, Loren and Jones, Nigel and Banks, Rebecca and Kiesewetter, Christopher and Mathur, Sujeev and Frigiola, Alessandra and Savis, Alex and Belfield, Holly and Guzman, Josephine and Harris, Julia and Wilson, Karen and Peacock, Kelly and Gibson, Kirsty and Wellman, Paul and Simpson, John and Kabir, Saleha and Mushemi, Sitali and Stewart, Michael and Atkinson, Bev and Richardson, Cath and Leng, Elaine and Brennan, Paul and Nixon, Annabel and Spencer, Collette and Oliver, James and Forster, Jan and Turner, Louise and Bainbridge, Samantha and Choy, Anna Maria and Dawson, Adelle and Kiddie, Gwen and Kerr, Heather and ... and AIMS Investigators
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Journal Article