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by Tomás, Catarina Cardoso and Oliveira, Emanuel and Sousa, D and Uba-Chupel, M and Furtado, G and Rocha, C and Teixeira, A and Ferreira, P and Alves, Celeste and Gisin, Stefan and Catarino, Elisabete and Carvalho, Nelma and Coucelo, Tiago and Bonfim, Luís and Silva, Carina and Franco, Débora and González, Jesús Alcoba and Jardim, Helena G and Silva, Rita and Baixinho, Cristina L and Presado, Mª Helena and Marques, Mª Fátima and Cardoso, Mário E and Cunha, Marina and Mendes, Joana and Xavier, Ana and Galhardo, Ana and Couto, Margarida and Frade, João G and Nunes, Carla and Mesquita, João R and Nascimento, Maria S and Gonçalves, Guilherme and Castro, Conceição and Mártires, Alice and Monteiro, Mª João and Rainho, Conceição and Caballero, Francisco P and Monago, Fatima M and Guerrero, Jose T and Monago, Rocio M and Trigo, Africa P and Gutierrez, Milagros L and Milanés, Gemma M and Reina, Mercedes G and Villanueva, Ana G and Piñero, Ana S and Aliseda, Isabel R and Ramirez, Francisco B and Ribeiro, Andrea and Quelhas, Ana and Manso, Conceição and Santos, Rafael B and Jimenez, Nuria R and Nuñez, Cristina G and Gomez, Inmaculada R and Fernandez, Mª Jose L and Marquez, Laura A and Moreno, Ana L and Huertas, Mª Jesus Tena and Seabra, Daniel and Salvador, Mª Céu and Braga, Luciene and Parreira, Pedro and Salgueiro-Oliveira, Anabela and Arreguy-Sena, Cristina and Oliveira, Bibiana F and Henriques, Mª Adriana and Santos, Joana and Lebre, Sara and Marques, Alda and Festas, Clarinda and Rodrigues, Sandra and Lumini, José and Figueiredo, Ana G and Hernandez-Martinez, Francisco J and Campi, Liliana and Quintana-Montesdeoca, Mª Pino and Jimenez-Diaz, Juan F and Rodriguez-De-Vera, Bienvenida C and Parente, Alexandra and Mata, Mª Augusta and Pereira, Ana Mª and Fernandes, Adília and Brás, Manuel and Pinto, Mª Rosário and Basto, Marta L and Rei, Ana C and Mónico, Lisete M and Sousa, Gilberta and Morna, Clementina and Freitas, Otília and Freitas, Gregório and Jardim, Ana and Vasconcelos, Rita and Horta, Lina G and Rosa, Roger S and Kranz, Luís F and Nugem, Rita C and Siqueira, Mariana S and ...
BMC Health Services Research, ISSN 1472-6963, 07/2016, Volume 16, Issue S3
Journal Article
Journal of Vision, ISSN 1534-7362, 09/2016, Volume 16, Issue 12, p. 720
Journal Article
Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology, A: Chemistry, ISSN 1010-6030, 09/2015, Volume 310, pp. 1 - 8
coumarin dye, containing an ethynyl conjugated bridge was tested as a new chromophore for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). Investigation on the relationship... 
Charge recombination | Dye aggregation | Dye-sensitized solar cells | EIS analysis | Coumarin dyes | Alkyne bridge
Journal Article
Echocardiography (Mount Kisco, N.Y.), ISSN 0742-2822, 09/2019
Silent atrial fibrillation is a frequent etiology of cryptogenic stroke. Spontaneous conversion of atrial fibrillation to sinus rhythm results in atrial... 
Journal Article
Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology, A: Chemistry, ISSN 1010-6030, 09/2015, Volume 310, p. 1
* Coumarin dye with ethynyl rigid spacer. * Dye with low charge recombination at the nanocrystaline TiO.sub.2/dye/redox electrolyte interface. * Dye with... 
Journal Article
Cerebral cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991), ISSN 1047-3211, 09/2015, Volume 25, Issue 9, pp. 3107 - 3121
Journal Article
Revista Portuguesa de Cardiologia, ISSN 0870-2551, 02/2019, Volume 38, Issue 2, pp. 105 - 111
Introduction: In iatrogenic or potentially reversible bradyarrhythmia, drug discontinuation or metabolic correction is recommended before permanent cardiac... 
