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SAE technical paper series, Volume 2013-36-0420.
Finishing surface has an enormous influence on many important physical phenomena such as contact mechanics, sealing, adhesion and friction. In this paper we... 
Fabrication | Metal finishing | Bearings
SAE technical paper series, Volume 2013-36-0420.
Finishing surface has an enormous influence on many important physical phenomena such as contact mechanics, sealing, adhesion and friction. In this paper we... 
Fabrication | Metal finishing | Bearings
by Ramos, Flavio Nunes and Mortara, Sara Ribeiro and Monalisa‐Francisco, Nathalia and Elias, João Pedro Costa and Neto, Luiz Menini and Freitas, Leandro and Kersten, Rodrigo and Amorim, André Márcio and Matos, Fernando Bittencourt and Nunes‐Freitas, André Felippe and Alcantara, Suzana and Alexandre, Marcia Helena Nagahama and Almeida‐Scabbia, Renata Jimenez and Almeida, Odair José Garcia and Alves, Fernanda Eliane and Oliveira Alves, Rogério Marcos and Alvim, Francine Seehaber and Andrade, Antônio Carlos Silva and Andrade, Simone and Aona, Lidyanne Yuriko Saleme and Araujo, Andréa Cardoso and Araújo, Kelianne Carolina Targino and Ariati, Vanessa and Assis, Julia Camara and Azevedo, Cecília Oliveira and Barbosa, Bruno Ferreira and Barbosa, Daniel Elias Ferreira and Barbosa, Fernando dos Reis and Barros, Fabio and Basilio, Geicilaine Alves and Bataghin, Fernando Antonio and Bered, Fernanda and Bianchi, Juliana Santos and Blum, Christopher Thomas and Boelter, Carlos Renato and Bonnet, Annete and Brancalion, Pedro Henrique Santin and Breier, Tiago Bӧer and Brion, Caio de Toledo and Buzatto, Cristiano Roberto and Cabral, Andressa and Cadorin, Tiago João and Caglioni, Eder and Canêz, Luciana and Cardoso, Pedro Henrique and Carvalho, Fábia Silva and Carvalho, Renan Gonçalves and Catharino, Eduardo Luis Martins and Ceballos, Sergio Javier and Cerezini, Monise Terra and César, Ricardo Gomes and Cestari, Cesar and Chaves, Cleber Juliano Neves and Citadini‐Zanette, Vanilde and Coelho, Luiz Francisco Mello and Coffani‐Nunes, João Vicente and Colares, Renato and Colletta, Gabriel Dalla and Corrêa, Nadjara de Medeiros and Costa, Andrea Ferreira and Costa, Grênivel Mota and Costa, Laís Mara Santana and Costa, Natália Gabriela Souza and Couto, Dayvid Rodrigues and Cristofolini, Caroline and Cruz, Ana Carolina Rodrigues and Del Neri, Leopoldo Angelo and Pasquo, Mercedes and Santos Dias, Aline and Dias, Letícia do Carmo Dutra and Dislich, Ricardo and Duarte, Marília Cristina and Fabricante, Juliano Ricardo and Farache, Fernando Henrique Antoniolli and Faria, Ana Paula Gelli and Faxina, Claudenice and Ferreira, Mariana Terrola Martins and Fischer, Erich and Fonseca, Carlos Roberto and Fontoura, Talita and Francisco, Talitha Mayumi and Furtado, Samyra Gomes and Galetti, Mauro and Garbin, Mário Luís and Gasper, André Luís and Goetze, Márcia and Gomes‐da‐Silva, Janaína and Gonçalves, Mateus Felipe Araujo and Gonzaga, Diego Rafael and Silva, Ana Carolina Granero e and Guaraldo, André de Camargo and Guarino, Ernestino de Souza Gomes and Guislon, Aline Votri and Hudson, Luigy Bitencourt and Jardim, Jomar Gomes and Jungbluth, Patricia and Kaeser, Selma dos Santos and Kessous, Igor Musauer and Koch, Natália Mossmann and Kuniyoshi, Yoshiko Saito and ...
Ecology, ISSN 0012-9658, 02/2019, Volume 100, Issue 2, pp. e02541 - n/a
.... All data compiled here come from three main sources provided by the authors: published sources (comprising peer‐reviewed articles, books... 
