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studies (3) 3
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Transplantation, ISSN 0041-1337, 12/2005, Volume 80, Issue 12, pp. 1805 - 1808
Journal Article
by Drake, T. M and Nepogodiev, D and Glasbey, J. C and Mohan, M and McNamee, L and Kelly, M and Fitzgerald, J. E and Harrison, E. M and Dean, R and Wylie, J and Jindal, A and Gouda, P and Fleck, R and Hanrahan, M and Karunakaran, P and Suresh, S and Bolton, W and Khan, T and Morley, R and Favero, N and Kennedy, E. D and Gabriel, J and Yener, A and Tilston, T. W and Dean, S and Ross, T and McCance, E and Amin, H and Satterthwaite, L and Robertson, K. L and Duncumb, J. W and Poo, S. X and Joshi, K. R and Norris, J. M and Keevil, H and Elf, D and Carr, L and Barton, E. C and Martin, A. L and Ratu, S. G and Roberts, E. J and Phan, P. N and Dyal, A. R and Burke, D and Mansoor, S and Mackin, S and Kim, S and Woin, E and Brent, G and Ahmed, M and Yong, C. S and Nixon, G and Tan, R and Dolaghan, M and Duke, K and Turner, L and Patel, T and Lunawat, S and Oremule, B and Ward, N and Chisholm, E. G and Hughes, B. A and Ahmed, H and Lee, A. H. Y and Bullock, N. P and Zhao, J and McIntyre, C. J and Wilson, H. C. P and Behar, N and Davis‐Hall, M and Seneviratne, N and Kim, S and Pope, S and Gatfield, W. A and Rees, C and Loveday, J and Wijesekera, M and Attalla, M and Smith, N and Sritharan, P and Shah, A and Hulley, K and Abdelhadi, M and Morgan, F and Anderson, L and Dickson, J and Asmadi, A and Anderson, L. B and Lua Boon Xuan, J and Crozier, L and Adebayo, A. A and Das, M and Amphlett, A. H and Winarski, A and Woodward, H and Gouldthrope, C and Turner, M and Tonkins, M and Wild, J. R. L and Robinson, M and ... and STARSurg Collaborative
British journal of surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 08/2016, Volume 103, Issue 9, pp. 1157 - 1172
Journal Article
Diseases of the colon & rectum, ISSN 0012-3706, 2019, Volume 62, Issue 7, pp. 794 - 801
Journal Article
Transplantation, ISSN 0041-1337, 07/2004, Volume 78, p. 517
Journal Article
by Abbas, Z and Abdulmajid, A and Abid, H and Abuhussein, N and Abul, M.H and Adjei, H and Afzal, Z and Ahern, N and Ahmad, K and Ahmed, F and Ahn, J.S and Aildasani, L and Ali, S and Ali, B and Ali, H and Alizadeh, M and Allan, C and Allen, J.L.Y and Al-Obaedi, O and Amajuoyi, A and Amin, O and Anandarajah, C and Anderson, L.B and Angelov, S and Anilkumar, A and Arif, T and Asbjoernsen, C.A and Ashken, L and Ashraf, S.F and Ashwood, J and Aslanyan, A and Atraszkiewicz, B.A and Attalla, M and Auyoung, E and Avery, P and Balaji, S and Barai, I and Barnes, J and Barthorpe, A.E and Bartlett, J and Barton, E.C and Bassett, J and Bassiony, S and Bazeer, H.Z and Behar, N and Bell, A and Bemand, T.P and Bernstein, I and Bingham, G and Blessed, R and Bloomer, J and Blore, C.D and Bolton, W and Bolton, L and Bonsu, S and Bose, R and Boulton, A.J and Boxall, N and Braganza, L and Brathwaite-Shirley, C and Brennan, C and Brewer, C.F and Brown, E and Buakuma, P and Buckle, R.T and Bullock, N.P and Burgess, A and Burney, L.J and Canning, N and Canning, E and Cao, Y and Carroll, A.F and Carthew, L and Chapman, S.J and Charalambos, M.A and Chaudhry, W.W and Cheng, K and Chew, L and Chhabra, A and Chilima, C.P and Chillarge, G and Chin, R and Chong, B.F and Chrastek, D and Chua, E.Y and Chung, A and Clark, I.J and Clarke, A.K and Clement, K.D and Cody, N and Coffey, D and Coffin, J and Cole, S.J and Collier, H and Cooper, D and Copley, P.C and Cornish, E and Cotton, A and Crozier, L and Cumber, E and ... and STARSurg Collaborative
World journal of surgery, ISSN 0364-2313, 1/2017, Volume 41, Issue 1, pp. 47 - 55
Journal Article
by McLean, K.A and Chang, H.M and Choi, S.M and Pronin, S and Drake, T.M and Mitchell, H and Antoniou, I and Dean, R and Davies, N and Trecarten, S and Henderson, I and Holmes, C and Gouda, P and Karunakaran, P and Chen, J.H and Patel, M and Varma, R.K and Mushtaq, J and Gundogan, B and Bolton, W and Favero, N and Ong, K.K and Tan, Y.H and Preece, R and Tilston, T.W and Ross, T and McCance, E and Amin, H and Clement, K.D and Gratton, R and Hung, G and Rafiq, N.M and Assadullah, S and Moon, R.D.C and Poo, S.X and Mehta, J.K and Chilvers, N.J and Keevil, H and Jull, P and Elf, D and Martin, A.L and Ratu, S.G and Roberts, E.J and Dyal, A.R and Reid, N.B and Culleton, G and Lynne, S and Mansoor, S and Blessed, R and Holloway, C and Woin, E and Coffin, J and Ziff, O and Tan, R and Canning, N and