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oncology (38) 38
middle aged (29) 29
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aged (25) 25
cancer (24) 24
mutation (22) 22
risk factors (22) 22
breast neoplasms - genetics (21) 21
risk (21) 21
genetic aspects (18) 18
genes (15) 15
genetic predisposition to disease (15) 15
ovarian cancer (15) 15
analysis (14) 14
women (14) 14
case-control studies (13) 13
tumors (13) 13
care and treatment (12) 12
genetics & heredity (12) 12
health aspects (12) 12
research (12) 12
aged, 80 and over (11) 11
chemotherapy (11) 11
skin and connective tissue diseases (11) 11
breast neoplasms - metabolism (10) 10
epidemiology (9) 9
genetic susceptibility (9) 9
genetics (9) 9
genome-wide association (9) 9
genotype (9) 9
alleles (8) 8
article (8) 8
breast (8) 8
breast neoplasms - pathology (8) 8
health risk assessment (8) 8
odds ratio (8) 8
prognosis (8) 8
receptors, estrogen - metabolism (8) 8
survival (8) 8
susceptibility (8) 8
young adult (8) 8
brca1 protein (7) 7
breast neoplasms - epidemiology (7) 7
heterozygote (7) 7
medical and health sciences (7) 7
medicin och hälsovetenskap (7) 7
medicine & public health (7) 7
patients (7) 7
polymorphism, single nucleotide (7) 7
breast carcinoma (6) 6
cancer patients (6) 6
common variants (6) 6
deoxyribonucleic acid--dna (6) 6
estrogen (6) 6
gene mutations (6) 6
genetic predisposition to disease - genetics (6) 6
genomes (6) 6
medical research (6) 6
medicine (6) 6
multidisciplinary sciences (6) 6
ovarian neoplasms - genetics (6) 6
risk assessment (6) 6
surgery (6) 6
susceptibility loci (6) 6
adolescent (5) 5
breast neoplasms - drug therapy (5) 5
cancer och onkologi (5) 5
cancer therapies (5) 5
chemistry (5) 5
chromosome breakage syndrome (5) 5
disease (5) 5
dna double-strand break repair (5) 5
european continental ancestry group - genetics (5) 5
founder mutation (5) 5
gene expression regulation, neoplastic (5) 5
germany (5) 5
health risks (5) 5
loci (5) 5
open-label (5) 5
paclitaxel (5) 5
receptor, erbb-2 - metabolism (5) 5
research article (5) 5
articles (4) 4
association (4) 4
base sequence (4) 4
bevacizumab (4) 4
biochemistry (4) 4
biology (4) 4
brca1 protein - genetics (4) 4
brca2 protein (4) 4
breast neoplasms - mortality (4) 4
cancer and oncology (4) 4
carcinoma (4) 4
cell cycle (4) 4
cell line, tumor (4) 4
chek2 (4) 4
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by Pujade-Lauraine, Eric and Ledermann, Jonathan and Ledermann, Jonathan A and Selle, Frédéric and Gebski, Val and Penson, Richard and Penson, Richard T and Oza, Amit M and Oza, Amit and Korach, Jacob and Huzarski, Tomasz and Poveda, Andrés and Pignata, Sandro and Friedlander, Michael and Colombo, Nicoletta and Harter, Philipp and Fujiwara, Keiichi and Ray-Coquard, Isabelle and Banerjee, Susana and Liu, Joyce and Lowe, Elizabeth S and Bloomfield, Ralph and Pautier, Patricia and Byrski, Tomasz and Scambia, Giovanni and Nicoletto, Maria and Nussey, Fiona and Clamp, Andrew and Poveda Velasco, Andrés and Rodrigues, Manuel and Lotz, Jean-Pierre and Provencher, Diane and Prat Aparicio, Aleix and Vidal Boixader, Laura and Scott, Clare and Tamura, Kenji and Yunokawa, Mayu