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behavior (1) 1
biodiversity (1) 1
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bodembiologie en biologische bodemkwaliteit (1) 1
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chair soil biology and biological soil quality (1) 1
climate (1) 1
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composition effects (1) 1
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historic sites (1) 1
history, ancient (1) 1
host specificity (1) 1
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humans (1) 1
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hyperdominance (1) 1
index medicus (1) 1
international (1) 1
landscape (1) 1
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leerstoelgroep bodembiologie en biologische bodemkwaliteit (1) 1
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phenology (1) 1
plant ecology (1) 1
plant populations (1) 1
plant reproduction (1) 1
plants (1) 1
predation (1) 1
prehistoric (1) 1
quantile regression (1) 1
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seedlings (1) 1
seeds (1) 1
selection (1) 1
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skototropism (1) 1
soil biology (1) 1
soil biology and biological soil quality (1) 1
soil structure (1) 1
soils (1) 1
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systematics, phylogenetics and taxonomy (1) 1
tree species (1) 1
tropical biology (1) 1
tropical forests (1) 1
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by Levis, C and Costa, F.R.C and Bongers, F and Peña-Claros, M and Clement, C.R and Junqueira, A.B and Neves, E.G and Tamanaha, E.K and Figueiredo, F.O.G and Salomão, R.P and Castilho, C.V and Magnusson, W.E and Phillips, O.L and Guevara, J.E and Sabatier, D and Molino, J.F and Cárdenas López, D and Mendoza, A.M and Pitman, N.C.A and Duque, A and Nuñez-Vargas, P and Zartman, C.E and Vasquez, R and Anade, A and Camargo, J.L and Feldpausch, T.R and Laurance, S.G.W and Laurance, W.F and Killeen, T.J and Mendonça Nascimento, H.E and Montero, J.C and Mostacedo, B and Amaral, I.L and Guimarães Vieira, I.C and Brienen, R and Castellanos, H and Terborgh, J and De Jesus Veiga Carim, M and Da Silva Guimarães, J.R and De Souza Coelho, L and de Almeida Matos, F.D and Wittmann, F and Mogollón, H.F and Damasco, G and Dávila, N and García-Villacorta, R and Coronado, E.N.H and de Anade LimaFilho, D and Schietti, J and Souza, P and Targhetta, N and Comiskey, J.A and Marimon, B.S and Marimon Jr., B.-H and Neill, D and Alonso, A and Arroyo, L and Carvalho, F.A and De Souza, F.C and Dallmeier, F and Pansonato, M.P and Duivenvoorden, J.F and Fine, P.V.A and Stevenson, P.R and Araujo-Murakami, A and Aymard C., G.A and Baraloto, C and do Amaral, D.D and Engel, J and Henkel, T.W and Maas, P and Petronelli, P and Cardenas Revilla, J.D and Stropp, J and Daly, D and Gribel, R and Ríos Paredes, M and Da Silveira, M and Thomas-Caesar, R and Baker, T.R and da Silva, N.F and Ferreira, L.V and Peres, C.A and Silman, M.R and Cerón, C and Valverde, F.C and Di Fiore, A and Jiménez, E.M and Peñuela Mora, M.C and Toledo, M and Barbosa, E.M and de Matos Bonates, L.C and Arboleda, N.C and de Sousa Farias, E and Fuentes, A and Guillaumet, J.-L and Møller Jørgensen, P and Malhi, Y and de Anade Miranda, I.P and Phillips, J.F and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 03/2017, Volume 355, Issue 6328, pp. 925 - 931
Journal Article
Biotropica, ISSN 0006-3606, 1/2012, Volume 44, Issue 1, pp. 19 - 26
Journal Article
Fungal Ecology, ISSN 1754-5048, 02/2018, Volume 31, pp. 9 - 18
The genera Dicymbe and Aldina (Fabaceae) host ectomycorrhizal fungi (EcM) and are common in white sand forests (WSFs), a highly specialized habitat with a high... 
