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2014, ISBN 0786495936, ix, 283
"These new essays examine the many ways that issues of gender and sexuality intersect with other identities and practices. The aim of these essays is to open... 
Homosexuality on television | Sex role on television | Glee (Television program)
by Finfer, Simon and Chittock, Dean and Li, Yang and Foster, Denise and Dhingra, Vinay and Bellomo, Rinaldo and Cook, Deborah and Dodek, Peter and Hebert, Paul and Henderson, William and Heyland, Daren and Higgins, Alisa and McArthur, Colin and Mitchell, Imogen and Myburgh, John and Robinson, Bruce and Ronco, Juan and Blair, Deborah and Norton, Robyn and Potter, Julie and McDonald, Ellen and Peto, Richard and Sandercock, Peter and Sprung, Charles and Young, J. Duncan and Li, Qiang and Bompoint, Severine and Billot, Laurent and Crampton, Leonie and Darcy, Fotios and Jayne, Kathy and Kumarasinghe, Viraji and Little, Lorraine and McEvoy, Suzanne and MacMahon, Stephen and Pandey, Sameer and Ryan, Suzanne and Shukla, Ravi and Vijayan, Bala and Atherton, Susan and Bell, Jeanette and Hadfield, Louise and Hourigan, Craig and Newby, Lynette and Simmonds, Catherine and Buhr, Heidi and Eccleston, Michelle and McGuinness, Shay and Parke, Rachael and Bates, Samantha and Goldsmith, Donna and Mercer, Inga and O’Sullivan, Kim and Gazzard, Robert and Hill, Dianne and Tauschke, Christine and Ghelani, Dhawal and Nand, Kiran and Reece, Graham and Sara, Treena and Elliott, Suzanne and Ernest, David and Hamilton, Angela and Ashley, Rebecca and Bailey, Andrew and Crowfoot, Elise and Gissane, Jelena and Ranse, Jamie and Whiting, Joy and Douglas, Kristina and Milliss, David and Tan, Jeff and Wong, Helen and Blythe, David and Palermo, Annemarie and Hardie, Miranda and Harrigan, Peter and McFadyen, Brett and Micallef, Sharon and Parr, Michael and Boase, Anna and Tai, Judi and Williams, Anthony and Cole, Louise and Seppelt, Ian and Weisbrodt, Leonie and Whereat, Sarah and Flanagan, Annette and Liang, Janet and Bass, Frances and Campbell, Michelle and Hammond, Naomi and Nicholson, Lisa and Shehabi, Yahya and Foote, Jonathan and Peake, Sandra and Williams, Patricia and Deans, Renae and Fourie, Cheryl and Lassig-Smith, Melissa and ... and Australian New Zealand Intensive C and Canadian Critical Care Trials Grp and NICE-SUGAR Study Investigators for the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society Clinical Trials Group and the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group and The NICE-SUGAR Study Investigators for the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society Clinical Trials Group and the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group
Intensive Care Medicine, ISSN 0342-4642, 6/2015, Volume 41, Issue 6, pp. 1037 - 1047
Journal Article
by Bellomo, Rinaldo and Cass, Alan and Cole, Louise and Finfer, Simon and Gallagher, Martin and Lee, Joanne and Lo, Serigne and McArthur, Colin and McGuinness, Shay and Myburgh, John and Norton, Robyn and Scheinkestel, Carlos and Mitchell, Imogen and Ashley, Rebecca and Gissane, Jelena and Malchukova, Katya and Ranse, Jamie and Raza, Asif and Nand, Kiran and Sara, Treena and Millis, David and Tan, Jeff and Wong, Helen and Harrigan, Peter and Crowfoot, Elise and Hardie, Miranda and Bhonagiri, Deepak and Micallef, Sharon and Brieva, Jorge and Lintott, Melissa and Gresham, Rebecca and Nikas, Maria and Weisbrodt, Leonie and Shehabi, Yahya and Bass, Frances and Campbell, Michelle and Stockdale, Victoria and Ankers, Susan and O'Connor, Anne and Potter, Julie and Totaro, Richard and Rajbhandari, Dorrilyn and Dhiacou, Vanessa and Jovanovska, Alina and Munster, Francesca and Nair, Priya and Breeding, Jeff and Burns, Claire and Banerjee, Ashoke and Morrison, Maridy and Pfeffercorn, Caroline and Ritchie, Anne and Buhr, Heidi and Eccleston, Michelle and