and Lisyanskaya, Alla and Medioni, Jacques and Pécuchet, Nicolas and Dubot, Coraline and de la Motte Rouge, Thibault and Kaminsky, Marie-Christine and Weber, Béatrice and Lortholary, Alain and Parkinson, Christine and Williams, Sarah and Cosin, Jonathan and Hoffman, James and Plante, Marie and Covens, Allan and Sonke, Gabe and Joly, Florence and Floquet, Anne and Hirte, Holger and Amit, Amnon and Park-Simon, Tjoung-Won and Matsumoto, Koji and Tjulandin, Sergei and Kim, Jae Hoon and Kim, Byoung-Gie and Kim, Jae Weon and Gladieff, Laurence and Sabbatini, Roberto and O'Malley, David and Timmins, Patrick and Kredentser, Daniel and Laínez Milagro, Nuria and Barretina Ginesta, Maria Pilar and Tibau Martorell, Ariadna and Gómez de Liaño Lista, Alfonso and Ojeda González, Belén and Mileshkin, Linda and Mandai, Masaki and Boere, Ingrid and Ottevanger, Petronella and Nam, Joo-Hyun and Filho, Elias and Hamizi, Salima and Cognetti, Francesco and Warshal, David and Dickson-Michelson, Elizabeth and Kamelle, Scott and McKenzie, Nathalie and Rodriguez, Gustavo and Armstrong, Deborah and Chalas, Eva and Celano, Paul and Behbakht, Kian and Davidson, Susan and Welch, Stephen and Helpman, Limor and Fishman, Ami and Bruchim, Ilan and Sikorska, Magdalena and Słowińska, Anna and Rogowski, Wojciech and Bidziński, Mariusz and Śpiewankiewicz, Beata and Casado Herraez, Antonio and ... and SOLO2-ENGOT-Ov21 Investigators and SOLO2/ENGOT-Ov21 investigators
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Journal Article
Lancet Oncology, The, ISSN 1470-2045, 2015, Volume 16, Issue 8, pp. 928 - 936
Journal Article
by Michailidou, Kyriaki and Lindström, Sara and Dennis, Joe and Beesley, Jonathan and Hui, Shirley and Kar, Siddhartha and Lemaçon, Auey and Soucy, Penny and Glubb, Dylan and Rostamianfar, Asha and Bolla, Manjeet K and Wang, Qin and Tyrer, Jonathan and Dicks, Ed and Lee, Anew and Wang, Zhaoming and Allen, Jamie and Keeman, Renske and Eilber, Ursula and French, Juliet D and Qing Chen, Xiao and Fachal, Laura and McCue, Karen and McCart Reed, Amy E and Ghoussaini, Maya and Carroll, Jason S and Jiang, Xia and Finucane, Hilary and Adams, Marcia and Adank, Muriel A and Ahsan, Habibul and Aittomäki, Kristiina and Anton-Culver, Hoda and Antonenkova, Natalia N and Arndt, Volker and Aronson, Kristan J and Arun, Banu and Auer, Paul L and Bacot, François and Barrdahl, Myrto and Baynes, Caroline and Beckmann, Matthias W and Behrens, Sabine and Benitez, Javier and Bermisheva, Marina and Bernstein, Leslie and Blomqvist, Carl and Bogdanova, Natalia V and Bojesen, Stig E and Bonanni, Bernardo and Børresen-Dale, Anne-Lise and Brand, Judith S and Brauch, Hiltrud and Brennan, Paul and Brenner, Hermann and Brinton, Louise and Broberg, Per and Brock, Ian W and Broeks, Annegien and Brooks-Wilson, Angela and Brucker, Sara Y and Brüning, Thomas and Burwinkel, Barbara and Butterbach, Katja and Cai, Qiuyin and Cai, Hui and Caldés, Trinidad and Canzian, Federico and Carracedo, Angel and Carter, Brian D and Castelao, Jose E and Chan, Tsun L and David Cheng, Ting-Yuan and Seng Chia, Kee and Choi, Ji-Yeob and Christiansen, Hans and Clarke, Christine L