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by Shen, JK and Tryon, DN and Myklak, KC and Alsyouf, MM and Peplinski, BS and Conceicao, C and Ruckle, HC and Baldwin, DD and Liu, LZQ and Johnson, LJ and Davenport, DL and Venkatesh, R and Soria, F and Morcillo, E and De la Cruz, J and Serrano, A and Rioja, J and Budia, A and Fernandez, T and Fernandez, I and Bachiller, J and Sanchez, FM and Lee, BR and Callaghan, C and Mandava, SH and Peralta, D and Bouljihad, M and Dash, SD and Liu, JL and Tarr, MT and Maddox, MM and Lai, WL and Jordão, RJ and Bandeira, RAST and Leite, KR and Miranda, EP and Srougi, M Miguel and Tefik, T and Seitz, C and Brehmer, M and Osther, P and Giusti, G and Rassweiler, JR and Grasso, MG and Preminger, GP and Pearle, MP and Traxer, OT and Lee, JW and Lee, MY and Oh, TH and Kwon, WA and Park, SC and Jeong, H J and Seo, I Y and Patankar, SBP and Smith, YS and Yallappa, S and Polson, P and Subramonian, K and Fukai, YF and Ishii, T and Igarashi, T and Lamb, BW and Lettin, J and Cook, J and Malik, S and Graham, S and Elhage, O and Sakellariou, C and Smith, Ra and Galustian, C and Dasgupta, P and Olweny, E and Zhang, Z and Haimovich, B and Kwon, YS and Lu, T and Fyfe-Kirschner, BFK and Kim, DSK and Choi, T and Yoo, KH and Jeon, S and Shahrour, K and Keck, R and Jankun, J and Ball, MW and Readal, NT and Gorin, MA and Pierorazio, PM and Allaf, ME and Kallidonis, P and Vasilas, M and Panagopoulos, VP and Amanatides, LA and Kyriazis, IK and Vrettos, T and Fligkou, F and Liatsikos, E and Lovegrove, CE and Novara, G and ...
Journal of Endourology, ISSN 0892-7790, 10/2015, Volume 29, Issue S1, pp. P1 - A457
Journal Article
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