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by Furia, G. U and Kostelijk, E. H and Vergouw, C. G and Lee, S and Kang, H and Lim, C and Yang, K and Park, Y and Shin, M and Beyhan, Z and Fisch, J. D and Sher, G and Keskintepe, L and Anthony, J. T and Graham, J. R and Tucker, M. J and Lattes, S and Lammers, J and Mansour, W and Barriere, P and El Danasouri, I and Gagsteiger, F and Rinaldi, L and Selman, H and Antonova, I and Milachich, T and Shterev, A and Barcroft, J and Thong, J and Abdel Reda, H and Khalaf, Y and El Touky, T and Cabry, R and Brzakowski, R and Lourdel, E and Brasseur, F and Copin, H and Merviel, P and Yamada, M and Takanashi, K and Hamatani, T and Akutsu, H and Fukunaga, T and Inoue, O and Ogawa, S and Okumura, N and Chikazawa, N and Kuji, N and Umezawa, A and Tomita, M and Yoshimura, Y and Van der Jeught, M and Ghimire, S and O'Leary, T and Lierman, S and Deforce, D and Chuva de Sousa Lopes, S and De Sutter, P and Herrero, J and Tejera, A and De los Santos, M. J and Castello, D and Romero, J. L and Meseguer, M and Leperlier, F and Mirallie, S and Schats, R and Al-Nofal, M and Lens, J. W and Hompes, P. G and Lambalk, C. B and Hreinsson, J and Wanggren, K and Lundqvist, M and Eftekhari-Yazdi, P and Dalman, A and Ebrahimi, B and Daneshzadeh, M. T and Rajabpour Niknam, M and Choi, E. G and Rho, Y. H and Oh, D. S and Park, L. S and Lee, C. S and Kong, I. K and Lee, S. C and Liebenthron, J and Koster, M and Toth, B and Reinsberg, J and van der Ven, H and Strowitzki, T and Watanabe, S and Wada, T and Kamihata, M and Kuwahata, A and Ochi, M and Horiuchi, T and Fatemeh, H and Fazel, M and ...
Human reproduction (Oxford), ISSN 0268-1161, 07/2012, Volume 27, Issue suppl_2, pp. ii162 - ii205
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Fourati Ben Mustapha, S and Khrouf, M and Kacem Ben Rejeb, K and Elloumi Chaabene, H and Merdassi, G and Wahbi, D and Ben Meftah, M and Zhioua, F and Zhioua, A and Host, T and Mikkelsen, A. L and Theofanakis, C. P and Dinopoulou, V and Mavrogianni, D and Partsinevelos, G. A and Stefanidis, K and Bletsa, A and Rienzi, L and Cobo, A and Paffoni, A and Scarduelli, C and Garrido, N and Remohi, J and Ubaldi, F. M and GIL, E and Serna, J and Grondahl, M. L and Bogstad, J and Agerholm, I. E and Lemmen, J. G and Bentin-Ley, U and Lundstrom, P and Raaschou-Jensen, M and Ladelund, S and Guzman, L and Ortega, C and Albuz, F. K and Gilchrist, R. B and Smitz, J and De Vos, M and Bielanska, M and Leveille, M. C and Borghi, E and Magli, M. C and Figueroa, M. J and Mascaretti, G and Ferraretti, A. P and Gianaroli, L and Szlit, E and Leocata Nieto, F and Maggiotto, G and Arenas, G and Tarducci Bonfiglio, N and Ahumada, A and Asch, R and Sciorio, R and Dayoub, N and Ten, J and Carracedo, M. A and Guerrero, J and Llacer, J and Bernabeu, R and Tatone, C and Heizenrieder, T and Di Emidio, G and Treffon, P and Seidel, T and Eichenlaub-Ritter, U and Cortezzi, S. S and Cabral, E. C and Ferreira, C. R and Trevisan, M. G and Braga, D. P. A. F and Iaconelli Jr, A and Borges Jr, E and Zabala, A and Pessino, T and Blanco, L and Leocata, F and Vanden Meerschaut, F and Heindryckx, B and Deforce, D and Leybaert, L and De Sutter, P and De las Heras, M and De Pablo, J. L and Navarro, B and Agirregoikoa, J. A and Barrenetxea, G and Cruz, M and Perez-Cano, I and Gadea, B and Martinez, M and Roldan, M and Munoz, M and Pellicer, A and Meseguer, M and Galindo, N and Scarselli, F and Colasante, A and ...
