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systems engineering and theory (13) 13
dynamic programming (8) 8
computer simulation (7) 7
algorithms (6) 6
analysis (6) 6
costs (6) 6
stochastic processes (6) 6
diabetes (5) 5
index medicus (5) 5
traffic control (5) 5
abstracts (4) 4
artificial pancreas (4) 4
convergence (4) 4
humans (4) 4
internet (4) 4
model predictive control (4) 4
optimal control (4) 4
pricing (4) 4
routing (4) 4
telecommunication traffic (4) 4
adult (3) 3
aggregates (3) 3
bandwidth (3) 3
behavioral profiles (3) 3
biomedical engineering (3) 3
calculus (3) 3
communication system traffic control (3) 3
computational modeling (3) 3
computer science, cybernetics (3) 3
computer science, theory & methods (3) 3
diabetes mellitus, type 1 - blood (3) 3
engineering, electrical & electronic (3) 3
ip networks (3) 3
konvergenz (3) 3
markov-prozess (3) 3
medical services (3) 3
optimization (3) 3
programming (3) 3
quality of service (3) 3
recursive estimation (3) 3
research (3) 3
service-qualität (3) 3
state-space methods (3) 3
stochastic systems (3) 3
usage (3) 3
air traffic control (2) 2
air transportation (2) 2
aircraft (2) 2
airports (2) 2
animals (2) 2
article (2) 2
automation & control systems (2) 2
bayesian methods (2) 2
biochemistry (2) 2
blood glucose - metabolism (2) 2
computer architecture (2) 2
computer science, information systems (2) 2
control systems (2) 2
delay (2) 2
design engineering (2) 2
diabetes mellitus, type 1 - drug therapy (2) 2
differentiated services (2) 2
dynamical systems (2) 2
dynamics (2) 2
dynamische programmierung (2) 2
engineering, biomedical (2) 2
feedback (2) 2
game theory (2) 2
information analysis (2) 2
insulin delivery (2) 2
insulin infusion systems (2) 2
konvergenz numerischer verfahren (2) 2
learning (2) 2
linear quadratic gaussian control (2) 2
mathematical analysis (2) 2
methods (2) 2
military computing (2) 2
nachrichtenverkehr (2) 2
neuro-dynamic programming (2) 2
pancreas, artificial (2) 2
peer to peer computing (2) 2
predictive models (2) 2
protocols (2) 2
q factor (2) 2
quality (2) 2
quality-of-service (2) 2
rückkopplung (2) 2
scheduling algorithm (2) 2
searching (2) 2
shortest path problem (2) 2
state estimation (2) 2
streaming media (2) 2
studies (2) 2
sugar (2) 2
system (2) 2
system testing (2) 2
type 1 diabetes (2) 2
uncertainty (2) 2
wahrscheinlichkeit (2) 2
web and internet services (2) 2
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Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, ISSN 0018-9448, 09/2006, Volume 52, Issue 9, pp. 4105 - 4114
Journal Article
Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics, ISSN 1520-9156, 02/2015, Volume 17, pp. S36 - S37
Journal Article
by Boscari, F and Messori, M and Rabbone, I and Rabbone, I and Bonfanti, R and Sabbion, A and Iafusco, D and Schiaffini, R and Visentin, R and Visentin, R and Calore, R and Leal, Y and Galasso, S and Galasso, S and Galderisi, A and Vallone, V and Di Palma, F and Losiouk, E and Lanzola, G and Tinti, T and Rigamonti, A and Marigliano, M and Zanfardino, A and Rapini, N and Avogaro, A and Chernavvsky, D and Magni, L and Cobelli, C and Bruttomesso, D and Kovatchev, B and Barnard, K and Bergenstal, R and Laffel, L and Weissberg-Benchell, J and Hood, K and Heinemann, L and Sullivan, S and Miller, K.M and Frontino, G and Rigamonti, A and Bonura, C and Favalli, V and Breton, M and Lepore, G and Bonfanti, R and Bonfanti, R and Bozzetto, L and Di Blasi, V and Girelli, A and Grassi, G and Iafusco, D and Rabbone, I and Schiaffini, R and Laviola, L and Minuto, N and Ignaccolo, G and Iafusco, D and Lombardo, F and Cherubini, V and Frongia, A.P and Pistorio, A and Marigliano, M and Toni, S and Scaramuzza, A.E and Forlenza, G and Wadwa, R.P and Messer, L and Bequette, B.W and Cameron, F and Howsmon, D and Huyett, L and Dassau, E and Doyle, F.J and Patek, S and Schertz, E and Mauritzen, E and Mandell, A and DeSalvo, D and Ly, T.T and Buckingham, B.A and Festa, C and Bongiovanni, M and Mattei, L and Colatrella, A and Stewart, Z and Pate, T and Danne, T and Kordonouri, O and Kordonouri, O and Kordonouri, O and Lange, K and Spaniolas, K and Wohlgemuth, S.D and Stefan, D and Homan, M and Orel, R and Battelino, T and Sinha-Gregory, S and Gerber, L and Ferrari, M and ...
Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, ISSN 1520-9156, 02/2016, Volume 18, Issue S1, pp. A-1 - A-140
Journal Article
by Maahs, D and Cameron, F and Cameron, F and Trang, L and Buckingham, B and Buckingham, B and Levy, C and Forlenza, G and Lam, D and Clinton, P and Messer, L and Westfall, E and Levister, C and Xie, Y.Y and Baysal, N and Baysal, N and Howsmon, D and Howsmon, D and Patek, S.D and Bequette, W and Jensterle, M and Bratina, N and Dovč, K and Battelino, T and Gysemans, C and Riddlesworth, T and Riddlesworth, T and Beck, R and Beck, R and Ruedy, K and Eyth, E and Bergenstal, R and Nørgaard, K and Kjølstad Poulsen, N and Madsen, H and Bagterp Jørgensen, J and Ruedy, K and Kollman, C and Price, D and Beck, R and Krishnan, G and Saboo, B and Shankar, A and Ashok, A.D and Sanal, G and Ramachandran, L and Jothydev, S and Antuna, R and Geelhoed-Duijvestijn3, P and Kroeger, J and Weitgasser, R and Kurbanyan, L and Martha, S and Routh, T and Dunn, T and Xu, Y and Hayter, G and Jugnee, N and Reddy, M and Anantharaja, S and Oliver, N and Spanudakis, E and Messer, L and Forlenza, G and Forlenza, G and Wadwa, R.P and Wadwa, R.P and Westfall, E and Jost, E and Alonso, G.T and Maahs, D and Slover, R and Cinar, A and Hajizadeh, I and Turksoy, K and Samadi, S and Feng, J and Sevil, M and Frantz, N and Martinez, C. Lazaro and Mahoney, Z and Cengiz, E and Roy, A and Grosman, B and Parikh, N and Parikh, N and Wu, D and Wu, D and Kurtz, N and Brazg, R and Brazg, R and Brazg, R and Slover, R and Garg, S and Ilany, J and Bode, B and Buckingham, B and Weinzimer, S and Anderson, S and Bailey, T and ...
Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, ISSN 1520-9156, 02/2017, Volume 19, Issue S1, pp. A-1 - A-133
Journal Article
2009 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, ISSN 1525-3511, 04/2009, pp. 1 - 6
In this paper, we propose an application/middle-layer, QoS-aware path selection mechanism that works in conjunction with a network- layer routing protocol for... 
Protocols | Peer to peer computing | Telecommunication traffic | Quality of service | Communications Society | Traffic control | Routing | Systems engineering and theory | Calculus | Mobile ad hoc networks
Conference Proceeding
MILCOM 2008 - 2008 IEEE Military Communications Conference, ISSN 2155-7578, 11/2008, pp. 1 - 7
In tactical applications of wireless sensor networks (WSNs), such as intruder detection, tracking, and patrol operations, there tend to be multiple, mobile... 