Iatrogenic bradyarrhythmia | Permanent cardiac pacing
Journal Article
EP Europace, ISSN 1099-5129, 06/2016, Volume 18, Issue suppl_1, pp. i40 - i40
Journal Article
Revista Portuguesa de Cardiologia, ISSN 0870-2551, 02/2019, Volume 38, Issue 2, pp. 105 - 111
Na bradidisrritmia (BD), associada a iatrogenia medicamentosa ou potenciais causas reversíveis, está recomendada a suspensão ou correção das mesmas, antes da... 
Iatrogenic bradyarrhythmia | Permanent cardiac pacing | Pacemaker definitivo | Bradidisrritmia iatrogénica
Journal Article
Purinergic Signalling, ISSN 1573-9538, 12/2015, Volume 11, Issue 4, pp. 607 - 612
Adenosine, through A sub(2A) receptor (A sub(2A)R) activation, can act as a metamodulator, controlling the actions of other modulators, as brain-derived... 
Journal Article
Purinergic Signalling, ISSN 1573-9538, 12/2015, Volume 11, Issue 4, p. 607
To access, purchase, authenticate, or subscribe to the full-text of this article, please visit this link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11302-015-9476-1... 
Adenosine | Neurosciences | GABA | Glutamate
Journal Article
by Sartelli, M and Labricciosa, F.M and Barbadoro, P and Pagani, L and Ansaloni, L and Brink, A.J and Carlet, J and Khanna, A and Chichom-Mefire, A and Coccolini, F and Saverio, S. Di and May, A.K and Viale, P and Watkins, R.R and Scudeller, L and Abbo, L.M and Abu-Zidan, F.M and Adesunkanmi, A.K and Al-Dahir, S and Al-Hasan, M.N and Alis, H and Alves, C and Araujo da Silva, A.R and Augustin, G and Bala, M and Barie, P.S and Beltran, M.A and Bhangu, A and Bouchra, B and Brecher, S.M and Cainzos, M.A and Camacho-Ortiz, A and Catani, M and Chandy, S.J and Jusoh, A.C and Cherry-Bukowiec, J.R and Chiara, O and Colak, E and Cornely, O.A and Cui, Y and Demetrashvili, Z and Simone, B. De and Waele, J.J. De and Dhingra, S and Marzo, F. Di and Dogjani, A and Dorj, G and Dortet, L and Duane, T.M and Elmangory, M.M and Enani, M.A and Ferrada, P and Esteban Foianini, J and Gachabayov, M and Gandhi, C and Ghnnam, W.M and Giamarellou, H and Gkiokas, G and Gomi, H and Goranovic, T and Griffiths, E.A and Guerra Gronerth, R.I and Haidamus Monteiro, J.C and Hardcastle, T.C and Hecker, A and Hodonou, A.M and Ioannidis, O and Isik, A and Iskandar, K.A and Kafil, H.S and Kanj, S.S and Kaplan, L.J and Kapoor, G and Karamarkovic, A.R and Kenig, J and Kerschaever, I and Khamis, F and Khokha, V and Kiguba, R and Kim, H.B and Ko, W.C and Koike, K and Kozlovska, I and Kumar, A and Lagunes, L and Latifi, R and Lee, J.G and Lee, Y.R and Leppaniemi, A and Li, Y and Liang, S.Y and Lowman, W and Machain, G.M and Maegele, M and Major, P and Malama, S and Manzano-Nunez, R and Marinis, A and Casas, I and Goor, H. van and ...
World Journal of Emergency Surgery, ISSN 1749-7922, 2017, Volume 12, Issue 1, pp. 34 - 11
Journal Article
Revista portuguesa de cardiologia : orgao oficial da Sociedade Portuguesa de Cardiologia = Portuguese journal of cardiology : an official journal of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology, 02/2019, Volume 38, Issue 2, p. 105
In iatrogenic or potentially reversible bradyarrhythmia, drug discontinuation or metabolic correction is recommended before permanent cardiac pacemaker (PM)... 
Journal Article
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