Human reproduction (Oxford), ISSN 0268-1161, 07/2011, Volume 26, Issue suppl_1, pp. i160 - i202
Journal Article
Clinical cancer research, ISSN 1078-0432, 09/2017, Volume 23, Issue 17, pp. 5292 - 5301
Journal Article
The lancet oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 2016, Volume 17, Issue 2, pp. 200 - 211
Journal Article
by Jiang, Y and Zhao, J and Hua, M and Zhen, X and Yan, G and Hu, Y and Sun, H and Selvaggi, L and Zannoni, G. F and Tagliaferri, V and De Cicco, S and Vellone, V. G and Romualdi, D and Lanzone, A and Guido, M and Fassbender, A and Vodolazkaia, A. V and Bossuyt, X. B and Kyama, M. K and Meuleman, C. M and Peeraer, K. P and Tomassetti, C. T and D'Hooghe, T. M and Lumini, A and Nanni, L and Manna, C and Pappalardo, S and Melin, A and Lundholm, C and Malki, N and Swahn, M. L and Sparen, P and Bergqvist, A and Crescenzi, F and Farrag, A and Sallam, H. N and Zou, L and Ding, G and Zhang, R and Sheng, J and Huang, H and von Kleinsorgen, C and Wilson, T and Thiel-Moder, U and Ebert, A. D and Reinfandt, M and Papadopolous, T and Melo, A. S and Rodrigues, J. K and Dib, L. A and Andrade, A. Z and Donabela, F. C and Ferriani, R. A and Navarro, P. A and Tocci, A and Royo, P and Lucchini, C and Ramos, P and Alcazar, J. L and Habara, T and Terada, S and Yoshioka, N and Hayashi, N and Haouzi, D and Assou, S and Monzo, C and Anahory, T and Dechaud, H and De Vos, J and Hamamah, S and Gonzalez-Ramos, R and Rojas, C and Rocco, J and Poch, A and Sovino, H and Kohen, P and Munoz, A and Devoto, L and Aygen, M. A and Atakul, T and Oner, G and Ozgun, M. T and Sahin, Y and Ozturk, F and Li, R and Qiao, J and Zhylkova, I and Feskov, A and Feskova, I and Somova, O and Chumakova, N and Bontekoe, S and Blake, D and Heineman, M. J and Williams, E. C and Johnson, N. P and Motta, A and Colaci, D and Horton, M and Faut, M and ...
