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Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma, ISSN 0890-5339, 11/2015, Volume 29, Issue 11, pp. 479 - 487
Journal Article
by Feig, Denice S and Murphy, Kellie and Asztalos, Elizabeth and Tomlinson, George and Sanchez, Johanna and Zinman, Bernard and Ohlsson, Arne and Ryan, Edmond A and Fantus, I.George and Armson, Anthony B and Lipscombe, Lorraine L and Barrett, Jon F.R and Donat, Diane and Gandhi, Shital and Cleave, Barbara and Strom, Michele and Qureshi, Asma and Tobin, Siobhan and Rylance, Heather and Sample, Dory and Carson, George and Williams, Suzanne and Kelly, Sheila and Clark, Heather and Donovan, Lois and Oldford, Carolyn and Young, Catherine and Galway, Brenda and Parsons, Minnie and Godbout, Ariane and Mahone, Michele and Weber, Florence and Bedard, Marie-Josee and Wo, Bi Lan and Daigle, Sylvie and Hanna, Amir and Wolfs, Maria and De Souza, Leanne and Houlden, Robyn and Breen, Adriana and Kader, Tina and Cefis, Luca and Keely, Erin and Champagne, Josee and Klinke, Jennifer and Lee, Julie and Subrt, Peter and Carr, Francina and Young, Sharon and Kwong, Sarah and Long, Helene and Lambert, Julie and Lowe, Julia and Rogowsky, Anna and Jackson, Susan and Ludwig, Sora and Slater, Laurie and Berard, Lori and McIntyre, David and Tremellen, Anne and McManus, Ruth and Meltzer, Sara and Garfield, Natasha and Segal, Shari and Miller, David and Coles, Karen and Fergusson, Carol and Newstead-Angel, Jill and Brandt, Judy and Ransom, Thomas and Baxendale, Darlene and Rey, Evelyne and Francoeur, Diane and Perreault, Sophie and Thompson, David and Thompson, Sharon and Weisnagel, John S and Lambert, Camile and Julien, Valerie-Eve and Dube, Marie-Christine and Rheaume, Louise and Zahedi, Afshan and Lee, Grace and Szwiega, Krystyna and MiTy Collaborative Grp and MiTy Collaborative Group and on behalf of the MiTy Collaborative Group
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, ISSN 1471-2393, 07/2016, Volume 16, Issue 1, p. 173
Journal Article
by Burgers, Paul T. P. W and Poolman, Rudolf W and van Bakel, Theodorus M. J and Tuinebreijer, Wim E and Zielinski, Stephanie M and Bhandari, Mohit and Patka, Peter and van Lieshout, Esther M. M and Devereaux, P. J and Guyatt, Gordon H and Einhorn, Thomas A and Thabane, Lehana and Schemitsch, Emil H and Koval, Kenneth J and Frihagen, Frede and Tetsworth, Kevin and Guerra-Farfan, Ernesto and Walter, Stephen D and Sprague, Sheila and Swinton, Marilyn and Scott, Taryn and McKay, Paula and Madden, Kim and Heels-Ansdell, Diane and Buckingham, Lisa and Duraikannan, Aravin and Silva, Heather and Heetveld, Martin J and Burgers, T. P. W and Zura, Robert D and Avram, Victoria and Manjoo, Ajay and Williams, Dale and Antoniou, John and Ramsay, Tim and Bogoch, Earl R and Trentholm, Anew and Lyman, Stephen and Mazumdar, Madhu and Bozic, Kevin J and Luborsky, Mark and Goodman, Stuart and Murray, Susan and Korley, Rob and Buckley, Richard and Duffy, Paul and Puloski, Shannon and Carcary, Kimberly and Lorenzo, Melissa and McKee, Michael D and Hall, Jeremy A and Nauth, Aaron and Whelan, Daniel and Daniels, Timothy R and Waddell, James P and Ahn, Henry and Vicente, Milena R and Hidy, Jennifer T and MacNevin, Melanie T and Kreder, Hans and Axelrod, Terry and Jenkinson, Richard and Nousiainen, Markku and Stephen, David and Wadey, Veronica and Kunz, Monica and Milner, Katrine and Cagaanan, Ria and Macnevin, Melanie and O'Brien, Peter J and Blachut, Piotr A and Broekhuyse, Henry M and Guy, Pierre and Lefaivre, Kelly A and Slobogean, Gerard P and Johal, Raman and Leung, Irene and Coles, Chad and Leighton, Ross and Richardson, C. Glen and Biddulph, Michael and Gross, Michael and Dunbar, Michael and Amirault, J. David and Alexander, David and Coady, Catherine and Glazebrook, Mark and Johnston, David and Oxner, William and Reardon, Gerald and Wong, Ivan and Trask, Kelly and MacDonald, Shelley and Furey, Anew and Stone, Craig and Parsons, Minnie and Stone, Trevor and Zomar, Mauri and McCormack, Robert and Apostle, Kelly and ... and HLTH Trial Investigator and FAITH Trial Investigator and HEALTH and FAITH Trial Investigators
Journal of bone and joint surgery. American volume, ISSN 0021-9355, 2015, Volume 97A, Issue 9, pp. 751 - 757
Background: The Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC) has been extensively evaluated in groups of patients with... 