phorophyte | abundance | biodiversity data set | tropical forest | Atlantic Forest | biodiversity hotspot | epiphyte | presence/absence | Lichens | Forests | Endemism | Abundance | Ecology | Epiphytes | Forest ecosystems | Plants | Biodiversity | Pliocene | Datasets | Ferns | Qualitative analysis | Flowers & plants | Sampling | Books | Species | Angiosperms
Journal Article
by Berwanger, Otávio and Sousa, Amanda G.M.R and Sousa, José Eduardo and Cavalcanti, Alexandre B and Amodeo, Celso and Lotaif, Leda D and Buehler, Anna M and Carballo, Mariana T and Cardoso, Carlos E.S and Kodama, Alessandra A and da Silva, Dalmo and Mendes, Adailton L and Lobato, José and Costa, Eduardo and Reis, Hélder and de Assis, Gabriela M.C.C and Cardoso, Gracilene L and Barbosa, Márcio M and de Aguiar Filho, Francisco A.A and Gama, Carlos A.V and Silva, Marcelo Góes A and Aguiar, Bruno M and Ferreira, Marcelo G and Feitosa, Gilson S and Filho, Edgard Victor and Rocha, Emmanuel B.D and Paiva, Maria S.M.O and Czochra, Eliana R and Oliveira, Ludmila A.R.R and de Oliveira, Itamar R and Pinheiro, Flávia and Dourado, Gilvan O and Luna Filho, Antônio L and Pacheco, Amilson and Nunes, Paulo M.S and de Sá Filho, Alcino P and Martins, Helman C and Lopes, Marcelo A.C and Barros, Marco A.V and Mattos, Cláudia and Neves, Miguel A and Medeiros, Cesar Rocha and Mattos, Cláudia and Duarte, Leonardo and Mattos, Cláudia and Cramer, Helena and Santos Jr, Bráulio and Tura, Bernardo R and Rodrigues, Cyro V and Terreiro, Luis A.O and Alves, Mônica A and Soares, Jamil S and da Cunha, Cristiane C and da Silva, Antônio C.B and Barcelos, Alexandre M and Teixeira, Marco A and Pinto, Joselena S and Saad, Jamil A and Mandil, Ari and Falcheto, Eduardo and Arěas, Carlos Augusto F and Dall'Orto, Frederico T.C and Freitas, Ivan F and Botelho, Roberto V and Seabra, Míriam D.G and Rosa, César A.S and Pereira, Antônio D.S and Reis, Samir S.A and Pereira, Vilmar J and Cunha, Silvia M.C and Ramalho, Gustavo M and dos Santos, Renata R and Muniz, Antônio J and Loures, João B.L and Amorim, Thaís and Muniz, Antônio J and Loures, João B.L and Abraão, Ana Cristina O and Padilha, Rone M and Moreira, Adriana C and Feres, Fausto and Centemero, Marinella and Costa, Ribamar and Esteves, Vinícius and Almeida, Breno O and Janella, Bruno L and Almeida, Mariana C and Stella, Francisco P and Almeida, José D and Kloth, Vivian R and Mangione, José Armando and Mauro, Maria F.Z and Tallo, Fernando and Santos, Diogo José A and Castello, Hélio and Cantarelli, Marcelo J.C and Baradel, Sandra and Francisco, P. Stella and das Candeias, Marcos O and Maiello, José R and ... and ACT Trial Investigators and The ACT Trial Investigators
Trials, ISSN 1745-6215, 06/2009, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp. 38 - 38
Journal Article
by Thompson, Fabiano and Krüger, Ricardo and Thompson, Cristiane C and Berlinck, Roberto G.S and Coutinho, Ricardo and Landell, Melissa F and Pavão, Mauro and Mourão, Paulo A.S and Salles, Ana and Negri, Naiane and Lopes, Fabyano A.C and Freire, Vitor and Macedo, Alexandre J and Maraschin, Marcelo and Pérez, Carlos D and Pereira, Renato C and Radis-Baptista, Gandhi and Rezende, Rachel P and Valenti, Wagner C and Abreu, Paulo C and Francini-Fo, Ronaldo and Asp, Nils and Siegle, Eduardo and Rezende, Carlos E and Schenkel, Eloir and Lhullier, Cintia and Dias, João and Broetto, Leonardo and Gomes, Paula Braga and Cordeiro, Ralf Tarciso and Melo, Liany Figuerêdo de Andrade and Vasconcelos, Ana Tereza and Gadelha, Luiz and Soares, Andreimar and Meirelles, Pedro and Tschoeke, Diogo and Garcia, Gizele and Vicente, Ana Carolina and Vieira, Veronica and Miranda, Milene and Gregoracci, Gustavo and Cartaxo, Adriana Nascimento Santos and Frattini, Ninive Aguiar Colonello and Georges, Siddhartha and Polejack, Andrei and Chimetto, Luciane and de Oliveira, Louisi and Leomil, Luciana and Reis, Luciana and Calegario, Gabriela and Moreira, Ana Paula and Soares, Ana Carolina and Costa, Ana Carolina and Silva, Bruno Sergio and Lima, Arthur Weiss and Otzuki, Koko and Walter, Juline Marta and Bahiense, Laura and Machado, Andre and Santos, Eidy and Nobrega, Maria Soares and Coutinho, Felipe and Vidal, Livia and Mattoso, Marta and Thompson, Mateus and Campeão, Mariana and Varaste, Tooba and Pitta, Gustavo and Paixão, Raphael and Mattsson, Hannah and Venas, Taina and Hadelk, Camila and Freitas, Thamyres and Lopes, Grasiela and Paz, Pedro and Silveira, Cynthia and Cavalcanti, Giselle and Fróes, Adriana Machado and Freitas, Lucas and Vizzotto, Carla and Pinto, Otavio and Vilegas, Wagner and Costa, Tania Marcia and de Castro, Leandro Mantovani and Augusto, Alessandra da Silva and Rorig, Leonardo and Derner, Roberto Bianchini and Hajdu, Eduardo and Leal, Camila and BioTecMar Network
Frontiers in Marine Science, ISSN 2296-7745, 07/2018, Volume 5
Journal Article
PloS one, ISSN 1932-6203, 2013, Volume 8, Issue 4, p. e60209
Journal Article
Lipids, ISSN 0024-4201, 12/2016, Volume 51, Issue 12, pp. 1375 - 1384
Journal Article
Journal Article
10/2013, SAE Technical Paper Series
Finishing surface has an enormous influence on many important physical phenomena such as contact mechanics, sealing, adhesion and friction. In this paper we... 
Technical Report
Frontiers in aging neuroscience, ISSN 1663-4365, 2017, Volume 9, Issue MAY, p. 146
Journal Article