Human reproduction (Oxford), ISSN 0268-1161, 06/2010, Volume 25, Issue Supplement 1, pp. i210 - i235
Journal Article
by Hoeks, Marlijn and Bagguley, Tim and van Marrewijk, Corine and Smith, Alex and Bowen, David and Culligan, Dominic and Kolade, Seye and Symeonidis, Argiris and Garelius, Hege and Spanoudakis, Michail and Langemeijer, Saskia and Roelofs, Rian and Wiegerinck, Erwin and Tatic, Aurelia and Killick, Sally and Panagiotidis, Panagiotis and Stanca, Oana and Hellström-Lindberg, Eva and Cermak, Jaroslav and van der Klauw, Melanie and Wouters, Hanneke and van Kraaij, Marian and Blijlevens, Nicole and Swinkels, Dorine W and de Witte, Theo and Stauder, R and Walder, A and Pfeilstöcker, M and Schoenmetzler-Makrai, A and Burgstaller, S and Thaler, J and Mandac Rogulj, I and Krejci, M and Voglova, J and Rohon, P and Jonasova, A and Cermak, J and Mikulenkova, D and Hochova, I and Jensen, P. D and Holm, M. S and Kjeldsen, L and Dufva, I. H and Vestergaard, H and Re, D and Slama, B and Fenaux, P and Choufi, B and Cheze, S and Klepping, D and Salles, B and de Renzis, B and Willems, L and de Prost, D and Gutnecht, J and Courby, S and Siguret, V and Tertian, G and Pascal, L and Chaury, M and Wattel, E and Guerci, A and Legros, L and Itzykson, R and Ades, L and Isnard, F and Sanhes, L and Benramdane, R and Stamatoullas, A and Amé, S and Beyne-Rauzy, O and Gyan, E and Platzbecker, U and Baakan, C and Germing, U and Lübbert, M and Schlenk, R and Kotsianidis, I and Tsatalas, C and Pappa, V and Galanopoulos, A and Michali, E and Panagiotidis, P and Viniou, N and Katsigiannis, A and Roussou, P and Terpos, E and Kostourou, A and Kartasis, Z and Pouli, A and Palla, K and Briasoulis, V and Hatzimichael, E and Vassilopoulos, G and Symeonidis, A and Kourakli, A and Zikos, P and Anagnostopoulos, A and Kotsopoulou, M and Megalakaki, K and ... and EUMDS Registry Participants
Leukemia, ISSN 0887-6924, 2020
Journal Article
Nature (London), ISSN 0028-0836, 2013, Volume 496, Issue 7446, pp. 498 - 503
Journal Article
by Palial, K. K and Drury, J and Heathcote, L and Valentijin, A and Farquharson, R. G and Gazvani, R and Rudland, P. S and Hapangama, D. K and Celik, N and Celik, O and Aktan, E and Ozerol, E and Celik, E and Bozkurt, K and Paran, H and Hascalik, S and Ozerol, I and Arase, T and Maruyama, T and Uchida, H and Miyazaki, K and Oda, H and Uchida-Nishikawa, S and Kagami, M and Yamazaki, A and Tamaki, K and Yoshimura, Y and De Vos, M and Ortega, C and Smitz, J and Van Vaerenbergh, I and Bourgain, C and Devroey, P and Luciano, D and Exacoustos, C and Zupi, E and Luciano, A. A and Arduini, D and Palomino, W. A and Argandona, F and Kohen, P and Azua, R and Scarella, A and Devoto, L and McKinnon, B and Bersinger, N. A and Mueller, M. D and Bonavita, M and Mattila, M and Ferreira, F. P and Maia-Filho, V and Rocha, A. M and Serafini, P and Motta, E. L. A and Kim, H and Kim, C. H and You, R. M and Nah, H. Y and Lee, J. W and Kang, H. J and Kang, B. M and Letur - Koenirsch, H and Haouzi, D and Olivennes, F and Rouleau, C and Cohen-Bacri, P and Dechaud, H and Hamamah, S and D'Hooghe, T and Hummelshoj, L and Dunselman, G. A. J and Dirksen, C. D and EndoCost Consortium, W. E. R. F and Simoens, S and Novembri, R and Luisi, S and Carrarelli, P and Rocha, A. L. L and Toti, P and Reis, F. M and Florio, P and Petraglia, F and Bruce, K. D and Sadek, K. H and Macklon, N and Cagampang, F. R and Cheong, Y and Goudakou, M and Kalogeraki, A and Matalliotakis, I and Papatheodorou, A and Pasadaki, T and Karkanaki, A and Prapas, I and Panagiotidis, I and Kasapi, E and Barlow, D and Oliver, J and Loumaye, E and Khanmohammadi, M and ...
Human reproduction (Oxford), ISSN 0268-1161, 07/2011, Volume 26, Issue suppl_1, pp. i202 - i223
Journal Article