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by Buchalla, G and Komatsubara, T K and Muheim, F and Silvestrini, L and Artuso, M and Asner, D M and Ball, P and Baracchini, E and Bell, G and Beneke, M and Berryhill, J and Bevan, A and Bigi, I I and Blanke, M and Bobeth, Ch and Bona, M and Borzumati, F and Browder, T and Buanes, T and Buchmüller, O and Buras, A J and Burdin, S and Cassel, D G and Cavanaugh, R and Ciuchini, M and Colangelo, P and Crosetti, G and Dedes, A and De Fazio, F and Descotes-Genon, S and Dickens, J and Doležal, Z and Dürr, S and Egede, U and Eggel, C and Eigen, G and Fajfer, S and Feldmann, Th and Ferrandes, R and Gambino, P and Gershon, T and Gibson, V and Giorgi, M and Gligorov, V V and Golob, B and Golutvin, A and Grossman, Y and Guadagnoli, D and Haisch, U and Hazumi, M and Heinemeyer, S and Hiller, G and Hitlin, D and Huber, T and Hurth, T and Iijima, T and Ishikawa, A and Isidori, G and Jäger, S and Khodjamirian, A and Koppenburg, P and Lagouri, T and Langenegger, U and Lazzeroni, C and Lenz, A and Lubicz, V and Lucha, W and Mahlke, H and Melikhov, D and Mescia, F and Misiak, M and Nakao, M and Napolitano, J and Nikitin, N and Nierste, U and Oide, K and Okada, Y and Paradisi, P and Parodi, F and Patel, M and Petrov, A A and Pham, T N and Pierini, M and Playfer, S and Polesello, G and Policicchio, A and Poschenrieder, A and Raimondi, P and Recksiegel, S and Řezníček, P and Robert, A and Rosner, J L and Ruggiero, G and Sarti, A and Schneider, O and Schwab, F and Simula, S and Sivoklokov, S and Slavich, P and Smith, C and ...
The European Physical Journal C, ISSN 1434-6044, 9/2008, Volume 57, Issue 1, pp. 309 - 492
Journal Article
by M Aaboud and G Aad and B Abbott and O Abdinov and B Abeloos and S H Abidi and O S AbouZeid and N L Abraham and H Abramowicz and H Abreu and R Abreu and Y Abulaiti and B S Acharya and S Adachi and L Adamczyk and J Adelman and M Adersberger and T Adye and A A Affolder and T Agatonovic-Jovin and C Agheorghiesei and J A Aguilar-Saavedra and F Ahmadov and G Aielli and S Akatsuka and H Akerstedt and T P A Åkesson and E Akilli and A V Akimov and G L Alberghi and J Albert and P Albicocco and M J Alconada Verzini and S Alderweireldt and M Aleksa and I N Aleksandrov and C Alexa and G Alexander and T Alexopoulos and M Alhroob and B Ali and G Alimonti and J Alison and S P Alkire and B M M Allbrooke and B W Allen and P P Allport and A Aloisio and A Alonso and F Alonso and C Alpigiani and A A Alshehri and M I Alstaty and B Alvarez Gonzalez and D Álvarez Piqueras and M G Alviggi and B T Amadio and Y Amaral Coutinho and C Amelung and D Amidei and S P Amor Dos Santos and A Amorim and S Amoroso and G Amundsen and C Anastopoulos and L S Ancu and N Andari and T Andeen and C F Anders and J K Anders and K J Anderson and A Andreazza and V Andrei and S Angelidakis and I Angelozzi and A Angerami and A V Anisenkov and N Anjos and A Annovi and C Antel and M Antonelli and A Antonov and D J A Antrim and F Anulli and M Aoki and L Aperio Bella and G Arabidze and Y Arai and J P Araque and V Araujo Ferraz and A T H Arce and R E Ardell and F A Arduh and J-F Arguin and S Argyropoulos and M Arik and A J Armbruster and L J Armitage and O Arnaez and H Arnold and ...
Journal of High Energy Physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 10/2018, Volume 2018, Issue 10, pp. 1 - 47
An angular analysis of the decay Bd0 → K∗μ+μ− is presented, based on proton-proton collision data recorded by the ATLAS experiment at the LHC. The study is... 
