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Resuscitation, ISSN 0300-9572, 2016, Volume 105, pp. 188 - 195
Journal Article
by Grasner, Jan-Thorsten and Lefering, Rolf and Koster, Rudolph W and Masterson, Siobhan and Bottiger, Bernd W and Herlitz, Johan and Wnent, Jan and Tjelmeland, Ingvild B.M and Ortiz, Fernando Rosell and Maurer, Holger and Baubin, Michael and Mols, Pierre and HadzibegoviA , Irzal and Ioannides, Marios and Skulec, Roman and Wissenberg, Mads and Salo, Ari and Hubert, Herve and Nikolaou, Nikolaos I and Loczi, Gerda and Svavarsdottir, Hildigunnur and Semeraro, Federico and Wright, Peter J and Clarens, Carlo and Pijls, Ruud and Cebula, Grzegorz and Correia, Vitor Gouveia and Cimpoesu, Diana and Raffay, Violetta and Trenkler, Stefan and Markota, Andrej and Stromsoe, Anneli and Burkart, Roman and Perkins, Gavin D and Bossaert, Leo L and Kaufmann, Marc and Thaler, Markus and Maier, Martin and Prause, Gerhard and Trimmel, Helmut and de Longueville, Diane and Preseau, Thierry and Biarent, Dominique and Melot, Christian and Mpotos, Nicolas and Monsieurs, Koen and Van de Voorde, Patrick and Vanhove, Marie and Lievens, Pascale and Faniel, Mathias and Keleuva, Slobodanka and Lazarevic, Milan and Ujevic, Radmila Majhen and Devcic, Mato and Bardak, Branka and Barisic, Fabijan and Anticevic, Silvija Hunyadi and Georgiou, Marios and TruhlaA , Anatolij and Knor, JiA i and Smrzova, Eva and Svitak, Roman and Sin, Robin and Mokrejs, Petr and Lippert, Freddy K and Hallikainen, Juhana and Hoikka, Marko and Iirola, Timo and Jama, Timo and Jantti, Helena and Jokisalo, Raimo and Jousi, Milla and Kirves, Hetti and Kuisma, Markku and Laine, Jukka and Lankimaki, Sami and Loikas, Petri and Lund, Vesa and Maatta, Teuvo and Nal, Heini and Niemela, Heimo and Portaankorva, Petra and Pylkkanen, Marko and Sainio, Marko and Setala, Piritta and Tervo, Jerry and Vayrynen, Taneli and Murgue, Davy and Champenois, Anne and Fournier, Marc and Meyran, Daniel and Tabary, Romain and Avondo, Aurelie and Gelin, Gelin and Simonnet, Bruno and Joly, Marc and Megy-Michoux, Isabelle and Paringaux, Xavier and Duffait, Yves and Vial, Michael and ...
Resuscitation, ISSN 0300-9572, 08/2016, Volume 105, p. 188
To access, purchase, authenticate, or subscribe to the full-text of this article, please visit this link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.resuscitation.2016.06.004... 
Analysis | Cardiac arrest
Journal Article
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