Wireless application protocol | Sensor phenomena and characterization | Mobile communication | Multicast protocols | Sensor systems and applications | Communication Protocol | Delay | Multicast | Wireless sensor networks | Unicast | Sensor Network | Bandwidth | Routing protocols | Overlay Network | Communication protocol | Overlay network | Sensor network
Conference Proceeding
Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, ISSN 1520-9156, 02/2014, Volume 16, Issue S1, pp. A-1 - A-162
Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics - Part A: Systems and Humans, ISSN 1083-4427, 09/2007, Volume 37, Issue 5, pp. 710 - 720
Journal Article
by Engwerda, E and Tack, C and de Galan, B and Danne, T and Kordonouri, O and Kordonouri, O and Biester, T and Biester, T and Battelino, T and Bratina, N and Avbelj, M and Nimri, R and Grunberg, E.A and Miller, S and Phillip, M and Elsborg, R and Remvig, L.S and Juhl, C and Lusa, L and Starc, S and Battelino, T and Patek, S.D and Farret, A and Place, J and Demartini, S and Brown, S and Anderson, S and Kovatchev, B.P and Renard, E and Calvet, J.-H and Wilson, D and Chase, P and Weinzimer, S and Sherr, J and Block, J and Xing, D and Ruedy, ICAN (Intensive Control at oNset) Study Group, K and Mueller, M and Dewarrat, F and Zakharov, P and Megej, A and Donath, M and Donath, M and Klisic, J and Stahel, W.A and Talary, M.S and Cengiz, E and Tamborlane, W and Sherr, J and Martin, M and Carria, L and Carria, L and Sikes, K and Urban, A and Bitton, G and Weinzimer, S and Datz, N and Remus, K and Remus, K and Bläsig, S and Schnell, K and von Schütz, W and Lange, K and Hartmann, R and Kordonouri, O and Dassau, E and Dassau, E and Jimenez, N.D and Zisser, H.C and Jovanovič, L and Jovanovič, L and Jovanovič, L and Doyle III, F.J and Manohar, C and Dalla Man, C and McCrady-Spitzer, S and Bharucha, A.E and Nandy, D and Saad, A and Basu, R and Levine, J.A and Basu, A and Kudva, Y.C and Cobelli, C and Cobelli, C and Lee, J and Zisser, H and Zisser, H and Michels, A and Arbit, E and Miteva, Y and Freier, R and Kidron, M and de Keizer, N.F and Taherzadeh, Z and Schultz, M.J and Abu-Hanna, A and Martínez-Sarriegui, I and Gómez, E.J and Gómez, E.J and ...
Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, ISSN 1520-9156, 02/2011, Volume 13, Issue 2, pp. 173 - 293
Journal Article
SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, ISSN 0363-0129, 1999, Volume 37, Issue 3, pp. 804 - 824
We consider dynamic, two-player, zero-sum games where the "minimizing" player seeks to drive an underlying finite-state dynamic system to a special terminal... 
MATHEMATICS, APPLIED | stochastic shortest paths | optimization | game theory | dynamic programming | stochastic games | AUTOMATION & CONTROL SYSTEMS
Journal Article
Computer Networks, ISSN 1389-1286, 2001, Volume 37, Issue 3, pp. 447 - 466
Journal Article
IEEE INFOCOM 2003. Twenty-second Annual Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies (IEEE Cat. No.03CH37428), ISSN 0743-166X, 2003, Volume 3, pp. 1680 - 1690 vol.3
Scalability concerns of QoS implementations have stipulated service architectures where QoS is not provisioned separately to each flow, but instead to... 
Computer science | Intelligent networks | Fluid flow measurement | Aggregates | Scalability | Telecommunication traffic | Switches | Calculus | Communication system traffic control | Scheduling algorithm | Statistical Multiplexing | Quality-of-Service | Network Calculus | Admission Control
Conference Proceeding
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, ISSN 0277-786X, 2001, Volume 4526, pp. 32 - 41
Conference Proceeding
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics - Part A: Systems and Humans, ISSN 1083-4427, 01/2000, Volume 30, Issue 1, pp. 42 - 51
Journal Article
IEEE SMC'99 Conference Proceedings. 1999 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (Cat. No.99CH37028), ISSN 1062-922X, 1999, Volume 1, pp. 1061 - 1066 vol.1
We consider the problem of planning the paths of multiple vehicles in observing a battle space with the possibility of vehicle destruction. We illustrate the... 
Space vehicles | Military computing | Stochastic processes | Reconnaissance | Routing | Systems engineering and theory | Path planning | Dynamic programming | Large-scale systems | Automotive engineering
Conference Proceeding
Proceedings of the 40th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (Cat. No.01CH37228), 2001, Volume 5, pp. 5050 - 5055 vol.5
We analyze a class of partially observed stochastic shortest path problems. These are terminating Markov decision process with imperfect state information that... 
Shortest path problem | Costs | Stochastic systems | Stochastic processes | Failure analysis | Systems engineering and theory | Dynamic programming | Equations | Information analysis | Convergence
Conference Proceeding
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