and Collée, Margriet and Conroy, Don M and Cordina-Duverger, Emilie and Cornelissen, Sten and Cox, David G and Cox, Angela and Cross, Simon S and Cunningham, Julie M and Czene, Kamila and Daly, Mary B and Devilee, Peter and Doheny, Kimberly F and Dörk, Thilo and Dos-Santos-Silva, Isabel and Dumont, Martine and Durcan, Lorraine and Dwek, Miriam and Eccles, Diana M and Ekici, Arif B and Eliassen, A. Heather and Ellberg, Carolina and Elvira, Mingajeva and Engel, Christoph and ... and KConFab AOCS Investigators and ABCTB Investigators and NBCS Collaborators and ConFab/AOCS Investigators and Medicinska fakulteten and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet and Ortopedi and Uppsala universitet and Institutionen för kirurgiska vetenskaper
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 2017, Volume 551, Issue 7678, pp. 92 - 94
Journal Article
by Mavaddat, Nasim and Pharoah, Paul and Michailidou, Kyriaki and Tyrer, Jonathan and Brook, Mark N and Bolla, Manjeet and Wang, Qing and Dennis, Joe and Dunning, Alison and Shah, Mitul and Luben, Robert and Brown, Judith and Bojesen, Stig and Nordestgaard, Børge and Nielsen, Sune F and Flyger, Henrik and Czene, Kamila and Darabi, Hatef and Eriksson, Mikael and Peto, Julian and Santos Silva, Isabel and Dudbridge, Frank and Johnson, Nichola and Schmidt, Marjanka and Broeks, Annegien and Verhoef, S and Rutgers, Emiel J and Swerdlow, Anthony and Ashworth, Alan and Orr, Nick and Schoemaker, Minouk and Figueroa, Jonine and Chanock, Stephen and Brinton, Louise and Lissowska, Jolanta and Couch, Fergus and Olson, Janet and Vachon, Celine and Pankratz, Shane and Lambrechts, Diether and Wildiers, Hans and van Ongeval, Chantal and Limbergen, Erik and Kristensen, Vessela and Grenaker Alnæs, Grethe and Nord, Silje and Borresen-Dale, Anne-Lise and Nevanlinna, Heli and Muranen, Taru and Aittomäki, Kristiina and Blomqvist, Carl and Chang-Claude, Jenny and Rudolph, Anja and Seibold, Petra and Flesch-Janys, Dieter and Fasching, Peter and Haeberle, Lothar and Ekici, Arif and Beckmann, Matthias and Burwinkel, Barbara and Marme, Federick and Schneeweiss, Aneas and Sohn, Christof and Trentham-Dietz, Amy and Newcomb, Polly and Titus, Linda and Egan, Kathleen M and Hunter, David and Lindstrom, Stephen and Tamimi, Rulla and Kraft, Peter and Rahman, Nazneen and Turnbull, Clare and Renwick, Anthony and Seal, Sheila and Li, Jingmei and Liu, Jianjun and Humphreys, Manjeet and Benítez, Javier and Zamora, Pilar and Arias Pérez, José Ignacio and Menéndez, Primitiva and Jakubowska, Anna and Lubinski, Jan and Jaworska-Bieniek, Katarzyna and Durda, Katarzyna and Bogdanova, Natalia and Antonenkova, Natalia and Dörk, Thilo and Anton-Culver, Hoda and Neuhausen, Susan and Ziogas, Argyrios and Bernstein, Leslie and Devilee, Peter and Tollenaar, Rob and Seynaeve, Caroline and Asperen, Christi and Cox, Angela and Cross, Simon and Reed, Malcolm and ...
National Cancer Institute. Journal (Print), ISSN 0027-8874, 01/2015, Volume 107, Issue 5, p. 1
textabstractBackground: Data for multiple common susceptibility alleles for breast cancer may be combined to identify women at different levels of breast... 