Parke, Rachael and Bell, Jeanette and Newby, Lynette and Henderson, Seton and Mehrtens, Jan and Kalkoff, Michael and West, Cathy and Morgan, John and Rudder, Lorraine and Sutton, Joanne and Garrett, Peter and Groves, Nicole and McDonald, Shona and Jennifer Palmer, and and Joyce, Chris and Harwood, Meg and Helyar, Jean and Mackie, Benjamin and Lipman, Jeff and Boots, Robert and Bertenshaw, Claire and Deans, Renae and Fourie, Cheryl and Lassig-Smith, Melissa and Flabouris, Arthas and Edwards, Jason and O'Connor, Stephanie and Rivett, Justine and Turner, Andrew and Field, Tanya and Marsden, Kathryn and Mathlin, Claire and Goldsmith, Donna and Mercer, Inga and O'Sullivan, Kim and Edington, John and Boschert, Catherine and Smith, Julie and Ihle, Benno and Graan, Michael and Ho, Samuel and Botha, John and Fowler, Nina and McInness, Jodi and Pratt, Naomi and Orford, Neil and ... and RENAL Study Investigators and The RENAL Study Investigators
Critical Care, ISSN 1364-8535, 03/2014, Volume 18, Issue 2, pp. R45 - R45
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of Attention Disorders, ISSN 1087-0547, 2018, p. 108705471881615
Journal Article
by Alexander, Brian M and Ba, Sujuan and Berger, Mitchel S and Berry, Donald A and Cavenee, Webster K and Chang, Susan M and Cloughesy, Timothy F and Jiang, Tao and Khasraw, Mustafa and Li, Wenbin and Mittman, Robert and Poste, George H and Wen, Patrick Y and Alfred Yung, W.K and Barker, Anna D and David Adelson, P and Alexander, Brian M and Alper, Joe and Arnold, Michelle M and Arons, David F and Ashley, David N and Ba, Sujuan and Barker, Anna D and Berger, Mitchel S and Berry, Donald A and Boxerman, Jerrold L and Brat, Daniel J and Brennan, Cameron W and Buckland, Michael and Buetow, Kenneth and Buxton, Meredith and Cantley, Lewis C and Cavenee, Webster K and Chang, Susan M and Chen, Ling and Chin, Lynda and Antonio Chiocca, E and Cloughesy, Timothy F and Cohen, Darrel P and Colman, Howard and Compton, Carolyn and Connor, Jason and James-Neil Cooper, Laurence and Coric, Vladimir and Costello, Joseph F and De Groot, John F and Desai, Jayesh and Draetta, Giulio and Ellingson, Benjamin M and Esserman, Laura Jean and Fine, Howard A and Galanis, Evanthia and Gan, Hui and Gebski, Val and Gerstner, Elizabeth R and Gillies, Robert and Goldin, Jonathan G and Goldthwaite, Charles and Goodsaid, Federico and Graves, Todd and Gutman, Steven and Hague, Wendy and Heath, James R and Heimberger, Amy B and Hirsch, Jonathan and Holen, Kyle and Huse, Jason T and Hylton, Nola and Jiang, Tao and Khasraw, Mustafa and Kimmelman, Alec and Latek, Robert and Leong, Sean and Li, Wenbin and Li, Ping and Liau, Linda and Lim, Michael and Louis, David N and Lowenstein, Pedro and Ma, Wenbin and Maclean, Mark and Maley, Carlo and Mao, Zhiqi and Mao, Qing and Mellinghoff, Ingo K and Mikkelsen, Tom and Mischel, Paul S and Mittman, Robert and Nelson, Sarah J and Okada, Hideho and Paoloni, Melissa C and Parada, Luis and Parke, Tom and Parkinson, David R and Pineda, Kristyn and Pope, Whitney B and Poste, George H and Prados, Michael D and Qiu, Xiaoguang and Quackenbush, John and GBM AGILE Network
Clinical Cancer Research, ISSN 1078-0432, 02/2018, Volume 24, Issue 4, pp. 737 - 743
Glioblastoma (GBM) is a deadly disease with few effective therapies. Although much has been learned about the molecular characteristics of the disease, this... 
DESIGN | RANDOMIZATION | ONCOLOGY | CLINICAL-TRIALS | CENTRAL-NERVOUS-SYSTEM | CANCER | TUMORS | WORLD | BRAIN | Biomarkers | Randomization | Bayesian analysis | School environment | Glioblastoma | Cancer
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of attention disorders, 12/2018, p. 1087054718816157
Despite evidence of social skill deficits in children with ADHD, there is no consensus regarding a social cognitive profile and whether these skills predict... 
Journal Article