Dolaghan, M and Duke, K and Patel, T and Chew, L.S and Mirza, M and Oremule, B and Ward, N and Tan, E.T and Maclennan, D and Chisholm, E.G and Haq, H and Ahmed, H and Ungcharoen, N and Lee, A.H.Y and Bullock, N.P and Zhao, J and Barai, I and Wilson, H.C.P and Ashton, A.J and Ali, S and Ahn, J.S and Demetri, A.M and Loveday, J and Liu, S and Wijesekera, M and Shah, A and Charavanamuttu, V and Heppenstall-Harris, G and Ng, K and Cotton, A and Sharifpour, M and Lwin, K.N and Bright, M and Abdelhadi, M and Semana, A.D and Reid, R and Anderson, L and Ahern, N and Asmadi, A and Das, M and Al-Robeye, A and Valli, A and Khangura, J and Gouldthrope, C and Turner, M and ... and STARSurg Collaborative
British journal of anaesthesia : BJA, ISSN 0007-0912, 01/2019, Volume 122, Issue 1, pp. 42 - 50
Journal Article
by Pinkney, T and Battersby, N and Chaudhri, S and Frasson, M and Vennix, S and Altomare, D and Morton, D and Rubbini, M and Perry, R and Patron Uriburu, J and Salomon, M and Makhmudov, A and Selnyahina, L and Varabei, A and Defoort, B and Debergh, I and Reusens, H and Jehaes, C and Monami, B and Weerts, J and Bouckaert, W and Houben, B and Sommeling, C and Castro, S and de Bruyn, H and Huyghe, M and Reynders, D and Wolthuis, A and Marchiori, M and Rocha de Moraes, C and Arabadjieva, E and Bulanov, D and Stoyanov, V and Angelov, K and Maslyankov, S and Sokolov, M and Toshev, S and Zafirov, G and Condic, D and Kraljik, D and Mrkovic, H and Pavkovic, V and Farkasova, M and Grolich, T and Antos, F and Chobola, M and Dusek, T and Orhalmi, J and Hoch, J and Kocian, P and Martinek, L and Bernstein, I and Sunesen, K. Gotschalck and Leunbach, J and Oveson, A. Uth and Krarup, P and Erritzoe, L and Lykke, J and Colov, E. Palmgren and Friis, T. Linde and Funder, J. Amstrup and Dich, R and Rasmussen, S and Qvist, N and Khalid, A and Kivela, A and Siironen, P and Kuusanmaki, P and Tomminen, T and Turunen, A and Karvonen, J and Lavonius, M and Rantala, A and Varpe, P and Francois, Y and Manceau, G and Panis, Y and Gout, M and Rullier, E and Chafai, N and Parc, Y and Duchalais, E and Hungbauer, A and Keller, M and Scherer, R and Boehm, G and Buhr, J and Hoffmann, M and Schoen, M and Baral, J and Pullig, F and Kienle, P and Magdeburg, J and Post, S and Germanos, S and Katsoulis, I. E and Korkolis, D and Akrida, I and Argentou, M and Kollatos, C and ... and Local Investigators and European Soc Coloproctology Collab and ESCP Res Comm and Writing Grp ESCP Cohort Studies and Audits Sub-Comm and Logistical Support Data Collation and 2015 European Society of Coloproctology collaborating group and The 2015 European Society of Coloproctology collaborating group
Colorectal disease, ISSN 1462-8910, 2017, Volume 19, Issue 8, pp. O296 - O311
Journal Article
by Ravikumar, R and Bartlett, D and Morton, D. G and Berkman, L and Bodenham-Chilton, H and Deeks, J. J and Handley, K and Magill, L and Hamilton, E and Hepburn, E and Hwang, M-J and Mirza, N and Wilkey, A and Bodenham-Chilton, H and Magill, M. le Breuilly L and Wilcockson, A and Handley, K and Mehta, S and Deeks, J. J and Burtenshaw, A and Hawkins, W and Voysey, M and Blazeby, J and Smith, I and Stocken, D and Abbott, S and Hwang, M and Karim, A and Luke, D. P and McArthur, D and Mistry, P and Richardson, J and Youssef, H and Ravi, K and Goodfellow, P. B and Gupta, R and Joy, H and Eardley, N and McFaul, C and Vimalachandran, D and Harmston, C and Froggatt, P and Krishnan, P and Pathare, S and Shanmugam, V and Yiannakou, Y. J and Fawole, A and Macklin, C and Mcenhill, J and Narula, H and Riad, T and Rose, A and Chambers, J and Ekere, C and Hough, M and Hull, J and Knight, H. P and Lamparelli, M. J and Lewis, M and Pulletz, M and Siddiqi, N and Stubbs, B and Subramanian, K and Swanton, R and Costigan, S and O'Connell, G and Patel, P. K and Ali, A and Ang, C and Chapman, M. A. S and Shariff, U and Thompson, C and Yates, A. Williamson J and Youssef, H and Leinhardt, D. J and Simenacz, M and Harris, S and Loveless, P and Mohsen, Y and Myers, A and Prabhudesai, A and Vanagov, S and Aryal, K and Lal, R and Millican, D and Panagiotopopoulou, I and Shankar, K and Dube, M and Tansley, J and Hill, J and Addison, S and Church, R and Nath, J and Valap, S and Mirza, N and Dhrampal, A and Nortje, J and Payne, J and Sargen, K and Speakman, C and ... and DREAMS Trial Collaborators and DREAMS Trial Collaborators and West Midlands Research Collaborative
BMJ (Clinical research ed.), ISSN 1756-1833, 04/2017, Volume 357, p. j1455
Journal Article