PROSTATE | ONCOLOGY | SUBTYPES | SUSCEPTIBILITY LOCI | PREVENTION | FAMILY-HISTORY | GENOME-WIDE ASSOCIATION | Development and progression | Breast cancer | Genetic aspects | Single nucleotide polymorphisms | Health aspects | Risk factors
Journal Article
by Yang, Xiaohong R and Chang-Claude, Jenny and Goode, Ellen L and Couch, Fergus J and Nevanlinna, Heli and Milne, Roger L and Gaudet, Mia and Schmidt, Marjanka K and Broeks, Annegien and Cox, Angela and Fasching, Peter A and Hein, Rebecca and Spurdle, Amanda B and Blows, Fiona and ver, Kristy and Flesch-Janys, Dieter and Heinz, Judith and Sinn, Peter and Vrieling, Alina and Heikkinen, Tuomas and Aittomaeki, Kristiina and Heikkilae, Paeivi and Blomqvist, Carl and Lissowska, Jolanta and Peplonska, Beata and Chanock, Stephen and Figueroa, Jonine and Brinton, Louise and Hall, Per and Czene, Kamila and Humphreys, Keith and Darabi, Hatef and Liu, Jianjun and Van 't Veer, Laura J and Van Leeuwen, Flora E and Anulis, Irene L and Glendon, Gord and Knight, Julia A and Mulligan, Anna Marie and O'Malley, Frances P and Weerasooriya, Nayana and John, Esther M and Beckmann, Matthias W and Hartmann, Arndt and Weihbrecht, Sebastian B and Wachter, David L and Jud, Sebastian M. S and Loehberg, Christian R and Baglietto, Laura and English, Dallas R and Giles, Graham G and McLean, Catriona A and Severi, Gianluca and Lambrechts, Diether and Vandorpe, Thijs and Weltens, Caroline and Paridaens, Robert and Smeets, Ann and Neven, Patrick and Wildiers, Hans and Wang, Xianshu and Olson, Janet E and Cafourek, Victoria and Fredericksen, Zachary and Kosel, Matthew and Vachon, Celine and Cramp, Helen E and Connley, Daniel and Cross, Simon S and Balasubramanian, Sabapathy P and Reed, Malcolm W. R and Doerk, Thilo and Bremer, Michael and Meyer, Aneas and Karstens, Johann H and Ay, Aysun and Park-Simon, Tjoung-Won and Hillemanns, Peter and Arias Perez, Jose Ignacio and Menendez Roiguez, Primitiva and Zamora, Pilar and Bentez, Javier and Ko, Yon-Dschun and Fischer, Hans-Peter and Hamann, Ute and Pesch, Beate and Bruening, Thomas and Justenhoven, Christina and Brauch, Hiltrud and Eccles, Diana M and Tapper, William J and Gerty, Sue M and Sawyer, Elinor J and Tomlinson, Ian P and Jones, Angela and Kerin, Michael and Miller, Nicola and McInerney, Niall and Anton-Culver, Hoda and Ziogas, Argyrios and ...
JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE, ISSN 0027-8874, 02/2011, Volume 103, Issue 3, pp. 250 - 263
Journal Article
by Schmidt, Marjanka and Hogervorst, Frans and Hien, Richard and Cornelissen, S and Broeks, Annegien and Adank, Muriel and Meijers, H and Waisfisz, Quinten and Hollestelle, Antoinette and Schutte, Mieke and Ouweland, Ans and Hooning, Maartje and Anulis, Irene and Anton-Culver, Hoda and Antonenkova, N.N and Antoniou, Antonis C and Arndt, V and Bermisheva, Marina and Bogdanova, Natalia and Bolla, Manjeet K and Brauch, Hiltrud and Brenner, Hermann and Brüning, Thomas and Burwinkel, Barbara and Chang-Claude, Jenny and Chenevix-Trench, Georgia and Couch, Fergus and Cox, Angela and Cross, Simon and Czene, Kamila and Dunning, Alison and Fasching, Peter and Figueroa, Jonine and Fletcher, Olivia and Flyger, Henrik and Galle, E and García-Closas, Montserrat and Giles, G.G and Haeberle, Lothar and Hall, Per and Hillemanns, Peter and Hopper, John and Jakubowska, Anna and John, Esther and Jones, Michael and Khusnutdinova, Elza and Knight, Julia and Kosma, Veli-Matti and Kristensen, Vessela and Lee, Anew and Lindblom, Annika and Lubinski, Jan and Mannermaa, Arto and Margolin, Sara and Meindl, Alfons and Milne, Roger and Muranen, T.A and Newcomb, P.A and Offit, Kenneth and Park-Simon, T.-W and Peto, Julian and Pharoah, Paul and Robson, Mark and Rudolph, A and Sawyer, Elinor and Schmutzler, Rita and Seynaeve, Caroline and Soens, J and Southey, Melissa and Spurdle, Amanda and Surowy, Harald and Swerdlow, Anthony and Tollenaar, R.A.E.M and Tomlinson, Ian and Trentham-Dietz, A and Vachon, Celine and Wang, Q and Whittemore, Alice and Ziogas, Argyrios and Kolk, Lizet and Nevanlinna, Heli and Dörk, Thilo and Bojesen, Stig and Easton, Douglas F
Journal of Clinical Oncology, ISSN 0732-183X, 08/2016, Volume 34, Issue 23, pp. 2750 - 2760
textabstractPurpose CHEK2∗1100delC is a well-established breast cancer risk variant that is most prevalent in European populations; however, there are limited... 