Luminosity | Large Hadron Collider | Particle collisions | Decay | Hadron-Hadron scattering (experiments)
Journal Article
by Aubert, B and Boutigny, D and Gaillard, JM and Hicheur, A and Karyotakis, Y and Lees, JP and Robbe, P and Tisserand, V and Palano, A and Chen, GP and Chen, JC and Qi, ND and Rong, G and Wang, P and Zhu, YS and Eigen, G and Reinertsen, PL and Stugu, B and Abbott, B and Abrams, GS and Borgland, AW and Breon, AB and Brown, DN and Button-Shafer, J and Cahn, RN and Clark, AR and Gill, MS and Gritsan, A and Groysman, Y and Jacobsen, RG and Kadel, RW and Kadyk, J and Kerth, LT and Kluth, S and Kolomensky, YG and Kral, JR and LeClerc, C and Levi, ME and Liu, T and Lynch, G and Meyer, AB and Momayezi, M and Oddone, PJ and Perazzo, A and Pripstein, M and Roe, NA and Romosan, A and Ronan, MT and Shelkov, VG and Telnov, AV and Wenzel, WA and Bright-Thomas, PG and Harrison, TJ and Hawkes, CM and Kirk, A and Knowles, DJ and O'Neale, SW and Penny, RC and Watson, AT and Watson, NK and Deppermann, T and Goetzen, K and Koch, H and Krug, J and Kunze, M and Lewandowski, B and Peters, K and Schmuecker, H and Steinke, M and Andress, JC and Barlow, NR and Bhimji, W and Chevalier, N and Clark, PJ and Cottingham, WN and De Groot, N and Dyce, N and Foster, B and McFall, JD and Wallom, D and Wilson, FF and Abe, K and Hearty, C and Mattison, TS and McKenna, JA and Thiessen, D and Jolly, S and McKemey, AK and Tinslay, J and Blinov, VE and Ukin, ADB and Bukin, DA and Buzykaev, AR and Golubev, VB and Ivanchenko, VN and Korol, AA and Kravchenko, EA and Onuchin, AR and Salnikov, AA and Serednyakov, SI and ... and BABAR Collaboration and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, ISSN 0031-9007, 12/2001, Volume 87, Issue 24
We present a measurement of the decay amplitudes in B --> J/psiK*(892) channels using 20.7 fb(-1) of data collected at the Y(4S) resonance with the BABAR... 
Journal Article
European Physical Journal C, ISSN 1434-6044, 2013, Volume 73, Issue 5, pp. 2432(1) - 2432(30)
A measurement of splitting scales, as defined by the kT clustering algorithm, is presented for final states containing a W boson produced in proton-proton... 
JET | RATES | ALGORITHMS | HERA | DEEP-INELASTIC SCATTERING | PHYSICS, PARTICLES & FIELDS | algorithms | pp collisions | rates | Fysik | Physical Sciences | energies | Naturvetenskap | hadron-collisions | deep-inelastic scattering | jet | alpha(s) | Natural Sciences | hera | cross-sections
Journal Article
European Physical Journal C, ISSN 1434-6044, 2017, Volume 77, Issue 7, pp. 1 - 73
Journal Article
by Aad, G and Abajyan, T and Abbott, B and Abdallah, J and Abdel Khalek, S and Abdelalim, A.A and Abdinov, O and Aben, R and Abi, B and Abolins, M and AbouZeid, O.S and Abramowicz, H and Abreu, H and Acharya, B.S and Adamczyk, L and Adams, D.L and Addy, T.N and Adelman, J and Adomeit, S and Adragna, P and Adye, T and Aefsky, S and Aguilar-Saavedra, J.A and Agustoni, M and Aharrouche, M and Ahlen, S.P and Ahles, F and Ahmad, A and Ahsan, M and Aielli, G and Akdogan, T and Åkesson, T.P.A and Akimoto, G and Akimov, A.V and Alam, M.A and Alam, M.S and Albert, J and Albrand, S and Aleksa, M and Aleksandrov, I.N and Alessandria, F and Alexa, C and Alexander, G and Alexandre, G and Alexopoulos, T and Alhroob, M and Aliev, M and Alimonti, G and Alison, J and Allbrooke, B.M.M and Allport, P.P and Allwood-Spiers, S.E and Almond, J and Aloisio, A and Alon, R and Alonso, F and Alonso, A and Altheimer, A and Alvarez Gonzalez, B and Alviggi, M.G and Amako, K and Amelung, C and Ammosov, V.V and Amor Dos Santos, S.P and Amorim, A and Amram, N and Anastopoulos, C and Ancu, L.S and Andari, N and Andeen, T and Anders, C.F and Anders, G and Anderson, K.J and Andreazza, A and Andrei, V and Andrieux, M.-L and Anduaga, X.S and Angelidakis, S and Anger, P and Angerami, A and Anghinolfi, F and Anisenkov, A and Anjos, N and Annovi, A and Antonaki, A and Antonelli, M and Antonov, A and Antos, J and Anulli, F and Aoki, M and Aoun, S and Aperio Bella, L and Apolle, R and Arabidze, G and Aracena, I and Arai, Y and Arce, A.T.H and Arfaoui, S and Arguin, J.-F and Arik, M and ... and ATLAS Collaboration and BROOKHAVEN NATIONAL LABORATORY (BNL) and Partikel- och astropartikelfysik and Skolan för teknikvetenskap (SCI) and KTH and Fysik
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 09/2012, Volume 716, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 29
Journal Article