Dicymbe uaiparuensis | Host specificity | Ecology | Hymenochaetaceae | Dipterocarpaceae | Russulaceae | Dispersion | Fabaceae
Journal Article
by Steege, ter, H and Pitman, C.A and Sabatier, D and Baraloto, C and Salomão, R.P and Guevara, J.E and Phillips, O.L and Castilho, C.V and Magnusson, W.E and Mollino, J.-F and Stevenson Diaz, P.R and Costa, F and Emilio, T and Levis, C and Schietti, J and Souza, P and Alonso, A and Dallmeier, F and Duque Montoya, A.J and Fernandez Piedade, M.T and Maas, P and Araujo-Murakami, A and Arroyo, L and Gribel, R and Fine, P.V.A and Peres, C.A and Toledo, M and Aymard, G.A and Baker, T.R and Cerón, C and Engel, J and Petronelli, P and Henkel, T.W and Stropp, J and Zartman, C.E and Daly, D and Neill, D and Silveira, M and Ríos Paredes, M and Chave, J and de Anade Lima Filho, D and Hoffman, B and Møller Jørgensen, P and Fuentes, A and Schöngart, J and Cornejo Valverde, F and Di Fiore, A and Jimenez, E.M and Peñuela Mora, M.C and Phillips, J.F and Rivas, G and Andel, van, T.R and Zent, E.L and Hildebrand, von, P and Malhi, Y and Prieto, A and Rudas, A and Ruschell, A and Silva, N and Vos, V and Zent, S and Oliveira, A.A and Wang, O and Cano Schutz, A and Gonzales, T and Trindade Nascimento, M and Ramirez-Angulo, H and Sierra, R and Tirado, M and Umaña Medina, M.N and Heijden, van der, G and Vela, C.I.A and Vilanova Torre, E and Young, K.R and Vriesendorp, C and Baider, C and Balslev, H and Ferreira, C and Mesones, I and Torres-Lezama, A and Urrego Giraldo, L.E and Zagt, R and Alexiades, M.N and Monteagudo, A and Hernandez, L and Huamantupa-Chuquimaco, I and Millikes, W and Palacios Cuenca, W and Pauletto, D and Valderrama Sandoval, E and Valenzuela Gamarra, L and Dexter, K.G and Feeley, K and Lopez-Gonzalez, G and Núñez Vargas, P and Silman, M.R and Montero, J.C and Feldpausch, T.R and Honorio Coronado, E.N and Killeen, T.J and ...
Various articles, ISSN 1095-9203, 2013, Volume 342, Issue 18 October 2013, pp. 124309:1 - 9
The vast extent of the Amazon Basin has historically restricted the study of its tree communities to the local and regional scales. Here, we provide empirical... 
richness | tree species | hyperdominance | Guiana Shield | commonness | Amazonia | Amazon Basin | trees | rarity
Journal Article
Plant Ecology & Diversity, ISSN 1755-0874, 2014, Volume 7, Issue 1-2, p. 215
Background: Trees and arborescent palms adopt different rooting strategies and responses to physical limitations imposed by soil structure, depth and anoxia.... 
ecological limiting factors | soil structure | vegetation types | life-forms | quantile regression | tropical forest | palm-dominated forests | International
Journal Article
Ingeniería y competitividad, ISSN 0123-3033, 12/2014, Volume 16, Issue 2, pp. 211 - 223
Este artículo hace una revisión sobre las aplicaciones del proceso Fenton para el tratamiento de aguas residuales procedentes de la industria petroquímica. En... 
Journal Article
Biota Neotropica, ISSN 1806-129X, 10/2014, Volume 14, Issue 4, p. 1
We assessed the reproductive phenology, production, and availability of seeds for two morphotypes of Brosimum rubescens Taub. (Moraceae), locally known as... 
Plant reproduction | Seeds | Phenology | Predation | Plant populations
Journal Article
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