Journal Article
by Milne, Roger L and Kuchenbaecker, Karoline B and Michailidou, Kyriaki and Beesley, Jonathan and Kar, Siddhartha and Lindström, Sara and Hui, Shirley and Lemaçon, Auey and Soucy, Penny and Dennis, Joe and Jiang, Xia and Rostamianfar, Asha and Finucane, Hilary and Bolla, Manjeet K and McGuffog, Lesley and Wang, Qin and Aalfs, Cora M and Adams, Marcia and Adlard, Julian and Agata, Simona and Ahmed, Shahana and Ahsan, Habibul and Aittomäki, Kristiina and Al-Ejeh, Fares and Allen, Jamie and Ambrosone, Christine B and Amos, Christopher I and Anulis, Irene L and Anton-Culver, Hoda and Antonenkova, Natalia N and Arndt, Volker and Arnold, Norbert and Aronson, Kristan J and Auber, Bernd and Auer, Paul L and Ausems, Margreet G. E. M and Azzollini, Jacopo and Bacot, François and Balmaña, Judith and Barile, Monica and Barjhoux, Laure and Barkardottir, Rosa B and Barrdahl, Myrto and Barnes, Daniel and Barrowdale, Daniel and Baynes, Caroline and Beckmann, Matthias W and Benitez, Javier and Bermisheva, Marina and Bernstein, Leslie and Bignon, Yves-Jean and Blazer, Kathleen R and Blok, Marinus J and Blomqvist, Carl and Blot, William and Bobolis, Kristie and Boeckx, Bram and Bogdanova, Natalia V and Bojesen, Anders and Bojesen, Stig E and Bonanni, Bernardo and Børresen-Dale, Anne-Lise and Bozsik, Aniko and Bradbury, Angela R and Brand, Judith S and Brauch, Hiltrud and Brenner, Hermann and Bressac-de Paillerets, Brigitte and Brewer, Carole and Brinton, Louise and Broberg, Per and Brooks-Wilson, Angela and Brunet, Joan and Brüning, Thomas and Burwinkel, Barbara and Buys, Sauna S and Byun, Jinyoung and Cai, Qiuyin and Caldés, Trinidad and Caligo, Maria A and Campbell, Ian and Canzian, Federico and Caron, Olivier and Carracedo, Angel and Carter, Brian D and Castelao, J. Esteban and Castera, Laurent and Caux-Moncoutier, Virginie and Chan, Salina B and Chang-Claude, Jenny and Chanock, Stephen J and Chen, Xiaoqing and Cheng, Ting-Yuan David and Chiquette, Jocelyne and Christiansen, Hans and Claes, Kathleen B. M and Clarke, Christine L and Conner, Thomas and Conroy, Don M and Cook, Jackie and ... and ABCTB Investigators and HEBON and EMBRACE and GEMO Study Collaborators and kConFab AOCS Investigators and NBSC Collaborators and kConFab/AOCS Investigators and Medicinska fakulteten and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet and Institutionen för immunologi, genetik och patologi and Medicinsk genetik och genomik and Ortopedi and Uppsala universitet and Institutionen för kirurgiska vetenskaper
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2017, Volume 49, Issue 12, pp. 1767 - 1778
Journal Article