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Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2011, Volume 470, Issue 7332, pp. 59 - 65
Journal Article
by Abadie, J and Abbott, B.P and Abbott, R and Abernathy, M and Adams, C and Adhikari, R and Ajith, P and Allen, B and Allen, G and Amador Ceron, E and Amin, R.S and Anderson, S.B and Anderson, W.G and Arain, M.A and Araya, M and Aronsson, M and Aso, Y and Aston, S and Atkinson, D.E and Aufmuth, P and Baker, P and Ballmer, S and Barker, D and Barnum, S and Barr, B and Barriga, P and Barsotti, L and Bartos, I and Bassiri, R and Bastarrika, M and Bauchrowitz, J and Behnke, B and Benacquista, M and Bertolini, A and Betzwieser, J and Beyersdorf, P.T and Bilenko, I.A and Birch, J and Biswas, R and Black, E and Blackburn, J.K and Blackburn, L and Blair, D and Bland, B and Bodiya, T.P and Born, M and Bose, S and Boyle, M and Brady, P.R and Braginsky, V.B and Brau, J.E and Breyer, J and Bridges, D.O and Brinkmann, M and Britzger, M and Brooks, A.F and Brown, D.A and Buonanno, A and Burguet–Castell, J and Burmeister, O and Cadonati, L and Cain, J and Camp, J.B and Campsie, P and Cannizzo, J and Cannon, K.C and Cao, J and Capano, C and Caride, S and Caudill, S and Cavaglià, M and Cepeda, C and Chalermsongsak, T and Chalkley, E and Charlton, P and Chelkowski, S and Chen, Y and Christensen, N and Chua, S.S.Y and Chung, C.T.Y and Clark, D and Clark, J and Clayton, J.H and Conte, R and Cook, D and Cornish, N and Costa, C.A and Coward, D.M and Coyne, D.C and Creighton, J.D.E and Creighton, T.D and Cruise, A.M and Culter, R.M and Cumming, A and Cunningham, L and Dahl, K and Danilishin, S.L and Dannenberg, R and Danzmann, K and Das, K and ...
Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research. Section A, Accelerators, spectrometers, detectors and associated equipment, ISSN 0168-9002, 12/2010, Volume 624, Issue 1, pp. 223 - 240
Journal Article
by Devereaux, P.J and Yang, Homer and Yusuf, Salim and Guyatt, Gordon and Leslie, Kate and Villar, Juan Carlos and Xavier, Denis and Chrolavicius, Susan and Greenspan, Launi and Pogue, Janice and Pais, Prem and Liu, Lisheng and Xu, Shouchun and Málaga, German and Avezum, Alvaro and Chan, Matthew and Montori, Victor M and Jacka, Mike and Choi, Peter and Ciapponi, A and Garcia Dieguez, M and Leslie, K and Avezum, A and Berwanger, O and Hudson, R.J and Jacka, M and Schricker, T and Warriner, B and Liu, L and Xu, S and Villar, J.C and Tristan, M and Baidel, Y and Salazar, A and Espinel, M and Carlos Zevallos, J and Leino, K and Keltai, M and Faller, J and Pais, P and Xavier, D and Islas Andrade, S and Raeder, J and Alonso-Coello, P and Urrutia, G and Gannedahl, P and Phrommintikul, A and Foëx, P and Giles, J and Sear, J and Goldman, L and Caccavo, R.A and Ferrari, A and Nicolosi, L.N and Sierra, F and Tesolin, P and Barratt, S and Beilby, D and Bolsin, S and Boyd, D and Bugler, S and Cope, L and Douglas, J and Fatovich, S and Grant, J and Halliwell, R and Kerridge, R.K and Leslie, K and Love, J and March, S and McCulloch, T.J and Myles, P.S and Paech, M and Peyton, P and Poole, C and Poustie, S and Priestly, M and Reeves, M and Wallace, S and Weitkamp, B and Wolfers, D and Baptista, M and Do Amara Baruzzi, A.C and Blacher, C and Bodanese, L.C and Campos De Albuquerque, D and Esteves, J.P and França Neto, O.R and Guiselli Gallina, L.E and Izukawa, N.M and Kallas, F.C and Kerr Saraiva, J.F and Marin-Neto, J.A and Nigro Maia, L and Penha Rosateli, P.H and Rabello, R and Schammass Ducatti, T and Aggarwala, R and Argibay-Poliquin, E and Badner, N and ... and unav and POISE Study Group
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 2008, Volume 371, Issue 9627, pp. 1839 - 1847
Journal Article
Physical review. D, Particles, fields, gravitation, and cosmology, ISSN 1550-7998, 2012, Volume 85, Issue 8
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Omar, Omar and Chaudhry, Daoud and Gujjuri, Rohan R and Jones, Conor S and Lawday, Samuel and Li, Elizabeth and Mann, Harvinder S and McLean, Kenneth A and Taylor, Elliot H and Moug, Susan and Townend, Philip and Roberts, Keith and Edwards, John and Patel, Akshay and Fountain, Daniel M and Freyschlag, Christian and Demetriades, Andreas K and Schache, Andrew G and Winter, Stuart C and Thekinkattil, Dinesh and Sehouli, Jalid and Cohen, Paul and Ghebre, Rahel and Bristow, Rob and Narahari, Krishna and Simoes, Joana FF and Alderson, Derek and Alakaloko, Felix and Chaar, Mohammad and Ford, Samuel and Mashbari, Hassan N and Moszkowicz, David and Moug, Susan and Ng‐Kamstra, Joshua S and Pinkney, Thomas D and Medina, Antonio Ramos‐De and Santos, Irène and Tabiri, Stephen and Tsoulfas, Georgios and Vidya, Raghavan and Warren, Oliver J and Allemand, C and Odetto, D and Alurralde, C and Gerchunoff, JI and Gould, T and Joshi, N and Salindera, S and Lam, YH and Parker, D and Townend, P and Blatt, A and Fenton, M and Pockney, P and Phan, D and Guerra, GR and Jog, S and Kroon, HM and Batstone, M and Mitchell, D and Knowles, B and Mack, J and Rowcroft, A and Kafka, M and Grechenig, M and Gatti, A and Nardi, C and De Cicco, R and Sokolov, M and Ghitulescu, G and Jamjoum, G and Johnston, B and Merchan, A and Bakmaz, B and Ćoza, I and Dijan, E and Frantzeskou, K and Papatheodorou, P and Pozotou, I and Žatecký, J and Kristensen, HØ and Schlesinger, N and Elazzazy, E and Eweda, M and Saifeldin, H and Samih, A and Ali, AK and Elkhayat, H and Monib, FA and Aboulkassem, H and Salem, H and Chouillard, E and Manfredelli, S and Mathieu, P and Piessen, G and Pruvot, FR and Zerbib, P and Ballouhey, Q and Moumen, A and Malard, O and ...
British journal of surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 11/2020, Volume 107, Issue 12, pp. e601 - e602
Journal Article
Nature communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 05/2018, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 1816 - 16
Journal Article
BMC public health, ISSN 1471-2458, 01/2016, Volume 16, Issue 1, p. 93
Journal Article