KNEE | SURGERY | QUALITY | HIP OSTEOARTHRITIS | WOMAC | VALIDATION | SHORT-FORM | OUTCOMES | QUESTIONNAIRE | ORTHOPEDICS | HEALTH SURVEY | SF-36 | Femoral Neck Fractures - physiopathology | Reproducibility of Results | Humans | Aged, 80 and over | Female | Male | Abstracting and Indexing as Topic | Ontario | Surveys and Questionnaires - standards
Journal Article
Pain Research and Management, ISSN 1203-6765, 2003, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp. 157 - 163
Journal Article
02/1896, Volume VI, Issue 8, p. 6
Newspaper Article
The Sun, ISSN 0307-2681, 05/2014
  LAST week I called Stephen Sutton the Briton Of The Year. Now the teenager has died and left a hole in the nation. Stephen showed up every moaning Minnie in... 
Newspaper Article
Birmingham Mail, 06/2008
TOMMY Tittlemouse lodged with my gran Minnie Horton and cousin in Colman Street, Nechells. 
Newspaper Article
Sunday Times (London, England), ISSN 0956-1382, 03/2017, p. 11
The Italian side, who have never beaten Munster in the Pro12, responded through Derick Minnie's converted try on the half-hour mark, before Munster fly-half... 
Newspaper Article
Los Angeles Times, ISSN 0458-3035, 02/2007
Most of all, [John Hayes] remembers that Minnie Street -- the poorest piece of real estate in Orange County -- was exactly where he wanted to be. Exactly where... 
Newspaper Article
by Parsons
09/2016, Volume 79, Issue 5
  The musical performance is highly attractive. [Dinara Alieva] is a big-voiced Italinate soprano capable of taking on the big Puccini roles (Butterfly,... 
Video recordings | HD-DVD | Opera
Magazine Article
Los Angeles Times (pre-1997 Fulltext), ISSN 0458-3035, 08/1992
At serving, place 1/4 of [Filo Fries] in bottom of large serving bowl. Arrange grilled eggplant, pattypans and lamb on top. Arrange clumps of sprouts around... 
Newspaper Article
09/2016, Volume 79, Issue 5
The musical performance is highly attractive. [Dinara Alieva] is a big-voiced Italinate soprano capable of taking on the big Puccini roles (Butterfly, Minnie).... 
Book Review
01/2013, Issue 1
Parsons profiles blues/folk/gospel singer-songwriter Ruthie Foster. Born into a family of gospel singers in a small Texas town, Foster has been praised by... 
Magazine Article
by Parsons
11/2008, Volume 71, Issue 6
A lovely restrained 'Resta immobile' (William Tell) implies good things to come, and the program ends with 'Minnie, dalla mia casa' from one of [Giacomo... 
Musical recordings | Classical music
Magazine Article
The Mirror, 04/2001
I was on the phone to my son back home when there was a knock on the door of my west Hollywood hotel room. It was the bellboy, come to collect my laundry. He... 
Newspaper Article
The Mirror, 01/2000
By withdrawing from the FA Cup for FIFA's Copa Minnie Mouse, they spoilt it all for everyone. By withdrawing from the FA Cup, United demonstrated that they... 
Newspaper Article
The Mirror, 07/1999
Why are we sucking up to FIFA? Even FIFA themselves insist that England's World Cup bid is not dependent on Manchester United appearing in the Copa Minnie... 
Newspaper Article
07/2010, Volume 73, Issue 4
With Barnaba La Gioconda) it's back to evil intent and power. His 'Parla' at the end of 'O Monumento' challenges the skies. Like his Falstaff Malaspina... 
Musical recordings | Classical music
Magazine Article